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Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Sun Nov 08, 2015 10:47 pm

Butters’ Obsession
So there is that iconic photo of Kim Phuc naked running after being burned by a napalm bomb in Vietnam. So what if Butters finds the photo and doesn’t know the story behind it and starts masturbating to the photo? It causes major problems with the safe space of the Vietnamese students at South Park elementary. Butters could have told people about the photo and showed it around and gotten caught with the photo in the middle of the act. So now people think Butters is a sicko and so he has to learn all about what happened to Mrs. Phuc and he even gets to meet her in person. Can Butters right this wrong?

PC Energy
So South Park gets a solar power plant or people put solar panels on their houses. But this would lead to the people getting taxed by Colorado for not using enough energy. This causes anger and the town wanting to become its own state or country.

Terrorist Among Us
One of South Parks own starts to vandalize and cause terror in an uprising against the PC wave that has hit South Park. It leads to a who done it as people want to bring this person to justice yet all this person wants is to bring this town back to the way it was.

South Park gets its own TV channel or cable and it only tells people to be PC. People start to fall under the effects of the new TV and become PC fascists. A minority feel the town is becoming crazy and anyone to visit the town of South Park feels hate and discrimination from the towns people as they towns people are too brain washed to realize they are out of control.

Democratic Peoples Republic of South Park
So South Park becomes like North Korea in that it has gulags for those who commit crimes it deems as an offence against the PC culture. The people of South Park are too brain washed to know how illogical they are. Many people for the littlest offence against the way of PC are put to work and their families. Randy becomes the new dictator of this PC country and by winning a essay off to see who was the most PC out of the town. Even PC Principal is unable to beat Randy and so now PC Principal reserve’s feelings of that things have gone too far. PC Principal plots against the DPRSK and Randy although he has a high title. PC Principal is working with the FBI to fix things to a rational accord. Randy is forcing all of South Park to breed to create a bi-racial peoples that is bi-sexual.

Condom Porno
So California seems to be working on outlawing porno made without condoms which California is a center of the creation of porno. So what about this happening in Colorado and in South Park as there could be a porn studio there and Miss Cartman could be a model along with other members of the town. Will condoms ruin the porno people watch on TV as really who can cum when wearing a condom?

V For Vagina
So one of the girls of South Park sends a naked pic of her pussy to a boy and then a sh*t storm hits the town. Now this girl and all of the town has to deal with all of the impact it causes. Also it turns out oops that everyone had been sexting and so everyone in South Park or maybe just the minors are now all registered sex offenders as with the FBI and local investigators they reveal that all the minors had been sexting . It would deal with the horrific punishment that minors face for just being kids and how normal it is for minors to want to be sexy and be like adults. There could be a hacker group like anonymous that wears a mask of a vagina and so they try and fight for minors to be able to get naked with each other.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2015

Postby JamesPup » Mon Nov 16, 2015 1:44 am

Werewolf Kitten
So there is this new type of cat that is called Lykoi and it looks kind of like a werewolf. So what about if the people in town get them but then all the PC people are like wait wow you spent $2,000 of your own money on one cat when there are thousands of cats being put to sleep in America every day! And so it begins that South Park must adopt all the pets that are in shelters. Can South Park stand all the piss and sh*t?

Call Me By My PC Name
So like how blacks go through their phase of Muslimism and or wanting of a name that isn’t their slave name. This idea is praised and adopted by the people of South Park who now want to be known by their PC name. It could start out with Token wanting to not be known by his slave name and people have no choice but to say "well I love this and I too want a new name that is not representative of White oppression". Will everyone be able to remember everyone’s new PC name and be tolerant? How will PC Principal be able to yell at Leslie if he can't remember her new PC name?

The PC Dictionary
So I found out there is a PC handbook dictionary and so this takes the place of the bible and all other religion in South Park. Also every student and citizen of South Park is required to read and memorize the PC dictionary. This can happen after people of South Park are on TV boasting how progressive and PC they are yet there is backlash as they use words that are un-PC and get called out as fakes and phonys by the rest of America. So the people of South Park adopt the PC dictionary as their holy bible and way of speech. Can everyone handle only talking in PC lingo just to impress the rest of the country and even the world?

So with the Paris terror attack why not give us something on it? I think of how the town of South Park is heartbroken over the attack and one person says we should take the fight to ISIS but oops then that person is corrected as the PC thing to do is allow all of the migrants fleeing in the Middle East and Africa to live in Europe, America, and yes South Park. So it starts out great as people will not listen that there are terrorist among the migrants. But then the violence starts to hit. It is total war. Will all of our allies be able to defeat these migrant terrorists? Also the migrants can be portrayed as rude and ignorant with no job skills and needing free money as they are unequipped to do the simplest tasks. It is figured out that the reason these peoples countries are so war torn with terrorism is because of how stupid they are. There would have to be a joke on the Quran of some type also that is disrespectful to Islam.

Pastafarianism or The Church Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster
So I just learned about these strange people and their religion. I can’t believe there is such a thing. It is so funny and really makes me think of joining them as a joke. I guess that they like to eat paste or just Italian food and smoke marijuana. Just read about this religion here at this wiki
I guess people in South Park could pick up this religion? Kind of sounds like the Mormon one so maybe a new approach. What if not everyone becomes one but only a few. They are discriminated against and so now they must try and get people to understand them. At the very least it needs to be a small plot of an episode. Perhaps these characters on the show could become Pastafarianist and so they could appear once and a while with new scenes and jokes on the way these people live and what they believe in. It would have to be Italian South Park residents that want to join who are overly stereotyped and smoke marijuana.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2015

Postby mreous333 » Tue Dec 01, 2015 7:13 am

I Can't Believe It's Not Butters
Butters episode - Butters becomes cloned or perhaps his doppelganger appears. His doppelganger ends up with a reason for pretending to be Butters to get him in trouble, but some people start to suspect something is strange. Or his clone's behavior is kind of radical and causes confusion for others and trouble for Butters. Like in many episodes, most of South Park is too stupid or clueless to see the truth, except one person or a select few.

South Park Christmas Parade
This idea came from watching the 2015 Macy's Thanksgiving parade and making fun of some of the scenes.
1. Cartman has a scheme (again) early in the episode that tricks people into thinking he has done something great. So a huge balloon of Cartman is made for the parade and Stan says "Hey, Fat Ass. They made you into a balloon!" (While other ballons take 14-35 handlers to control, it takes 100 handlers to control and hold down Cartman's balloon because, like Cartman, it is so big and full of "hot air" [really helium]). At some point it lets out some air that sounds like a fart.
2. A balloon of the Red Power Ranger is punctured by a sword (after one spectator comments how the Power Rangers phenomenon never dies, and another finds it ironic that the Red Power Ranger actor Ricardo Medina Jr. was arrested for an alleged murder of his roommate with a sword, but was released on a decision of self-defense)
3. A balloon of Pikachu (Pokémon) (noted by a spectator as another phenomenon that won't die) has controller ropes and one of the ropes is attached to a cockring on Pikachu's genitals.
4. Every puppet (Sesame Street, etc.) in the parade lip synchs better than every live performer.
5. After 1 or 2 good marching bands from outside cities, the kids from South Park School do a number and sound completely horrible (like on the Summer Sucks episode).
6. Paris Hilton is singing on a float about partying for the holiday and (like in Whore-off) after singing about partying with boys she coughs up more cum.
7. At the end of the parade, instead of Santa Claus, Mr. Hankey is riding a sleigh and sings a song. This ends the episode.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2015

Postby JamesPup » Tue Dec 01, 2015 9:38 pm

Greek Mythology In South Park
What if there is an unknown story of all the myths from history. The thing is that they were all real but there was this mystic that defeated them and using a book to lock them in another dimension. So this book could have been lost and Butters bought it at a garage sale. So Butters learns to use the book and unleash all of histories mythological characters in South Park. Now there are Cyclopes herding sheep and drinking wine and Zeus is up in the clouds with other gods and of course coming down to earth to sleep with women. Hades is up to schemes and kicks Satan out of hell because he ruled it first. Over all the people hate what is happening especially Satan. Now Butters has to face off against all of the things he let loose. Greeks learn of this and so are pissed off and want the book so they can control their gods which they blame for their loss of the Ancient Greek civilization and what really happened to Alexander the Great. With the Greeks help Butters learns how to use the book to recapture all of the mythological creatures and beings. But this time the Greeks take the book and unleash them in modern day Greece. It ends showing all of Greece living in peace and happy that their financial crisis is over as now they have all they ever needed.

Token’s Credo
So this is a satire of the new boxing movie Creed. It would have Token after watching the movie Creed to want to be a boxer. So Jimmy takes up the job of being the trainer of Token. There could be an amateur junior boxing tournament and so Token signs up. It could have other kids that Token is up against that bully Token and make him the underdog. All the while Tokens parents are angry with him as they don’t like him spending his time with boxing as they don’t think he will get an education and will end up stupid and poor. It can end with Token winning the boxing yet now suffers from boxing related injuries to his brain and Jimmy is considered to be brighter then Token.

Bring Out The Wiz In You
So what about doing musicals again? They have this black wizard of oz show and it is scary. I’d love something about this. What about joking on how unlike if you go to a regular musical you get your cock sucked that if you go to a black musical you become black and even worse a black women! So now all over Colorado where the musical show was people are acting like black women. Black Lives Matters has its headquarters there now as well. Black people don’t understand when they meet these wiggers why they are the way they are. Still they are happy to get support. Why people change into a black women is because it’s just too black of an idea to remove all whites from something that was originally white that it turns people. It is revealed to be the blacks who wrote the script’s motive of turning people black. Blacks later retell of how they are the most unoriginal people on earth and that they just turn all characters into blacks in something that they recycled. It was in this that they realized that this effect turned people black. Although they realized that a world of blacks would have no new creations and progress as blacks are incapable of doing anything new so they still strive to turn everyone black for reasons of crazy black slang words that make no sense. These words are the ones people don’t remember that are the secret language of the blacks. It is pointed out that this is what they have that makes them great and so they give up after convincing the blacks of the Wiz that turning people black is not the way. Also it is pointed out that only white actors is better as they are the best role models ever. So with re-watching the play with just whites it turns all people from black women into whites again.

Tom Brady Turkey
So what about if Tom Brady wore a turkey costume but he couldn’t get it off. And so people ate him. Mainly the Obama family ate him. This could work for Christmas as some people eat turkey for Christmas. It could show the Tom Turkey playing football in the costume which Obama's daughters have the hots for.

The Un-Jew Act Of The Year
So Mark Zuckerberg is giving all of his money away which is rate now 45 Billion dollars. He is only keeping 1% of his money. How Un-Jewish is this? What is wrong with billionaires and giving all of their money away? So something about this would be funny. Kyle's reaction and Cartman's would be needed.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2015

Postby JamesPup » Fri Dec 11, 2015 3:42 am

Any chance of showing how all the kids have to have a fathead or two in their rooms? It can get to cool to crazy or sick of what kids want in their rooms and on their walls. What if the fatheads have an evil spirit that tell the kids while they sleep what to do? It would lead to the kids acting strangely from what the fatheads told the kids to do while they slept. Maybe the evil plan could be exposed by Craig as he was sleeping over Tweek’s house and the fathead was telling them to be gay and have sex but it woke Craig up and he was like “what the f*ck” but of course Tweek was going for the sex but after an elbow by Craig he realized what was happening. So it would end with the kids destroying their walls and removing the fatheads from their walls.

Mein Kampf
So this great book is to be republished soon with rewriting that tells of the evil Hitler was up to and explain what is incorrect and not PC. So this is a big outrage on Hitler as his precious book is now being besmeared. So Hitler rises up and beats up Satan with the help of fellow Nazis and returns to Earth to rage on those who think that he can be stepped on so easily. Hitler can kill those who wrote the new edition of the book and then attack those that have a copy of it. But the problem is that PCP gave all students a special assignment to read the new book so they would be better understanding on hate and prejudice. It takes the boys to explain that it was PCP that gave them the book to Hitler and so Hitler engages in an epic battle with PCP but after several seconds the battle is won by Hitler. Then Eva Braun descends down from the heavens like the angel that she was and explains to Hitler of how nice it is to see him again and that he should spare PCP's life as he is just a bigoted liberal fool that even an ad can fool. Hitler laughs and says of course to the most beautiful women he has ever know and also for the fact that Hitler himself is the king of propaganda as he convinced millions to kill millions and is the best at advertising. And so Hitler after a hug and kiss make out session with Eva he returns to hell.

The Right Wing…Jew???
So there is a new Jew in town who is very different then all the others. This is because he is from Israel and is very right wing. He talks back to everyone and even PCP thinks he has been marginalized. So he slowly convinces all the Jews to rise up against all the others of South Park to claim the town in the name of Israel. Kyle is not buying it and so he is casted out of the Jewish circle. Now it is up to a small band of brothers to defeat the Jews and reclaim their town… from a bunch of dirty Jews.

Group f*cking Presentation
So the kids are given the task of doing a group presentation together by their Asian teacher Mrs. Chug Shu. So it puts kids that are not suited well together to work together. Also they have to make sure each gets what is happening and is doing their fair share of work. It could show that certain students start to fall in love with each other whereas others are foaming at the mouth over working with people that they are incapable with.

I Webcam U
So the school has tests and quizzes that the students have to take at home but on their home computer that has to be running a special browser program that controls the student’s computer so that they do not cheat. And so everything seems okay but then they start to notice that their webcams start to come on at certain times. It is really a secret pedophile organization that is recording the children. Also the software could ask kids if they want to cheat on their test? Then to do so they have to do sexy naked things on camera to get a passing grade. So Butters does all the program says and ends up on bad terms with his girlfriend Charlotte as she gets an e-mail of Butters jerking off and maybe she catches him in the act talking to his PC school program. Of course things will be smoothed over with them. Still it takes the kids that didn’t want to cheat and get naked to stand up and talk to each other about it and report it to PCP and their teacher. Of course the Pedophiles who created the program knew how many kids just like to get naked and masturbate off for people and so they thought there would not be too much of a backlash. Still somehow the magic of a few kids in South Park who were just too prude and so all of the child porn that millions of dirty people need is ruined.

PI or Politically Incorrect
So there is a new movement going around that is PI or Politically Incorrect. They say whatever they want and don’t give a sh*t on who they step on. It starts with PCP’s new superintendent being PIS or Politlically Incorrect Superintendent. PIS is super pissed and wants to get PCP at everything. He even opens up a frat house next to PCP’s and the war starts there. Can PCP maintain? What will happen when PCP is unable to handle racist people when his boss is a racist… also PIS is bigger than PCP, hahahaha.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2015

Postby JamesPup » Sun Dec 20, 2015 11:21 pm

What about giving it to our mothers or Mothers Against Drunk Driving? What if a mom of South Park is injured by a drunk driver? That causes the women of the town to rise up and fight everything to do with alcohol. The men who naturally need to drink are affected by this turn of events. Now everyone has to secretly sneak in drinks at awkward times to get their fix.

Jam Jars and The Elderly
So people like to have their picture on jam jars as an ad if they make it to 100. So what about a man 104 years old in South Park gets to be printed on the jar but he drinks scotch and smokes a pack of cigarettes a day. This all is advertised on the jar of what he likes to do and such. Also he is a veteran of many wars and is in a wheelchair. He would be a new character. Also this could deal with Stan’s grandpa also. I think it would be fun for there to be old folk’s hangouts and so many new characters who are very old would be introduced. Like there can be a VFW that they like to hang out at. So it would be all about the elderly of South Park. There would be things going on underneath all of their noses that some are unable to catch. Like elderly cheating on someone else’s wife. Also the elderly would help in a plot to solving a crime that is ongoing that is affecting the towns future outcome.

sh*t Clit
So a serial rapist is in South Park. What his crime is changes everything as he knocks out women and then defecates into their open vagina. The victim is left not knowing what happened but has a pussy full of sh*t and quite the story to tell of how it got there as they all have to tell an outlandish story to make up for the fact that their cult is full of defecation.

I think of Token and so he can kill someone while being careless and so he is now charged with murder. Still he at the time had started living carefree and so his family takes to stance that Token has affluenza.

This drug is supposed to be so bad but I haven’t tried it or do I know anyone that has. Still it can make people get a rush or become paranoid and can give people extra strength. So what about it makes its way into South Park and now everyone is addicted to it. The drug is supposed to be from China so could we see the City Wok Guy as the dealer? Here is an article about it ... ne-n471531

White Failed Busniess
So all business in America that does not have a non-white spokesperson or mascot will fail as is happening be it KFC or McDonalds or oops Papa Johns. So these are failures. So biracial’s are put in as the new face of all products and services because they sell better. Then it is bisexual that sells all goods. Lastly it is bi-religious that adds to the equation to create a product that Americas can’t refuse. Thus Capitalism wins.

Inside Ass Out
This plays on the “Inside Out” Pixar movie. It has people who are like the brain characters but in the ass of Cartman as he is controlled not by his brain but his ass in an old epic tale of sh*t for brains. It would have Cartman living a day or couple and revisit common epic scenes redone showing how Cartman’s ass dictates his responses and decisions. Like scenes that were very funny would be redone butt with new twists so it isn’t just rehashed sh*t. New scenes would dirtily be needed also of the fully explosive excrement fudge backed episode I prescribe to the viewers of this show.

Hive Mind
So it is established that man evolved from early life like sea microorganisms. But at one level of evolution man was insect and had hive mind. This comes back to plague the world as one day all of mankind is able to communicate with each other through their minds. How is this dealt with and solved if there is a way to fix it?

sh*t Playing Poker
So this is just a scene or painting. It is like the dogs playing poker but has various dog’s asses in a circle of the painting or scene and with Mr. Hankey and other sh*t characters playing poker in the middle at a table.

Creation Of Precious Elements
The creation of precious elements is shown to come from compressed sh*t that creates gold and diamonds. All realize this and so there is a flood of people with sh*t in their hands squeezing sh*t to create something what they can sell as money. It is so flooded in the markets that gold, silver and copper are now worthless. What can replace our precious elements as our most worthy things if all can create them from sh*t?

White Prophet of Atheism
So the Prophet emerges to lead the world to ever lasting peace by solving all of the world’s problems. He is an Atheist and white and best of all their Prophet. Can Islam survive this attack as it jeopardizes it all? This Prophet is able to tell of where everything is and to solve all ills that are hurting all in our world thus creating a world that as to worship Atheism.

Miss Universe Mishap
Dude Steve Harvey made me laugh this morning seeing what he caused on the Miss Universe Pageant. He crowned the wrong women. This is such a funny thing that I really wish there was a South Park coming up to do something with this. I think it will be dead by next September but still the whole thing is funny as hell. Does Steve Harvey have trouble with reading and writing? I know I am terrible but this guy was the host of a million dollar contest and he f*cked it up and will cost them millions and it was not fair to either Miss Colombia or Miss Philippines.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2015

Postby JamesPup » Mon Dec 28, 2015 5:34 pm

Hello Kitty Trouble
So there was a hacking of Hello Kitty accounts and lots of private info was leaked. So this has Butters name on it. I think it would be sweet of Butters to play Hello Kitty with Charlotte and them both to be effected by the hacking. Also it could state that Butters has been keeping his Hello Kitty gaming a secret from Charlotte and so now because of the leak he has to do everything he can think of to make sure she never learns the truth. It would end with Charlotte and Butters enjoying playing the Hello Kitty game together. Butters would be experiencing true panic attacks and feel people were after him as he tried to hide his secret obsession. People completely know what Butters is upset about and even mention it to him yet Butters is unable to comprehend that others know what he is going crazy about.

Mackey’s Bride
So Mackey is lonely and wants help with what happened with black mailing principal Victoria. So he meets a Filipino woman on a mail order bride website. The thing happens and so now Mackey is now married to a Filipino mail order bride. It can focus around the new relationship and the ups and downs they go through. People have fixed feelings as Mackey is too overly talkative about others getting a mail order bride. The thing is that this bride is really a f*cking slut and starts to prostitute herself to all in South Part without Mackey knowing. Who will have the heart to tell Mackey that his new bride has slept with every guy in town?

Juvenile Hall
The kids finally do something that puts them behind bars. It all comes from the death of Token where they tricked him with Cartman’s scheme and he died. Token was fed a bottle of Red Stag and so like Pabst Blue Ribbon it makes someone completely crazy and insane. Token gets into lots of fights in the streets of South Park and so gets put down by the local police. Black Lives Matters traces the liquor bottle to the kids who had given it to Token. Now the kids will now have to put up with being in Juvenile hall. Can they make it when sharing cells with others? It could put Cartman and Butters together and Stan and Kenny but Kyle has to share a cell with a black kid who is a Black Lives Matters movement member. Can Kyle keep his secret and keep his life? Also who will Cartman live with eating prison food and how will Kenny be able to leave prison for him it is the best food?

Goth Attack
The Goth kids realize they are dying out yet again and learn that Russia has it illegal for people to be Goth there. The Goth Kids travel to Russia with a f*ck You to their parents and so now they will avenge the Goth movement at all costs. They fight the KGB and Putin to free the Goths in Russia. There could be a secret underground Goth movement that the Goth kids rendezvous with. Now they must plan a prison break of others like them. They arm themselves and push forward in Russia to free their fellow Goths from oppression and socialist pricks. They will not be done until Gothdom takes over in Russia.

Happy f*cking New Years
The kids and their parents all try and plan what to do for New Year’s yet they all failed to secure a place to party at with reservations as they all thought the other guy was doing it. Can all the kid’s families find a place to ring in the new year? The parents will mainly be out to find a place they can get sh*t faced at. All liquor stores would be closed. All restaurants booked up. Where will the families head to for their New Year? They realize there is nothing for them in South Park and so they travel to find the place that will tank them up. The kids are mixed on views as mostly they want food yet there are divisions between the families and plans to grab any spot anywhere with or without the other families. All the kids want is to stop the madness of driving around as everyone is wearing New Year’s clothes and getups. I guess they could all end up in a crack alley in Denver getting their fix from drug dealers.

Dream Machine
A dream machine is created and so it has a person fall asleep and records their dream. The only problem is that everyone’s dream recording rats out their true intensions and love. All who have their dreams shown have their lives destroyed including Donald Trump and even Randy. It will take Stan to sacrifice his present and future to allowing his dreams be recorded and presented to all. Can Stan redeem his families name? There would have to be some crazy sick and dirty things that people would dream about that ruins people’s names.

Sikh Attack
South Park is invaded by Sikh people from India. They are so numerous that people can’t unrelated from who is Sikh and who isn’t as the Sikh are forcing the people of South Park to assimilate to being like them. The Norm becomes Sikh.

Your Punishment Is An Ass f*cking
After Garrison directed a new poll it found that most Americans would rather have the death penalty then get f*cked in the ass. So the highest criminal penalty is changed from death to an ass f*cking. Also before criminal rates were 1% but after the policy change it lowered to 1 out of 2000 or .0005% of the population that were committing criminal offenses. What had happened is that people that are LGBT are now the ones committing crimes just to get a free ass f*cking. It could show people on the streets of dangerous neighborhoods explaining why they chose the straight life because an ass f*cking is just too much. But then it would have LGBT people interviewed and they would explain that they can’t get enough crime now. It would show how all LGBT people in America rise up and have a huge deadly event or murder and pillage of everyone just so they can get a sweet ass f*ck.

Stoner Sloth
So I just learned about these amazing characters of Australia that are meant to derail drug use but has backfired and now there is a fandom growing for Stoner Sloth. Here is a YouTube video of the Australian ads.
I think the ad will continue to be used till the new season begins and so this is a great way to do something Australian. Creating a new character called Stoner Sloth like the ad and also to add in some new ticks of the character may make a nice new and funny character.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Tue Jan 05, 2016 12:39 am

Black Hat VS White Hat
The boys fall into the underworld of hacking. They are now experts and are meeting new friends online and all have new hacker nicknames. But there is a divide among the boys and their new friends as they start out as black hats but then another hacker turns Kyle and Kenny into white hats. Cartman and Stan continue to be black hats. The white hats then find out about an enormous hack that the black hats are up to and so the hacking war is created to stop the black hats. Not sure what company is to be protected but it should be one that hasn’t been really done before and would reflect a toy or video game or something that kids love. There could be fun the kids have also of hacking the people of their town. Like ordering items and getting them for free and getting people arrested who are innocent. Maybe hacking into the police departments computers and letting all the convicts out as a joke. There could be hacking the other kid’s computers and gaining diary’s and embarrassing stuff. Maybe editing other kids homework so they are offensive. There would be blackmailing Mackey of his nudes and e-mailing PCP child porn. Plus exploding anyone's PC that they want to in town. Every thing becomes a possibility in this all new South Park. There could be this new and super cool hacker ware that the kids use that they had to buy to get to use. It would need a fun yet gay hacker name. The kids could also all go and meet up at a hacker hangout that I've seen on the news where they all chill out together and use computers. It would show how much of losers hackers are yet also make them cool among themselves to get some to look up to them. There could be some top priority hacks that are brought up and shown also that make hacking cool. Some dark murderous hacking would be great too. I came up with how at the end the final hack battle could have required that the different hacking teams have inside people. So this could be like a spy movie or Mission Impossible. Stan could be VS Kyle as inside people. Stan trying to destroy a company and Kyle to save it.

CreepyPasta Murders
So I just heard about another CreepyPasta attack and this time a 12-year-old girl murdered her step mother. So I was thinking that in South Park many of the girls start to turn to CreepyPasta and are turning into killers. Now no one knows what girl will be next to kill someone. It may be a friend or family member. I was thinking that new CreepyPasta stories would be created by South Park Studios and new characters for the creepy stories. It would be nice to see the Asian girls in this episode. I guess there could be an evil behind the whole thing that must be stopped to get the girls to stop killing who are addicted to the CreepyPasta. Maybe the creators of the stories are called to come to South Park to explain to the girls that the stories are fake yet the creators are killed. It may take someone to write new stories that the girls read which tell them to stop killing and return to being their old selves. So maybe the Asian girls would read/write stories or other characters could also help with writing the stories. Many of the towns people would try and explain what is real and what isn’t as everyone starts to take all that the stories told of as fact. What if not just young girls fall for the stories but it slowly affects everyone and so now all of South Park is infected by CreepyPasta stories. Every citizen is now acting out as the murderer of a story. I guess the whole town would need a giant wake up call to get them out of fantasy and back to reality. Maybe the character reality is brought back to life to save the day?

I’m not sure what this should be. What if everyone in South Park ends up with a cold or sickness. People cannot understand why the town is so ill. It may be fun to have just Kenny that is healthy. Still there is no more medicine available in South Park. As Kenny is the last healthy person he is now ordered by the mayor to spend his day taking care of everyone in town. So Kenny is overworked and looks sick up still tests show he is healthy. Perhaps there could be something that everyone else is still consuming that because Kenny is so poor didn’t eat that he was unable to get sick. So Kenny finds himself with the others of other towns who now only take care of all their ill. They start to compare things about each other. It would be that they learn later that they were not consuming a product because they all were so poor or just hated it. So the kids attack a food plant that is local to Colorado and discover what is making all the people sick. I don’t know what it should be but it might as well be every filthy dirty violation that there is that has ever been discovered. The thing is that everyone at the plant is sick and so no one can think smart to keep the product safe and so it just spread. It could be milk and that Kenny doesn’t like milk and only has soy or something. Anyways the plant could have like dirty roof water and sewer drainage and rats and mold and bacteria growing there that is making everyone sick. So it would end with the factory being cleaned up and so now over time people are not sick. But it made Kenny and all the other kids sick from working there and so it would end with them ill and people having to take care of them for a change.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, fancy cheeses, and nice wines are all being passed off as a cheap version but who is doing it? I’d like there to be a kid at the school that is Italian and has mafia family. This kid would be big on illegal activity at the school. It could be that the kids father is also into illegal dealings and so all of the parents and adults are buying off this guy. The police are on to them but there are rats among them. It seems that the whole town of South Park is wrapped around this one Italian guys finger. I think of this idea as the mold of season 20. Season 19 will leave behind PCP and the Jenner/Garrison political race. Still I think having the town now faced by illegal activity would be the right path. It is a way for the people of South Park to save money on goods and get some extra money and also get things to turn in their favor if they paid the right amount. What PCP would be up to I don't know. He may not have the eyes to see what is going on. It would be live to see PCP run up a bill to the mafia with his gambling issues.

Fart Contest
One of South Parks own is now up for the challenge of their life in the contest of the greatest farter. The fart will be measured on sound, length, and also smell. All of the best farter’s around the world meet up to see who will win the 2016 Festival of Farts. There could be also many attractions at this event like a assh*le maze and foods and drink testing of what combination creates the best farts. Clearly there would have to be very much more of how to deal with the topic of farts. I'd like to see the contest take place in Indonesia or around there. All of the best farter's around will be there. Maybe a guy like the fake candy guy from the Charley and the chocolate factory movie would find out the best at farting around the world or there could be many of these experts of quality farts that travel in search of those who are competent to compete. I can see any of the characters of South Park being perfect for this role as America's fart selection. It would be nice it see a less used character rise up and reek supreme.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Mon Jan 11, 2016 11:05 pm

Zuckerberg’s Robot
So Mark is to spend this year creating an A.I. or robot to take care of his daughter and run his business and other stuff. This is a pretty out their idea. I think this would be a great plot of Zuckerberg. I can see how the robot would kill people by accident all the time yet people don’t pay it much attention. Like how there is the Da Vinci surgery robot yet it messes up all the time and people die or end up really hurt. Also the robot could try and take over the world yet funny bot did that. Still Zuckerberg is one rich guy and has some power. He needs a place on South Park. His investments of his money to charity is also a good topic. There were other things Mark has said he would do like learn new languages, read a book every day, meet a new person every day. So this could add to the somewhat weird things he does as everyone else works like 40 hours a week and he is having fun and is lazy. So lazy he builds a robot to do everything for him. The robot could help him go to the bathroom also. What if it now changes him in front of everyone like a baby on TV in interviews. I think there is a lot with this robot idea. The robots would mutilate many people but they are all happy as long as they are able to use Facebook. Maybe a low blow but the Zuckerberg's have had trouble having kids so having something happen to there only child may be too mean yet is game with me. Maybe like a Tom and Jerry cartoon with the daughter Max and the Robot. I think I have shown this video before yet Blinky comes to mind as to what Zuckerberg is really up to. Here is a link to the video

North Korean Hydrogen Bombs
This one is easy as North Korea is a topic people will find interesting and will want to see painted as the bad guy and lose at the end of an episode. So if North Korea really has the H bomb then that is a new bit for joking on them. What about making fun of how NK has these powerful bombs yet no real good missile to deliver them. Joking on the NK’s sh*tting as if it is a nuke being launched and set off smells nice to me. Like Un on the toilet as the nukes are tested and he is on his cell phone dropping his own bomb while watching the nukes go off. I don’t know if Trey and Matt will ever want to do NK again yet NK makes the news like maybe 30 days a year. I’d say they are a popular topic. Maybe joking on a hydrogen bomb and how one is built and works would be funny as to show it the wrong way and in terms a small child would understand yet full of fantasy. Like an H bomb is full of water I guess and use magic and Kim powers to allow them to work. Also what is the religion of NK? Their religion sounds nice to stick it to. Maybe some new fun catchphrases would work for the Koreans? Like if certain ones always have a saying that they use before and after they do something. I guess Un really loves cheese and so he could be like a mouse or rat. What if the big family secret of the Kim family of NK is that they are really rats in disguise? Un has to everything he can to hide that secret or he would lose everything. What if Un is now obsessed with all things that deal with water because of the hydrogen bomb. There really is a lot of material with this.

The Wheels On The Bus Get Me Off
So I think everyone remembers how when you rode on the school bus it would give people an erection with the vibrations of the bus and bumps. So I see this as a small and reoccurring plot of maybe just one character getting all horny when riding on the bus.

Recreation Your Kids
So I think of how South Park really has nothing to keep kid’s busy setup other than town sports. So what about there being a recreation center that is built or better yet that has been there. It could even be a YMCA. Any ways it would be a place that all the kids can go to and handout and play together. I remember there would be sports, swimming, and outdoor and indoor games, and sometimes kids would be able to perform as a band to other kids. It would have room for some of the 4th graders to work for the recreation center also and so it wouldn’t just be the kids having fun there but also working. This could serve to have the kids do other activities that haven’t really been done yet and would be a way of having many of the kids together and to play in bigger groups. I remember myself of camp instructors and such and also of ones from movies and TV shows. The adult supervision of the recreation center would be fun with the creation of a couple of new characters to help run the place. I guess drug use, sex, pedophilia, stealing, and abuse would all be nice to see.

Trucks Suck
So I like trucks yet I want to make fun of them. So I know trucks can’t make a U-turn for the life of them. Also they cost so much more and people are a lot more likely to die driving in one. People who own one feel they are more masculine and macho then others and act like assh*les. Most of the time there is little use of all the extra that the truck provides you to be able to do with its strength and storage. They burn more fuel too. I was thinking that someone like Randy would get one and now would act like a total dick. I think it would be nice to see PCP have one too. We haven’t seen him drive around yet so this would work. I think a joke of truck drivers being full of themselves would work and also they could be the type of people that don’t like to relieve themselves of their defecation and so they are literally full of their own sh*t. They can act like that and of the buildup of weight and pressure while acting like they are hot sh*t and bigger but really it is the built up sh*t that is making them bigger. It may be nice to see at the end that these truck drivers are exploding because of the buildup of their own waste inside their bodies. Maybe like after they get out of their truck they have to bother people and start up conversations with anyone around just to assert their masculinity. It can have them then macho like stride to the bathrooms as they are so full of their own sh*t that they are ready to pop.

With the Powerball being over a billion dollars and I think it will be over 2 billion before it is won. I think that having the towns people all built up over having to buy tickets and trying to win would be funny. It can show people hording to known lucky stores to buy their tickets. Maybe one lucky store is in South Park and people’s reaction to all of it. I guess it could be a great plot for one season to have a family in South Park win the lotto. I'd like it to be a family other than the main 4 boys families. It can deal with all of the ups and many downs that come with winning lots of cash. Each episode that season would have a nice small plot that could deal with this new rich family. Like there is spending it all and buying crazy things. There are people wanting lots of money gifts and people being kidnapped and murdered for their money. I know there are dozens of sad and funny stories of people that won it big but lost it all that would make writing all this plot stuff an easy task.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Mon Jan 18, 2016 11:18 pm

Denver Broncos Bail
With the news of many NFL teams moving to other states and areas what if the Broncos decide to leave Colorado for a new state. The episode will show the impact it has on the people of South Park and Colorado as a whole. Some kill themselves where as others are happy. Some attack the Broncos owner where others try and convince people to support the team staying by signing a petition. There can be a something that is to replace to missing Broncos team and use the stadium. It would have to be a big downer to fans of the sport and Broncos fans.
A White only dating site is here. Here is a link about it ... index.html
The thing is that people think the site is racist. It seems like a fun plot to me. I don’t know how to spin an episode about this. I guess some single whites of South Park use the site. Still I don’t know who would get upset about people using the site. Maybe it is to show all the different minority characters and how they all feel left out. Still other peoples have sites for just them. Still the idea of a divide issue seems fun. Character of South Park the use the site are now overly protective of people being with people of the same race. It causes a problem with some as they are in biracial relationships or like others of another race. The owner of the site can be a big racist too them.

So I love this idea and have had so much fun dreaming about being a eSports player. So what if the kids are into eSports and so they decide to become their own team but I think a team may only be 3 people so perhaps one of them is a backup player and also a practice buddy but still a member of the team. So the kids play lots of different games to practice with all of their free time. It is a lot like the WoW one yet that one focused on the down side of gaming and showing the kids look fat and ugly and how it was a huge waste of time. I think it is time to do the opposite and show eSports as super cool. Have the kids win at several tournaments and have lots of chicks and money now. They could buy their own homes and cars and rich sh*t. They would have cool eSports clothes that represent their team like a sports jersey. They would all get cool screen names also that they are all known by and they get many fans that think they are totally unstoppable and killer. I can see this idea going a whole season and it would work great on having the kids be at different locations all over our world. It would show the different teams that are already out there in eSports and make up some new ones that have funny characters our boys compete against. There could be fun competition between teams and of cheating and war. I could see some Nathan type action of trying to beat the other teams. Also eSports players have drug abuse problems and there are all sorts of tragic tales of players and what has happened to them to use. I guess some of that and some newer funnier stories would be nice for this idea too. I like the idea of a player leaving the team to play on other teams for more money or a different game and how it create a divide and problem. It can deal with players getting lazy and failing but maybe this is too much like the Guitar Queero one?

Who Signed This sh*t
What if Randy or someone buys an item online or something but it has a fake signature. It can be that people are forging signatures on lots of merchandise and ripping off the people of South Park at some sort of new pawn shop in town. The victims will not accept that they have fakes and that what they have is worthless. The victims can be all bragging about their item in the beginning and them overly protective of not losing their item even though all are saying how it is worthless. The items can be comical things from each characters past of a childhood love. How it is discovered that the items are fake can go any way. Still the owner of the pawn shop can be an assh*le maybe from New York City and so he talks people into doing what he wants like buying things. I guess the real person who is supposedly signed an item an be brought on or the family to say how it is a fake to finally get some of the towns people to understand they have a fake item.

Shrink Ray
What about some corny Sci-Fi and have there be a shrink ray that makes the kids very small? I guess ending up in some guy’s butthole or a girl’s clit or bra would have to happen. I wouldn’t want the episode to copy very much from other attempts on this idea. I think the kids would have to have several different adventures while small and in different environments. Like inside a building, outside in the snow, and inside a person somehow. How to get a shrink ray into the episode I don’t know? Could be aliens or a Comic Con was in town? I guess it could end with Cartman growing bigger while inside someone which kills that person but I think this has been done a lot. I kind of think of how the X files TV show is coming out again and so what about tying that into this episode? That could be why the shrink ray is around. It could also have the Mulder and Scully characters running around the episode in South Park which would be funny. They could be in South Park because of reports of the shrink ray and alien crime. It would be nice to see the two FBI agents die at the end also.

So I’ve said this before. South Park I don’t think has really ever had much fishing in an episode. So what about having some of the characters and the parents go fishing? I think sea fishing is more fun and leaves better chances of some fun. I can see them all getting lost and having to fish for food. There are lots of stories like this of people being out to sea for like a year. It seems pretty sick. I guess Kenny could have lots of close calls with death and at the dead does die. It could have some of that Life of Pi movie. There are lots of stories of sea tales to work from. I think the characters finding another boat or better a large abandoned ship to go aboard works. At the end it could be all the characters running from each other as they all try to eat each other. There could be an island also. Some misfortune like characters falling into the water and someone breaking an arm is good. Of course all of them are rescued.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby mecko » Tue Jan 19, 2016 8:30 pm

How about a Star Wars ep. with Kevin having a leading role? :D
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Mon Jan 25, 2016 2:25 am

Socialist America???
Bernie Sanders gains in the polls, are we really going to be butt buddies with Russia???
So what if Sanders wins and becomes our President? It would be Russia, China, NK, Iran gaining ground. If this happens I hope South Park will paint this as a Dark Ages Of America. Bernie will be telling all of our girls to bend over to invaders of all kinds to the point of defeat. It will be a divided America. God Be With US that we don’t get so badly f*cked with having a socialist president.

Oscars Boycott
So I guess out of the 120ish nominees for the Oscars they are all white. That is kind of odd but what about how many blacks are actors? I would think not that many and not with the percentages of America. Also the NBA is like all black and so what the f*ck??? Then look at the NHL and it is like all white??? So we see that some people just like to do other sh*t that others don’t. I see an opening to have the way with Will Smith and his family as they are props of the Jews and are somehow begging to get Oscars for acting that is not that good. I’m sure today and in the future there will be enough material to have a good time with the Smith family. What about joking on how blacks who the Jews used to attack and destroy the purity of whites are now becoming impure themselves like Jaden Smith and his transsexualism. It would show how all blacks are now LBGTQ because of Hollywood pushing them to act in biracial acting.

Zika Virus
This virus is causing babies to be born with abnormally small heads. This is a very sick thing and may spread all the way across the US and destroy us. We need to have this as it may be the down fall of our country. Nothing like joking on how our future peoples will have small heads and be like a retard. I really want to see porno of these small headed people which would need a place in the episode. I guess the episode would show some families have kids and they are messed up by the virus and its invasion of our country. This is a real and truthful threat and so it should have a message of success. It may be nice to see our new president help us if Trump. It could be nuking parts of the US and other countries. Maybe the new idea of the origins of this virus would be nice to show an enemy of our nation. The idea of us accepting being small headed and having AI computers run everything as to protect our nation and keep us safe is the way.

Oregon Portland Community College to Mark 'Whiteness History Month'
Here is a link ... th-n500981
This is what will be addressed-
What is whiteness and how is it socially constructed?
In what ways does whiteness emerge from a legacy of imperialism, conquest, colonialism and the American enterprise?
• Who benefits from the consequences of whiteness? Who loses from whiteness? How?
• What are alternatives to the culture of white supremacy?
• What are approaches and strategies to dismantling whiteness?
This is all still just ways of killing off the White race and making us all feel bad about what people in the past have done. The college is PCC and so it would work with PC Principal. Just more of the evil anit-white hate that America is up to would work. I know many whites feel separate at times from each other yet it is better to stick together than become and have kids with another race. This whole thing is just showing how whites are not allowed a real history month.

Serious birth defect on the rise, CDC researchers say ... index.html
This idea works well with the Zika virus. It sounds terrible to have kids with internal organs outside the body. The cause of what is doing this may be a nice joke on whatever it is as this illness is happening to blacks more than anyone else and so the cause will be interesting as to what it is.

Wizard World In Colorado
I am thinking of going to the Wizard World Comic Con in Sacramento this year as they will have Quicksilver from the X-men movies there. So I think it could be a nice plot of where an episode takes place. I know Matt and Trey may be at these sometimes yet they never go to Sacramento… too bad me… still there are lots of people dressed up and celebrates. There could be a violent encounter there that would be funny. I don’t think there has ever been one at a comic con in America. It would be to pick out what celebrates will be there. T & P have been overdone so someone new. Why not just joke on all fun current celeb news?

2 Down Syndromes Fall In Love
So I was thinking of how the episode would focus on a down syndrome person and his best friend a hard gangster n*gger from Harlem and how this down syndrome person falls in love with another down syndrome person of the opposite sex. These would need to be new characters but I guess the handicapped kids would be okay to be in this episode. I saw how a retard owned a restaurant and got married to another retard on the news. So what about a retard opening up a business in South Park and so the story starts. Maybe that this would just be the start of the business and the marriage would be in another episode.

The Omni Food
So a food that has all nutrients needed is created and is all that someone will ever need to eat and have as food is created. The impact is astounding as all businesses that have food go out of business and all people want now is this one food that is dirt cheap to buy. The secret is what are the ingredients to this food. What the food is really made of becomes life and death for those the learn of the secret as many are out to make their own version of the Omni Food to sell and make all the money. Of course what it is made of is revealed and has to be something no one would want to eat. Lots of people would have to die over this. Wal-Mart would be a major fighter and so would McDonalds and other businesses as they want to survive the Food Wars. It could have minimum wage people going all out to die for the future sales and jobs provided by having the Omni Food. Fat people would have to be all over the place also. It could be the new thing of talking about what spices you have on your Omni Food that separates the foods in the future.

How The f*ck A Plant Do sh*t!?!?!?!
Okay so plants and trees have seeds and fruit and use that to procreate but how the hell did that come to be and how the hell when thinking about it is it that Trees are so smart as there are millions of trees out there. So this would be how the intelligence of plants and trees are explored and it is found that they are as smart or maybe smarter than humans. It is that they have been playing dumb the whole time. How will people after learning this be able to eat plants if knowing they are as smart as us? There could be fights and escapes of plants as humans want to learn all there is. Also the episode is why a plant grows fruit and seeds and the like to procreate. It would show that plants are stuck up and assh*les about getting people to eat their fruit. They are hateful of other living things that are animals and non-plant. Then it could be learned that all creatures are very intelligent and not just plants and humans. It would have the whole world be like what the f*ck is going on and why the hell has everything been wanting humans to eat all other living things.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Mon Feb 01, 2016 12:31 am

Michael Jackson Road Trip Special
So this link here says it all ... li=BBnbfcL
I guess Michael Jackson, Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor went on a road trip together because of 9/11 and now there is to be a movie about it. So Joseph Fiennes will be MJ. This seems like a great big funny movie to get a plot from. It could be small or large yet this movie will be nothing but sh*t. Maybe just show people having a hard time with the movie or come up with something else.

Top Gun 2
I don’t know but will this be any good? I really didn’t like the first Top Gun myself. Still are people really getting rock hard over this? I guess with all the bull with the US and China and Russia there could be a joke one that if it makes itself a big part of an episode. I could see certain scenes to be used. Of course for me I’d like to see someone eating lots of wings while flying a jet like wing stop or something. That should lead to a crash and eject.

In Jeopardy Of Comic Failure
So I thought of how if the TV show Jeopardy had sh*t I knew or that I was more interested in I would be able to get more of the questions right and enjoy the show more than I do even though I really love the show. Still so what about if a new Jeopardy is created that has questions about comic book characters and stuff like that? Some other things could be good as well for what questions would be. I think people would rather see people answer questions to things about comic books than for college classes and the like. It’s a weak plot. There would have to be some more things happening to make it more interesting. What about the winner is granted a super power? It would be like that total nerds or dorks are given super powers for being totally obsessed with comic books and now they are above all others.

Nichole Learns To Hail Her Maker
So I found another story about a black person who learned a shocking family secret, that her grandfather was a Nazi. Here is a link about this story ... index.html I’ve thought this would work good with either Nichole or Token. Both characters are never used that much and Nichole has done really nothing since her appearance with that valentine episode with Cupid Me. I can see it making the character feel like a Nazi and even have visions and see apparitions that tell them what to do. It would make this character an evil one for the episode and I guess Kyle would become an victim.

One Wheel Is All You Need
So with the hoverboard now there is this thing ... r0400story It’s a one wheeled skateboard. I don’t know but this stuff is fascinating yet I feel like it is a bunch of crap. I don’t want to have this stuff. I’d like to see how lots of the characters are over taken by this new craze and buy all this junk. Also some of this stuff will make you a victim when it catches on fire. People getting killed or injured would make me feel good too. Like show people loving it with their sweet board but at the end just show it something people don’t want. Also is there any story behind using a board, something wicked that could be connected to all of this? Having a villain behind the need for people to have a board all the time would help this plot idea.

Transplanted Homosexuality
So I think it would be nice for one of the characters to get a transplant of some kind. I can see it be a hand or penis but it has to be something. The thing is that the transplant has left the character with certain urges like to masturbate and now the act of doing so is like being gay because it involves a transplanted body part from someone else. Or it could be that an organ or something that was transplanted is telling its new owner what to do and is controlling them like when they are asleep. It would end with the person cutting into themselves and ripping out the organ to get rid of it. It could be that the organ was some person who had just died and had many problems of some kind. So it could be to wait for a fresh celebrity death to use with this one.

Oh My Ozone
So I will use this one with Trump. Now what if Trump loses the race for being the president of the US? I say he would be very pissed off but no one would expect him to carry out an evil scheme to destroy the world but me so here it is. Trump after losing takes all of his money and builds a giant factory that is secret and what this factory does is creates CFCs and then Trump plans to release them all into the atmosphere which would destroy the Ozone layer and kill all life on earth because it would become too hot and kill everything. I don’t know how to tie in South Park characters yet what if Trump picks South Park to where to build his factory. The boys and other could become suspicious of what he is up to as Trump starts to act like a lunatic and is seen at times in town. Certain adults in town could be hired as well to work to construct the factory. All would lead to the discovery of what the factory is really for yet the creation of CFCs would have already started.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby joshuakimba » Wed Feb 03, 2016 4:18 am

Justin Beiber comes to town for a concert and the local trailer trash girls use Cartman to forge backstage VIP passes. They spike Beiber's drink with viagra and exstasy to get pregnant so they can get their hooks into him for child support. Beiber finds out that Cartman was responsible and forces him to come up with a way to get out of it.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby MrFerry » Sat Feb 06, 2016 10:25 am

It would be great to see an episode where Randy AND Cartman are in the main plot
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