new episode Ideas> HOMAGE to usual suspects

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new episode Ideas> HOMAGE to usual suspects

Postby southparkgenie » Thu Oct 23, 2014 4:50 am


IDK why the hell I'm even trying to post this/ just made an account.

I was so young when Southpark first started airing that I never caught on to this sh*t but its the best.

One of the reasons I am/ always will be in love with south park is movie HOMAGES. Especially when they are like replicas of the original film. Like the one to Hitchcock's Pyscho and Kubrick's Clockwork orange and Miyazaki's Totoro and HEAVY metal which was funny as f*ck.

anywhooo, I just thought it would be the bitches tits if they had an homage to the end of "the usual Suspects" .
I'm really not that crazy about the movie in full or the director but the twist at the end is like the best 3 minutes of any movie ever, especially when Spacey's footsteps go from crippled to straight. and it would be epic if they string that ending scene into any episode in any way.

If South park could make this Homage happen and I could say ass pussy to the counselor " I would be so Happy" ~

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