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What would you like to see?

Postby ssjup81 » Mon Feb 08, 2016 4:35 am

Hello everyone. I started watching eps again and it gave me an idea for this thread. So, out of curiosity, what are some things you'd like the show to cover, show, or revisit?

For me, I'd like to see Stan kiss Wendy....finally without barfing. Yeah, she kissed him on the cheek in Elementary School Musical, but he seemed too distracted to be nervous. I also wouldn't mind seeing them on a small dorky date. lol

Stan and Kyle conflict again.

I really liked the two eps focusing around Stan's Aspergers Syndrome. I want them to revisit that and imply that Stan still has to take swigs of alcohol to function and not see the world as crap.

Kyle not getting screwed over so much. I felt really bad for him for season 19. The PC guys bullied him, the town was against his speeches, and Cartman made people think it was Kyle's fault that there were so many immigrants. I also felt bad for him regarding Lesley. He seemed to really like her...but there seems to be some kind of unwritten rule that any girl Kyle falls for will never work out.

More Kenny stories in general, especially if they include Karen.

So yeah, there are some things.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby nwt000 » Mon Feb 08, 2016 7:39 am

MrFerry wrote:It would be great to see an episode where Randy AND Cartman are in the main plot
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Wed Feb 10, 2016 5:23 am

Girl Kidnapped
So I see lots of abuse of girls in the news and would like it on the show. What if a girl gets kidnapped by a male and female couple and they are college students of Colorado? There would have been the cell phone and internet chatting. I am thinking of what if it is Lisa Berger who is kidnapped and is now not seen as hot yet wants some attention like all the girls. It would be nice to see all the jokes on all sides yet in the end I’d like to see at least the majority of the town concerned and happy to have Lisa back.

Ancestry DNA
So a character gets their DNA tested and is change by results. It can be that the results were a mess up or maybe that they are legit. Still the pros and cons or character change seem entertaining. What if this catches on and now all the people in South Park are acting and dressed like their native country their ancestors came from? Sounds real sweet to me.

Unbelievable f*ck
A porn site is created that shows videos of people dressed and acting like one race and or religion. What happens next is a person who is seen as the enemy of the first person is then shown being f*cked by the first person. It is like watching the underdog f*ck their oppressor and through sex instead of violence. No one can get enough of this porno. Does it create world peace? Or is it all temporary? Both seem good for this one.

Left Ear Left Ear earring… Where The f*ck Is The Right Ear piercing?
So I know this is old but what about how people who have earrings in their left ear are straight or like to f*ck people and then people who have earrings in their right ear are gay or like to get f*cked. So how come these days and really my whole life I have never met a right earing person. Its either both ears or the left. So what about this idea. Of all about gays and earrings and what the f*ck is going on. Like the pirate and sailor story’s and all the bull that goes along with gays and their earrings. We’ll call it a South Park history lesson.

Wounded Warrior Pillage
So I just saw how a charity watchdog group reportedly placed Wounded Warrior Project on its watch list for charities that abuse the money they are given. WWP has been taking more and more of the profits for their employees and for their get together’s and vacations. I have wanted to get at these people just for fun but now there is a better reason to do something. It needs to focus on the abuses and make them bigger and more abusive.

So I was reminded during the Super Bowl of how when I see Beyoncé dance it’s like she released a gaseous cloud from her anus and is now dancing in it daring someone to enter it for a duel. I think seeing her like that would be fun.

Space Sex
So what about dreaming up or seeing if some other pervert dreamed up how things with our sex organs and the way the look and work has any relation to space. Like is the sun really a son? Is sun’s ray’s sperm? Is a planet an egg and why the gravity that wants all to cum to her?

Deaf and Dumb
So I have finally been around a deaf person and it makes me want one on South Park. I see it as a new character or more fun turn one deaf and have them deal with that harsh sh*t. The learning of sign language and also needing an interpreter. Cartman seems nice to see him have his interpreter tell everyone he wants to kill the Jews and that everyone is an assh*le. But other characters also seem worthy of this role.

Philosophy f*cks Me Up
What about a character or more get into philosophy and into creating their own. Like “Life is fate and being active in mind and body makes someone biased and lose sight of fate yet when inactive one can be unbiased and see the fate in the world”. It would have to be a bunch of queer Indian sh*t and also mixed with Chinese and Greek. The end result is one messy dump.

Homosexual ManBearPig
Just for fun what about ManBearPig comes back as gay? What he does or who will just me scary.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby jfast94 » Tue Feb 16, 2016 9:08 pm

I can see the Ancestry DNA one, especially playing off the whole Ben Affleck's ancestor was a slave owner.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Thu Feb 18, 2016 4:27 am

Race Wars
Each race divided to their own in a game where each race competes against all other races with questions as the combat and whoever answers the most questions correct wins the Race War. It’s the new way of seeing what race is superior!!!!!!!!!!!

Presidential Porno
Our president and first lady or other women made a porno and the video on a DVD or flash drive and now it has surfaced. Will it become secured or will it be leaked? Rate now I guess it is some freaky Obama sex. Nothing like watching a women bigger than a man ride that man’s small penis.

Bubble Bobble
…So is it just me that still loves this f*cking game? I mean getting to eat as much as you want and kill bad guys to save your girlfriend is just too cool. Plus, blowing bubbles is… well can we make that from a bong? Still can’t this be used for like a fun minute long song sang and a sweet video to go along?

Oops Black Face Oops
It is uncovered after an undercover white in black face enters a secret black meeting of famous and rich blacks that in fact all throughout history blacks have been faking weak and stupid to trick whites into breading with them. For the reason to get rid of their race and so slavery and segregation and everything was a trick to fake dumb to create the world we have today. Like where a rich white girl is supposed to let any poor n*gger bang her till tomorrow and that makes her cool. And so to race mix the whole white race out of existence and to turn them black is their goal. Blacks act like idiots to trick whites into being with them because they know that was the only way to beat a superior species of humans. But how will this end?

Kanye West
The idea of him in debt and broke and needing to borrow 1 billion dollars from the JEW Zuckerberg in the joke but no it is how stupid some people are. It is so sad I am lost as to what to say. He has to on SNL make fun of Taylor Swift who has become pretty whored but still he is begging for sex from her now because he is super poor. I really didn’t think this could happen but…will we see KANYE WEST again South Park??? I mean he may be like MJ and kill himself and so that will be asking for another appearance. There is just too much time before new South Park and so just bringing this ide up is good enough.

So I would like to see anyone who drew or wrote for the character Deadpool to help make a one or 2-part episode as that would be so great. Sorry to keep this so short yet I wouldn’t want to ruin the creative genius that would be going on. I guess it would be great to see a Coon and Friends trilogy with the help of some of the people that have brought of the Deadpool comics and the movie as well. It would just be to make sure that it passes to air on TV as it would be dirty as hell.

Super Hero In India
So I came up with a funny idea of how the people of India are such prude assh*les with eating cow and so what if a super hero or someone were to eat beef in India. These days that would get someone killed and so the whole idea of eating cow there and dying is super funny to me. I just want something of this.

JamesPup Quote of the Day
“There is always someone happy you’re doing what you do because they think that it is stupid.”

Gun Cum
So what about a comparison making fun of gun owners. And so one joke is to say that a gun is equal to the emotion of worrying. Then porno is equal to having an orgasm. So the real question is which one equals happiness?
Then there are the certain guns that are bought in large amounts after a mass shooting. These guns are then figuratively or on the show physically shown to be covered in blood as blood all over a penis and that the owner gets to lick the blood off the guns like after it had some fun with some major pussy which equates to the lives lost which the gun bought is supposed to represent.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby StealthRogue » Thu Feb 18, 2016 11:15 am

How about an episode where Eric's mom accidentally breaks all of the clocks and Eric, being the R-tard he can be, thinks that the whole world has time stopped as punishment for eating all of the "holy bread" that they have at a church. Eric tries to beg god to forgive him then Stan shows up and tells Cartman to stop being such a R-Tard. Kyle came with Stan because Butters told them that cartman was freaking out. Cartman thinks that Kyle said this and tells Kyle to stop being such a jew. Kenny, during all of this, is hanging out with Takenatsuna ( Asian girl no.3) because she believes that he will be the next most popular subject, and she needs to study him so that she can represent him accurately. One of her friends, Chiharu (Asian girl no.7) is studying the other half of the pair, Allie Nelson. Chiharu, knowing that Allie has been suspected as being a two-faced bitch, decides to not directly confront her about her "interview". Chiharu decides after studying Allie for 2 days, that she would not be a good match for Kenny. The rest of this is following Chiharu and Takenatsuna as they show how they have manipulated most of the subjects in the school to be the perfect couple. Cartman is still being a douche about the time thing, so Stan tells Cartman to wait all day and see the sun go down.
Cartman does this and has a emotional breakdown because he finds out that he is wrong. The ending of the girls' part is them saying "and thats our secret, but you won't tell, right?" (the entirety of the girls's part is from their perspective.)
The ending of Cartman's part is when he goes onto the computer and realizes that the time is correct on the computer. He literally states "Man, I'm so stupid I could be a jew!"

maybe this is more of a wish than actually possible, but it would be funny.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Sat Feb 20, 2016 12:54 am

I really love Asian Girl # 3 and so I really hope her and the other Asian Girls have a nice role in a future episode and also they should be used as background characters at least a little.

No idea of how to use them. There must be some other Asian things that would be good material for an episode. I guess Trey and Matt should dig deep into the stereotypes of Asians and pull together a new plot using the Asian Girls. I can't really think of a good one like Yaoi was. I guess there could be a little of the girls teaching everyone another Asian thing like Yaoi. I am more interested in the girls being needed for some reason like to do math. I don't think anyone can think of a good plot like Yaoi and so many more funnier plots will be needed.

So there are video games, math, bad driving, hate between other Asians, abuse against children, eating weird food, bad weather of regions, drawing, anime, Manny Pacquiao and the heat he is getting, porn, types of governments like communism or dictatorship like North Korea, China and over population and disputed islands and hacking, Japan changing constitution to fight an aggressive war, culture differences and styles, environmental disasters, looks different from each other and other races, religions and beliefs, relationships with other nations, North Korea as threat and weapon advances, Ban Ki Moon and UN jokes, Hello Kitty, Pokémon and the like, Asian alcoholic drinks, an Asian war, monsoons, rice, cyber cafes, energy drinks, crazy techno Japanese music and dance, Asian Horror movies, Asian comedy but god only knows if there is such a thing.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby Randy Marsh 2016 » Sat Feb 20, 2016 5:37 am

1. Kanye West
2. Boycott Beyonce
3. Kesha vs Dr. Luke/Sony being accused of supporting sexual assault
4. Donald Trump vs. the Pope
5. Zika Virus outbreak
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Mon Feb 22, 2016 2:52 am

Caitlyn Jenner The Spy VS The Assassin
So I read that the CIA is now trying to recruit transgender people. So I have to see Jenner do this. So this can be too addition of her helping Garrison. I know Jenner is supposed to be the running mate. Still this can work with Garrison needing body guards who can be in the CIA. I think Garrison should hire all trans people as his protection unit. Garrison would need a funny nickname they call him too. Like Reagan was rawhide. Garrison’s can be a dirty sex joke slang word. Also what about there being an Assassin after Garrison! There can be back and forth’s between the assassin and Garrison and his team. These plot ideas could last the whole season too.

Manny Pacquiao Hates Gays
So he seems to be leaving the media over his attacks on gays on social media. He is saying sorry now so he may be off the hook. Still I get the feeling he may be up for some more trouble and so Manny may do somethings in the future that will be great material for the show. Rate now if there is the subject of gays Manny would be fun to see used with it. Manny could be killed by Jenner in a fight. Maybe Garrison and Jenner are at an event or restaurant and Manny is there and so it leads to a violent fight.

iPhone Cock Block
So I am pissed off how our country can’t hack someone’s iPhone because it is illegal even if the person who’s phone it is killed people in a terror attack. This is where Trump is right as there needs to be a boycott of Apple until they let us see what was on that phone. This subject can show many different types of criminals being able to get away with crime because the US is not allowed to hack a cell phone. There can be drug dealers, terrorists, child predators, gang members, and Henrietta Biggles and the other Goths.

Hardcore Henry
This movie is real cool looking being that the whole movie is in first person. It’s like watching someone play a first person shooter for 2 hours with movie graphics. Maybe this is too close to Grounded Vindaloop though. Still a character could be like hardcore Henry and be like a robot and go after everyone or just have a bunch of bad guys to fight. If the Ads ever come back this may be a fun way to deal with that. Also what about is PCP is Henry? I guess I will have to see the movie to better understand this plot idea.

Year Book BJ
So it turns out that one of Randy’s secrets to success has been to in private look at his High School year book and jerk off to everyone’s picture including slapping all the pictures with his penis. Somehow Randy gets caught and now everyone knows the way the real Randy thinks of them as he basically whacked off to everyone in town.

Your Boob Grade
So what about how if boobs were your grade in school then everyone would want to have the smallest titties ever. Not sure how this is an idea but I find this fascinating.

Peyton Busted
So there is all the talk about Peyton Manning raping and hurting women while he was in college. So if this turns into something than it may be a good plot. I’m not sure if Manning is still going to be around next year. I’m sure everyone in South Park would be upset if Manning got into trouble and the Broncos were hurt by this. Could lead to some self-reflection by people on the show. It would be nice to see everyone throwing away there Manning and Broncos items over the whole rape thing.

ISIS Mercenaries
So Cartman and the others just like with the Somalian Pirates episode but this time they all join ISIS as hired guns. It would be that ISIS is in trouble and are paying serious money to people to fight for them. I don’t see how the kids would be any good at fighting for ISIS but what if they just are good. So they would all get to kill people and have many wives and abuse people. I think it would be so crazy if Cratman became the next Jihad John and was killing prisoners for ISIS. Now everyone wants to know who the man dubbed the ISIS Fatass is and it can be Cartman’s own mother who rats him out or maybe she travels to the Middle East to bring him home herself. I guess she could help with some dirty Middle East sex jokes too. It can be that Cartman by accident killed people and so that is why is doesn’t get into trouble later for it or that his ID is unrevealed.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby sithew » Mon Feb 22, 2016 4:17 am

So hey hi, i don't know if the creator of south park actually read these for ideas but, i'm gonna try, please forgive me for my bad english in advance, this is a second language and i don'T realy have other excuses.

I've always thought the ''goths'' episodes, if i can call them like that, are realy funny, infact they are some of my most liked episode alongside the episodes with kenny as the main carather. One of the things that i kind of find funny in the goths episode is that they are always fighting against the other subculture. They fight against emos, and vampires, and that pretty much it...

I think, it would be funny to have an episode where punks ressussitate, or one where they fight werewolf-kids (if you don't know what werewolfkids are, this is like a fashion that last 6 months in 2009, here's a video about it: And... well it would just be awsome to have episode with those subculture as well.

Well, if anyone read trought until this point well thank, and otherwise, well, you're not reading this, and never take knowlege of what i wrote here, wich untilmatly leads to the destrusction of the world and the end of the big all-evrything, don't worry about it.. chill....
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby SoooRonery » Thu Feb 25, 2016 6:38 am

Some IDeas:
What ever happened to Timmy, im livin a lie, im livin a lie??? put him in an episode.
Towlie needs to save the world.
Everybody loves Leslie, bring her back from the dead. The machines take over. 3 part episode.
Another ninja episode/street fighter/mortal kombat. lets fighting love 2
(No more PC)
-i-phone/apple conspiracy/machines take over/jesus needs help from towlie and the boyz/ illuminati 3 part episode
-something about internet courage/liquid courage
-hillary clinton /sharia law
-walking dead/ zombies of dead characters
-ponzi scheme/kenny gets rich
-child labor/pamela anderson
-self-driving cars/ artificial intelligence
-public shaming/mob justice
-playing the race card, even when not applicable
-Butters or kenny gets a transvestite sugar momma
-banning guns and the bad guys are the only ones with guns
-fight club
-pulp fiction
-e-cigs that explode/hoverboards that explode/cheap crap from china/lithium ion batteries/outsourcing
-Rubio is a robot/Cruz is canadian
-social media/NSA
-back to the future
-garrison becomes president and gets the city wok guy to build a wall, but mongolians...
- a field trip somewhere
-skinny jeans/ using dated slang
-raising money and running for cancer every year with no progress
-bring back mickey mouse
-tornado hits south park.
-wizard of oz
-uber vs lyft/ backseat assaults
-every girl aspires to be a barbie doll/every boy aspires to be a g.i. joe
-hunting illegal immigrants/ overstay visa
-conspiracy/obama wants mr garrison to be president
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby SoooRonery » Fri Feb 26, 2016 2:16 am

I have more ideas:

-Bodybuilding/ Breast-milk addiction /public breastfeeding (tweekin for some breast-milk, jumps and starts suckling)
-kennys 2nd cousin comes to town/ bow-chika-wow-wow
-tokens cousin from bel-air
-kyle goes on a pilgrimage
-irretable bowels
-zero tolerance on guns/ that kid who gestured a gun with his hand suspended/ invisible grenade to save the world
-ronda rousey
-katniss bans fatness
-everyone gets a trophy is sports...
-marriage is outdated/ marrying three people becomes the norm
-reverse gender roles
-american idol is no bueno
-ricers/slammed cars/soap box race
-the hood comes to south park/ white man cant jump
-dj khaled
-online dating for elites
-nic cage
-amazon sends drones to your house
-kenny gets a pocketbike
-boner pills
-sperm bank/renting a ferrari
-cows on a plane/ sam jackson
-fanny packs
-feminism/ban bras/ topless women
-taking pictures of food instead of eating it is a mortal sin
-listening to coldplay is as bad as concussions
-lactose intolerance
-the unsaid rule about urinals
-vegetarians cause global warming by not eating cows that make methane, and killing vegetables
-GMO food
-libraries are not what they appear to be
-yoga pants
-trek to meet a pornstar
-foreign exchange student
-See no evil, hear no evil
-el chapo
-spanking is "IN" /todays parenting
-some random guy robbing houses because everyones to busy takin selfies
-juicing/smoothies/ diets
-mid-life crisis
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Fri Feb 26, 2016 5:25 pm

Kesha Rape
So this producer Dr. Luke raped this white slut singer!!! So people like are so horny for this rape and like tick tock like this slut waiting to see if she is pregnant but did this happen? I say Luke is a horny Jew fetish f*ck and so this did happen. If this is still real hot let’s not see it stop. Can Kesha’s clit be that wet though? I guess some Star Wars here is begged for. I guess an overhaul of Kesha and her life the last several years and the important people would work. I guess Randy could lend a motivational word to Kesha about being raped and producers too.

Uber Drive By
So there was the recent Uber shooter. I say this is the perfect horror story come true. What about the guy kidnapping people and god knows what else he does with them at home. He can do his drive by’s and pickups in between’s too. There may be a small role of Timmy and his Handicart business too but a small one. Seeing the Uber CEO’s would be nice as fat money horny nerds. The Uber drive would start in another part of Colorado and then this guy goes to South Park. A few of the people there can be kidnapped with a dozen unknowns killed for the views pleasure.

Be The Jesus
So what about somehow the most popular video game is created where you are Jesus and you do all the stuff Jesus did in the game and it ends with you as Jesus and on the cross. You die and then sh*t happens. So I guess this idea would be funny with Jesus as he would be all weirded out by people thinking they are him and playing him in a video game. I guess it could lead to people sinning and everyone feeling like they died for everyone’s sins but it was really the real Jesus. So what about if Jesus dies again on the cross and Kyle kills him so Jesus would be cool again and be the real current one that died for everyone’s sins. Having god in this seems real great too. Satan can feel put down by people as even the new arrivals to hell act as Jesus and piss him off and make tortures not fun. So Satan comes to earth to talk to the real Jesus to see why he has turned everyone into such f*cking dicks.

Ahmed Mansour Qorany Sharara
So this poor kid just got life in prison for murder and some other stuff but he is only 3 years old. This is in Egypt so that is why it is so f*cked up. This idea is built on more unrest in Egypt but still I think pointing out the illness of African and Middle East courts would be great to show how unjust they are. It can have all the ill people that live there that we hate but mainly the peace loving people that go crazy over crimes anywhere in Tahrir Square. Have these people that would give their lives to help others really lose their lives. It would be to have Ahmed once released act at the moment the peace lovers get to him to act as a terrorist to show that he really is one. The end message is Africa and the Middle East is f*cked up.

I don’t get this too much yet but LED lights that flash is good. Any idea of the stock that will fly with this new internet? I see a future for people here and the show can highlight the winners. Also what about how lazy people will be with this new internet. No time spent waiting anymore. It’s that people would be out beat in speed as people would be lost in being able to think as fast as the Li-Fi is. It devolves people as they are broken by the new internet and all the free time they now have. It would show people coping poorly to all the free time being filthy like picking their nose and eating bugs. It also leads to job lose as the internet is so fast that half the jobs in the US are lost as things are done twice as fast now. Can the world survive. Maybe something newer needs to be created to help slow thins back down.

The Race To Space For Each Race
So what about space travel is improved and so people get hungry. Now there is a racial divide as everyone wants to say they are better than other races as there was a spat created by the cooperation of all nations to get to the point of expert space travel on earth. Like over what nation or race did the most or was the real ones to create such precise space travel. So now the world is divided by race and the goal now is to get a new planet. So now each race gets their own planet. How will this work out and what about people who want the same planet. Some races pick the same planet to live at so now there are space wars over the new planet. This has to have water bears in some way. I know this idea must have been on the waiting list for some time. Maybe somehow water bears are the key to space survival and space travel.

Guantanamo Bay Gutted And Cleaned
So with the closing will there be issues over this? The people from there are more terrorist than before. But what about the new terrorists and how they will fit into American prisons and with other inmates. Also what about Guantanamo Bay? There should be a bigger plot about why the prison is closing. What about if there was a UFO landing or alien birth of the Prophet Muhammad there. This could use an old school Contra shoot’em to kill the evil alien Muslim terrorists. So the kids and Navy SEAL's go on their mission to Guantanamo Bay prison to kill the Alien Muslim Prophet and his alien Muslim terrorists before it lays too many eggs that the Earth is fully turned Muslim.

Cartman the Cannibal
So the US is attacked by another country or anonymous and now no power plants or water facilities work. So within the year 99.99% of the US population will die. Only the strong will survive. Thus Cartman rises to the occasion. Can Cartman eat everyone left? Will he eat Kyle? Cartman can lead a gang of nomads the drink the blood of their horses and eat the flesh of all of those he comes across. All the fun kills would be shown as there are so many people that we the people and of course Matt and Trey want to see die. Not sure how this one is recovered yet what if it just does. Like the hackers or other nations see the terror of Plasmos Por Cartmanos and so they decide to turn on the power again and fix our water facilities. All is returned to the way it was.

Aryan’s In India
So it feels so weird to find out that Nazis were in India like a thousand years ago. So why not tell their story and add one of Cartman and his new quest of conquering India like the Aryan’s of old did. He could use a child’s history book that tells of how peoples fought other peoples which amazingly aids Cartman to guide his small army which grows to a large one to conquering our world. It can have nice fixings of Nazi and India art and sculptures that comes to rise with the influence of Cartman. Also religions are synthesized and Cartman swears to every religion of the people he conquers to better control his new people. But things get crazy with every new religion added to the pool the synthesis gets more out of whack. What once started out Nazis is now... race mixed.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby SoooRonery » Sat Feb 27, 2016 8:20 am

Last round of ideas/topics: (im not angry with u south park, im just disappointed...)

-naked and afraid
-cartmans mexican alter ego
-deported to tijuana/ cartman crosses the border
-migrant farm labor/farmers only
-kenny buys a couch off craigslist for his lawn/meets jared/subway has many jareds/clones
-treated water gone bad
-jessica jones
-rush hour with token and city wok guy
-karate kid
-those ppl that solicit money from you. " would u like to save the dolphins?"
-crack whores
-starbucks and white chicks
-illegal fireworks
-the help
-that tow truck show/reality tv
-independence day
-black people and stepping on their jordans challenge
-coachella comes to south park/TMZ is horrible
-burning man
-super troopers
-competitive eating contests with prostitutes
-disability fraud
-flea market/ old people scooter races
-groundhog day
-lord of the flies
-ufc is queer/ shirtless bare-knuckle boxing
-butthole bleaching
-retirement home abuse/ blackmarket
-that bowling movie with bill murray/amish
-militarizing police/barbrady gets a tank/terrorist gets a SWAT vehicle from auction
-hillary clinton manifesto
-pretending to be homeless to get taxfree income
-public flasher
-schizo substitute teacher
-cartman solicits money and opens a tire business and hires immigrants to slash tires at night
-kenny starts mowing lawns for money, but someone took-his-jaww
-stealing umbilical cords to sell
-tazer tag
-garage band
-cartman starts an abortion service
-epic meal time
-elysium/super aids
-old people taking young peoples jobs/ "experience" vs physical capability
-morning glory holes
-those churches that charm snakes
-jen garner and celine dion are velociraptors/ battle royale
-that one lady who invited "neighborhood boys" to her house for milk/foot shavings
-twerking/bruce jenner dildos
-lake house
-clash of cultures/ black history month/ year of the monkey
-everything has to be smart!
-vagrants/ homeless-topia
-new character worse than cartman
-new character/ feminist butch lesbian wears no bra/ pancake nipples
-tanning/ waxing/ mr. garrison gets pubic hair glued on his head
-counting white people at the oscars/chris rock is a hologram
-skin bleaching/cracker jokes/ white guilt
-kill bill/ leonardo decrapio
-unemployed people/soccer moms
-telegram breakups/noone like jonah hill
-bridesmaids/crossdress day
-quentin makes a movie in south park
-bb guns/ hermaphrodites/ breast awareness
-sarah palin vs batman vs superman vs bbws
-reverse racism
-iscrewu/ randy peels off a sticker and its actually "i screw u over-and over-and over- and over..." (terrorizes him)
-positive and negative stereotypes
-bro dojo/ dojo where they learn the art of getting with different races of women/ yellow belt/red belt/ black belt
-party crashing
-PR is a joke
-extreme college hazing
-girl scouts/ child labor
-the boyz find a pinata full of "candy"/ candyman in the minivan
-help, ive fallen and cant get up
-some lady gets her jollies by making bitches play demeaning games, mud-wrestle/mandingo fight for money, and they worship her/ femi-nazis
-50 shades of black and white/ no gray area
-insurance is a scam
-watching porn on the OCulus thing/ causes blindness and hair grows on palms
-new muslim girl wears a hijab, wendy wants her to not wear the hijab because its degrading to women, and disregards her culture and freedom of religion
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby Randy Marsh 2016 » Sat Feb 27, 2016 5:31 pm

1. South Park is criticized for not having enough black people. #SouthParkSoWhite.
2. Wendy joins the Feminist Movement and plans to take out Cartman. Other groups of people (Black Lives Matter, Jews, Gingers, Muslims, Mexicans, disabled people, hippies, the people of San Francisco, the fifth graders & PC people) and individual people who don't like Cartman (Scott Tenorman, Trent Boyett, etc.) are planning to do the same thing.
3. Randy (aka Lorde) wants to make more music. He doesn't care what people think about what he has done (what he did at the Women of Rock concert and on Jimmy Fallon (even though it was his hologram that did that, but nobody knew about his hologram)). This is a parody of the Kesha/Dr. Luke thing that is going on. Randy is supported by celebrities like Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and Adele.

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