First Blood First Serve Part 3 Chapter 6

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First Blood First Serve Part 3 Chapter 6

Postby Nick Assburger » Sun Oct 12, 2014 10:07 pm

[Return from Commercial]

Conner: "I woke up right here in Hell's pass Hospital the next morning without even a scratch on me the doctors said it was a miracle.

[Flashes back to Conner's first visit to Hells Pass.]

[Conner slowly opens his eyes to find his parents and Benjamin at his bedside along with Sergeant Halfcock and Doctor Gouache.]

Dwight: [Conner's Dad] "Quiet he's waking up."

Sarah [Conner's Mom] "Hey sweetie how are you this morning."

Conner: "Tired I guess. Am I in a hospital?"

Doctor Gouache: "Yes but don't worry son it's only fatigue and exhaustion you'll be on your way home tomorrow!"

Conner: "Where are the others?"

Doctor Gouache: "Oh your referring to the rest of your platoon? They'll be fine we're keeping them overnight until things clear up in town."

Sergeant Halfcock: "You all will be going home with your parents first thing tomorrow."

Conner: "What about Hook?"

Sergeant Halfcock: "Oh don't you worry about him I imagine his parents are gonna give him quite a talking to."

Dwight: " Speaking of which Doctor could we have a moment alone with our son?"

Doctor Gouache: "I suppose so I've got a baked potato transplant to preform d'oh I MEAN HEART! HEART TRANSPLANT! DAMN IT I DID IT AGAIN! [He rushes out the room in a rush.]

Sergeant Halfcock: "I'll leave you guys in peace too maybe get some of those cantaloupe squares from the cafeteria while they're still there." [He leaves them too.]

Sarah: "You too Benjamin:"

Benjamin: [Is only 17 and still in high school.] "Aw but I want to hear all the juicy details too."

Sarah: "Out Benjamin Now or else you'll be running laps and doing squat thrusts when we get home."

Benjamin: "Fine!" [Walks out of the room mumbling.]

Dwight: "Conner we want to talk to you about you and your friends did."

Conner: [Hangs his head] "I know I went to see that movie with Benjamin even though you said I couldn't, I committed treason and helped Hook and the others break into a military airbase, killed people and hijacked a C-130 even though I'm not old enough to fly it and tried to free wanted war criminals but I had to. You wouldn't have listened to me about this war being a big mistake!"

Sarah: "Conner while I will admit we adults all owe you and the others a big apology for not listening to you and starting World War 3 that does not excuse committing treason, murder, hijacking and destruction of military property."

Dwight: "And even though we understand why you and your friends in the Young Marines did what you did we're going to have to ground you for the next three months!"

Sarah: "That means no TV, no video games, no playing outside with your friends and you'll be double chores and plenty of correctional drills!"

Conner: "I understand."

Sarah: "Sweetie we're proud of you for standing up for what you believe and your willingness to fight for it but we can't have running around taking over airfields and killing people every time you don't get your way."

Dwight: "Now how about we all have some ice cream and forget about all this."

Conner: "That sounds like a plan."

Dwight: "That's my little man right there!"

[Later that day Conner walks up to Sergeant Halfcock in the hallway.]

Conner: [solemnly] "Sir Permission to speak Sir?"

Sergeant Halfcock: "What's on your mind Kurtz?"

Conner: [Takes out his dog tags and shoulder patch and gives it to him] "I'm dropping out of the Corps Sir. I think you already know why."

Sergeant Halfcock: "Yes I know why Kurtz and while I say I don't approve of you pistol whipping me across the back of my head I can understand why you and the others did it."

Conner: "Up until now it's been an honor to serve with you Sir but I can't go back to the Corps in good conscience after what I've done."

Sergeant Halfcock: "After what you've done? Kurtz you and the others killed several of our men in uniform, you personally pistol whipped me, hijacked a C-130, destroyed an entire airbase. [Conner looks down dejected but Halfcock looks at him and smiles.] and you saved your country from the ravages of Armageddon and probably the entire world too. [He hands Conner back his dog tags and patch]

Conner: "Sir? I don't understand I went against orders I betrayed you our Corps and our country I should be punished!"

Sergeant Halfcock: "Conner you did what you thought was right you fought for your country's right to free speech and expression against the forces that would have destroyed them forever! You stood for Honor Courage and Commitment but most of all you were a Raging Little Bastard with a bad attitude and more guts than any other kid I've met at your age OORAH!!!! [Goes in full DI mode] WHAT DO YOU SAY THAT PRIVATE KURTZ?"

Conner: [Goes into full recruit mode.] I SAY OORAH [He barks several times like a dog.]

Sergeant Halfcock: "That's the spirit Marine now head down to the mess hall for some ice cream you've earned it."

Conner: [Salutes him] "Yes Sir!"

[Halfcock returns the salute as Conner heads down the hall. He smiles at him.]

Conner narrating: [The scene fades back to the present] "And that's how it ended, Everything in my life went back to normal like their wasn't even a war at all."

Stan: "Wow dude I had no idea you were at the USO show."

Conner: "There's a lot you don't know about me Stan."

Stan: "Like what?"

Conner: "Trust me things you don't want to know."

Kyle: "So what happened to Hook after the war?"

Conner: "He just wasn't the same afterwards he started missing meetings cutting classes and spending all his time in the library reading up on military leaders like Napoleon, Hannibal, Alexander the Great, Darius of Persia, Patton, any military leader he find books on he was obsessed. But his favorite was Sun Tzu out of all of them. He'd always quote him to anyone who would listen. All warfare is based on deception. That was probably his favorite."

[Flashes back to a night scene. Conner along with a platoon of young marines wearing night vision googles and Miles laser tag system rifles on patrol through step tree covered hills]

"Eventually during end of the year war game exercises he just vanished along with his entire team. The police put out apbs and we even ran a milk carton campaign but no trace of him or the rest of his team was ever found.

[Conner's unit arrives were they're supposed to meet Hook's team but the place is abandoned.]

[The Flashback ends.]

Kyle: "And now he's back after all this time? Why what does he want?"

Conner: "When I met him he started going on about how adults are the ones that declare war while we kids get sent off to die in them. Talking about revolution and overthrowing adult hierarchy and all that also he specifically hinted at your mom Kyle something about overweight jewish mothers!"

Kyle: "Oh Streisand!"

Kenny: [Muffled] "Dude language!"

Kyle: "Oh come on!"

Cartman: "Kinneh's got a point Kahl you shouldn't be talking like that."

Kyle: "He's serious isn't he."

Conner: "Dead serious once Hook sets his mind to a mission he lets nothing and no one stand in his way."

Kyle: "You gotta stop him Conner!"

Conner: "I don't know if I can."

Kyle: "What do you mean your like a one kid army anything gets in your way you just destroy it."

Conner: "I saw Hook's camp he's got to have an army in the thousands by now. All of them die hard zealots from what I saw of them!"

Kyle: "Well then what can we do?"

Conner: [Takes a deep breath and looks out the window at the clouds.] "Prepare for the storm that's coming."

[The scene changes to the supermarket where Sheila Broflovski is outside loading groceries into her car. a 2nd grade Jewish boy wearing a Jew scouts uniform walks up to her.]

Jew Scout: "Excuse me miss I'm selling Jew Scout Kosher cookies to raise money for my scout troop."

Sheila: "Oh that's so sweet my little Kyle is in Jew Scouts [She takes out some money] I'll take a box."

Jew Scout: "Thank you miss."

[He takes a box of Jew scout cookies out and a pressure sensitive bomb hidden inside his carry box explodes blowing Sheila backwards to the ground. The blast shatters windows and sets off car alarms.]

[The camera pans to a shot of the parking lot. Sheila lies motionless in the parking lot in a pool of blood. Her skirt and jacket are blown to ribbons and her beehive partially burned off along with the skin on her face her nose lips and eyelids. The suicide bomber is gone only his tattered Jew Scout sash and cap lie in a red mist. all around there is panic and terror as sirens can be heard in the distance.]

[Back at the hospital the boys start to leave the hospital when suddenly Doctor Gouache stops them.]

Doctor Gouache: "Excuse me Kyle Broflovski?"

Kyle: "Yes?"

Doctor Gouache: "I'm sorry to tell you this but your mother and has been in a terrible accident."

Kyle: [His face turns to worry.] "Oh No Mom! What happened are they going to be okay?"

Doctor Gouache: "There was an explosion at the supermarket we don't know anything yet but the ambulance is on it's way here right now!"

[Outside the ambulance pulls up running over and finally finishing off Mrs Albertson from chapter 4. Paramedics immediately rush out and unload Sheila on a gurney.]

Paramedics: "Hup hup hup hup hup hup hup hup hup hup"

Kyle: "OH MY GOD MOM!" [The boys rush over and follows the paramedics.]

Stan: "Jesus Christ this is serious!"

[Sheila's face is badly burnt from being so close to the blast. Her nose lips ears and eyelids have been burnt off and her clothes are soaked with blood. She's hooked up to an oxygen mask and a heart and lung machine.]

Doctor Gouache: "Don't worry son we'll do our best with her! [He puts on a surgical mask and gloves.] "Alright people lets do this I'm gonna need my skin grafting tools my scalpels and a microwave honey baked ham!"

Nurse Goodley: "Doctor!"

Doctor Gouache: "Oh sorry I forgot that's not kosher."

[The doctors wheel Sheila into the ER leaving Kyle distraught. Stan and Kenny put their hands on Kyle's shoulders as the tears start to flow from his eyes.]

[The boys sit in waiting area along with Gerald Ike and Conner.]

Gerald: [puts his hand on Kyle's shoulder] "Kyle I know your scared right now I'm scared too but you need to be brave for your mother it's what she would want."

Kyle: [His eyes are still puffy from crying] "I-I know Dad."

Ike: [Sits next to Kyle crying loudly.]

[Doctor Gouache walks up to them]

Doctor Gouache: "Mr Broflovski your wife is stable now, it's a good thing her beehive absorbed most of the trauma from the blast head and her um how do I say this without sounding like a total assh*le? Her "Girth" shall we say acted as an organic bomb suit protecting her vital organs from the blast."

Cartman: [stifles his lip trying his hardest not laugh. His cheeks start turning red as several giggles escape before finally he breaks out into hysterical laughter.]

[Kyle looks over and sees Cartman laughing normally he'd get angry at Cartman or even hit him but he's still in distress over what's happened today and breaks down sobbing.]

[Conner, Stan and Kenny decide they've seen enough and pile on top of Cartman and proceed to start pummeling him]

Cartman: "Ow hey you guys ow stop it ow stop ow!"

Stan: "Show some decency for once in your fat disgusting life you fat f*ck!"

Kenny: [Mumbles angrily] "f*ck you you fat f*cking piece of sh*t!"

Conner: "Yeah what Kenny said!"

[The boys finish beating Cartman who's now got two black eyes a busted lip and nose and his coat and hat are all torn up. He twitches like a stunned animal while the boys go over to comfort Kyle.]

[Later up in his room Conner looks out the window. Kyle opens the door.]

Kyle: "It was him wasn't it."

[Conner turns around]

Kyle: "Colonel Hook he's the one who did this isn't he!"

[Conner looks at him dead in the eye.]

Kyle: "Your not seriously thinking of following him are you? I know my Mom is far from a perfect person I know she can be overprotective, I know she was the was one who started that whole stupid war over a movie a goddamned movie and killed Terrence and Phillip, [Tries to resist crying] But she's Mom she went through the pain of childbirth to have me. Well say something Goddamn it!"

Conner: "What would you want me to do Kyle? Go back to his camp and call this whole vendetta with your Mom off. He's a zealot the same as his followers."

Kyle: "Well then call Sergeant Halfcock for reinforcements or something."

Conner: "Kyle the Young Marines aren't a military organization we don't go off to actually fight wars like the adults do. They just put us through boot camp and teach us survival skills and stuff. Besides I've already gotten them enough bad publicity as it is."

Kyle: "Then what about that whole mess in Peru was that?"

Conner: "A very special case I was that special case."

Kyle: "Then I'll stand up to him myself alone if that's what it takes."

Conner: "You do realize what he's capable of."

Kyle: "I don't care I can't just sit back and let some psycho threaten my family like this."

[He starts to leave.]

Conner: "Kyle!"

Kyle: [Turns back] "What?"

Conner: "I've got mandated intensive counseling the next 48 hours as part of my rehabilitation after that I'll allowed home."

Kyle: "I just hope I have a home and a family to go back to Conner." [He leaves.]

[Conner goes back to looking out the window]

Conner: "What's your next move going to be Hook?"

[Cut to commercial]

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