Episode Idea - EDM/Cartman Van Buuren

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Episode Idea - EDM/Cartman Van Buuren

Postby aulpays1 » Wed Dec 03, 2014 1:03 am

There needs to be an episode or a 3 part series about Electronic dance music theres such a huge debate going on about Tiesto not doing trance anymore, the dj mag top 100 and the battle for the number one dj spot, which would obviously be an opening to have cartman become a freaking DJ like Cartman van buuren or something and do some ridiculously stupid stuff to become the number DJ on the planet!

Also it would be hilarious to pay out Paris hilton some more because she actually thinks shes a legit DJ.

you can do so much with all the pill poppers and ravers and how ridiculous they look at festivals and even turn it into some 'dance zombie Apocalypse' where everyone is so smacked out they dont move and just stare blankly at the DJ's with smacked out faces and everyone freaks out because dance festivals and ravers are taking over the world.

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