First Blood First Serve Part 2 Chapter 12

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First Blood First Serve Part 2 Chapter 12

Postby Nick Assburger » Sat Apr 19, 2014 2:02 am

{Return from commercial.}

Conner comes to in the foul dark pit from the beginning of the story.

Connelly: "Good your finally awake lift him up."

Two Super Adventure Club soldiers lift up by his arms out of a foul cesspit and drop him onto his knees.

Connelly: "I must admit Kurtz your determination and tenacity surprise me more and more every time we meet. Since you got here you've decimated my camp massacred my troops, eluded our air patrols and cheated certain death time and time again."

Conner: Spits out some muck. "Kurtz Conner 10222008 that's all your getting out of me."

Connelly: "Well that suits me just fine because your little rescue mission ends here."

Conner: "Why kidnap a gay little choir just to get your sick kicks? You should have known someone would take notice."

Connelly: Takes out Conner's Ka-bar and handles it. "Oh Conner it's much much larger than just a simple pleasure trip." He runs the blade along Conner's nipples. "Are you getting as turned on as I am right now?"

Conner: "Go eat a dick you sick bastard!"

Connelly takes the blade off his nipples and proceeds to unzip his pants.

Connelly: "Since you've come so far I don't see a problem in telling you whole story." He begins jacking off in front of Conner. "This valley ugh has long since been ugh home to the Guinea creatures ugh but it also holds another secret. ugh one that promises getting our kicks and unlimited power.

Conner: "Sounds incredibly stupid to me."

Connelly: Continues jacking off and running Conner's blade along the underside of his penis. while a b&w still of William P Phineas appears.

"About 1890 Our clubs ugh Founder William P Phineas set ugh off to discover the lost valley of ugh the Guineas deep in the Andes Mountains."

Shows Phineas once again being beaten by two other explorers who are then shown getting eaten by a Guinea creature.

"Phineas argh learned of the legend of rargh Cuymosabe and his brother Zampona *Begins speeding up* and of how the guardian of the valley would return in the form of a child when the guinea creatures got loose again."

Shows Phineas looking at the hieroglyphic of Craig.

"He realized that if he could have sex with this child this chosen one he could transfer his godlike power into him

Conner: "Thats the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my entire life it makes no f*cking sense."

Connelly: "God damn it now see what you made me do? I lost all my momentum. Oh well they'll be time for that later for you see inside every child there are tiny things called Marloks and when an Adult has sex with a child the marloks enter the adults body granting them immortality so say the ruler of Bethos. With the power of the chosen one flowing thru my testicles I will as a God to the rest of mankind."

Conner: "yeah that's still the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my entire life."

Connelly: "Stupider than a man parting the red sea or a carpenter changing water into wine?"

Conner: "Oh yeah way stupider than that."

Connelly: "Well you will soon see it for yourself in the meantime Mr Slippy Fist is going to take good care of you."

Conner mind begins flashing back to his memories of Mr Graizer.

Flashback Conner: "Sir where are all the other recruits? Sir what's with that camera? Why are you taking your pants off? Why are you looking at me like that? "Mr Graizer please don't touch rifleman!"

Flashback Mr Graizer: "Oh please call me Mr Slippy Fist all the boys do."

Flashback ends.

Mr Graizer: "Remember me you little prick?"

Conner: "I remember busting your balls pretty good."

Mr Graizer: Grabs him by the neck. "I've been missing you so much ever since that day Conner, I love a young man with a lot of spunk."

Conner: "Go f*ck yourself."

Mr Graizer takes the knife from Connelly and runs it along Conner's bare chest.

Mr Graizer: "Oh you and me are going to get along just fine."

He cuts into Conner's chest, The young marine grits his teeth to prevent himself from screaming."

Connelly: "When your done with him Mr Graizer come find me at the ceremonial altar I'll be busy preparing for the chosen one's arrival."

Scene Break

Elsewhere the rest of the children are tied up together to wooden stakes atop a Incan Pyramid. Stan and Kyle come to with Darth Chef's face plate.

Darth Chef: "Hello there children how would like to suck my chocolate salty balls?"

Kyle: "C-C-Chef? is that you?"

Stan: "Your alive quick untie us before those guys come back!"

"I'm afraid boys that your friend Chef is one of us now."

Connelly steps into view along with several other explorers.

Cartman: "Hey your that leader of that fruity club that scrambled Chef's brains."

Connelly: "I am as you put it so eloquently William P Connelly leader of the Super Adventure Club."

Stan: "What are you going to do? Molest us? make videos of us naked? sell us on the black market."

Connelly: "All excellent suggestions lads but I've got something else in mind. You see your the bait to bring us the chosen one."

Kyle: "The chosen one?"

Connelly: "Your good friend Craig."

Cartman: "Uh He's not really our friend."

Connelly: "You see our club's Founder long ago discovered this valley while in search of isolated who's children he could be the first to molest. what he discovered was something much much greater."

{This is what the Super Adventure Club actually believes.}

"As you know all children have something inside them called Marloks and when an adult has sex with a child the Marloks flow from the child thru their erect penis and into the adult granting them immortality. He realized that if the guardian of this valley were to return in the form of a child that if he had sex with that child the sheer power of this child's Marlok level would grant him godlike powers so say the ruler of Bethos."

Stan: "Wow just when I thought your club couldn't get any more retarded."

Connelly: "After the pandemic was stopped we realized that this Child this chosen one must have been awakened. We put every asset we had into searching for them into we found your friend."

Stan: "He's not our friend."

Connelly : Ignores them. "When we found out he was friends with you we turned to your good friend Chef. You'd be surprised what we learned from him. When we learned your old choir group would be preforming in Peru along with your old friends in your little resistance and your little Romanian concubines we knew we had the perfect bait for you."

Stan: "Dude we hate those choir buttholes we hate that limey snob Gregory and we hate you."

Gregory: "Suck my knob you wanker."

Cartman: "Yeah and we hate that filthy British kid too."

Christophe: "I am French you Graisse Morceau De Merde!" {{Fat piece of sh*t.}}

Cartman: "Screw you Limey!"

Quintuplet: "And we hate you too you selfish arrogant jerks."

Cartman: "Oh good the cabbage patch C#nts are awake."

Quintuplet: "What's going on."

Cartman: "We're pretty much gonna get raped in the ass."

Quintuplets: Scream.

Quintuplet: "You idiots we're all doomed now thanks to you."

Stan: "What are you talking about?"

Quintuplet: "When the sunsets the chosen shall be awakened by incantation and dance by the five priestesses and song by the choir of the heavens the chosen one shall awaken and return to earth."

2nd Quintuplet: "Now we're all doomed thanks to you."

Stan: "Why did you wait until now to us?"

Quintuplet: "Because we hate you."

Kyle: "Well couldn't you not just do the dance?"

One of the quintuplets tears up and breaks down sobbing.

Stan: "Oh god no please please don't start crying now."

Quintuplet: "You have no idea how cruel those men have been to us. one way or another you do what they say."

Connelly: "Your little concubines are correct boys soon the stars will align and the chosen one shall return to earth and then The Super Adventure Club will be all powerful." He laughs evilly as the camera zooms up from his face."

Kelly: "Lenny hold me I'm scared."

Kenny reaches back behind him and holds Kelly's hand.

Kyle: "You won't get away with this you bastards. Conner will find you and stop you."

Connelly: "Aw yes your little one man army I'm afraid your hero is busy playing sissy to Mr Graizer."

Kyle: "Mr Graizer our old Scout Master who took naked pictures of us."

Scene Break.

Mr Graizer finishes fondling Conner's nipples with his Ka Bar.

Mr Graizer: "You still resist in screaming huh Kurtz you're strong I like strong boys."

Conner: tortured breaths. "You won't get any pleasure out of me you pedophile piece of sh*t."

Conner's chest is covered with bruises cuts and welts.

Mr Graizer: " Well we can just take our time I've waited over a year for this might as well savor it." He strikes Conner across the face and knocks him to the ground.

Conner: "Savor it while you can Graizer as soon as I get out of here I'm coming to get you."

Suddenly Mr Graizer's radio beeps.

Mr Graizer: "Graizer here!"

Connelly: "Graizer I need you back here on the double we are about to begin the ritual."

Mr Graizer: "I'm on my way over and out." He looks over at Conner. Well little man I think we'll just have to reschedule our little playdate." He kicks Conner back into the pit. "Don't you even think about dying before I get back Kurtz, I'm not finished with you."

The soldiers shut the top of the pit door shut. One of them jacks off onto his face before leaving.

Scene Break

The full moon begins to rise over the Andes as William Connelly and the Super Adventure Club prepare to begin the ritual atop the ancient altar.

The Quintuplets are back in their Incan Slave Leia outfits and the choir is brought forward to begin the ritual with the boys along with Gregory and the Mole left tied up to watch.

Connelly: "The time is nigh prepare everything for the ritual."

The soldiers bring out Incan drums, pan flutes, canjo'nes, and Wakrapuku's and force the choir kids to pick them up at gunpoint.

Stan: "What are you guys doing?"

Jake: "We're sorry Stan we tried to escape we really did but it's no use."

Kyle: "What are you talking about?"

Kelly: "They forced us to rehearse for weeks expecting your arrival, the Incantation states that the voice of a young priestess will bring about the return of the chosen one." She sheds a tear and raises her sleeve revealing several lashes. "We didn't want to do this believe me. "

Connelly: "Oh but you will my dear I promise you." His tone turns crueler. "Will or the alternative will be most unpleasant."

Kenny: ("Leave her alone you heartless bastard.")

Ze Mole: "Z'his entire ordeal was to get you to bring z'e chosen one back to Peru."

Gregory: "You can't imagine what they did to us."

Kyle: "Chef you've got to do something your a not a pedophile your our friend! These cultists have brainwashed you."

Darth Chef: "It is...too late....for me...boys....Connelly is my master now."

Cartman: "Please Chef I don't want to made love to by a bunch of middle aged white men!"

Stan: "There is still good in you Chef I believe in you."

Connelly: "Chef stop dawdling and get over here, Our window is closing fast."

The Cyborg looks over at the boys somberly and walks over to Connelly.

Kyle: "I know deep down in there is the friend that used to sing songs to us and help us with our problems. They can take that away from you."

Chef looks over and turns back to Connelly.

Scene Break.

Conner Squats in the dark pit as the story comes full circle back to the beginning of the story.

Conner: "Bring the kids home wipe the slate clean." He looks up out thru the bars. "Should have been the easiest mission in the world." He looks down somberly. "My getting back home doesn't matter anymore but I can't just sit here and let that bastard Grazier and his leash handler Connelly have their sick way with the others."

Conner suddenly hears footsteps approaching he looks up to See Benjamin looking at him thru the bars.

Benjamin: "Conner there you are what are you doing laying about the ritual is about to begin?"

Conner: "It's no use these ropes are too tight and you can't break them for me because your just a figment of my mind."

Benjamin: "Conner I may not really be your brother but I'm more than just a vision of your brother brought on by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder I'm your conscience your moral compass to tell you what's right and wrong and I'm telling you right now that this is no time to accept defeat."

Conner looks up at him.

Conner: "Your always with me every step of the way huh?"

Benjamin: "No Conner I was never with you. Trekking on your own that manhunt in South Park, This mission it was always you Conner. Your a raging little bastard with a rock hard little dick. Your parents and brother would be so proud of how tough you've become."

Conner: "your right now how do I get out of this pit?"

A bright golden aura appears before Conner and a young man dressed in full marine dress steps out.

Benjamin: "I think I help with that."

Conner faces brightens up as his real brother breaks open the grate and the two of them hoist him out of the pit.

Conner: "So what do we do now?"

The two Benjamin's look at each other."

Conner/ Benjamin? : "Now."

Benjamin: "We Fight For Love

Cue Montage.

Conner and his brothers suit up for battle as a DVDA Peruvian Flute Cover of We Fight For Love By The Power Station plays.

Conner and both Benjamin's lace their boots up.

DVDA: "I Will Protect you/ Nothing can hurt you/ no storm clouds gathering terrify."

Conner crafts a hunting knife from stone.

DVDA: "I Am a Mountain/ Surrounded by your love/ You are a fountain that dreams are made of.

Conner Crafts a spear and an "estolica." (Spear launcher.)

DVDA :We Fight for Love

Conner crafts a bow and sharpens some arrowheads from stone.

DVDA: "We fight for love."

Conner covers his body with mud and slices open an oversized berry for juice.

DVDA: Fight for Love.

Conner Applies the mud and juice to his face and body like Incan Warpaint.

DVDA: "Somewhere...Somehow...Someone."

Conner sharpens several punji stakes and places them in his pit.

DVDA: "Somewhere...Somehow...Someone."

Conner squats down and poops on the ground. He picks it up.

Benjamin: "What are you a Chimpanzee?"

Conner: "you'll see."

DVDA: "I fight with fire."

Conner rubs his feces all over the spikes

DVDA : "As I watch them conspire/ To blow my world apart."

Conner breaks the bars slightly and covers the top with vines.

DVDA: "Between the light and the Endless Night."

Conner primes a spring loaded punji trap."

DVDA: "You will always be in my heart."

Conner Crafts a blow pipe and some darts.

DVDA: "We fight For Love."

Conner picks up a Tarantula with a stick and milks it's fangs for venom which he dips the tips of his darts into.

DVDA: "We fight for love."

Conner with some help from Benjamin rolls a huge stone ring up a hill and rigs a block to a vine to hold it in place.

DVDA: "Fight for Love."

Conner picks up the tooth of a guinea creature and ties it to a stick to make an axe.

DVDA: "Somewhere...Somehow...Someone..."

Conner lights a fire giving us a view of him His face, chest, arms, stomach, shoulders ad back are covered with warpaint and he carries several spears a launcher, a blow pipe, a bow with arrows, a knife and an axe.

DVDA: "Somewhere...Somehow...Someone."

He raises his axe into the air and emits a war cry.


Scene Break

Back at the altar the boys hear the war cry and notice the smoke in the distance.

Stan: "That noise?"

Kyle: "Is it him?"

Gregory: "Bloody right it is."

Christophe: "You just can't keep that raging batard down for long."

The other children hear the War cry and their faces light up with hope.

Kelly: "He's alive."

The quintuplet's faces light up as the rest of choir smiles. But a swift crack of a whip and Connelly makes his presence known.

Connelly: "Mr Graizer hunt down and kill that little thorn in my balls."

Mr Graizer: "It would be my pleasure Sir! LET"S MOVE OUT!!!"

The soldiers return to their truck and armored cars and head out into the jungle to pursue Conner.

On a rock over looking the temple Conner watches with both Benjamin's as Graizer's Convoy rolls toward him."

Conner: "Now we finish this."

Benjamin: "One way."

Conner/Benjamin?: "Or another."

Cut to Commercial.

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