Episode Idea Affirmative Infraction

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Episode Idea Affirmative Infraction

Postby capt0skittles » Fri May 15, 2015 2:05 am

This topic has likely been covered but I'd like to post my take on what would or would have made a great episode.

The South Park police force are looking for ways to get the public off their back for trying to choke/shoot African Americans. Of course stopping said activities is not even listed. Then one officer proposes an idea (perhaps even by sarcasm) called Affirmative Infraction where the police kill a number of white people based on the number of African Americans they have harmed. Despite being a horrible idea the police quickly embrace it. (to the horror of the officer if by sarcasm)

The first person to die from this is Kenny of course. Cartman becomes infuriated when he realizes the police are killing people for being white. However after the police explain the concept to Cartman he realizes he can get Kyle killed. He then becomes an advocate for the practice with a comment to the extent of "its only fair you guys" in typical Cartman fashion.

At this point typical South Park chaos ensues while Kyle has a more serious scene where he and his family go into hiding. This making a grim reference to the Holocaust. Kyle asks why didn't people question authority back then the family explained that people will never get involved unless its their own who are getting harmed. He rejects this answer and swears to stop the police activities.

Hijinks ensue, Cartman ironically is hunted by the police so he joins the gang and they take action. They are of course surrounded by police and are near execution when Kyle gives a speech calling out Token to apologize for never realizing how bad it was to fear for ones life under corrupt law enforcement. (alternatively kyle may not be present in which Stan gives a speech that killing people because their white isn't okay at which Token confronts Stan and points out that this is what his people have to deal with on a daily basis).

at this point the police question what must be done to ensure that the're not racist at which Kyle, Stan, or Token can reply to show restraint in their actions and not jump the gun (literally) when dealing with minorities. They can also point out peaceful ways to diffuse confrontations.

the episode will end with Kenny showing up (he wasn't killed, this isn't a respawn) at which point the police think he's a zombie and gun him down (he's dead this time)

As you may have already guessed this idea is meant to illustrate the fear minorities face on a daily basis. It should also illustrate that the threat of corrupt law enforcement is a real thing and not some kind of myth.

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