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Episode idea

Postby Bambr » Sun Apr 12, 2015 10:02 am

Episode IDEA: Holly Fire
Disclosure: Even if my idea or some basis of my idea becomes an episode, I do not want any money or credit for it. Just the fact that I contributed something to south park is more than enough for me.
Basis behind the story: The holly fire is described as the miracle that happens every year on holly Saturday (the day preceding the Orthodox Easter), in which miracle light appears from the Jesus tomb and by some miracle lights the candles. And thousands of pilgrims arrive to witness this miracle annually. Also, pilgrims and the clergy claim that the Holly Fire does not burn them. There is a Wikipedia page just in case.
The basic story: Randy marsh gets obsessed with this story and decides to visit Jerusalem to witness this great miracle. However, he get obsessed with the miracle so much that gets into a fight with anyone who doubts his beliefs. He then wants to prove to everyone by agreeing to be the candle that gets lit up himself (basing on the fact that the Holly Fire does not burn the pilgrims). Stan, overwhelmed with the fact that his dad might get hurt, asks Cartman for help. Cartman agrees to help but under the condition that Kyle owes him one after this and will do anything Cartman asks him to do in the future. In order to help Stan, Kyle agrees. Cartman finds out the little trick Pope uses to light the candles (lighting candles by farting). Cartman being the fart expert, exchanges the Pope’s diet so that he Pope won’t be able to generate enough fart to light the candles. Stan, Kyle and other guys work hard to keep the Pope on Cartman’s diet plan. Cartman also tells Stan and Kyle that they should act like big believers in the miracle so that they can be near the Pope. The big day comes, Stan and Kyle stand right next to the pope being the believers they are. However, Cartman brings out his real plan. The diet is actually was meant to make the Pope fart even harder. And Cartman in front of the thousands of pilgrims asks Kyle to exchange places with Randy. Cartman says: Kyle I think you earned this honor more than anyone by being the biggest believer or are you a fraud Kyle? Kyle hesitates and falls into despair but seeing that thousands of pilgrims ready to kill him if he resists, Kyle agrees. Kyle is dressed as a torch/ candle and awaits for the Holly Fire… I can write the rest of the story if someone shows an interest ))
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Re: Episode idea

Postby Big-Will » Sun Apr 12, 2015 5:49 pm

I guess you mean Holy Saturday instead of Holly Saturday? Holly is a plant.
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