First Blood First Serve 3 Chapter 7

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First Blood First Serve 3 Chapter 7

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[Return from Commercial]

Hells Pass Hospital hallway

[Kyle walks down the hallway to find his Dad when he suddenly bumps into a girl he's never seen before.]

Kyle: "Ow Sorry about that."

Kaitlyn: "It's okay I was kind of clumsy myself, Could you help me I'm looking for Conner Kerns?"

Kyle: "Who are you?"

Kaitlyn: "A friend."

Kyle: "Room 304 it's right there you can't miss it."

Kaitlyn: "Thanks."

[She heads over to room 304.]

Kaitlyn: "Hello Conner?"

Conner: [Turns around] "Kaitlyn? What are you doing here?"

Kaitlyn: "I heard about what happened to you so I asked the Colonel if I could come see you."

Conner: [Walks towards her] "You did huh? Is that the only reason you came down to see me?"

Kaitlyn: "What do you mean?"

Conner: "I know it was Hook who ordered the hit on Kyle's Mom outside the Farmers Market today. What's he planning?"

Kaitlyn: "I don't know he never tells me or anyone else what he's planning he just told me I could come visit you."

Conner: "Just visit me? I don't buy it He wants an answer from me doesn't he? Well tell him Conner Kerns said he can take his revolution and shove it. I don't want part of any cause that uses kids as suicide bombers."

Kaitlyn: "Have you forgotten how they treated you like a delinquent when you first got here? How they hunted you down with rifles and helicopters like some wild animal? Have you heard what the parents say when their kids ask about you? That boy is a mentally unstable delinquent who deserves to be locked up for the rest of his life.

Conner: [Looks down hurt] "I know I'm not a choir boy Kaitlyn get to the point."

Kaitlyn: "I just want you to think about it before you make your final decision. The Lost Boys Army could use a capable commander like you. It would be a shame to deprive the downtrodden of their champion."

Conner: "Why are you in this group Kaitlyn? You seem like a good kid why throw your future away for some fruity cause."

Kaitlyn: [Sighs] "If you must know I lost my Parents in the War. We got rounded up into one of those so called Happy Camps along with the other Canadians?"

Conner: "Your Canadian?"

Kaitlyn: "I know I don't look the part I was adopted as a baby. But I felt just as Canadian as anyone else I knew in school. [She lets out a tiny fart and giggles]

Conner: "I'm sorry you had to go through that."

Kaitlyn: "Sorry? Sorry? [Tearing up] You have no idea the hell I went through in that camp. eating food right out of a dumpster, being forced to renounce my Canadian heritage at the risk of being tortured and beaten, toiling away in fields from sunrise to sunset digging mass graves for those that dropped dead from exhaustion! [Breaks down sobbing into his shoulder] M-my parents tried to smuggle me out to safety. They were caught and executed by firing squad! [Her tone turns hateful] I can never forgive that bitch for what she did to me!"

Conner: "So that's why you joined the Lost Boys Army? Why not go back to your parents to your old life after it all ended?"

Kaitlyn: "Because that starved to death during the Canada Strike you assh*le" [She shoves him away from her. After all she's taken from me why should she be allowed to live like nothing ever happened."

Conner: "So you want revenge is that it?"

Kaitlyn: "What the f*ck do you think I'm saying of course I want revenge! Me and Grant every Canadian in our ranks. The question is are you in or out Conner? We could be together we could give them what they truly deserve. *She embraces Conner in a hug.* I could give you so much my big strong handsome hero. What do you say?"

Conner: "Kaitlyn I know how it feels to lose someone you love, I know how it feels to be treated like a troublemaker just on your appearance, I know how it feels to be hunted and chased down like some rabid dangerous animal. But I also know how to forgive. [He breaks out of her hug and holds her hands.] I'm done walking down that road I've got a chance at a new life here. It may be the same town that hunted me down and tried to kill me more than once but I've let that go. Deep down I think your a good kid that only wants to be loved by a parent but imagine how it would feel to a child if you ripped their parents away like yours were? Would that bring them back? Would that bring you happiness or love?"

Kaitlyn: "I see where we stand on things." [She turns toward the door] "Goodbye Kerns good luck with your new life."

[She exits]

Outside the Hospital

[Kaitlyn walks out to find Grant waiting for her.]

Grant: "Well?"

Kaitlyn: "He's going to be an obstacle it seems."

Grant: "Hmm too bad Colonel's going to be so disappointed but the mission takes full priority." [He takes out an Iphone and calls it.] Private Grant reporting Sir.

[Hook's office]

[Hook is slowly pacing through his office.]

Hook: "Grant tell me how is our old friend Kurtz doing? Has he made a decision yet?"

[Outside the Hospital]

Grant: "He has Colonel and it doesn't look like Kurtz wants to come out to play."

[Hook's office]

Colonel Hook: "Any hesitancy in his decision?"

[Outside the Hospital]

Grant: "No Sir I think he's going to be a Turdasaurus Rex sir."

[Hook's Office]

Colonel Hook: "That's too bad He was one hell of a good Marine, would have made one hell of a lost boy. What about the bitch?"

[Hospital entrance]

Grant: "She's still alive but in critical condition, The doctors say she's expected to make a full recovery."

[Hook's Office]

Colonel Hook: "Well today is just full of disappointment isn't it." [He gets up on his desk] We can't let either of them leave that hospital alive. Report back to base by 1800 I'm gonna send some professionals to do this job over and out"

[Hospital entrance]

Grant: "Roger that Sir over and out." [He hangs up]

[Hook's Office]

[A soldier opens the door for him and two figures enter the room a boy and a girl. The boy is wearing a Russian style leather jacket and fingerless gloves along with camouflage pants and boots the girl is much shorter only coming up to the boy's shoulder. She wears a blue and black checkerboard shirt with camouflage pants and boots.]

[The Soldier shuts the door as Colonel Hook takes a book off his desk and opens it.]

[Suspenseful Russian Mob music in BG]

Hook: "Spaisbo chto prishli vy takoy korotky srok." (Thank you for coming on such short notice.)

Boy: "Chto takoye naznacheniye etot raz?" (What is the assignment this time?)

Hook: "Navernoye, nasha dostavka mal'chik ne v sostoyanii prinyat', Chto zhira suka predelami supermarkete ona v reanmatsii v bol'nitse. YA Khochu dva, chtoby zakonchit' rabotu."

(It seems our delivery boy failed to take out the fat bitch outside the supermarket she's in intensive care at the hospital. I want you two to finish the job.)

Girl: "Chto-nibud yeshche?" (Will that be all?)

Hook: " Net tam yeshche odna veshch', Nash drug Kurtz, veroyatno, snizilo's' moy genourous predlozheniye prisoyedinit'sya k nam. (No there's one more thing, Our friend Kurtz seems to have declined my generous offer to join us.) Kazhetsya, on portratil by to, chto ostalos' ot yego detstava formovki v poslushnye malo boyskautskiy ne znaya k poroboshcheniyu svoikh brat'yev i sester vorkrug nego."

(It seems he would rather spend the rest of his childhood being molded into obedient little Boy scout ignorant to the enslavement of his brothers and sisters around him)

Girl: "Vy khotite', chtoby on umer?" (You want him dead?)

Boy: Lli zhiv?" (Or Alive?)

Hook: [switches back to English] "Whichever opportunity presents you."

Girl: "Finally you speak English you know we've been in this country for two years now you don't need to flatter us."

Boy: "We're not interested in your revolution Colonel we are mercenaries and expect to be well payed for job."

Hook: "Don't you worry about that you two ice that bitch bring me Kurtz alive or dead and reduce that hospital to rubble and when our plan is fulfilled I'll set you up for life."

Boy: "Finally a chance at the so called American dream."

Girl: "We could finally have a place to call home."

Hell's Pass Hospital Night.

[Suspenseful spy music plays]

[The Assassin Twins put their plan into action. The Girl wearing a red silk dress with black fishnet stockings, red pumps, a matching choker and sunglasses and a black wig walks into the waiting room sucking on a lollypop.]

Girl: "I need Ultrasound."

Receptionist: "Aren't you a little young to be pregnant little girl?"

Girl: "I'm from Russia."

Receptionist: "Oh I understand Third floor it's the room at the end of the hallway I just need your name here first. "

Girl: "Carmen."

Reception: "Alright Carmen you go ahead and take the elevator I'll buzz Doctor Spoogerub"

Carmen: "Da thank you."

[Carmen boards the elevator to the 3rd floor where she takes out her lollypop revealing it be a radio.]

Carmen: "YA v lifte vo glave dlya 3-m etazhe." (I'm in the elevator heading for the 3rd floor.)

Boy: [On the radio] "YA napravilsya k rezervnoy generatora v spinu." (I'm headed for the backup generator in the back.) "Eti bol'nitsy eto khutzhe, chem te nazdad demoy." (This hospital it is worse than the one's back home.)

Carmen: "Tol'ko ubedites,'chto otklyuchit' setevoy fil'tr, prezhde chem vkluchit' yego" (Just remember to disable the surge protector before you turn it on.)

Boy: "Prosto pomnite, vash kodovoye slovo farty." (Just remember your codeword is farty) [He giggles]

Carmen: "Ochen' Z'relyye Adrik." (Very Mature Adrik)

[The doors open and Carmenl puts the lollypop back in her mouth. She walks down the hallway and into the ultrasound room.]

Doctor Spoogerub: "Hello there I'm Doctor Spoogerub you must be my patient"

Carmen: "Da that is me."

Doctor Spoogerub: [Sighs] "I swear Russian girls are getting pregnant earlier and earlier these days. It's okay I've got a booster seat." [he takes out the booster seat and puts it on the examining table. Carmen climbs up and sits down.] "Alright now how long have you suspected that your pregnant?"

Carmen: "About 7 weeks."

Doctor Spoogerub: "Have you been experiencing nausea moodswing's feeling stressed?"

Carmen: "Da at first I thought it was hangover."

Doctor Spoogerub: "You've been drinking?"

Carmen: "Da."

Doctor Spoogerub: "Probably should preemptively call the abortion clinic as soon as possible. Alright just lie down on the table and we'll take a look at you."

[Doctor Spoogerub takes out Ultrasound equipment and gel and gets it ready as a Russian version of Christmastime is sung in the background.]

BG music: "Rozdestvo yavlyayetsya odin raz v god kazdyy tvar derzhit yego dorogoy!"

Doctor: "Alright take your dress off."

[Carmen takes off her dress.]

BG Music: "Kazhdoye zhivotnoye bol'shoy ili malen'kiy Rozhdestvo tak mnogo znachit dlya vsekh nas."

[Doctor Spoogerub rubs some gel on Carmen's stomach.]

Carmen: "Oooo."

Doctor Spoogerub: "It might tingle a little. [He puts the scanner on her stomach and looks at the screen] that's strange I don't see anything on the screen."

BG Music: "Eto odin raz v god yego Rozdestvo, i eto proiskhodit odin raz v god.

Carmen: "Doctor gel is making me feel farty." [She makes sure to say it into her lolly mic which Adrik hears]

BG Music: "Eto odin raz v god na Rozhdestvo."

[Outside near the back up generator]

Adrik: "Lights out." [he turns on the backup generator causing a big power surge that blows out all the lights in the hospital and causes the backup generator to overload. Adrik runs to safety as it blows.]

BG Music: [Plays as the lights flicker out in the hospital one by one.] "Kogda my slyshim o tom, kak Rozgdestvo prikhodit tol'ko raz v god."

[The letters spelling out Hell's Pass Hospital blow out, for a moment the letters that spell Hell flicker for a moment before they too burn out.]

[3rd floor hallway]

[Carmen walks out of Doctor Spoogerub's office dressed in scrubs and a mask leaving the Doctor lying dead from having his skull bashed in with the probe. she walks down the hallway nonchalant as the staff panic and run around aimlessly.]


[Carmen sees a spilled heart on the floor she picks it up removes her mask and takes bite out of it without saying anything as she walks down the hall.]

[Conner's room.]

[Conner winces as the lights blow out and the tv explodes]

Conner: "Aw Damn it The Walking Dead Premiere was next. I'm gonna find out what's going on."

[Conner opens the door and sees the pandemonium going on. Patients scream for help as doctors and nurses race back and forth trying to get things under control.]

Conner "Nurse Nurse what's going on?"

Nurse: [Runs past carrying several bags of plasma.] "Emergency plasma coming through." [She doesn't notice him.]

[A doctor runs by.]

Doctor: "I've got Insulin vials reaching room temperature I need ice pronto."

Conner: "This isn't just a blackout it's got to be him."

[He runs down the hallway looking left and right. Staff run by in every direction trying desperately to carry out every medical task imaginable. A doctor runs by carrying newborns by their umbilicals like a catch of the day. A surgical team rushes an old man on a gurney on life support. A man with a hammer sticking out of his head is knocked out of a window by a blind old lady in a chair.]

Conner: "Mrs Broflovski of course!"

[He runs for the doors leading to intensive care knocking over a doctor carrying a bucket of liposuction fat a nurse wearing high heels and an old man carrying his IV Pole and bedpan. He bursts through the door and spots Carmen dressed in scrubs entering Sheila's room.]

Conner: "Stop right there!"

Carmen: "I'm here to give patient medication."

Conner: "Aren't you kind of short for a doctor."

Carmen: "Aren't you a little judgemental? I see nurse with no arms and one with dead fetus growing out of head you give them hard time too?"

Conner: "Alright listen little girl I know you think it's cute to want to play Doc Mcstuffins or whatever but this is a serious emergency and I'm sure there's plenty of toys who could use a cute little doctor like you back at the pediatric ward."

[He reaches out to grab her hand but Carmen stabs him with a scalpel]

Conner: [grabs his bleeding hand in pain.] "ARRRGH YOU LITTLE BITCH!"

Carmen: "I'll take care of you as soon I've dealt with the Bitch."

Conner: "So your one of Hook's zealots huh?"

Carmen: [Removes her mask, cap and wig] "I am Carmen Diana Perenzski but most people call me the Pizda."

Conner: "What?"

Carmen: [Facepalms] "It's how you Americans say...[Snaps her fingers repeatedly] A bitch that's it."

Conner: "Aren't you kind of foul mouthed for a 1st grader."

[Carmen attacks him with a slash of the scalpel forcing Conner to sidestep.]

Carmen: "assh*le I am 10 years old!"

[She takes another swipe but Conner ducks to the side and grabs her wrist and elbow locking it so she can't move. He then twists the scalpel out of her hand and takes her to the ground putting his injured hand on her shoulder.]

Conner: "I think someone needs to come in from the cold."

[Somehow Carmen manages to twist her head around and bites him on his hand. Conner grabs it on reflex and Carmen grabs the scalpel and jumps on his back trying to slash his throat.]

Carmen: "Die Die Die Die! [Tries to stab him in the neck]

[Conner manages to get a grip on her wrist and under her armpit. He picks her up and throws her onto a gurney before pushing it down the hall and into the medicine storeroom!]

Conner: "Do svidaniya Pizda!" (Goodbye you bitch.) [He walks over to the first aid station on the wall opens it and takes out some bandages and some antiseptic rinse.] "Don't say I never did nothing for you Kyle old pal." [He pours the alcohol on his wound and winces with pain before rubbing it in with his fingers.]

[Medical Storeroom]

[Carmen's gurney crashes through the door and into the shelf on wall sending Carmen flying headfirst into the wall.]

Carmen: "Oy. [She rubs her head with pain and gets up] "Vot eto suka perchatki otorvat'sya." (That's it the bitch gloves come off.) [She looks up into the cupboard and sees several bottle labeled Nitroglycerin Warning extremely sensitive to shock. She smiles an evil grin and reaches up to reach it....but comes up short.] "YA ne khochu byt korotkim." (I hate being short.) [She goes back and wheels up the gurney.]

[Sheila's room]

[Conner finishes dressing his wound]

Conner: "Of all the kids Hook could send to kill Kyle's Mom why did he have to send the Russian midget from the frozen depths of hell?" [He tightens the bandage and tears off the tape] I gotta find a working phone and fast before he strikes again."

[Conner runs out into the hall and immediately sees a very pissed off Carmen carrying several bottles of liquid nitro strung together with extension cords.]

Conner: "Oh sh*t!"

Carmen: [holds up a cord of bottles] "From Russia with Love." [She hurls them at Conner who dives into Sheila's room just as the bottle hits the floor and explodes blowing the door off it's hinges nearly flattening Conner.]

Conner: [Shell shocked from the explosion he rolls onto his back and looks around. The fire alarm is blaring loudly and the sprinklers are spraying the area. Slowly he grabs the side of Sheila's bed frame and pulls himself up one handed.]

Carmen: [Walks calmly into the room like a predator prepared for the kill.] "You are like cat my friend in that you have 9 lives. Unlucky for you I take the other 8 now. [She throws the other cord of nitro bottles against the wall. Conner dives to the floor and rolls under Sheila's bed reaching the other side just as the explosion engulfs the room flipping Sheila's bed into the air and sending the unconscious portly woman flying on top of the young Marine.]

Conner: "Oh God Damn i....[Conner's cry is cut off by impact of Sheila's buttocks landing on his face.]

[Cut to Commercial]

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