South Park Unfolds

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South Park Unfolds

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There was A Boy Who Lived in a Small Town Called South Park His Name Was Stanley Marsh he had no friends but always talked with family because he had nothing to do.

Mum How was Your Day Asked Stan

Sharon smiled at him

it was good Stan are you happy to go to school tomorrow? Asked Sharon


Yes Mum I am I just wish I had friends said Stan

Stan was unhappy about no friends in his neighborhood he was so depressed about it he only had his mum and dad as friends but they were family.

Stan One day you will have friends don't worry about that Said Randy

Okay Dad I hope you're right said Stan

Stan was still unhappy anyway with no friends


That was a unhappy time for Stan he went to his room playing his game final fantasy in his room on the play station 2 until a car pulled up across the road.

Stan Noticed someone was coming to a new home he looked out the window.

A Red haired boy in a green hat and clean clothes arrived and helped his parents out moving.

Help your brother Ike out Said Gerald


Gerald Looked at his Son

But he isn't my full brother replied Kyle

Kyle tried to reason with his dad.

He might be Canadian but leave him be his your brother whether u like it or you don't Kyle Broflovski said Sheila


Sheila Looked cross at Kyle

God Damn it I am taking my hat off okay Replied Kyle

That's fine Kyle said Gerald

Kyle was almost done moving everything until across the road from them Stan had a guitar in his room and started singing a song about his feelings towards the town.


Stan`s Song

South Park A Little Reasonable town

South Park is a very small town

We all join into unite as one

This is who we are

Guys from south park go to school others go to work

But all we know is that south park lives in us

Kyle noticed a kid singing about the town and told his dad too

Son what's up? Asked Gerald

Look up there that kid is singing about this town replied Kyle

Gerald looked up seeing a kid singing about the town


Well I'll be a monkey's uncle the kid is singing Sheila have a look at this said Gerald

What so important Gerald? Asked Sheila

she looked up and was amazed to see a boy singing.

Kyle why don't you go visit him Mate? asked Gerald


Okay Dad I will replied Kyle

Kyle Put his stuff down and went across as Stan Continued his song


Stan`s Song

Kyle Is a New kid on the block

His Green hat makes me shine in the morning

But South Park Is One town we all knew that can make us happy


Kid Can I come over to your house. Asked The Green hat Boy Kyle

Huh um yeah sure come inside up to my room Kyle Broflovski replied Stan

Stan Smiled about a new friend he could have finally he would be happy.


Stan`s song

Some times there is miracles in the air

All different people Saying Hello

Suddenly A knock on the door appeared and Stan Marsh the Boy who lived across from The New kid Kyle Broflovski Opened his door and met for the first time Kyle


Hello my name is Kyle Broflovski Said Kyle

Ah I know I heard your name down your parents said it already Replied Stan

Oh Yeah I guess they did said Kyle

Kyle scratched his head laughing


Don't worry Kyle My name Is Stan Marsh and i have always wanted friends said Stan

Stan Smiled and Kyle returned a smile too.

So what sort of things do u do? Asked Kyle

Well Kyle I Play My Play station 2 but tomorrow I have school replied Stan


School Yeah I got the same school too oh and I am a Jew okay that's my religion said Kyle

Kyle Smiled

Kyle It's Okay I don't care it's just A Religion replied Stan

Stan Smiled back at Kyle Laughing


Thank you for not making fun of my Religion Said Kyle

Who In the world would pick on Jews? Asked Stan

Stan Was Curious about it

Suddenly a Car pulled up , Stan and Kyle Noticed But Who is it Find out next time on south park.

Chapter 2: Chapter 2
Last Time on South Park Stan Met Kyle and Talked for several hours After Stan sung his song Kyle came up but now a car pulls up a new neighbour has come to south park who is It find out now

"Some people do Jews are nice people but Scumbags like teasing them Said Kyle"

Kyle Looked at Stan and smiled again.

"There is no one in town who hates Jews Replied Stan"

Stan Returned a Smile until a Very angry kid was across the road screaming and carrying on and Both Kyle And Stan heard it.


"What the hell now who's here? Asked Kyle"

Stan Looked at Kyle and looked back at the window to see a mum and her Fat Child.

"Come on Eric Sweetie we got to get this house done up said Liane"

Liane smiled when she saw two boys watching her across the road.

"But Meem I don't want to Yelled Cartman"


"Eric you will do as your told to Liane Yelled Back"

"Fine No Good Wombat whispered Cartman"

"How much more of a wide load do you need kid? asked Stan"

Stan and Kyle Laughed but Cartman Heard them.


"My name is Cartman and aye you're a Jew Right asked Cartman?"

"Yes I am Cartman replied Kyle"

Cartman Laughed.

"What are you laughing at Fat Boy asked Stan"


"I am not fat I am big boned Yelled Cartman"

"Must be a big bone where is it your Anus Asked Kyle?"

Kyle Laughed with Stan rolling on the floor laughing at him.

"Aye Don't Call Me fat you f*cking little Jew, Did you Know Jews are gay Yelled Cartman"


"Why you Little Don't be little my people You f*cking Fat ass Kyle Yelled Back"

Kyle was angry at Cartman for belittling his religion.

"well guess our questions answered he hates Jews replied Stan"

"Yes he is a cock sucking bitch Said Kyle"


"Holy sh*t dude Replied Stan"

"Kyle Looks at Stan with an angry Face"

"You heard him what a fat ass said Kyle"

Stan Looked back at him


"Ignore him dude his full of himself but he can still be our friend so we can live with it said Stan"

"I guess so Stan well I got to go it's getting late time for dinner okay bye nice meeting u tho replied Kyle"

Stan Smiled

"Okay Dude see you next time Said Stan"


Kyle went home to his mum and Dad and Stan was sitting in his room enjoying the last of the sunset.

"Well I Guess this is it for my day while it lasted said Stan"

"Stan You Home Stan asked Tweak"

Stan Looked out his Window to see Tweak one of his friends with a disability called AAD


"oh Hey Tweak replied Stan"

"Hello Stan How are you? Asked Tweak"

Tweak started shaking

"I am good Tweak calm down dude said Stan"


"Okay Stan I will see you tomorrow at school said Tweak"

Stan Smiled and waved good bye to His friend Tweak.

Stan Looked out the window again and started watching the Cartman Family And Thought about visiting him right now so he went downstairs and cross the road to see the Cartman family mostly Eric.

"Hello is anyone home said Stan."

Stan knocked on the door.


"Mum Answer the door Mum Answer the door Yelled Cartman"

The Bell rang again

"God Damn whore must do everything myself Whispered Cartman"

Cartman Opened the door but gave a grunt stare at Stan.


"Oh it's you luckily it wasn't the Jew I was going to punch him in the nuts Said Cartman"

Stan Looked at him Dumbfounded

"Don't Look at me like a retard Kid Yelled Cartman"

"My name is Stan Fat ass Stan Yelled Back"


"Aye Stan I am not fat I am big boned Cartman Yelled back"

"Really There must be a big bone where is it your assh*le asked Stan"

Stan laughed at him.

"Aye That's not funny replied Cartman"


Cartman was angry

"Dude chill out we are all friends you may not like Kyle but you will have to put up with him tomorrow at school said Stan"

"I know that he is a dumb Jew Said Cartman"

Cartman Got Very angry at the mentioning of The Jew


"so this is your place cool said Stan"

Cartman Smiled

"Stan you will be a fine friend said Cartman"

"Well I guess it won't be a surprise that you have to wait at the bus stop with me and Kyle tomorrow Replied Stan"


"Say what that stupid Jew is coming on the bus God Damn it That stupid Butt hole said Cartman"

Cartman Was Furious.

"He isn't that Bad Cartman give him a chance already replied Stan"


Suddenly when they started Talking a car turned up four streets from Kyle who came out to see a new kid moving in but who is it find out on an all-new south park soon.

Chapter 3: Chapter 3
Last Time on South Park Stan and Kyle Met Eric Cartman an Angry Boy who hates Jews no matter who they are but now friends with Stan how will it partner out and who's this new kid who's in town find out now on An All New south park.

Who The Flipping hell is here now asked Cartman

Cartman looked outside with a grunt stare

New kid Maybe replied Stan

Well of Course a new kid you frigging retard Yelled Cartman


What did you call me Cartman I am not a retard you douche Stan Yelled Back

Stan walked out with Cartman and Kyle came out his house to see the new kid moving in.

"Who The Hell is He? asked Cartman"

"Some Orange hooded kid u can't even see his mouth how does he talk? asked Stan"


"Kevin and Karen please come out of the car Said Stuart"

Suddenly Tweak appeared

"Hey what's going on? asked Tweak"

Tweaked started shaking


"Aye who's this kid Stan? asked Cartman"

"oh you haven't met him yet this is Tweak his got ADD a disease that makes him shake replied Stan"

"Okay Hello Tweak Tweek, Wait his name is like canary ha said Cartman"

Cartman Laughed but got bitch slapped by Tweak


"You Just Got Bitch Slapped said Stan"

Stan Laughed but Cartman Was Angry but ignored Tweak

Suddenly a Girl Walk out the car and Tweak watched her and smiled

"Tweak Are you Okay? asked Stan"


Tweak was in a hypnosis state when seeing the Girl Name Karen McCormick Leave the car.

"Tweak Yelled Cartman"

" Ah Yes replied Tweak"

"You like that girl Tweak don't you? asked Stan"


"Yes But it's way too much pressure said Tweak"

"It is not too much pressure dude calm down replied Kyle"

"Oh boy here we go again Said Cartman"

Cartman rolls his eyes back to his head


"Shut up Cartman yelled Kyle"

Kyle Was Angry still at him

Suddenly before anything else was Said another kid was about to come out.

"Oh Hello Kids you want to meet our son Kenny McCormick asked Stuart"


"Kenny? asked Kyle"

"Yes Kenny Come on Bud say hello to everyone replied Stuart"

Kenny Came out of the car with his hood on.

"Question how does he talk? asked Stan"


"He does talk Stan he doesn't take the Hoodie off that's all replied Stuart"

"My name is Kenny said Kenny"

"What the hell did he say? asked Cartman"

"I think he said my name is Kenny replied Stan"


Kenny Nodded.

" You want to come with us tomorrow to school Kenny? asked Cartman"

Yeah Sure Guys replied Kenny

"Kenny we may be poor but don't let that stop us from living replied Stuart"


Cartman smirked

"You Guys are poor ha the poorest person here ha said Cartman"

Cartman Laughed only to be punch in the nuts by Kenny.

"God Damn You Kenny Yelled Cartman"


He was in Pain after that shot.

"Hello Stan and Kyle Kenny Said"

"Hey Kenny replied Stan"

"Yeah Hi Dude replied Kyle"


"Let me guess he teases you for being a Jew Right Kyle Asked Kenny"

"Huh how did you know? Asked Kyle"

" I am mysterious in ways replied Kenny"

Kyle Smiled at Kenny but Cartman had no choice but to Smile


Kenny Shook everyone's Hand including Tweaks.

"Kenny was that your sister? Asked Stan"

"It sure was Stan why do you ask? Asked Stuart"

"Well our friend tweak has a crush on her replied Stan"


Tweak started to shake again

"Oh Jesus Don't tell him that he might murder me Tweak Said"

"Relax Tweak I won't murder you replied Stuart"

"You won't? asked Tweak"


"It is okay you can like our daughter if you want replied Stuart"

Tweak Stopped shaking and smiled.

"Karen can you come here please? asked Stuart"

Karen walked over to her dad still scared at moving in.


" Karen you don't have to be scared this boy likes you by the way he has a crush on you said Stuart"

Karen Blushed dearly and Stuart Smiled as did Stan and Kyle.

"Okay Hello Everyone and Hello Tweak greeted Karen"

"Tweak: He...Ill…Oh Tweak Stuttered "


Karen Giggled

"You don't need to shake Tweak it's okay I like you to Said Karen"

Tweak Smiled instead of shaking

"You Do? Asked Tweak"


" Of Course Tweak said Karen"

They Both Smiled and Karen gave Tweak a kiss on the cheek and Tweak Blushed.

Everyone Laughed For A nice night of fun their parents came out too and partied with the McCormick's for their New Move in to South Park.

All the Kids went to Bed except Tweak and Karen who Talked sitting down on the grass.


"So How come you Shake? asked Karen"

"I Have ADD a Disease that makes me do it Replied Tweak"

"Oh okay that's okay Said Karen"

" So you going to school tomorrow? asked Tweak"


"Yes as matter of a fact I am I would like to see you there said Karen"

Tweak Blushed as he knew he is going to the same school

Karen Giggled

"Yes I am going there Said Tweak"


Tweak shakes Again

Tweak and Karen share jokes until they become very tired but don't even make it too bed they fall asleep outside awaiting school tomorrow Tweak`s Parents pick Tweak up sending him back in his room to bed like ways with Karen in her house.


What Will happen now that they have met and the McCormick Family has now moved in what will happen at school find out on an all new south park soon.

Chapter 4: Chapter 4
Last Time On South Park Kenny McCormick and his Family Moved into South Park but Unexpected things happened Kenny`s Sister has a crush from Tweak a Kid With ADD Which Makes him Shake now they are friends what will happen there and School Begins on an all new south park right now.

The Next Day All the Kids Are Getting Ready for School

Meanwhile At Tweak`s House

"Tweak You Ready For School?asked Richard"

Tweak shakes


"Ah Yes Dad. replied Tweak"

"Calm Down Tweak Remember what the doctor said Keep Calm with concentrating in the centre. said Richard"

"My Centre Right My Centre. said Tweak"

Tweak Starts to Calm down Focusing on a happy place


"Tweak it's time for School. said Richard"

"Dad Let`s go Then. Replied Tweak"

Richard and Tweak Head in the car and Richard drives Tweak to School, Meanwhile at the Bus Stop.

"Where's Cartman Kyle? asked Stan"


"I don't know where that fat ass is replied Kyle"

He probably had a wide load Explosion said Kenny"

Stan and Kyle Laughed

Cartman Turns up Behind them


Aye Don't Call Me Fat you Stupid Jew yelled Cartman"

Don't Call Me Stupid. Kyle Yelled Back"

Why Not You f*cking Jew. Cartman Yelled Back"

Kyle Got Very Angry With Cartman


Guys Settle Down said Stan"

Today will be fun annoying teachers Said Cartman"

Shut up f*ck Face we are making friends Said Stan"Annoy Teachers yelled Cartman"


Friends Stan yelled Back

Stan and Cartman argued for half and hour then Ms Crabtree the bus driver turned up.

Good Morning Ms Crabtree said Stan"

Stan Smiled but Crabtree didn't"


Sit Down and Shut up kid Yelled Crabtree"

Crabtree was angry.

Whatever you fat bitch replied Stan"

What did you say? Asked crabtree"


I said Kyle has a bad itch replied Stan"

Oh replied Crabtree"

The Bus Drove off While the Students Started Talking

Anyone Seen Tweak Today? asked Karen"


Yes he got driven to school by car Karen Said Stan"

Oh Okay Did you meet my friend Wendy Testaburger said Karen"

huh replied Stan"

Wendy Showed her face and smiled


Wow. said Stan"

Stan had a huge smile and his heart was pumping heaps.

Stan Are you Okay Dude? Asked Kyle"

Stan Don't tell me your acting like Tweak Now Come on man Said Cartman"


Stan Stopped Smiling And Looked at Cartman

What Fat f*ck? Yelled Stan"

Stop damn calling me Fat! Yelled Cartman"

Cartman Was Angry At Stan


Stan Looked Back at Wendy but he couldn't help his heart beating more and more and it could be heard in the bus.

What The Hell is making that Sound? asked Crabtree"

Crabtree was angry

Stan I am going to whisper something to you okay said Wendy"


Wendy Moves over to his seat and get closer to his ear.

Is it just me or do you like me? asked Wendy"

Stan Went Silent.

Wendy Giggles


Stan Smiled happily

Stan I Knew it. replied Wendy"

Wendy kissed him on the cheek and Stan Puked.

I am so sorry Wendy Said Stan"


Stan Apologized to Wendy

It is okay Stan I will see you later Replied Wendy"

Stan stopped Smiling and Started talking to Kyle

Dude She is Awesome Said Kyle"


I Know Replied Stan"

Go out with her already Stan Said Cartman"

Shut up Cartman Yelled Stan"

Stan Was Angry at Cartman.


The Bus Finally Stopped and the kids got off the bus when they got their Karen Noticed Tweak and went over to him.

Hey Tweak Said Karen"

Tweak Shakes

Hello Karen you're here great replied Tweak"


Karen Smiled as Did Tweak

So What Would u Like to do Today? asked Karen"

Tweak Shakes again

um well I err stuttered Tweak"


Karen Giggles

Man so Much Pressure said Tweak"

Tweak Calm Down Replied Karen"

I will Try Said Tweak"


Tweak I know how to make u calm down. said Karen"

How? asked Tweak"

Karen kisses him on the cheek.

Tweak immediately stops Shaking


God Damn Thanks replied Tweak"

The Bell Rings and They Go to Class

Inside Mr Garrisons Class He introduces a new student

Let me Introduce you to Stan Marsh he is a new boy so be kind to him said Garrison"


Make us replied Cartman"

Shut up Fat f*ck Yelled Stan"

Stan gave him an angry face

Aye Don't Call Me Fat Marsh Cartman Yelled Back"


God Leave him alone You f*cking Fat ass Yelled Kyle"

Kyle Got Angry at Cartman

Knock it off Cartman and Kyle Replied Garrison"

Wendy looks up from her desk and sees Stan about to sit down.


Ill see you later Tweak said Karen"

Argh, Okay replied Tweak"

Did you have fun with your girlfriend Tweak? asked Stan"

Tweak started shaking


Yes Stan I did. Replied Tweak"

Wendy was surprised

Tweak has a girlfriend already? asked Wendy"

Yes its Kenny`s sister Karen replied Stan"


Wendy Smiles at Stan as their Lesson Gets underway.

25 mins later they start for recess.

Stan Looks around Smiling and just walks around and sees a kid just arriving but then Stan sees a kid with brown hair sitting on the ground alone.

Hey What`s wrong dude? asked Stan"


I have no friends. replied Clyde"

Stan sits down next to him

Clyde I will be your friend along with Cartman and Kyle said Stan"

Really Cool replied Clyde"


Stan Smiled as They Got A Connection Going.

So what things you do for fun? asked Stan"

Reading, Games, All Kinds of Stuff Pretty boring by myself replied Clyde"

Stan realizes his lonely


Clyde it's okay we will be your friend I promise said Stan"

Clyde Smiles and The Girls and Boys Notice The New kid Stan is Talking to the other new kid Clyde and hears them laughing.

Those Guys are getting along interesting said Red"

Red what are you talking about? Asked Wendy"


Those Two Kids There. replied red"

Red Points to Stan and Clyde.

Wendy and Bebe Look at both Stan and Clyde and giggle

So I went to the zoo yesterday and saw a monkey with a zebra doing five humps in a manure pit. said Clyde"


Stan Laughs

That's Funny dude, One Time This Guy named Eric called Kyle Names but I stepped in now I call him fat f*ck said Stan"

Clyde Laughs

Yeah I heard about them they don't get along Cartman is a fat ass anyway replied Clyde"


Stan and Clyde smile and agree on it.

Instead of getting their meal today chef brings it over to the two of them

So Stan you Like Music? asked Clyde"

Yeah I listen to my iPod all the time replied Stan"


Clyde Smiles and Laughs with Stan.

What are the laughing at? asked Wendy"

They Are Boys Wendy they laugh about the most stupidest things replied Bebe"

That is not true Bebe said Stan"


Yeah Who are you to Judge us here Stan take this guitar lets show these girls what we are made of replied Clyde"

But I have never played guitar before said Stan"

Its Easy Dude Trust me ready For The Song Replied Clyde"

You Got it Dude you Girls Think you Know it all said Stan"


Huh replied the girls"

Kyle Cartman and Kenny walk in to see Stan with a new kid and is playing guitar

Clyde and Stan Start the song with both of them singing.


Stan`s Part of The Song:

On the ground I lay
Motionless in pain
I can see my life
Flashing before my eyes
Did I fall asleep
Is this all a dream
Wake me up
I'm living a nightmare

I will not die
(I will not die)
I will survive

I will not die
I'll wait here for you
I feel alive
When you're beside me
I will not die
I'll wait here for you
In my time of dying

Clyde's Part of The Song:

On this bed I lay
Losing everything
I can see my life
Passing me by
Was it all too much
Or just not enough
Wake me up
I'm living a nightmare

I will not die

(I will not die)
I will survive

I will not die
I'll wait here for you
I feel alive
When you're beside me
I will not die
I'll wait here for you
In my time of dying


Stan Sings Again:

I will not die
I'll wait here for you
I feel alive
When you're beside me
I will not die
I'll wait here for you
In my time of dying
(I feel alive)
I will not die
I'll wait here for you
(I feel alive)
I will not die
When you're beside me
(I feel alive)
I will not die
I'll wait here for you
In my time of dying


Clyde and Stan Finish Singing and the girls are speech even everyone is.

Mr Garrison Enters and is Shocked as Is Principal Victoria and Chef.

Stan and Clyde Shake hands and sit down on the ground talking

Wow we shocked everyone awesome said Stan "


Clyde Smiled.

Yeah we did well replied Clyde "

I don't know what to think wow said Kyle "

Those two must be Gay. said Wendy"


Clyde and Stan Reacted Quick

Really we are supposed to be gay really? asked Clyde"

Fat Chance Chicks We are not gay and we will prove it with another song replied Stan"

Stan and Clyde start another song


Stan Starts the Guitar and it Plays Loud


Stan`s Part of The Song:

Here I stand, helpless and left for dead

Close your eyes, so many days go by
Easy to find what's wrong
Harder to find what's right

I believe in you
I can show you that I can see right through
All your empty lies, I won't stay long
In this world so wrong

Say goodbye,
As we dance with the devil tonight
Don't you dare look at him in the eye
As we dance with the devil tonight


Wendy is Shocked at Stan Singing


Clyde`s Part of The Song:

Trembling, crawling across my skin
Feeling your cold, dead eyes
Stealing the life of mine

I believe in you
I can show you that I can see right through
All your empty lies, I won't last long
In this world so wrong

Say goodbye,
As we dance with the devil tonight
Don't you dare look at him in the eye
As we dance with the devil tonight

Wow Clyde is Amazing replied Red"


Hold on
Hold on

Stan`s Part of The Song


Say goodbye,
As we dance with the devil tonight
Don't you dare look at him in the eye
As we dance with the devil tonight

Hold on
Hold on



Everyone Claps For Stan and Clyde.

Clyde and Stan sit down and talk

So you are good Stan we have a lot in common said Clyde"

Stan Smiles


Yeah I guess we do Clyde replied Stan"

Kyle and Cartman also Kenny come and sit down.

Hello Cartman Once again said Clyde"

Oh not this retard again Replied Cartman"


Clyde gets up and kicks Cartman in the nuts

Serves you right Fat f*ck yelled Stan"

Oh my god did he just swear wow replied Wendy"

Clyde Smiles at Stan and Wendy.


So Clyde not much to do today hey? Asked Stan"

Clyde sighs

It is true Stan replied Clyde"

Kyle Cartman and Kenny leave after a while.


The Bell Finally Rings

The Bell has finally rung and I am in your class by the way Stan. said Clyde"

That's Cool Clyde you want to come over my place after school? asked Stan"

Sure Why Not Hope we get away from that fat ass Cartman replied Clyde"


They Get into Class

Clyde and Stan Get in Mr Garrison is Introducing Clyde

Everyone let me introduce to you… said Garrison"

Stan Raised his Hand


Yes Stan? asked Garrison"

I know his name is Clyde Donovan he enjoys music reading books Video games and sports replied Stan"

Mr Garrison Was Shocked The Whole School was Except for Clyde and Stan.

How the hell did you know that Stan? asked Garrison"


I talked to him for the entire recess. replied Stan"

Wow really that's incredible see children that is what true friendship is all about I even heard them play music before which I am amazed at. said Garrison

Wendy raises her hand

Yes Wendy? asked Mr Garrison"


Um can me and red talked to them both outside for about 10 mins. asked Wendy"

Um well I don't see why Garrison"

Clyde and Stan Look at each other thinking the girls might be angry.

Stan I think we are in trouble? Asked Clyde"


Could Be Replied Stan"

Stan and Clyde were worried about the talk.

They Head Outside and the girls look at them.

Would you like to go out with me Stan and Clyde. Said Wendy and Red"


Clyde and Stan Faint

Hey You Guys Wendy"

Wendy and Red try to wake them up but kiss them on the cheek making them both wake up in a thrill.

Holy cow man. Said Clyde"


Holy sh*t Stan"

Stan and Clyde Go Back in the class after 10 mins

Boys you're back good. said Garrison"

Both Clyde and Stan didn't Answer they were paralyzed from there kiss from Red and Wendy.


Stan and Clyde are you Okay? Asked Kyle"

They Both Blush intensely but finally get out of the trance

Wow that was amazing right Stan? asked Clyde."

Truly Stan"


The Bell Rings for Final Recess

They sit down back where they were

It was different I'd say but we had fun today right? Asked Clyde"

I would say we did replied Stan"


Cool Dude said Clyde"

Both of them Smiled 15 mins later the bell rings for the final Lesson.

But Stan and Clyde don't appear for class yet the girls do.

Where the hell are those two? Asked Mr Garrison"


We don't know Mr Garrison Replied Kyle"

Well They Better Turn Up. Said Garrison"

Clyde and Stan Were out Talking in the same spot they are.

I will be right back. Said Garrison"


Garrison Looks for them and spots them talking

Excuse me its Class time. said Mr Garrison"

"Chill out dude said Clyde"

Clyde and Stan walked to the class room.


"You got in trouble. said Cartman"

"Actually they didn't Eric because they are good Students they fell behind time and I wouldn't doubt that on two nice Kids. Said Mr Garrison"

Well let's continue on Christopher Columbus Said Mr Garrison"

The Lesson went for ages but then the bell rang and everyone ran out except Stan and Clyde because Mr Garrison wanted to see them.


"Hello Boys I hear you guys got asked out by red and Wendy right? asked Mr Garrison

" Yeah Replied Clyde"

Yes Mr Garrison. replied Stan"

well good for you now get out of here guys said Garrison"


They Leave the School and head for Stan`s house Kyle and Cartman follow with Kenny to Stan`s house

Stan notices them

"Okay guys come on you can come said Stan"

They all Decide to go to Stan`s house but then Cartman and Kenny went home leaving Kyle with Stan and Clyde


"Listen Stan I Got to go see you later Said Kyle"

"Sure Kyle replied Stan"

Clyde and Stan enter his house and Walk into Stan`s room and talk and play video games.

"What no way you have the Xbox 360 cool dude said Clyde"


Stan Smiled

"You want to play Halo? asked Stan"

"yeah okay Stan said Clyde"

They Play Halo for a lot of hours then it come night time and Clyde sleeps over.


They fall asleep early awaiting their next day.


Clyde and Stan have become best friends and their first day of school was the best for Stan getting kissed by Wendy and Clyde kissed by Red what could get any better Find out what happens next on an all new south park

Chapter 5: Chapter 5
The Next Day At School

Stan Arrives along with Clyde

"So Clyde we are here said Stan

"I Know Stan replied Clyde


Listen Stan I am getting Popular now and might hang out with token and butters okay said Clyde

That is Fine Clyde Replied Stan

They Partnered away from each other now Stan was Alone By himself.

Stan walks through the hallway where people are talking


Well you Going to tell him Wendy? Asked Bebe"

Um Oh Stan said Wendy"

Stan stopped Suddenly Seeing Wendy.

Yes Wendy replied Stan"


I am leaving you Stan I want to be with someone else sorry said Wendy"

Stan was crying but knew it was for the best.

Kyle Arrived in the scene and was shocked.

Stan You alright? asked Kyle"


Leave me Alone cried Stan"

Stan ran off Crying

What a cry baby replied Bebe"

Cartman Arrived and was not impressed.


Do you always have to Criticize everyone at this school not everyone is like you bebe god I know Wendy only broke up with him is because you told her too I can right through your lies Said Cartman"

Shut Up Cartman yelled Bebe"

Bebe Was Angry At Cartman

Suddenly a Guy Emerged Who was Clyde]


Hey Clyde Want to Go Out now said Bebe"

Clyde looked at her with a serious face and smiled

Not on your life Bitch replied Clyde"

Excuse me Clyde what did you call her? asked Wendy"


Clyde Smiled

You Really Shouldn't have done that here take my birth certificate replied Clyde"

Clyde`s Birth Certificate was Given to Wendy Who was shocked when she saw relations.

Wait a minute your Stan`s Younger Half Brother? asked Wendy"


Clyde Smiled.

What you did to him was uncalled for and rude replied Clyde"

That's our Business Clyde Get Lost said Bebe"

I knew you would break up with me cause I am leaving like Stan Replied Clyde"


Clyde Cried and Walked off

This is Fake Wendy said Bebe"

I Know replied Wendy"

Cartman Smiled


Your Pretty dumb you know said Cartman"

We Are not replied Bebe"

Suddenly Randy Marsh turned up

Bebe Clyde is telling the truth he is Stan`s Half Brother replied Randy"


What No way! Yelled The Girls"

You turned him away you broke Stan`s Heart Wendy Here is the photo he kept of you said Randy"

Randy Walked off.

Wendy Read it and It Said Wendy and Stan Forever.


Wendy had Tears coming down

Its too late now said Wendy"

Suddenly Stan came back down the Hallway.

Look the cry baby's back replied Bebe"


Stan was sad but looked at them both and didn't puke


Stan started to Sing a Song

Stan`s Song:

What I have in me, in the mind is you, (I would die if we were through), what I'm feeling now, what I'm having is you, (I am lost in pain without you)

(So cold, so alone)


Wait What His Singing? asked Bebe"


All I have is you, it is all that I'm breathing for, all I need is you, (Now I can't make it through)

All the nights I've prayed, mostly sadly untrue, (I am not prepared to be strong), I just can't believe I am losing you, (Not prepared to carry on), (I can see you walk away)

(So cold, so alone)

All I have is you, it is all that I'm breathing for, all I need is you, (Now I can't make it through), I am losing you forever, (I am lost in pain without you), I am leaving ground forever, (Forever, forever)

Stan Left them alone leaving off to Mr Garrison`s Class.

Now let's all get Ready... said Garrison"

Garrison Noticed Something wrong

Stan are you alright? asked Kyle"


Stan Didn't answer.

Wendy Noticed a no answer from Stan

Answer him dumb ass Yelled Bebe "

Stan Wasn't breathing


Stan Stan Stan! Yelled Kyle"

Stan Suddenly Fell To the ground

Cartman Realized and got up and went to help him for a first time

sh*t Stan Stan Dude Yelled Cartman"


Cartman Started Crying

Look another cry baby replied Bebe"

Cartman Got Up and Floored her right in the face.

Everyone was shocked what Cartman did Standing up for Stan.


Garrison Turned Around

Jesus Christ I reckon Detention for you Said Garrison"

I Don't think so mr Garrison replied Tweak"

Everyone Looked at Tweak


What Did you Say Tweak? Asked Garrison"

Tweak shakes again

I cant let Cartman Go to Detention because he stood up for his friend after bebe kept calling Stan Clyde and Cartman Cry Babies when there not replied Tweak"

Garrison Was Shocked at Tweak and did not make a detention for Cartman


Cartman I…. said Kyle"

Save it Jew I know replied Cartman"

Kyle was Happy he didn't get teased.

Stan Stay with me buddy said Cartman."


Stan finally had a few breaths left

Cartman I Love you man You Too Kyle, tell Wendy I am Sorry and I Love her Forever whispered Stan"

Stan Stopped Breathing an Ambulance Arrived Taking Stan To Hospital

Hope you Learnt your lesson Bebe Because next time wont be good Said Cartman"


Not if I have a say replied Wendy"

Stan Started Breathing Normally.

Over my Dead Body you will Wendy Testaburger yelled Stan"

Stan was Fine Before he even left the building.


Huh what the hell yelled Wendy"

You Will not Attack Cartman and Bebe Don't ever Call me a cry baby or I will flatten you, got it good continue with the lesson Yelled Stan"

Garrison Went back to teaching before too long the bell rang for recess.


What Will Happen Now That The Recess has begun and Stan is back to normal after Cartman stayed with him find out on an all new South Park Soon.

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