First Blood First Serve Part 2 Epilogue Forgot to post.

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First Blood First Serve Part 2 Epilogue Forgot to post.

Postby Nick Assburger » Mon Dec 01, 2014 8:06 pm

{Return from Commercial.}

A slideshow of images appears as Conner narrates to us.

An Image of Conner in Uniform appears.

Conner: "Bring the kids home wipe the slate clean In spite of seemingly impossible odds the mission was a success."

Shows an image of the children disembarking at Denver International Airport to Cheering crowds and joyful reunions with parents.

Conner: "The choir children were safely returned home to their parents and as Sergeant Halfcock Promised I received a pardon from the President himself."

Shows Conner being congratulated by President Obama himself.

Conner:" He even awarded me the Congressional Medal of Honor the first time in history it's been awarded to a minor. The truth involving the Super Adventure Club and the prophecy to control the world was kept classified. The official report was the children had been abducted by child traffickers."

Shows a big welcome home celebration in South Park.

"After a day of celebration arranged by the Mayor to boost her ratings in the polls no doubt The children went their separate ways."

"Gregory Went back to Yardale to get away from all the Redneck American insanity as he put it. Thou he promised He'd come at a moments notice if we needed his help."

Shows Gregory shaking hands with Conner as his family packs up to leave.

Conner: "The first thing Christophe did to his Mother when he got home was bitch about the hell he'd been put through because she signed him up to that gay little choir. He got grounded for a month but good news He's lost his fear of dogs."

Shows Christophe, Mica and Uma playing with the dogs Christophe rescued."

[Conner: "He said if I ever need a foxhole buddy to call him.]

[Shows the Vladchick Quintuplets preforming at a circus in French Canada.]

Conner: "The Quintuplets moved to Canada and got their act back together."

[The audience cheers as the Vladchick sisters take a bow.]

"They said they'd save a seat for me and Kenny at their next show not Stan Kyle and Cartman though because they are Gaozari's what ever that means." [Romanian for assh*les.]

"Kelly went back to her family promising Kenny They'd keep in touch, He still hasn't called her back."

Shows Kenny sitting on the couch watching Tv bored while the phone rings off the hook.

"The rest of the choir kids got right back on tour after a few months of therapy."

Shows GGWK Choir rehearsing for a concert.

"Of Course Now they travel with protection."

Shows The Choir kids riding in an MRAP school bus. They're all wearing body armor and Child Tracker helmets.

((MRAP Standing for Mine Resistance Ambush Protected.))

"Craig gave the finger to Stan and the guys the entire trip back."

Shows a montage of Craig flipping off the boys the entire trip home. Boarding the plane, in flight, coming home, In the car even during the parade they held in his honor.

Conner: "Even during his personal parade."

Craig sits on a throne on a large float dressed as a king while the Boys dressed as fools hand Craig a check for $100. He smiles smugly at them and flips them off.

Cartman: "God Craig your such an assh*le!"

Craig: "Yeah well for today I'm your Royal Highness assh*le now I command you to dance for me."

Cartman: "f*ck you."

Stan: "Yeah we're not your slaves."

Craig smiles, lights up his eyes and zaps at the ground with his lightening vision.

Craig: "I said dance for me!"

He fires more lightening bolts at their feet making them around to avoid them.

"I really can't blame him considering what the fruity little club tried to do to him. He still thinks I'm a unstable trigger happy nutcase but that it kinda makes me badass."

Craig walks by Conner at School with Stripe in his arms.

"Even if he does carry around that flea bitten rodent."

Stripe chirps causing Conner's eyes to dilate into a flashback.

As for Stan Kyle Cartman and Kenny there was something important they had to do when they got home.

The boys lay Chefs Body down on a pyre and Stan and Kyle put a torch to it. As the flames burn they boys take their hats off and Kenny pulls down his hood in moment of silence. Conner is also there and he salutes Chef.

"No matter what that Fruity Little Club did to scramble his brains there was once a time when he was their friend from whom they sought advice."

Light of the Force from Return of the Jedi plays as the flames consume Chef's body.

In the distance Chef's spirit appears in a Jedi apron alongside Pip Pirrup, Mrs Choksondik and Mrs Crabtree.

Conner: "As for myself I have a open road ahead of me and a new start at life."

The slide show ends as Conner and Sergeant Halfcock walk down the street. Conner is strangely dressed in civilian clothes like a normal kid instead of his fatigues and his hair is grown out into a flat top.

Sergeant Halfcock: "Are you sure you want to do this Conner? I talked it over with the Commandant in San Diego, He said it would be an honor for you to rejoin the Corps. You'd be promoted to Sergeant Major have your old life back and more."

Conner: "What old life sir? My Family's gone my life in San Diego is gone. I'll never forget what you taught me nor the camaraderie I felt in the Corps But it's come and gone. It's time for me to make a fresh start for myself, A new life."

Sergeant Halfcock: "The Pandemic everything that happened to you in this town may have been wrong but goddamn it don't hate society for it."

Conner: "Hate? I'd die for these people."

Sergeant Halfcock: "Well then what is it you want."

Conner: "What I want? I want what any other kid wants, To have parents that love us as much me love them. My status in the Corps doesn't change the fact that I'm a kid and for the last year or so I've had to grow up and face a very scary very different world."

He looks over at the boys who are in the park playing basketball.

Conner "I guess all I want is second chance to be a kid again."

Sergeant Halfcock: "Well then I guess all I can say is Good luck to you Conner."

An SUV pulls up and honks it's horn.

Conner: "That's them now." He runs toward it.

Sergeant Halfcock: "How will you live Conner?"

Conner: "Day by Day!"

The Screen turns to a still of Conner running toward the SUV and a new life as normal child as a DVDA cover of Peace in our life by Frank Stallone plays.



Produced by Rockhead 1989.

Directed by Rockhead 1989

This has been a South Park Fan script South Park is owned by Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Comedy Central and Viacom.

Conner Kurtz is the Intellectual property of RockHead 1989.

The credits end as we cut back to the ruined temple in Peru. A powerful presence clears it's way thru the jungle until it comes upon the hat of William Connelly.

???: " Yarrgh! Such a disappointment ye were I sent Craig straight into yer arms and ye let him slip thru your fingers."

The next shot reveals the Guinea Inmate formally known as the Guinea Pirate looking down at Connelly's hat. His eyes flash a crimson Red and in an instant the Guinea Pirate takes Connelly's form.

Guinea Connelly: "But your fruity little club will serve my purposes quite nicely Mark my words Craig all this will be for naught. I will have my revenge on you and your little friends and as for your little soldier He'll be seeing his brother sooner than he thinks."

The camera zooms in slowly as the Guinea pirate laughs maniacally.

The End?

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