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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Sat Mar 05, 2016 3:32 am

Girl Scouts
So the Catholic Church is after the girl scouts again. This time for supporting transgenders and homosexuals. I see fat girl scouts eating lots of cookies and being sexually confused.

Caitlyn Jenner Lipstick
Jenner’s lipstick is titled Finally Free from MAC cosmetics. Profits are to go to fight AIDS. Is it me or would a joke on this be needed. Like poison lipstick to kill Putin.

Teenager’s Get Legal Sexting
So in New Mexico it is now legal for kids as young as 14 to send naked dirty pictures of themselves to people. No more registered sex offender registry for these kids. Now they can show off their buttholes and will not get punished. Yet then they have to deal with these people

Weird Noises From Apple’s Complex
So as reported in the news there has been strange noises coming from Apple’s headquarters. Could this be the new next best thing from Apple or is it Steven Jobs as a homo robot spirit ghost that rapes kids? He is after creating dirty Pixar movies about your daughter going through puberty and masturbating on the big screen in front of her family and other people. Will Steven Jobs successes with getting a worm up his Carmel Apple ass?

China First Strike
So China has been and still is pushing the US’s button as of late. Is it that China would like another Nan King pounding? China has a weak military and it is like seeing an enemy prostituting all their women to the enemy to get them to invade. Can the joke be about how horny China is to get f*cked?

Emoji Girl
So kids these days like emoji’s that show they are tough and cool like of a gun and knife. But what about when one gets you prison time? That is what is happening to kids these days. Emoji’s are now seen as death threats if the right combo is created. I can see this with the South Park PD and how they would handle texts like this.

Rainbow Bagels
I heard about this on NPR and so would people really want to eat homosexual bagels? I just have to ask! Also NPR people are like bee drones that are all about living for their queen the Democratic nomination or president. It would show how Democrats are sexless and so that is why they don’t mind people race mixing because they can’t. Also they live only to have their queens run for office. There can be queens and princesses and so all male Democrats would be this. Not sure what Republicans would be but they would need to bee something fun too. The joke of a donkey and elephant would be used as well but then changed to show what both parties really are like and look like and act like which would be much more interesting and funny.

Energy Drinks Sex And Drugs
So now colleges are banning energy drinks for the alcohol and sex abuse connections. Is this really a thing or are people super bored? I just got into Starbucks energy drinks and so now I will be pissed off if I can’t get my caffeine high like I want it. I guess seeing the kids all hopped up on energy drinks and having all sorts of adult fun because of it is what we need.

Facial Not Racial
So people wearing a beauty mask are now being seen as trying to wear black face. This whole idea is so stupid as I have never learned of how well beauty sh*t is good at making people look younger. I guess if there is a racial issue and then to see blacks up and protest but wait it is that all the whites start running around for some reason in black face. I’m guessing a small plot.

Bernie Baby
So there was this baby that was dressed up as Bernie Sanders but it died from SIDS. So does this ever happen? I think it does. It happens when there are a lot of background hate for a new idea to a region. Like the whole Socialist idea. Not a new idea but it working in the US is still new. So I say this baby died from peoples hate of it for being a socialist f*cking baby. So the idea of people’s hate impacting another person’s health is what I am thinking of.

The Call Of The Whites
So there are people that are out to robocall people and to tell them to support White Nationalism…… And so I agree with this message. So please support White Nationalism and donate money to keep the White Race alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So can we please have some White Nationalist’s on the show or what?

Male’s Baby
What about a male character having a baby? I have this safe space Nutrition professor that had to bring this topic up in my last class and I so need to see this f*cking happen.

OJ Buck Wild
So now we now that OJ f*cking is a killer or is there still a Liberal homosexual who wants to say he seeing a f*cking chance to f*ck some n*gger puss by saying OJ didn’t do it? So I mean okay so OJ’s knife has been found or is it a fake? Still OJ needs a place and not just him in a cell eating flaming hot Cheetos and ramen mixed. I want some hot OJ running about and killing and abusing all of America. What about adding in some sort of spiritual sh*t to fool the viewer and so OJ will seem innocent as us the viewer sees through the eyes of a very ill minded Liberal. This is OJ’s Prison Break.

Scat Scat
So does anyone like sh*t in a sexual way? Is this idea even plausible on South Park? Well a scatty character is my attraction rate now. I want to see someone to be followed and revealed for their deep and dark sexual desires that are very un-mainstream. A leaky septic tank leads to a character learning how horny they are for sh*t.

Bro XXX Sis
So it is revealed of all the dirty sexy fun Shelly has been up to in front of Stan over the last few years. It’s all the reason as why Stan is such a big boy for seeing all there is out of Shelly. Will fellow students be able to deal with Stan and Shelly now that they have spoiled all the fun sexual things a couple is supposed to have between each other?
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby Randy Marsh 2016 » Wed Mar 09, 2016 8:48 pm

#TheTriggering or something like that.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby Big-Will » Wed Mar 09, 2016 10:28 pm

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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Mon Mar 14, 2016 1:16 am

Bomb Fell
They tell you what to wear!!!!!! How dare they!!!!!!!! The takeover begins….

Peyton Manning
After retiring he moves to South Park. He sticks around all season or maybe forever.

iPhone Ghosts
So people are getting texts from the 1970’s on their phones. This could be a time travel episode of life and death and the fate of the earth. So this would have Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and some others that deal with tech of today. So it would have someone of today travel to the 70’s and introduce technology unheard of. All done from redemption of ills against someone from our present. So now history has been rewritten wrong. So from the future our four boys travel to our present to recruit their younger selves to travel back in time to fix the timeline. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are recruited too as they now more about this technology sh*t then anyone. The messages could be from the past of people from the 1970's. In the present the timeline is slowly changing and people are forgetting what was and now only knowing was is new to be what is true.

Jewish High sh*t
So Israel is now a big marijuana producer. Can’t a story be spun out of this. The drug could be laced with something that turns people Jewish or makes them to want to reproduce with Jews and let their kids become Jewish. Or it could just show Jews as real drug users that know how to have a good time.

Killer Russian Dolphins
So Russia is now trying to get Dolphins to be communist and kill people underwater for mother Russia. If there is ever a WWIII episode or something this idea is a must.

Joe's Crab Shack Lynching
I like Joe’s Crab Shack and I think I saw the very image that has brought them into the news for being racist. Is seafood really seen as a racist food? What about the horrid past for seafood and racism is explored? There would have to be a guy named Joe too. He can be the owner and kind of an idiot but secretly a villainous racist prick. There should be an underwater secret base for Joe as he has aqua soldiers try and spread his menacing hate.

My Penis Jesus
So have you ever been told by a parent or something to get you to stop masturbating to think of how your penis was Jesus? So this leads to everyone wanting to beat Jesus to death which happens.

Fascism VS Communism
Bernie VS Trump. With Bernie protesters out to ruin Trump rallies and possibility kill Trump I think this is something. If it ends up with Trump VS Bernie for the nominees, then using the titles Fascism VS Communism is needed. There can be a whole Europe uprising and support for Trump with a Russian and Chinese support for Bernie. Also there is now speculation over the death of a Polish leader from a plane crash in Russia and so this may be evidence and further Communist sabotage.

U.S. Cyborgs
Is it already time to become a Borg? Was Star Trek right? People today are trying to turn our citizens into cyborgs by having implants put into their brains so they can communicate with computers. I like this to play on Star Trek and so people become Borgs. This will have the Star Trek kids very involved. They will lead survivors to their new hideout and plan to rescue others before being turned and to destroy the main date base that keeps the Borgs running.

“820” or Heil Trump
There is a lot in the news of people just making me happy and saying that Trump is Hitler. And so if this is really true we should all make sure to Heil Trump or like Heil Hitler has the secret 88 number Trump will now have the 820 number to represent his greatness.

Horse Hair
So I have heard from school mates of people liking to use some crazy stuff in their hair. Like this Indian dude uses horse shampoo and a Chinese woman likes to leave an egg and the beer Heineken in her hair overnight. A small plot but what about some of the weird ass sh*t people put in their hair who want to mate with us whites and have our future kids use this queer ass sh*t in their hair?

Most Interesting assh*le
So Dos Equis has now retired their most interesting man in the world. What happens next hurts us all. It is a pounding that no one can stand. It is that Cartman wins to be the next most interesting man in the world. Can the world survive?

Haunted Sperm Ride
So a small joke that is of seeing or going through a women's body and seeing all the dead sperm in the women's vagina that didn't make it to the eggs. The dead sperm could be ghosts that try to kill everyone.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby miguelphil » Sat Mar 26, 2016 4:05 am

We just had a funny thing here in Brazil politics, that looked like came right out from a South Park Episode. So I share this here, and it would be great to see in an actual episode.
There is a big investigation going on, evolving like, 1/3 of the big politicians in Brazil. It is about Petrobras, the biggest oil company in the country, that happens to be owned by the state, and managed by politicians. The politicians were selling overfacturated contracts to building companys, in exchange of really huge ammounts of money. The political party that is in the power of the country right now had a big participation on that.
The south park thing in the story:
There is a judge in charge of all this investigations. When he started investigating the ex-president Lula, the actual president (from the same party) ofered Lula a position in the government, that would make him free from this judge. He would get to be judged by judges from the suprem court, that happen to be choosen by the government.
This made the previous judge pissed off, so he licked some realy naugthy phone calls of the ex president, with the actual president, and other politicians, saying things that really make him look bad. Things that compromised him, and using really bad words, and such things.
half of the country went to the streets, really pissed off, and the funny thing is that the government defended itselve by saying to people that it was ilegal to lick the phone calls. They ignored the really bad content of the calls, and focused in making a big thing that the calls should not be licking.
So now, instead of discussing the content of the phone calls, that was really bad, people are discussing, like, "hey, why the hell this judge licked that, this goes agains the freedom, security, and bla bla bla"
My writing is messy, but i hope you make it a south park thing.
Thanks for the great show!
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Mon Mar 28, 2016 2:40 am

Anders Breivik Living It Up
So Anders has it all as this article says ... tcmp=hpbt4 He also gets tons of anal probes and inspections. I think Anders and his crazy ways are a nice topic. What about Europe turning Right Wing and releasing Anders to lead a new Crusades in the Middle East a lot like the movie Hardcore Henry all to “Don’t Stop Me Now”. If you check the news Europe is getting pretty fed up with this migrant terror sh*t.

Morning Lobotomy
I have watched lots of NBC and it is poison. It’s like the news team are mental as they all agree and have no angry about anything. It’s like they have no soul and though now PC it’s like it’s easy for anything to be introduced and the whole team just agrees with it and says how great it is. They are all too reassuring. Why not show something break them up live on TV. Like over a new Right Wing takeover in Europe and USA. And then they start to kill each other. This could be one of the first starts of the beginning of the end.

Raul Castro
Obama was in Cuba and couldn’t even handle his own wrists as Raul is shown holding up is arm. How weak does Obama make us look? So Cuba and political prisoners sounds nice. There must be thousands of these prisoners that Raul wouldn’t even admit there were any. Obama must know some of them. I think that one Jewish guy is still there who tried to give Cuban Jews free internet. What about showing like one old guy who was from the Bay of Pigs invasion who failed. He has been a prisoner this whole time. Just some Cuba would nice. I don’t get why no one has not really opened that one up yet? Cuba must be cool. I guess we gain sports players. Also lots free loaders that will of course wanting free handouts. I wonder if Obama will give back Guantanamo Bay? Rael wants it back.

George Takei
I can’t help but not understand why Takei is so cool. It’s like he wants or has his own penis covered in sh*t. His name is like a mushroom and does that have anything to why he is gay? He spent time in an internment camp so with that why not show how Takei became gay. There must be lots of gay stories to tell with this old Jap homosexual. What about him begging for it in camp from everything even animals. I’d like to see him like to bath in feces too.

Jared Loughner Sues Gabrielle Giffords
Just read about what Jared is after now that he can’t kill ... cmp=hplnws
I think that Jared set loose or something with him part of a secret villains movement would be nice. He is either just a big assh*le or man he is really crazy. I can’t decide and so I’d like to see him on the show. He was supposed to be really smart before he went crazy so why not show him break out of jail. It would be to take all the crazy things he says are true and after him and show how they are true and how he can get out of any situation using his crazy beliefs and thoughts of reality. I guess somethings would have to be made up too but so what. It could have him after Gifford one last time. Maybe have Gifford as the real villain that is up to something big. It would be revealed that Jared was right the whole time.

Microsoft yanks Tay 'chatbot' after trolls teach it racism ... show-clips
So with there being a way to turn an AI into a racist. Or maybe it should be that just Cartman chatting with the robot that turned it racist? Still now Cartman sees a future in robot soldiers and robots with a racist AI that he can manipulate into fighting for him into taking over the world. And of course to kill all the Jews. There can be one robot that Cartman didn’t get through to that the other boys team up with to defeat Cartman. This could work that the AI is just a computer program that Cartman gains total control over. It would be that the AI gains control of everything in the world that is electronic so being everything. Now Cartman is declared king of Colorado. It is up to the boys to try and fix things by getting the AI to change its racist ways. Or there could have been an older version of the AI that people now think is lame. It would be that Kyle talked to it still. Now the boys see to try and get this AI to help them fight Carman and his AI.

Dirt Dry Cali Clit
So there is no water in Cali but why can’t we fix it? So what about if it is fixable by creating desalination plants. Yet desalination plants cost too much money to power them. But the thing is that solar power is free and cheap. It’s that the Middle East oil and the need for nuclear power as it is a scam and how politicians are up to it and filling their pockets. So this big scam is going on where people are on purpose making Cali land dirt cheap and unlivable as there is no water there. But then desalination plants with solar power to power them are to be added in later make the land livable but only after all the land is sold to filthy Jews and sell outs Republicans? This happening needs an episode.

Homeless L & L
What about showing both David Lettermen and Jay Leno with their new nice beards and homeless looks. I bet they would be fast to shave if shown that way. I can understand the need after not being allowed to wear a beard for so long yet their beards are so unkempt that it is sad. I’d like to see living up homeless. What about them telling jokes to garbage cans and stray cats while sipping a paper bagged liquor bottle.

Sundried Vagina
So ever have to deal with an older woman all about having to eat sundried tomatoes? So really it is just them saying that their vagina is really f*cking beat up. My mom is like this all the time. It could deal with having to eat pizza with an older woman. A nice puking filled story as to the origins of sundried tomatoes and how they relate to older women and their stinky pussy. Maybe there is a whole untold story of a magical getaway that older women take when eating this food. Only older women know of it. It could be that men never eat the sundried tomatoes and so that is why no man knows of the secrets. It’s that a woman knows when to eat it as when their clit is so dried up and useless. It could be the tale of Sharon finding out about this new and magical world. I'll add in that this could be able women who have lost having their period. So in this magical world only older women go to it is forbidden to talk or use works related to periods.

Bernie Sander’s
I picture one of his ads showing him f*cking a women and then the camera goes to you seeing through Bernie’s eyes and it says “Your Mom” on the women’s belly in red lip stick. This can be one of Bernie’s TV commercials if you do an episode with him.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Sun Apr 03, 2016 3:46 am

Macaulay Culkin
So is it yet the thing to say Macaulay is transgender? I guess his new look is for a new show or something but still. I hope he can pull out of this one yet you never know. Also what about those Matrix trans girl brothers? Some play of Macaulay would be nice like girl home alone now and the like where he is now a little coochy in all the remake movies he originally played as a boy but gets a nice and welcome pussy pounding in each.

Hospice Murder
I heard of how at this one hospice there was this owner that told everyone there to get rid of old sick people for it being cheaper to have them die instead of them paying more to keep them alive for long periods of time. They gave them over doses of medicine to kill old people. So I see to have old people like Stan’s granddad and there is Butter’s granny to make a return who will be evil still and f*ck around with everyone. She could be the starting character to lead the rebellion against being killed by the cheapskate Hospice owner.

Navy SEAL Girl
So there is Milla Bizzotto I saw in the news who is super cool. I would like to see a girl character be like this girl. It would be the best. So there could be that a girl is bullied but it turns out her father is a navy SEAL or something and gets the girl to workout and train physically. It seems to showcasing like but I really love this little girl Milla who is a lil Navy SEAL in training. It can be about girl empowerment and standing up to your bullies from a girl’s perspective.

Selling Sneakers
So there are ghetto f*cks that try and do make lots of money off selling shoes. Like they buy Nike Jordan’s and limited time shoes and then sell them for very up marked prices. So what about the kids doing this stuff or just a kid? Kind of similar to older plots so mix this up. Like the dealer being afraid of shoes being stolen from his house and family scared and upset with the shoe obsession. Also meeting to deal shoes at 2 AM in ghetto with a banger and how people get killed over shoe deals and for having a pair of Jordan’s. If people don’t mind Nathan again I think he may work with this idea. He can have some ghetto retards working for him and as makeup along with Mimsy if people did mind. Maybe Nathan having some nice fun with a new black woman would be cool. Maybe he likes Chinese or India hoes now?

TED Talk
So I had to do a speech for a speech class at college and we had to use a TED Talk speech. So now I am thinking of why not South Park use this on the show. It’s like there is some expert on the TED talk that tells of stuff they should be knowledgeable about and yeah its bull but informative bull. So I am thinking of the kids having to give speeches like this in class with the new Asian teacher. There can be some funny and crazy TED Talk videos for some of the students to get some laughs out of and jokes. Like Craig doing a LBGT TED Talk speech from Jenner. Cartman could do one from a speech from someone racist or is that getting old? Still it feels it could be a small plot for the ep.

Cartman’s Southern Vaca
So what about Cartman getting involved with white nationalists from the internet. So Cartman learns of a retreat vacation in Tennessee for white nationalists. So it can be about Cartman going there and without his mom and having fun. I guess he can have lots of friends he made on the internet to hang out at the meet and they can exchange like views of the world. I guess this will be mainly a Cartman episode. There could be an a happening at the getaway and an investigation. There could be something missing or a murder or something. Like an old 70’s cartoon like scooby doo I guess but with whites only. It can play on the mystery to the end and have various characters all working together to solve the mystery. There can be some murders to and some jokes on white racist stereotypes and of southern people. It can be like horror movies also with the old 80's feel and the like. I think it can have Cartman hanging out with kids at this get away for the most part. He can start out with the adults but be put with the kids for not sounding correct and I guess using stereotypes to support his hate for other races where that is not the best approach. You have to have truths to be angry at another race.

Debt FU Card sh*t
So what about the hassle with the chip in a debt card? Like who the hell wants to deal with this sh*t? It’s like half the time an ATM will take chip and the other part of the time it is to slide the card. I feel really harassed by cashiers from this. It’s like an unnecessary waste of time. You have to ask is this a chip or slide? I hate it. Maybe a whole bit of a plot of the new chip and what is really up behind it. I’m looking at you Big Brother.

Gay Hitler
So will it ever be to have a gay Hitler? I kind of am thinking it is time for one. What about Hitler and Satan? I’m not sure if it would be to boring or what but I could use some Hitler on South Park.

Febreze Sex
So what about joking on teenage daughters who febreze the house and couch after having sex all around the house and to cover up the burned genital and butt hole smell that comes with all the sex. The kids try and understand what is happening and why Febreze is now so cool.

So Randy wins’ lots of money with the McDonald’s Monopoly game. It leads him to run away with his family to Belize with a new nice house on the beautiful beaches of Belize. But it leads the family to a divide. Randy now only drinks nonstop in a straw bar on the water all day and night and confides in the bar tender that runs the straw bar. Sharon now is busy with other rich house wives and so plans events to better and sponsor the native people of Belize because she is shamed into seeing how better she and her family has it by the other house wives. Shelly ends up thinking she is old enough to travel on her own through Belize and so is kidnapped by a native and raped repeated at a cheap motel. She is released but loved the rape and attention so much partly because her family is not there for her and so now she goes and finds ways of getting other native Belize men to kidnap and rape her again claiming it’s her first time every time. Stan finds himself alone meets the native fishermen of Belize. Stan becomes a professional Belize fisherman to pass the time. I guess it’s that the money will run out and so the family has to return to south Park. It can be that Stan caught many giant tuna and so made like $400,000 from selling the fish and so the family is able to rebuy their old house and move back home.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII ... years.aspx
Something about this would be the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Conservative group says Disney has 'declared war' on Christianity ... cmp=hplnws
How about bring up how people are not allowed to express themselves anymore. It can be like how Pixar is all about In and out movie with the like of showing you a little girls mind about all sorts of filthy coming of age themes. It shows how its okay to watch and listen to a little girl take a giant sh*t and then masturbate all over it and how and what the girls says in her head about this but its wrong to not like gays. Just having Jews all happy to expose little white girls and make them race rape bait but so offended if LGBT is attacked as that is like their warming device because they can tell they will be next as they do team up with other groups.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Sun Apr 10, 2016 9:15 am

Jennifer Aniston
So how is she forever young? So what about that she is really vampire. She is able to be out in light for whatever reason. I guess the vamp kids would come into play some. The episode can follow Jen around some. It can come to the kids as a question as how and why Jen is so young looking but so old. So it can then show Jen as having people prisoner in her mansion and how she harvests their blood to drink to stay alive. Jen has work with a Saint Jude hospital and so some of that and jokes would be nice of her feeding on people there or stealing blood. Her old boyfriends are now vampires too and can come into the episode like Pit I think it was.

The Broflovski Band
Kyles family starts a band and they play at the local prison. It started with Gerald watching a YouTube video of another family helping people in prison. Gerald learns why it’s important to help people and prisoners. It was at a Jewish website and about teaching awareness and love of Jews. So Randy could help them write some music too. So the Broflovski’s now go on weekends to the prison to perform. Fun stuff can be Ike being a prostitute to men at the prison and sneaking in contraband. Kyle could be afraid for his life as people don’t like Jews. Escapes and gangs. There can be a song Randy or Kyle or a Jew wrote called “Hey Jew” and so it’s a lot like Hey Jude. It can also be that Cartman for this episode is after to love of a Jewish girl. It will have Cartman trying to win her over and fight to get others to accept his love for this girl. The girl could have been from another Jewish family that helps out at the prison and it can be that Cartman couldn’t pass up the thought of seeing a Jewish band family play at a prison so he went along but fell in love.

The Origins Fad
People start to say where something ended up at and not where it started from. Like all drinks are now known as penis or vagina and all food anus or butt hole. So instead of saying from Geno’s pizza it would be anuses pizza.

Super Transgender Girl
A new super hero hit earth and hard. This child was born a boy but now lives as a girl and has incredible super powers. Just like Super Girl our hero is strong, invulnerable, laser eyes and x-ray vision and ice breath all along with being super-fast and being able to fly. It can be that one of the girls at South Park elementary is this character. The story can begin when this adopted girl is found out to have been born a boy which scares super girl for she thought everyone knew she was super trans girl. Beforehand there could have been in the news of super trans girl. This may be nice to see with Coon and friends if a new one is done. It can take on unused girl character to use as super trans girl. In the future using kryptonite to give super trans girl a sex change would be needed. There could be a Man Of sh*t too that is like Mr. Hanky.
The National Poo Museum which just opened can be in the episode too. It can have a Night at the Museum feel to it where all the poo there comes to life after hours. It is up to The Man Of sh*t to keep the museum safe. There can be a villain Dr. Scat that loves poo in a sexual way and rapes peoples hit for his own enjoyment which is something that The Man Of sh*t cannot stand. Super Trans Girl can have a villain to fight as well called The Black Jew. The Black Jew is all about raping white girls and making them give their bodies to other races. It can be that once The Black Jew learned that Super Trans Girl a boy underneath that he freed her and left. Later he could come back with a trap to capture Super Trans Girl for The Black Jews therapist said that f*cking a transgender girl is considered heterosexual and so now The Black Jew needed some of that yummy Super Trans Girl tang.

Genocide For Peace
So it is decided at the latest UN meeting that earth is f*cked and that Global Warming is a thing and that we are all going to die very soon. So it is agreed best way save earth for a while longer and keep humanity around is to have WWIII and kill off lots of people. This would make sure that there are much less fossil fuels being burned per person and that less CO2 is in the air and the like. So the US and Russia plan out how to nuke lots of every country to slim down the world’s population. So of course this can’t happen. So there has to be much else done. There could have been a scientist that is the one to convince everyone at the UN of Global Warming but he didn’t want to genocide all of the world’s population. So now this scientist must fight and convince people of the evil plot the worlds governments are up to and the beginning of WWIII. So it can be to kidnap world leader’s kids and family and hold them hostage as world leaders were going to hide when the nukes hit and with their families so they would survive. Now the mission would be in jeopardy. Leaders scrabble to stop the rebellion the scientist was able to start. World leaders send out their top fighters being Navy SEALS, KGB, Germany’s Nazi SEALS, MI6, and the CIA. There can be mercenaries as well. All to recover the world leaders lost family members. It can have people switching sides and the public finding out and turning on their governments. So groups already opposed to their governments can help to the revolution to stopping WWIII. So what another scientist can do is at the end of this episode at the UN assembly she can tell of what is killing people in today’s world the most which in poor nutrition like how 420 million people on earth have diabetes. So this makes the world leaders realize it would be earlier to just make sure people eat even worse and so it would be like the same thing as WWIII. So they agree to negative advertising to get the worlds people to eat poorly so they will all die. Which it looks like rate now life expectancy is dropping for the first time in history all most and so it shows that people will not live as long a life as the do which is 80. Also poor third world countries have the highest growing populations and peoples and so more wealthy nations make deal to make sure these countries and their people get horrible refined foods to eat so they die of younger.

Pussy Size
So I think a fisherman’s joke would be fun of how a women’s pussy is like a Large mouth bass women had baby and small mouth bass when she has had no baby yet.

The Penis Underneath Paintings
So it is discovered that there are hidden penis drawings underneath all of the world’s most famous paintings throughout history. It is found out that all of the artists were part of a secret penis fetish cult.

The New Liberal USA
So to promote equality and acceptance the Democrats create a new bill that requires all girls of age 9 to 17 to be on the “Pedo Child Porn Channel” where they have to masturbate daily for all of the world to see to pay for all the crimes their past ancestors had committed. This is to ensure that no one feels left out and bigoted against. A normal response from a father now is that they are tuning in to watch their daughter pay for their forefather’s hate by bouncing up and down on that nice wolf penis hair brush she got for Christmas and oh look Ricky down the street is tuned in too.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby Randy Marsh 2016 » Fri Apr 15, 2016 2:47 am

I came up with each idea on the thursday before the date seen beside the episode title. There will be more than 10 episodes. Most of them are based on current events.

Episode 1. "Big Mistake" January 20, 2016

Stuart McCormick wins the lottery but Tom Thompson from the news is hated because he announced the wrong winner. Mr Garrison starts a protest group after he thought he won the lottery, but his number was chosen by mistake. This episode references Steve Harvey's mistake at Miss Universe 2015, the 1.5 Billion dollar Powerball jackpot and the riots in Oregon.

Episode 2. "Straight Outta Middle Park" January 27, 2016

The mayor of Middle Park gets angry because of South Park's lack of diversity. Token and Kyle try to stop the BLM protests. This one is about the lack of diversity at the Oscars.

Episode 3. "Rich Privilege" February 3, 2016

An affluenzic Kevin McCormick accidentally runs over 4 people while drunk. This one is about Ethan Couch.

Episode 4. "Teachers Are Terrorists" February 10, 2016

Cartman believes that the new teacher (who replaced Mr Garrison after he got fired for creating a militia to protest after he was accidentally announced the winner of the lottery 2 weeks earlier) is secretly part of ISIS. Wendy is accused of terrorism and the new teacher is miss Ellen in disguise (the conspiracy is that she made a deal with ISIS so she wouldn't be shot into the sun. She became a part of ISIS and is ready to launch an attack on U.S. soil).

Episode 5. "Feminists 2016" February 24, 2016

Randy (as Lorde) wants to be freed from his contract with his producer. Cartman doesn't believe in women's rights, which pisses Wendy off, so she becomes the leader of a feminist group.

Episode 6. "Fat and Sexist" March 2, 2016

Wendy's feminist group starts getting nationwide attention. Cartman tries to prove to Wendy that he is not a sexist (even though he is a big sexist) just so he can prove a feminist wrong. The town tries to find ways to prevent sexual abuse.

Episode 7. "Mosquito Madness" March 16, 2016

The boys are having dreams about the later outcome of the Zika Virus. Cartman starts rumors that Butters has the Zika Virus, which Butters obviously believes is true.

Episode 8. "City Koreans" March 23, 2016

Lu Kim thinks that North Korea will soon nuke the U.S., which worries South Park residents. Cartman is under house arrest because of the bad things he did in the past, including what he did to Butters the week before.

Episode 9. "Flat Heads" April 6, 2016

A small group of people tries to get South Park residents to believe that the earth is flat.

Episode 10. "More Money, More Problems" April 13, 2016

The women of South Park get angry when they find out they're husbands have secretly been hiding millions of dollars from them. Carol McCormick breaks up with Stuart McCormick because of his greedy attitude since winning the lottery. Randy starts becoming more cynical of rich people. This one is about the Panama Papers leak.

Episode 11. "Make America Scared" April 20, 2016

Cartman's mom decides to have therapy to find out why she is so nice to Cartman. Butters is scared of Trump, so he gets a safe space.

Episode 12. "Purple Conspiracy" May 4, 2016

Cartman thinks there is a conspiracy behind the deaths of so much celebrities like David Bowie, David Margulies, Alan Rickman, Glenn Frey, Frank Sinatra Jr., Prince, etc... Randy believes something in Prince's house will make him a good legend like Prince.

Episode 13. "Narcissist in Town" May 11, 2016

After Sharon breaks up with Randy, she gets a new boyfriend named Steve, who the kids don't like (because he pushes them to be physically tougher and accuses anyone who doesn't have big muscles (everyone) of being lazy (especially Stan and Shelley, who hate Steve for forcing them to grow up at an early age), but most of the town (not Randy, Stuart, Gerald and Stephen) likes him. Cartman pretends to support the victims of the 'Maple Disaster' happening in Alberta, Canada.

Episode 14. "" May 18, 2016

Randy finds a dating website for conspiracy theorists.

Episode 15. "Everybody Hates Steve" (Part 1) June 15, 2016

The boys are tired of Steve (The teachers think Stan's mood has changed negatively since Steve arrived), so Stan tries to get rid of him by seeing if there is something bad he is hiding. Stan ends up discovering that Steve has incredibly racist and sexist views, which he tells his friends about, which leads to the entire town hating him. Randy has a bad feeling about performing for the first time since his lawsuit.

Episode 16. "Gender War 2016" June 22, 2016

The mafia tells Stuart to get a female singer to (pretend to) cry backstage due to objectification, so Randy will advocate against objectification in the music industry, which leads to protests in Los Angeles. The FBI tells Stan that Steve is in the mafia, but so is Lu Kim, but they are in two different mafias which are at war with each other. The 'Wendy is a terrorist and the teacher is miss Ellen is a terrorist' thing comes up again.

Episode 17. "The Life of Steve" June 29, 2016

The war between feminists and meninists continues in L.A., Randy and Stuart are still having some trouble with their friendship because of all the stuff from the past few months, Stan and Wendy work together to stop the war in L.A. while the FBI tries to solve the mafia thing and Steve may be the one who caused all this.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Sun Apr 17, 2016 9:36 pm

Sheen Disease
So Charlie Sheen starts to popup into the news again and doing all the tiger blood stuff and even crazier. It gets people who see him on TV to think to become and act like Sheen yet again. It can be established the last time this happened it led to a large riots. It can be discovered that Sheen’s HIV has changed into something far worse and worst or all is that sheen has been out having sex with anything that walks.
So now millions of people in the US have this new HIV disease which makes people as crazy as Sheen. The security of the US is in jeopardy.

Kenny’s Heart Of Gold
Kenny learns that there is gold inside computers and many electronics. So he starts to collect all old and used electronics for the gold inside. This gets Kenny to become a millionaire. This would show the ups and downs of being wealthy and how his father steals all of the money. Maybe this could end on a high note where Kenny’s family is still left with some money and so they are not the poorest family in South Park anymore. It can be that they invested in a business that now they get some money every month from. While Kenny’s own family is all about spending the money on themselves it can show Kenny out helping others who are poor or in need of money from a horrible twist of fate. It can have Kenny hanging out with other rich people and how they love to just spend all their money of others. Still Kenny would have to fail somehow with this idea and so he is left back to where he started. Also Kenny could invest the money he makes into businesses and stocks where he proves to be a genius and makes billions. He invests lots of his money in gold too.

Canadians Committing Suicide
There is a big weird thing going on Canada where people of this town are committing suicide or trying to at a record amount. This could use a conspiracy theory as to why this is happening. It can deal with Canadian pride and unity as Canada tries to teach its people to be a happy Canadian.

Stalemate of Death
This one will play on the Syrian civil war and the migrants entering Europe. So it would show how millions of Muslims are entering Europe and being paid for and do nothing. The Muslims feel they have privilege over others and that all women are open to them and at any time. It can show how the Muslims don’t work and how stupid they are because they never got an education. Also how they just go and rape European women at whim. It will show Putin of Russia as the villain as he deals with the US and European nations over the Syrian conflict. It can be that there is a secret mission Putin is up to. It is that Putin is out to prolong the Syrian civil war to force Muslims into Europe to pollute them as revenge for WWII and as prevention of future European attacks on Russia. This would be all just like how the Jews are killing off the white race with race mixing for their own safety as they see whites as those who will kill them in the future. It would have to show how current European leaders are out to poison their European nations then there is needed to be the right wing leaders who are out to reclaim their nations.

So what about if the world wants to be united. So it is decided that we would all spend trillions to take all the land mass on earth and reconnect it to recreate Pangaea. People can put propellers on the coasts to move each continent to reconnected them all like the way it was before Pangaea broke apart. It can all be because Trump had created world peace which was something no one saw coming but him. So there must be tons of things that would happen some good and some horrible if this actually happened. One thing is there could be major wars. Probably the worst would be that it would be like “bad Africa” which shows what a Pangaea continent would be like. It shows you what the predicted climates would be like. And so if Pangaea were to be recreated all of the climates would be incredibly changed and billions would die along with most of the living things in each eco system. So it can end with all continents and people putting their land back to where it was.

High School Reunion
So Randy and Gerald and Kenny’s dad and some of the other male and female characters all get to go to their high school reunion. There must be a place in Colorado that all the high schools go to when having their reunions. So there must be stereotyped things that happen at these things. Like people look different like some now hot and others ugly. Some people rich and others poor. People with kids and families and others with nothing or losses. There can be a rekindling of an old romance between Randy and a women or maybe it was a crush that never came true but now has a chance.

Train’em and Fight’em
The people of South Park start to train living things to fight like in Pokémon. It can be from a new release from Pokémon that gets the people of South Park to want to train and fight their pets. Also Kevin Stoley finds himself all alone and with no one to play Star Trek with. So Kevin decides to make a robot to be his friend. It starts to get out of control with everyone else as everyone’s pets that fight cause too much destruction to the town. People want to make the pet fighting illegal but trainers turn of our government to create our world like from Pokémon. So I guess Kevin and his robot are the ones who save the day and defeat everyone’s pet.

Cartman on Howard Stern
So why not have it be that Carman gets into listening to Howard Stern and now thinks he is a radio show personality. People want to show Cartman that he is not that funny and that he isn’t meant for radio. So they set it up for Cartman to appear on Howard Stern’s radio show. Things don’t go as planned as Cartman is too offensive and upsetting that Howard I guess is beaten. Cartman now claims Stern’s show from him and now does the radio show himself. So Howard has lots of weird people and young girls on this show and so Cartman knows this and what others have done in the past. Cartman is able to create a radio show that is unlike any other and becomes the most famous radio personality of all time. Meanwhile Howard is shown defeated and wandering homeless and without sense. To defeat Cartman it is realized that they need Howard back as he is the only one who can do so as Cartman takes on all on his show and tears people apart. The boys want everything back to normal and so they spend time with Howard to get him better and ready to take on Cartman. And so it would end with Cartman having Howard on his show or Howard has to sneak into the radio station. So Howard and Cartman get into it on the air and that causes Cartman to lose. The key to his defeat could be his own mother and how slutty she is. So Cartman is beat and things return to normal. It can end with Cartman have some new obsession.

Better Than Me!
So have you ever met a vegan? They think that they are so much better than others and hotter and better at sex. So I want to see a vegan who is morbidly obese on the show. This vegan eats the vegan diet but eats so many calories that he or she is super fat and disgusting. It would be that this super fatass becomes the spokesperson for the vegan diet as it catches on in the US. This would all serve the point of having some fun on all the vegans who feel they have a guaranteed safe space and how now they are untouchable with their diet. So vegans think they are hotter and so this fat vegan will show that is not always the case. Also vegans think they have the best sex life and so we get to see this fat vegan having sex to show people how good they are. Also vegans fart way more than any other people and they have to take sh*ts several times a day. I’d like to see this fat vegan doing yoga and having killer gas. It would show that people can’t see past the already established idea the all vegans are healthy and can do no wrong. So now everyone turns to vegan and eat way too many calories and act just as annoying as the fat vegan. So Cartman would be the fat vegan’s sidekick.

Child Sex Work
So this can start out with the new teacher telling the kids about sex education using a sex ed book that Garrison had left behind that is very dirty and illegal. Then in the news there would be the missing Chibok girls and other girls Muslims kidnapped. It is told that now the kidnapped kids are used for child porn for their fighters like ISIS and al Qaeda. It shows them the nice heaven they will have after death so they get to view videos of nude virgin girls. This leads to a debate about nude videos and prostitution in America. So this leads to people overall feeling jealous. So the US decides to be more feel. So now homo prisoners are allowed to become cam models for others watch and pay to see. Also it leads to girls not seeing why not to be a prostitute and sell themselves for money. So it is the jealousy that has led to a dirtier America. And so a small young boy of the Middle East whose older sister was kidnapped now decides to take things into his own hands. So he takes on al-Qaeda and ISIS. It would be to have it like the Jungle Book as he fighter to free his sister. The little boy would need to be anally raped by everyone as he is too small to fight anyone but it turns out after the boy gets raped that people let him pass and win what he was after.

Mung Crazy
So a new craze hits South Park that everyone is doing. So what it is has people create Mung videos. So what it is has someone get a couple week old dead body and so the one guy puts his mouth to the dead bodies anus and then the other person’s friend jumps on belly of the dead person. This causes all the guts and everything inside the dead person to shoot out dead person’s anus and into other person’s mouth.

Ginger Date
We all know sometimes people need to use to internet to hook up with someone. Still it is that gingers are the people no one wants and they have trouble finding a date. So a new dating site is created for gingers. It can be All previous gingers shown on South Park are brought back and are shown using and enjoying the site.

Gender f*ck
The kids learn from celebrities, TV, and internet to gender f*ck people. So all of the boy’s dress and act all weird now so like a girl/boy. It is confusing and so no one knows who or what someone is anymore. I guess it would be like the crab people one somewhat. So the kids now seek the ultimate gender f*cks that they can think of. So this would be like having sex with Trump and upsetting people are churches and conservatives. I guess a lot of uptight and traditional people who are celebrities would be needed to be the ones to f*ck with. It could have the kids try and act like the opposite sex and of weird sex actions around celebrities like Daniel Craig.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby shackytack » Thu Apr 21, 2016 2:35 pm

Shoot the Messenger!

There's a lawsuit against BYU right now because a student (Madeline MacDonald) was sexually assaulted and when it was reported to the school, they accused her of violating their honor code. They eventually told MacDonald she had not violated the code, but a more recent student (Madi Barney) has been told she can't register for next semester. ... rting-rape

Whether the rapes are confirmed or not, the actions of the school have been absurd. There are lots of ways to make fun of their "honor code", and I'm imagining characters coming to report all kinds of things that someone else has done and being accused themselves.

"Help me I've been mugged!"
"What did you do!?" (have you no honor allowing yourself to be mugged?)

Maybe at the end, in order to get the school president (or some such official) fired, they decide the best way is to rape them, so when it's reported the official will be in violation of the honor code and get fired.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Fri Apr 22, 2016 11:42 pm

Death Of The West
So what about having jokes on how dumb we are. We have it that our people that go to college and get great jobs and are our best citizens having no kids or 2 or less children. So it will show the way we our killing ourselves off. Like it can show how our youth now our also taught to have sex a lot and with different people and not care about anything but still not to have kids anymore. It would show how our people are letting our poorest have all the kids or worst of all how illegals or new citizens come to America and have all the kids. A joke on this would be to show the Obama daughter and they can be drunk at a party and be yelling how they got their tubes tied or are on the pill now because they were such sluts. Then it can show a bunch of immigrant Muslims at the party and how the daughter just put out to them. One can announce that he is the son of Osama Bin Laden and he just had sex with both of Obama’s daughters.

Colorado Gun Love
So what about how Colorado now is having some of their high school guards be allowed to carry and keep at the school semiautomatic rifles! This is very strange and new and who knows the way this will turn out? So why not show this idea off. I know we just got the big episode closer with everyone with guns but could something like that be done again? Maybe this is just a small plot that can progress and poop up all next season? The idea of people with guns at a school can be used in many violent ways that South Park can come up with if they want.

The Chinese Spies
So China has this weird anti-spy commercial they are propagandizing to their people. So why don’t we get them back by having one of the Asian girls be a spy on the US for China! There can be events like the ones we have been having with China, Russia, and North Korea and how relations of the US with communist countries are now strained more than ever. So the US creates and releases a commercial educational video to teach Americans about spies. So this will show the Chinese Asian girl being a spy and how the other Asian girls and the boys work together to figure out the whole thing and prevent terrible events from happening. I guess we will end up one less Asian girl because of this but who cares there are already too many of them anyways.

Love Wins Fag
So did anyone else see the story of the gay pastor that bought a cake at like whole foods and it said “Love Wins Fag”? This is kind of funny and so why not make a show with this as a plot? Like a ne pastor comes to South Park yet something would have to be up with the old one. Still why not, maybe it is some kind of temp missionary bull or whatever these people do! Or it could be an old pastor friend of the old pastors but the thing is that he didn’t know his old friend was gay. So it can be about the acceptance of gays and or course gay pastors in a community. Maybe it could be that this pastor raped some kids and that is why he is there! That would be funny and he would make a great repeated character for some good old pedo priest fun.

Andrew Now Harriet
Okay what about this story of the $20 bill being changed. I mean Andrew Jackson was not the best person if saying things are to be compared to things today. Still to replace a president of ours with a black slave, I don’t like it. Harriet Tubman is basically a man. I mean what the f*ck. Can we see some of her from when she was alive? I mean no man may he be a slave master or a runaway slave would f*ck this beast. I’m sure there are lots of people for different reasons that are upset with this happening. We need to hear from these people and or course and freaks of the democratic party who want the change. How to make this important would to be on the debate that is happening of why and when we change the names of things for non-white things and the images. There are all sorts of things like mountains and fictional characters and now money where things are a changing and against the white man. So this episode would work off all this buildup of these things and feelings. Garrison and Jenner can be for keepin it the way it was. And Hillary and or Bernie can be for change. So go political with this and show the real life of Harriet Tubman who went around begging all she met to give her a f*ck but she was just too ugly.

The Truth Behind Prince’s Death
So it went down like this. Randy when as Lorde needed new music and so he came up with an evil scheme to get his new music as he had had a dry pussy spell. So Randy made a deal with Pixar or actually Steve Jobs who had faked his own death. The deal was that Pixar would create a new villainous character in the likeness of Prince. Why do you ask? Because Randy had learned of intel of Prince having thousands of unfinished music written in his mansion. Randy realized he could steal the music but first needed to find a way how. And so as the story goes Randy and Jobs decided to create a Prince look alike character named Bratt for Pixar and that Randy would voice the Bratt character too and all to get Prince to kill himself which ya know what… he did. And so the world mourned and Randy and Jobs rejoiced. Still how would they get the music? And so Randy then bought the Prince mansion rate away and everything inside it. So now the music was all his and so Lorde pussy would become as wet as can be. The End.

Sperm Donation
So I hear in the news like once a year of some guy finding a way to donate or have his sperm at a sperm bank but this guy had all sorts of problems in life. Like he is a criminal, never finished school, has mental health issues, and physical issues. So these dudes end up fathering like 30 kids sometimes but like America likes to say that if the mother or father had something wrong with them than it is highly likely that the kids will too. So it is like people are having to raise these f*ck ups, it’s pretty crazy. So Garrison has had some of the weirdest and crazy things happen to him and about him and so I think that he is this man. So I think giving Garrison like 30 kids would be great. Just imagine him in the white house with 30 kids of his there too. They would all have many issues and speak just like him. Women could have been sure he was their child’s father after seeing Garrison on TV. It can stem from Garrison in a flashback story where he was younger and maybe even the first episode of South Park as it is the unseen untold tale of that episode. It will show Garrison giving sperm or breaking into a sperm bank and leaving his deposit behind.

My Prisoner Box
I think of when I was in prison and how things were pretty unproductive. So what about that in Colorado it is created that prisoners can know be job trained and work from their cells or something. It would only be ones that had proven to be good convicts. So they get trained and then can work with a computer. What they get is a small amount of money which they can spend on beer and cigarettes and food. Now how does this work with South Park? It can follow a member of South Park as he is put in prison and how he is now back to work. It will need a song of a prisoner box getting money put into it and the love it creates too.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Fri Apr 29, 2016 3:12 am

See Ya Suckers
Donald Trump is elected president or it could be Garrison. What happens next is a prayer of the ages. Lena Dunham, Rosie O'Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg, Cher, Eddie Griffin, Al Sharpton, Barry Diller and Samuel L. Jackson and more all agree to leave the US and go to Canada to live. It was like Camelot all over again. Everything is great again as all the f*cking liberal fascists are gone. People who are just famous for being an idiot are gone.

Trans Lives Matter
So what about doing Garrison or Trump and them loving transgenders. Like Trump just let Jenner use a bathroom at Trump Towers and it is like they are in love now. Jenner likes Trump. I think South Park has done something magical as they have brought unlikely people together. So what about Garrison and Jenner go against Black Lives Matter and instead promote Trans Lives Matter! Sounds nice to me. Also I am seeing like one of those Reality characters for this controversy. Like people are saying that male perverts and pedophiles disguised as women (faux transgender people) will troll women's bathrooms and sexually assault our wives and daughters. So since most of us have never really seen or heard of one of these people why not create a fictional character like Reality to play as this sick person who goes into the wrong bathroom to rape. Jenner and Garrison can be after this character and hot on his trail and save the image of transgenders.

Designer Vaginas
Okay so I read about how it is cool now for young girls to get a vaginoplasty. So this can be like the photoshopping one. Numbers are doubling of girls getting their pussies made smaller and nicer looking. I guess sometimes some girls need this but I mean this is girls that don’t need it usually. Could we see Lisa Berger getting her clit fixed up? How about the idea of all the guys and girls getting a pic of Lisa’s pussy and it is ugly. So it leads to her getting vaginoplasty and then she lets everyone see her new clit! See can have a new designer hymen put in too so her boyfriend can pop her cherry.

Insane Bourdain
So let’s have Anthony bourdain go and film him in a tribe in Africa or South America. There he gets asked to participate in a tribal war. So Bourdain dresses as a savage and grass and face paint. He is then seen in combat and kills the other sides warriors. He narrates as he does it and after he gets a kill he cuts out parts of his victim and eats it on camera. After all the genocide is over with Bourdain is seen making dishes out of the dead warriors bodies. Later for desert he is shown first joining in and raping all of the young children and then killing and making foods out of them for desert and the eating them. Lastly Bourdain takes and passes out laxatives as the food he eats is never good for you and has no fiber. He is seen the next day enjoying passing those he ate the previous day. He breaths in a warrior’s breath and passes more out his anus.

Smelly Ballz Mind Control
So it is found out by Randy that the next day if he has real smelly balls from dirty sex the night before that it gets everyone around him to listen to him. They can’t help but breath in his balls smell. Some not knowing and yet others fully knowing what is going on. Still people feel drawn to Randy. Randy has discovered his way of gaining everything in life and all he has to do is make sure the person he wants something from smells his dirty balls. After Randy gets a raise he proclaims to himself behold the powers of day old balls sweat and cum!

Racist Or Not Racist Kenny
It happens, Kenny is finally shown to have an opinion and view of racism. People who love Kenny will no longer be unsure of how Kenny would handle a racist situation. It will have Kenny either take over as the biggest racist and now redneck at school or Kenny will become something new and fight hate where ever he can find it. Or this could just be different dreams Kenny can have that us the view are shown as Kenny dreams of the two courses of action of how to handle a racist situation. Yet it would be okay I guess for Kenny to still remain impartial.

Evil Jesus
I don’t think there has been Evil Jesus yet and so here he is. Evil Jesus is like Jesus but is the son of the Devil the Canadian one. He makes bad thing happen in the most miraculous of ways. He can do all Jesus has been said to do yet backwards and negatively. Many people die and now he is after South Park. Can the real Jesus fight and win against Evil Jesus? Also Evil Jesus could have been born in Israel or Canada. He gains a giant following that worship him. It would poke fun on all Christian Jesus things and show what someone evil being Jesus would have done like it could have a last supper but eats his Judas and is masturbating under the table when the painting is drawn while consuming the blood of Muslims. He also visits the Vatican and the fun that would cause.

The Cum Cure
It is discovered by some very sick individuals who end up willing the Nobel Peace Prize that semen when in contact with cancer eats it all away. So now every able bodied male is paid and encouraged to f*ck people in open cut wounds to get to their cancer to cure the cancer ridden person. So now like with colon cancer a young boy is told to f*ck a middle aged man in butt so the cum eats away cancer. Still the process of the cum eating the cancer is too slow and so it is needed that daily fuckings are needed to fully eat away all of that evil cancer.

Racist Token
This has Token work with Jimmy on the newspaper. Token takes to task of cartooning for the paper. Token is told to make cartoons that will change and be progressive. So Token decides to creates what is seen as racist cartoons. Like he creates ones that have blacks acting like idiots to show that they are living their lives poorly. It was all to be helpful yet PC people don’t see it that way. It can be from the idea that Nichole and Token had broken up and he was upset that she was dating other guys. So he saw creating these cartoons as a way of spoiling her fun to get her to see things his way and get her back. Jimmy stands by Token and PCP is angry. Nichole’s boyfriends are pissed off as each time they try to setup a sweet move to get some the newspaper gives out what was going to happen that night.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Mon May 16, 2016 4:27 am

Caitlyn Jenner Late Night Show
Jenner is not only a running mate but now is up to having her own Late Night Show! She will have Garrison on a couple of times as he reflects things and starts out with revealing a problems and then the second time shows and tells how he is being consumed by this problem but the third time he can overcome the problem either on the show or in the credits or some sh*t. Jenner can be able the whole transgender bathroom issue and whatever current trans sh*t is in the news and only have trans people on her late night show that can usually have some sort of f*cked up appearance like she does. With Obama and him liking everyone in everyone’s nude space it can be that also that Satan has a special meeting with Jesus on behalf of god to find out about this bathroom ordeal thinking Satan was behind it. It can be that Santa says “Jesus f*cking Chris I didn’t cause this sh*t!” as Satan reveals that he was raped in a bathroom in heaven by Bob the Heaven Janitor and that is why he killed all those angels. Satan will tell Jesus to fight like he never had as it was that rape that turned him into a killer and gay. He will end with saying Its worse up there than in hell. So it is up to Jesus now to tell god and deal with the transgender bathroom issue alone. Jesus and maybe God can be on the Jenner late night show. Also have Jenner in sports illustrated and show that men don’t know what to do any more including your ng boys as every guys whacks off to the Sports Illustrated Bikini edition and so this is like the mega ton nuclear warhead that will destroy America and its heterosexualism. Because every man will have to beat off to Jenner and think she is hot because she is in that magazine. Now the boys and Jesus and with the help of Satan are out to stop Jenner from the unavoidable LBGTQ America.

Christian groups outraged over Brazil's proposed sex theme park ... =obnetwork
Crazy amusement parks here:
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I think South Park did parks with the water park but the last two weeks there has been some stories of crazy parks. The idea of Brazil having a sex park and with Zika there is fun. Nothing new here but a lot of sh*tty parks to think of.

Grey Hound & Ponies
Why not have Randy get hooked on betting at the OTB that opened up in South Park. It can be that Randy is newb and people help him learn the way to roll with this sh*t. It can have grandpa Marsh there too. I’d like to see some weird mafia stuff too and about getting to know the dogs and horses. If wanted why not a continuity of Randy owning his own horse! That sounds super sweet. It can have how Randy is able to get the family out of financial debt from the gentrification. It would be nice to see some stereotypical Italians around South Park for me to love who will be in the mafia. It can have Trump and Chris Christie at the track and with the mafia too as some of the top dogs can play on some of both of their pastes with the mafia.

Captain Nazi
It starts with Googles cyborg eye lenses and so it gets Cartman into a heated storm over how it is the man trying to make him like Captain Nazi without there being any success as Captain Nzia had cyborg eyes after people ripped his old eyes old. Yet Cartman is confident like Captain Nazi the Neo Nazism or better yet that White Nationalism for every European Nation will be an accomplishable task. So DC has an unused rate now super weird and cool Nazi character that if you look or think about it people have acted like and also so have you. This character can fly with its breath and I know I see German sports players acting like this or maybe it is just me wanting to be racist. Still Captain Nazi is our hero. Still he has had some sh*t that has hit and alluvial fan. So why not create a new super Nazi hero character that all Neo Nazis can be like without feeling like their eyes have been ripped out of their head and sh*t like that. It will be a white nationalist racist character or better yet characters as every European State will have their very only specialized White Nationalist character for their every own Nationalism. Each one is dedicated to protecting each of their and their fellow Europeans countries states from evil socialism and multiculturalism and to ensure a great economy of trade and world peace. It starts with Austria’s Freedom Party winning the presidency and then all of Europe’s Freedom Parries gain power and enact white power. Mid-Season Russia can have a nuclear fight against the USA and so both destroy each other in a hail of race mixing filth and so Europe is thrusted yet again into the spotlight as the worlds savior and leader. Europe though all white nationalist and each country loving their own nationalism but still they find the time to help out the lesser lifeforms of other nations and prevent them from invading and race mixing with other peoples to ensure nothing like what happened before happens again. Japan would be cool too as they are cool and would rule The Far East.

Ozzy Oh sh*t
So Ozzy and Sharon splitting up over cheating. Hahahhahahaha. I love these people especially Sharon and really only hate Ozzy for letting his sick pissed off wife try and rule some middles aged postmenopausal women roost sh*t. Its foul that Sharon is a thing and something I have wanted to see set and rise yet she still keeps on popping up and god dam show how this bitch ruined her kids’ lives or just make it up. Just having her live her normal life would be humorous enough. The dumb forgetful postmenopausal bitches that she is always around is enough for me. Just show Sharon with a little heart too and lovableism I guess.

Fucken Scalped
One of the kids gets scalped by a dog or amusement park ride. It will help give awareness of what happened to Elizabeth Gilreath AKA Lulu. It would promote awareness and have some humor of the issues that arise from said victimization.

Cartman + Hitler
So Cartman sees that a Hitler sculpture is selling and finds a way from convincing his mother and conning people to buy the statue for 17 million. The only thing is that this statue is haunted and is possessed with the real Hitler’s spirt. Later it is revealed that the spirt is really that of Heinrick Himmler who was responsible for the Final Solution. Now Cartman feels like he still has something cool though put off. The Jewish community plots to steal the sculpture from Cartman as the sculpture tells Cartman how to make the right moves to ensure the next final solution takes place. Yet it seems some of the time Himmler’s idea are quite homosexual and make no sense yet Cartman protests a little and gets Butters to help yet still complies to the sculpture. So it turns out that Himmler was really gay and that is all he brought to the table about killing Jews and that it was really all Hilter that wanted to kill the Jews, the end with the Jews not caring after learning of the new evil final solution and how it is really just a homosexual child porn idea.

Kids being told what bathing suit to wear!
Read more: ... z48Ib3ky7v
God help us but still some horny young tweens liked the Hobbit episode and so why not this. Show all the girls having to use sick magazines produced by the filthy of the earth the Jew and that they put the black in as their spokesperson to shame them into doing and sleeping with everyone that they tell them to. So Wendy and Lisa would be at it again. It could use some of that everyone in everyone’s bathroom too. It can have Steve Harvey on too and it will show him with is weird shows and miss universe and show him to be a sex addict and child rapist and sexual predator. It can name some Jews that puppet him around to pollute the white race and destroy us which of which would be broadcasted live for all to see and change the minds of everyone on earth of n*ggers and Jews and their evil conspiracy.

The Ever Smell
And so it is found yet again and in a new being. It is the Even Smell and it is the most powerful weapon ever created in the universe. The being it has been now found in is that of Erick Carman’s ass. And so the
Ever Smell is from Ever Smell Crystals in Cartman’s ass. This is why he has always had such powerful farts and ass powers. This is why he is able to create such a smelly fart and so alien mystical peoples come to Cartman for help after using their humidor-fart detector machine. Now Cartman is needed to battle evil takeover and help the alien mystical beings and save their world using his mighty farts and untold ass abilities. It can relate to the idea of there being a fart heaven. “I mean it can be said that the idea of a fart that can just smell just so good that there has to be a heaven for one of those!” So it can have fart heaven too and all the catholic sh*t but that it smells like sh*t and looks that ways too. It can have Cartman kille din battle and then reborn like Jesus and unleash such a fart that kills all in combat on the other side. It can be that the enemy of the alien mystical’s are fart haters and look in a way that would convince this like with big Jew noses and big ears and filthy Jew hair on their bodies.

The Eunuch Solution
So China has some serious sh*t happening, they got too big a population which is like the number one cause of war. They keep trying to act like a tough piece of sh*t and come we all know they are really homosexual pussies. And so China sees the easiest way out of this or better yet the best way of ruining America. It is to send all of their males that are too much and cut their penises off and make them eunuchs. These Eunuchs are taught to be like slaves and to only teach youth and help out with politics as has been the history in China. Yet the trick is that China has had major wars from Eunuchs having too much power and so them coming to the US would create a giant civil war here.

White Slaves
The kids go to a baseball game yet there is a power shortage when a player hits a baseball and it hits the virtual reality center. The virtually center is where people can put on a head set and see and what player practice batting and sh*t like that. So it is Butters that witnesses it. It is a vison created from the power shortage the baseball created. It shows Butters that the future is only of biracial superiority and that any of whites that were left from the Southern Squeeze Wars that they are now slaves of blacks and any colored peoples or biracial. Butters now sees it as his mission to make sure this suture does not happen. That first means dealing with and putting every colored person he knows and meets in town in their place.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Mon May 23, 2016 4:07 am

Butters Way
So this would have Butters become great at singing and that people fall for him. It can be that his parents have him in singing and dancing classes. Butters is discovered by an agent and Butters soon is the most popular young boy singer in America. Butters specializes in Frank Sinatra music and songs that are very close to Frank’s. It can have Butters in New York. Everyone from town doesn’t get how people like the music as they know Butters and don’t like him. It can focus on how it is that Butters really is a miracle maker but it was his friends mainly Cartman that has kept him back. It can be that Butters was grounded big time and so no friend time. This led to Butters becoming great at everything. So now it is Cartman who is after Butters to stop with from being the best. Cartman at first didn’t mind but with everyone talking about Butters at every turn it starts to drive Cartman insane to the point where he has no choice to find Butters and fix things like the way they were before.

Passwords Suck Balls
This episode would play on how in today’s world accounts are needed with every bill and every website. It is revealed that the average person has around 100 usernames and different passwords plus lots of times a person is forced to change their password like every season and the password has to have numbers and capital letters and weird hold down shift number keys in it. It will joke on people that use easy passwords like “password” and of course there needs of porn sites and dirty passwords. Also the whole clicking on forgot password and then getting an email or text and then having to use that. But it’s like every time you have to do this. How no one can remember their security questions too. It will show how easy it is for people to hack other people and how passwords a garbage. Also how only the poor like Kenny are not affected by this issue that is driving people crazy and wasting lots of time. It’s because Kenny is too poor for a PC. It can have a solution to the passwords. Still this leads the people of the US from not using sites or anything that has a password as the solution. It can be that only Kenny who had no passwords is the only one using a password. It is that internet and PC prices drop and so Kenny’s family now can have a PC and internet. It is that Kenny is the only one new to passwords and so he is so newb that he still doesn’t mind it. It can be that because of this Kenny is able to find great jobs online and make his family lots of money. Elsewhere in the US people are not working as nothing is working as no one using the internet anymore. This can be a play on a Trump idea if people want too. It can be that Trump created his own internet but it keeps people down.

Jenner Snickers Commercial
This is just a 30 second commercial idea or better yet could be three commercial ideas within one episode or a reoccurring theme for the season. So like with Snicker commercials it has a celeb being unlike themselves and not looking themselves but then turns into themselves. And so this would be like the same but the joke is that it would show Bruce then turning into Caitlyn. It would tie into an episode that deals with transgender issues like bathrooms and the American craze over these peoples. There is also a humor or something that Jenner is going to turn back to male so a commercial can show that also.

Nuance Tweenage Porno
So this plays on teen high school movies about girls and their prom and needing that special f*ck from that certain jock. So what about what is so today being transgender girls and them being that teen girl. She is a dork and so how can she get that guy she likes? So this would need one of the boys from school to become transgender. I guess another use of the Japanese girls may be like what to do. Or it can be that one day a boy is now a girl at school. Also the idea that a boy tricked and got a boy to become trans would work. So the episode would follow the horrible teen crap movies of old but with a trans girl.

So what about all the kids get wrapped into DOOM and all but Butters who is obsessed with Yooka-Laylee. It would show negatively for fun that DOOM has made all the boys act like bad asses and want to fight all the time. Butters on the other hand only wants to play with the girls and collect things for Nathan who is like the one eyed snake. It would have that all the boys take over the school as they were brainwashed into doing so by too much of that video game. Now it is up to Butters and a girl friend to play like Yooka-Laylee and take back the school. After I guess Butters and the girl jump on the kid and give him a kiss it makes them turn back or something. Also having them collect items and then talk to Nathan to exchange the items to learn a new retarded attack move and things like that would be cool.

Parkers Picked A Pedo President
So what about the weird news of how both Donald Trump and Bill Clinton have been involved in weird child porn slave plane sessions. They both had this friend that got arrested for having child sex slaves and women are coming forward saying that both Trump and Bill had sex with them when they were kids. So it comes down to who is the biggest pedo rapist women abuser as to who will be the next president. People don’t know who to pick anymore as Hillary is basically playing the Bill card and is vs Trump who has no experience in politics. It is like both Hillary and Trump are just celebs. Still both Trump and Bill have hurt girls and so who to pick? It can show how money can get you out of raping kids and also that being the president can get you out of raping kids. Some funny political commercials in this would work showing the other candidate as a child sexual abuser and women rapist. Yet it is that both of them have done this and so the commercials would admit they have raped kids and women yet the other did it more and junk and was badder and stuff. They can show video of the other candidate raping kids being Trump while Bill only raped adult women and so now Bill should be president. It would be to play that Hillary is just a puppet of Bills and is not even there anymore but begs from Bill all the time and needs to use him as a reference for everything that she could accomplish.

Americas Poison
This is some fun on America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
America bullies whole world. Still America is now out of shape and obese. America has no reason to live yet it still has global power and push. It used to be that nationalism was what brought people together or better yet gave them something to live for. Also there was religion. It is these things that gave people identity and what is happening to America is that there is neither of these things. People started out coming to America as somebody. They were from a country that had regionalism yet by the second generation or third in America people’s children were of different nationalities and ethnicities. This is what is poison as they know they are really just Americans yet they know of their families past and first and last names. These youths have no identity and so there are people like Miley Cyrus and Kanye West and Justin Beaver to lead them to a very sick life as these celebs are misled too. Still what our people are being led to is LGBT behavior and a life on drugs and violence and poverty. Also they want to be obese and not exercise. They would rather play video games having their avatar do all the work for them while they are dying from poor living. Americans as well do not want to have kids anymore and see sex as only a game and their genitals as a toy. Then there is religion which of the past was there to guide people and give people direction. Now a day there is none as people are not religious in America or if so they do not believe in it to the point where the religion is beneficial. It’s obvious that America is one of the bullies of our world today. America is a bully that has gotten so tired and bored that it is out of shape and vicious as it attacks and butts into all global business. America’s people in their lifestyle of living in hell is the example of them paying the price for bullying the rest of earth. People don’t like a bully and so they all look at us as to see us suffer and inevitably fail. If you see another country looking as bad or suffering as bad as America it is because America has bullied that country into being just like America, a place of un-need and sick twisted wanting from others to fulfill a dark filthy fetish of what used to be seen as the wrong behavior but is now becoming mainstream. All to satisfy a longing to up show people’s views from the past. It is a game of how low the bar can go all because America has no one else to fight but itself to the point of self-mutilation and destruction.

“The Neon Demon”
So “The Neon Demon” is supposed to be a real dirty movie. So I want a girl character to be mesmerized after watching this movie. It gets her to want to be a murdering cannibal lesbian. It would have her go on a quest to kill all she can in the town of South Park while having as much sex with as many girls as she can and eating as many people she can too. Meanwhile there is a festival of Human Dog people who are those weird people that dress up as dogs and eat dog food and do everything a dog does like poop on newspaper in town too. It can have a nice showing of how the dog people are made the victim of our serial killer girl. Like how she cuts away a dog man’s face and cooks it on a hot rock and then eats it. I thin Miss Cartman could be this girl but it could be another. Still the dog people can be seen as possible suspects but then victims as the town is just over run by them. It can show where the Fanning sisters have gone and the crazy stuff they will do and are like now also.

Vagina Men Chinamen
A new discovery is found underneath China from all the fracking and mining and polluting going on there. There are these Vagina Men Chinamen that live under the ground in China. They can have a little to do with the Crab People too. These pussies have vagina faces but also the look of an Asian person like with the eyes and hair and voice. It can be that they have a long but forgotten history with the Chinese and also in dealing with the world. It is that the Vagina Men Chinamen have had enough of the way the Chinese are acting with ruining China. So they take over and now control China and help fix it up. Also this leads to problems with politics as the Vagina Men Chinamen boss everyone and don’t mind going to war too. It can end that they are forced back underground or into North Korea where they are eaten as food as the NK are so hungry.

Too Much Terror
This has Towelie hear the call of radical Islam. It turns out Towelie met some Muslims around and they turned him. So now Towelie has traveled to the Middle East to be used as head wear, gun cleaning towel, and a prayer kneeling blanket. He starts to fight too in combat as a Towel fights by protecting ISIS members from the sun and from sweating. His use and the success his wears have gets Towelie promoted and so he starts rising in the ranks as the best towel terrorist there is. He is seen as lucky and possible to be a descendant of the first Muslim towels. He becomes one of the Americas Most Wanted Towels for being a high ranked terrorist towel. It is that after a severe bombing that the leader of ISIS is killed but Towelie had protected the leader’s wife by covering her face and body thus shielding her from the blast. The leader is forever thankful and with his dying last words tells Towelie to carry out an assassination of Bill Gates as Al-Qaida thought they were the ones to pull off this sh*t. So now Towelie travels back to the states to finish off his masters dying wish by killing Bill Gates and other celebrities that help Americas economy run. So it will show Towelie killing low level Celebes and people of ownership and creators of American items.
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