Butters is In Love

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Butters is In Love

Postby Andrew21 » Wed Feb 06, 2013 8:18 am

The Kids Today Are At the Bus Stop Waiting for Mrs Crabtree

Stan: Kyle I Hear we get some new kids at our school today.

Kyle Looks at Stan in a concerned look

Cartman: Cool Maybe I can pick on another Jew ha-ha

Cartman Laughs About it To Kyle looking at him happily only to get punched in the arm by Kyle

The bus Arrives and Mrs Crabtree is waiting

Crabtree: Come on were running late!

Stan: Shut up you stupid skank.

Mrs Crabtree looked at him

Crabtree: What did you Say!!

Stan: I said Horses eat hay.

Stan changed his words smiling

Crabtree: Oh they certainly do.

The Bus drove off and Stan Was looking out the window until the bus stopped at their School.

They All Went into Mr Garrisons Class and awaited their lesson.

Mr Garrison: Okay Today students we have 2 new students first from Chicago is Kevin Who is in fact a Jew Like Kyle.

Kevin: Hi Dudes what sup.

Kevin Smiled and Cartman noticed making a Jew Taunt at Kyle Making Him Angry.

Kevin: Can I Sit Next to Kyle with my own kind please Mr Garrison

Mr Garrison: Sure thing Kevin I have no Problem with That.

Kevin was a happy boy and went right next to Kyle and sat down smiling at him and Kyle noticed.

Garrison: Okay everyone let me introduce to you Jessica from New Orleans has just moved here and is a girl who would like to meet you Butters.

Mr Garrison pointed at Butters and he noticed as a blonde girl with red shirt and blue jacket.

Jessica: Hello Butters how are you. Jessica Asked Butters Charmingly

Butters: I am Good Jessica and you’re from New Orleans what’s it like there? Asked Butters Smiling at Jessica.

Jessica: Yes it is awesome there butters but south park is a new beginning for me let me tell you something Butters I Think your hot. Jessica Smiled and Kissed him on the lips everyone was shocked even Stan.

Craig: Wow if I had a girl like that I would be very happy.
To Be Continued

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