Harry Potter in South Park

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Harry Potter in South Park

Postby Female345 » Wed May 21, 2014 8:51 am

This is a rewrite of a story I myself posted on Fanfiction.net so only the plot is mine It's set in season 14 and before SS.
Nine year old Kyle Broflovski was playing in the yard with his brother Ike when they had seen a moving van pull up into the house next to them.
"Looks like we have new neighbors Ike." stated Kyle
"I see Kyle." said Ike
The siblings went inside to inform their mom that someone had bought the house next door. Sheila wondering who they were and where they were from decided to go over there and introduce herself.
Just as she was walking out the door, Kyle's friends Stan. Kenny, and Eric Cartman stepped up to the front door and Kyle told the that a family had bought the home next door.
The four boys went back outside to play and they noticed a scrawny boy with black hair, green eyes, and a lightening shaped scar on his forehead about their age carrying a large box which he had gotten from the moving van.
The friends went up to the boy and Kyle said hey,
"Hello, I'm Harry Potter." said the skinny child
"I'm Eric Cartman, this is Stan Marsh, this Jew here is Kyle and your neighbor, and finally Kenny whose family is the poorest in town." said Cartman introducing himself and the others.
(Enough about my family fat*ss!) said Kenny
"I'm not fat, just big boned. Scr*w you guys!I'm going home." said Cartman before he left
Stan told Harry that Cartman was always ripping on Kyle for being Jewish and Kenny for being poor and having parents who were drunk moat of the time.
"I need to finish unloading the van before I get in trouble." said Harry ans while the others boys went back to Kyle's house, Harry headed towards his or rather his relatives whom had moved because of Uncle Vernon's job in drills.
After everything was put away and his chores were done. His aunt came downstairs to his room or rather the basement where he'd be sleeping told him that the Broflovskis had invited the family to dinner the following evening and as their oldest had already spoken to Harry, he was to go with them but wasn't allowed to speak unless spoken to and no 'funny business' or else.
Dinner that following night had gone fairly well except Kyle had found someone he hated more that Eric Cartman in Dudley Dursley and he was more of a pig and fat*ass that Cartman was, not that he'd admit it to the brunette boy. Both Kyle and Gerald had sensed something going on when observing the interaction between the black haired boy and his relatives
The following Monday
"Class I'd like you to meet Harry Potter and his cousin, Dudley Dursley. Harry why don't you have a seat next to Eric and Dudley, you go sit in the chair beside Timmy." sad Mr Garrison their 4th grade teacher.
The rest of the day had gone smoothly and when he got home, he had chores and homework to do. So began his daily routine of getting up, fixing breakfast, getting ready for school and meeting Kenny, Kyle, Stan, and Cartman at the bus stop whilst Dudley got a ride from his mom.
After school it was homework, chores, and occasionally hanging out with the other boys. He was grateful that his cousin left him alone in school
It was one such day when they were playing basketball in the park when Kenny was squashed by a pole.
"Oh my god!They killed Kenny!" exclaimed Stan
"You bastards!" shouted Kyle
Harry had the strangest feeling that Kenny died a lot and that the words between Kyle and Stan had become a catchphrase between the friends.
It wasn't until he saw Kenny two days later that he knew the blonde wasn't an average 9 year old.
'Didn't he die the other day?' thought Harry deciding to ask the boy at recess.
Recess had come and with Stan in Mr Mackey's office, Kyle home sick, and Cartman somewhere with Butters probably tricking the gullible blonde into another scheme. Harry chose to find Kenny and ask him why he's alive when he was seen dying 2 days previously.
"Hi, Kenny." said Harry
(What's up, Harry?) asked Kenny
"How is it possible that you're alive yet were killed 48 hours ago?" questioned Harry
(You remember? None of my other friends can remember when I die! It's the same thing all the time. I end up in a white room or h3ll and then wake up in my bed in my clothes and no one ever remembers! Even when they saw me get decapitated or killed with their own eyes!) exclaimed the orange parka-ed boy.
"Any idea where your power came from?" Harry asked
(No, all I know is I've had this curse since birth) said Kenny
Harry, sensing the blonde boy wanted to be left to his thoughts went to join Timmy and Jimmy for the rest of the time before they had to head inside for class.
The Brit's routine would change drastically one night when Dudley broke a vase and Harry got the blame.
The Broflovski family were returning home from Jew Scouts when they heard yelling hitting noises coming from the home next door.
Gerald, sensing something off told Kyle to get Ike inside while he and Sheila would investigate.
As he entered the house hold he noticed that the nephew had bruises and cuts and that the beefy man was still hitting Harry and calling him names. Petunia and Dudley were staring in silence.
"What is going on here?" asked Gerald
"None of your business Broflovski." answered Vernon
Sheila finally spoke up and said "Your nephew has cuts and bruises which raises concern."
"Fine just take the boy and go." said the elder Dursley
"Harry go get your things and Shelia will help you." said the lawyer and they left to gather the green eyed boy's things from the basement.
2 years later
It had been two years since Harry became part of the Broflovski family and since his aunt and uncle were put in prison for 20 years and Dudley had been sent to live with his Aunt Marge in England.
Harry was given the choice of changing his last name to that of the family that had taken him in and converting to Judaism which he opted to become a Jew despite knowing Cartman would tease him for it and becoming a Broflovski.
He had gotten along fine with Stan, became good friends with Kenny and Butters, and only tolerated Cartman. A year later the family had moved to London because of Gerald's occupation as a lawyer.
Kenny's mom had gotten millions of dollars from an unknown relative but the catch was that she had to sober up, leave her bum of a husband behind in South Park, and get a job.
She did get a job in London as a secretary in Gerald's law firm and also took Kenny, and his brother and sister with her.
Cartman was still Cartman and Stan's uncle Jimbo had moved to Wales to open a weapons shop there along with long time friend Ned
Meaning that they still got to see Stan whenever he visited his uncle in the UK.
Kyle and Harry had found out they were wizards and that Lily and James Potter were killed by a wizard named Lord Voldemort and that is why Harry had the scar.
They also discovered that Kenny and Stan would be joining them at Hogwarts. Stan and Kyle were sorted into Gryffindor while Harry and Kenny would be joining the snakes in Slytherin along with Draco Malfoy whom was like a blonde Cartman.
As Harry looked around he knew they were in for an interesting year.

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