First Blood First Serve 3 Chapter 9

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First Blood First Serve 3 Chapter 9

Postby Nick Assburger » Mon Dec 08, 2014 1:12 am

[Return from Commercial]

[Colonel Hook's Camp Night]

Colonel Hook on the Intercom: "Attention all troops Attention all troops proceed to the stage area for final orders. I repeat everyone report to the stage area to receive your final briefing.

[All around the camp disheveled and armed boys and girls of different ages drop what they're doing and head for the camp stage grounds where a giant Lost Boys Army flag hangs on the wall. A Band of band geeks plays a military march as Colonel Hook takes the stage. Dressed in full war paint and carrying a swagger stick it's clear his very presence fills his soldiers with a sense of fanfare. They cheer and shout whooping and hollering ]

Colonel Hook: "Be seated" [The crowd goes quiet.] "My Children Tonight is the beginning of a brighter future for all children. Tomorrow their ramparts will fall their hypocrisy will cease and order will be restored. I want you to forget all this bullsh*t you've been told by grown ups that they're only looking out for us or our future. That they only punish us when we're bad because they love us. That they only want what's best for us. The People who wrote that know about truly best for us as they do about fornicating. To those of you who still doubt the truth I say look at this town look at South Park Colorado USA."

"Did they know what was best when they declared war on Canada and nearly pushed the world into the abyss of Armageddon? [He holds up his Hook hand] I have not forgotten their hypocrisy that led to that terrible war. Did they know what was best when Family Guy promised to show Muhammed? Or did they like the rest of the country tuck their convictions between their legs and bury their heads in the sand? When Celebrities led by Tom Cruise unleashed Barbra Streisand loose on the town who stood up to their threats of violence children or adults? There lies your answer adult rule cannot be reasoned with or protested against it, With them just goes through one ear and out the other. If we continue to ignore the problem continue to give to their authority then eventually they will destroy this world that they tell us we will inherit."

A wise child once said that the only true power over others in this world is violence. That all you need to get others to do what you want believe what you believe is the threat of violence. When I look out at you I do not see victims of abuse, neglect or oppression. I see a sleeping army ready to awaken and filled with a terrible resolve. The town of South Park Colorado is only the first step in our war of liberation. Tomorrow when we liberate our brothers and sisters in the town of South Park from the cruel hands of their oppressors we are not bringing things to an end. This town is but the first step of our emancipation. We will not stop we will not relent we will not lay down our sticks and stones until all children are free from slavery! Now prepare yourselves for war for tomorrow we attack the gates of tyranny!"

Crowd: "Hip Hip Hoorah! Hip hip Hoorah!"

[The Boys and Girls of the lost boys Army prepare for battle loading up their armory of weapons and equipment and loading them into the camp buses which have been repainted with finger painting and spray paint and covered with barbed wire, camouflage netting, hillbilly armor and battering rams and have the words Camp Tardicaca crossed out and LOST BOYZ ARMEY painted over. They sing their own rendition of The Burning of the School as they prepare for battle.]

Children: [Singing to the tune of The Battle Hymn Of The Republic. ]

"Mine eyes have the glory of the burning of the school."

"We have disemboweled the teachers we have broken all the rules."

"We have smashed up all our desks and hung the Principal"

"March on Lost Boys march on."

"Gory Gory Hallelujah Teacher smacked with her ruler."

"I sent straight her straight to hell with a 12 gauge shotgun shell"

"And she don't teach my class no more."

"We've seen with our own eyes in a hundred suburb homes."

"They make us our eat broccoli and spinach casserole."

"They send us up to bed before the all cool shows come on."

"March on Lost Boys March on."

"Gory Gory Hallelujah! Parents grounded me without supper."

"I sent them up to heaven with my AK 47"

"And they ain't gonna ground me no more!"

[The Kindergardeners play an instrumental on drums and kazoos as the children paint their faces and load their weapons which range from crude homemade melee weapons and shields to BB guns and paintball guns loaded with metal balls to fully automatic firearms and Improvised explosives. a group of kids load a pitching machine with hand grenades while another group prepares molotov cocktails.]

"The parking will soon be the only way anyone tell."

"That the police station was ever there we'll do our job so well."

"All those doughnut munching pigs call all go roast in hell."

"March on Lost Boy's March on."

"We'll throw the city council in the stocks and lock them tight "

"We'll pelt their faces with rotten fruits every day and night."

"Till they freeze to death and rot away like my moldy old gym shorts."

"March on Lost Boys March on."

[Climax builds up.]

"In the quiet town of South Park they'll be no authority."

"No one to make us do our chores and or brush and floss our teeth."

"We will not lay our arms until all children are free!"

"March On Lost Boy's..

Girls: "And Girls"

"March on!"

[Slows down]

"Gory Gory Hallelujah! Teacher whacked me with her ruler I shot her through the door with a loaded 44 and the o'l bitch don't teach no more."

Kindergardener: "Because She's dead."

[Finally finished as night has fallen the Lost Boys and Girls clamber onto the buses and drive away from the camp in a convoy with Colonel Hook riding inside a personalized armored bus complete with a top deck and hatch. He has had all the seats smashed up and made into a personal throne which he sits on in the back next to his closest Lieutenants.]

Colonel: "Lieutenants!"

[His lieutenants click their heels simultaneously and salute.
We see a Boy dressed as a World War Two bomber pilot holding a drone, a Latina girl dressed as Luchador, A boy dressed in a battle armor version of hockey gear, a boy wearing a hard hat and dungarees his pockets filled with dynamite. a girl dressed as a 60s female British secret agent, Two boys dressed in Ghillie suits carrying sniper rifles, Two 1st Graders dressed in army helmets and fatigues covered with finger paint, Hook's personal bus driver who's dressed as like a tank crewman and a black boy dressed in Tiger stripe camo and wearing a black beret.]

Lieutentants: "YES SIR!"

Colonel: "I trust each of your forces know their roles by heart by now!"

Lieutenants: "Yes Sir!"

Colonel: "Good then what are these steps."

Demo Boy: [Firm] "Step 1 cut the utilities off!"

Bus Driver up front: [Firm] "Step 2 cut off all access roads!"

Pilot: [Pumped up] "Step three neutralize emergency services via airstrikes!"

Roller baller: [Pumped up] "Step four strike hard and fast unleash the horde!"

Snipers: [Pumped up] "Step five SHOOT THE PIGS IN THEIR DICKS!"

Secret Agent girl: [Cooly] "Step six secure the town gun shop!"

Kindergardeners: "Step seven liberate the prisoners and round up the adult oppressors"

Lucha Girl: "Step ocho capture City Hall and the town council"

Black Beret: "Step 9 march the detainees to the designated concentration camp at the old drive in and hold them."

All: "And Step 10 raise the flag of the oppressed in victory over City Hall.!"

[Colonel Hook smiles.]

[Inside another bus the soldiers of the Lost Boys Army sing a reprise of the Burning of the school.]

Kids: "His ass was sore his cheeks were red his tears went spurting high."

"His Classmates they were heard to say one hell of a major cry!"

"For it had been a week or more since last the paddle board came out!"

"Lost Boys cheer and shout!"

[Kaitlyn sits at the window watching the mountains pass by Conner's words pass through her head.]

Conner's voice: "I know how it feels to lose someone you love, I know how it feels to be treated like a troublemaker based just on your appearance, I know how it feels to be hunted down like your some rabid dangerous animal but I also know how to forgive, How to forgive, forgive I'm done walking that road. Deep down I know your a good kid that only wants to loved by a parent. [She looks down at her necklace and fingers the pendant in her hand.] "Imagine how it would feel to a child if you ripped their parents away from them like yours were? Would that bring them back? Would that bring you happiness and love?"

[Grant notices a tear fall from Kaitlyn's eye.]

Grant: "What's wrong Kaitlyn?"

Kaitlyn: [Wipes the tear away.] "Oh it's nothing I just had something in my eye was all."

Grant: "Aw you can't hide it from me your were thinking about him weren't you?"

Kaitlyn: "Well I was thinking what a shame it was he had to be taken out."

Grant: "I know what you mean he seemed like the kind of kid you want to blow up squirrels with. [A smirk crosses his face.] "You liked him didn't you? Like like liked him."

Kaitlyn: "What? No! I got close to him like the Colonel assigned me to and that's all." [She tries to hide it but her cheeks are already blushing]

Grant: "Nice try I bet you thinking about how you would have liked to get him in bed and have him play with your strange!"


[The Bus driver turns around revealing himself to be a kid.]

Bus Driver: [Wolf Whistles] "Kaitlyn's got a crush Kaitlyn's got a crush!"

[The rest of the soldiers join in.]

Kaitlyn: [Pouts] "Oh right I forgot what kind of bus I was on."

[The driver swerves into the other lane sending a Prius skidding out of the way and through a guardrail and over a cliff.]

[North Park Hospital exterior]

[Night has fallen and the halls are darkened as the patients get ready for bed.]

[Conner's room]

Conner: "Nurse Grande?"

Nurse Grande: "Yes Conner?"

Conner: "Is there anyway I could be released earlier? I really really want to see my friends again."

Nurse Grande: " I'm sorry Conner but you condition states that you have to stay here at least two weeks until your condition heals."

Conner: "But I miss my friends and my foster Dad's."

Nurse Grande: "I understand sweetie but we're so busy dealing with incoming patients from South Park to allow visits. *She leans in and fluffs his pillows getting her huge boobs right in Conner's face.* Oh sorry *She turns around and whacks him with her big butt.* Sorry they get in the way a lot."

Conner: [Calmly] "No no it's quite alright I understand."

Nurse Grande: "I've been wanting to get breast reduction surgery but I also really want to be a nurse. [She sits down on his legs nearly flattening them. Conner winces in pain but tries not to show it.]

[Nurse Grande goes into a flashback.]

"It's been my dream to be one just like my Mama ever since I was a little girl."

[Shows a little Nurse Grande with her Mom a very big breasted and built in a hospital. Her Mom is breastfeeding a baby until a doctor begins sucking on her other nipple angrily she punches him out.]

Nurse Grande: "But ever since I hit puberty it seems breasts and ass have been the center of attention."

[Nurse Grande is now a pimply teenager with braces wearing a thick sweater. All the boys and male faculty stare and drool as she walks by. It shows her teacher giving her a straight A+ staring at her chest while he signs it. It then shows Nurse Grande changing in the girls locker room she undresses to her underwear and tries to open her locker but it slams against her chest and closes. The other girls look at her and laugh. Then it shows her at Cheerleader practice she preforms several flips and jumps her breasts and butt bouncing with each one. The coaches award her a perfect ten while as usual staring at her giant breasts.]

Nurse Grande: "All the boys and even my male teachers courted me and showered me with gifts even my principal started neglecting his own wife just to spend time with me. I knew I never earned those perfect grades but my parents were so proud of me I didn't want to disappoint them.

[Shows Nurse Grande graduating the speaker stares at her boobs, then it shows her getting admitted to college and nursing school in both cases the administrator is staring at her chest.]

Nurse Grande: "I wasn't the best student at Nursing School I was so nervous I made constant mistakes all the time but my grades were never less than perfect. no matter what happened.

[Shows her practicing CPR her breasts cover the victims face and smother him causing the EKG to flatline. She gets off him revealing he died with a big smile on his face and a boner in his pants.]

Conner: "But your dream has come true your a nurse now just like how wanted to be."

Nurse Grande: [Crying] "But I only became a nurse because of my breasts [She holds up her breasts and drops them causing them to bounce up and down.] Everyday is the same all the male doctors and patients ogling my breasts and ass and all the other nurses talking smack about me behind my back. I wish I never had them."

Conner: "I know how it feels to wish things are different I often wish that my family was still with me, I wish I had to deal with a Truant officer who wasn't a pedophile, I wish I could just go on being a normal 10 year old boy but I can't after what's happened."

[He looks Nurse Grande dead in the eyes]

"I need your help to break me out of here everyone I care about is in danger."

[Nurse Grande looks into his eyes and in the next shot we see Conner sneak out of his room and pull the fire alarm sending the hospital into a full blown panic. Patients and doctors stream out of the rooms trying to evacuate the building. In the ensuing panic Conner escapes out the front door and climbs into a red Ferrari 458 Spider where Nurse Grande is waiting for him and the two drive away.]

Conner: "This is a really nice car you've got!"

Nurse Grande: "It's actually Doctor Hung's but he didn't take much persuading to give me the keys.

Conner: "I can imagine."

Nurse Grande: "You've lived a rough life for a boy your age Conner Kerns I think it's really admirable that you want to save your friends!"

Conner: "I've already lost one life before I don't want to lose this one too, If this all works out I'll see about getting you a job somewhere where people don't ogle you so much."

Nurse Grande: "Your such a sweet little "el nino pequeno."

(Means Little Boy)

Conner: [Blushes]

Nurse Grande: "Now hold onto your horses cause this girl's got 560 under the hood."

[She revs the engine and the car speeds off into the night.]

Conner VO: "Stan, Kyle, Kenny Butters I hope you guys are alright Cartman not so much."

[Cut to commercial]

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