New kid in town

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New kid in town

Postby bombthehole » Sat Mar 22, 2014 4:52 pm

NOTE TO READER: this takes place after the events of season 17 and the stick of truth game so everyone is alive and well (besides chef :( )

It is the day of the move. About the middle of October. We arrive in our new quiet little mountain town of South Park

We arrive at South Park at about the end of Saturday in this town. They next morning I spend 6 am - 8 am just unpacking. I tell my parents that I have unpacked and they tell me to go outside and make some new friends.

I head outside and see a kid wearing tin foil stuff and drop a piece of paper. He does not notice and I pick it. It says that "I am professor chaos and I will wreck havoc on this town." I decide this is a chance to make a friend and see him run back a few seconds later and go into a house which I believe would be where he lives. I slip a note under the door that tells him to meet me on my roof in a few minutes.

I go into my back yard and blow up 7 regular size balloons with water and the regular size water balloons. I see chaos come onto my roof when I told him to. I tell him we could throw water balloons at those people at the park. He does not know that I am new and I also have a tin foil costume to hide my Identity. We spot 4 kids at the playground playing basketball. Chaos tells me that their names a Cartman, Kyle, Kenny, and Stan. I chuck a regular size balloon at them. It hits the basket ball mid air, explodes, and soaks all 4 of them. We break out laughing. We hear them yelling all sorts of cusses and sh*t like that. They don't notice us for a few minutes but Kenny spots us and they run after us. I sneak into the Tweak Coffee Shop. The owner, Mr. Tweak, asks if I want some coffee. I decline and watch the 4 kids run by and tackle chaos.

I stay in the store until they decide to head away. I walk out not before meeting a kid with blonde hair and can not ,what so ever, stop shaking.He asks who I am. He asks what I'm doing and I answer to not bother me until I properly introduce myself. He says his name is Tweek. He asks if I can properly introduce myself but I say go f*ck yourself. He walks away and I get out of there.

I am walking home when I hear lots of screaming and laughter. I go closer to the house. His house is like a dark green. I look in the window and there are lots of people in there. I see a person that looks like chaos and his name is Butters. I also see the kids from the park and Tweek. The a thump on my shoulder scares the sh*t out of me. I say who the f*ck are you and not to sneak up on me like that and call him a piece of sh*t.

I then notice he is a crip and walks around with crutches. He asks who I am because he hasn't seen me around (I took off the tin foil stuff and folded it into my pocket). He says his name is Jimmy and asks what I am doing there. I say I'm watching party go on and not sure what's happening. He asks of my name. I say my name is Travis and that I am new. I ask him not to tell any of those people inside because I would want to see them at school and have a proper introduction. I ask him about the party and he says all the boys in South Park are invited. Since I just moved to South Park and no one knows of my presence I told him I would not go in. I told him to have fun and then left. A few hours later I saw people leave from the party in their own little groups. The 4 at the park a black person, Tweek, a blue hat guy, and a person with poo on his face.

It is only about 2 pm and I have really nothing to do. I decide to get reactions from shooting people with my airsoft guns. I go onto my roof top and lay down next to my sniper, customly created machine gun, pistol, and full auto shotgun. I decide to use the sniper first and look through the scope. I notice jimmy talking to the kids from the park and butters. I throw a thing of firecrackers at the and blind them.i then snipe them all in the arm or leg. I mostly hear what the f*ck and sh*t. I laugh my ass off. They then notice the for sale sign in front of my house stamped with the word sold. They ask jimmy if he knows anything. I have the pistol aimed at his balls if he spills the beans. He does not say anything I could get him for so do not shoot at him but at his feet. It hits the ground then hits his hand and then bounces down the street.

A few minutes pass and they are still standing there waiting to see if another comes at them. I decide I should introduce myself to them. I jump down from the rooftop onto a trampoline which bounces be out onto the lawn. They stare at me like I'm a rapist. Stan asks who I am and before a say anything Jimmy says who I am and tells them what he knows about me. Kyle and Kenny both say welcome to South Park and ask where I moved from. I tell them I moved from Chandler, Arizona and that my parents used to live here. Cartman asks if I was the one hitting them with things ( the airsoft ). I say no and we keep walking along the side walk.

The rest of the day goes by with me and my new friends and we just hang out and talk. The next morning I wake up at the usual (6 am) and get ready for school. I am only nervous about school. There is only one reason why. My great great grandmother built it and their are family secrets all over the place that none of them have figured out... They may figured out this time.

The day starts off with a joke about Jews from Cartman to the only new in the room. Kyle then makes a fat remark and then they start cussing each other out. Then the teacher mr. Garrison or ms. What ever the f*ck it is. Then class goes by slow and the. It is time to go to the gymnasium for P.E. This is the first secret my family decided to keep to us. I open our family locker, across from the showers. P.e. goes by fine. We just do capture the flag. Our team wins because then other team went offensive and left Cartman back at the base so we got it easily. At the end the teacher makes you take a shower, not sure why or if it is true but the people are telling me I have to. This what the secret is. I open the family locker, I pull aside box of tissues, a button is revealed. I press the button and a keypad opens on the wall behind me. I enter in the pass code no one but out family would know:43752969. Which my family says spells Germany in number language but I dot believe them. I enter it in and a slit of stone is removed to reveal a fake wall that can be walked straight through. No one notices me go in and I take a shower and get dressed and close the whole thing back up the way it was and no one knew I was in their they thought I was too scared to show my wiener to everybody.

Lunch hits us fast after gym and we head out to lunch. This is yet another family secret, a stone on the wall can be pushed on to get rid of a slit of stone and reveal a fake wall. I go through the wall and then my friends start to question where I am and what I am doing. Beyond this fake wall is a little freezer filled with pizza and chicken nuggets that are not frozen, this is the fake freezer trick. Anyone finds it they would think of its power. When I sit down at the table with all my new friends I meet a lot more people like Clyde, Dogpoo, and Token. That is when. Start getting questioned by them. They saw me follow them and then disappear into a corner and push n the broken stone that people have known for a while. I tell the. That my great great grandmother created this school and left many secrets for our family to use. They dot believe me and laugh at my joke. I literally bitch slap Kyle for calling me f*cking liar. I tell them I am speaking the truth and if you want to know one thing about this school ask now and decide as a group. They start talking it over. And they come t a conclusion what they want to ask me. They ask when i disappeared at the end of gym class when everyone was showering. I say that is one of my families secrets. I say I will show them tomorrow.

Tomorrow comes by and I will show them the room. Gym class just ended and we are about to shower when token reminds everyone I have to show them the first family secret of this school so they don't say I am a phony. I decide to show them I open the family locker with the locker key that every other flocked lacks a lock with a key. I move the box and press the button. I go to the keypad and type in the code and make sure no one sees what I type in. The stone moves and only I hear the sound they don't because they are busy up each others ass holes to see who they f*cked last night. I show the only person that pays attention, Kyle, he discovers it and tells me that I am not a liar and should trust me. Since he is the one that discovered it with me I tell him he can come into the room before and after gym and no other time, he agrees.

The rest of the week goes by fine and on Friday night Kyle invites me over to his house for a sleepover. We just lay in bed and chat the whole night about where we come from and what we like to do. Kyle falls asleep and I stay awake for a few more minutes before falling asleep myself.

I know I will have a fun time in South Park. I will love it here

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Re: New kid in town

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Re: New kid in town

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