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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby ErikH526 » Thu May 26, 2016 3:58 am

For a Queefy America!
It would be funny if Hillary Clinton had a new slogan that involved queefing. "A vote for me is a queef for me!" Hillary Clinton lets out a big queef! She wants to queef all over America with Anita Sarkeesian who resembles as a Canadian and she wants to queef all over the video game industry too! Hillary Clinton is just a big queef like her views on Queefy Carbon Tax. Hillary Clinton want to queef on the Citizens of this country. Don't vote Hillary she just wants to queef on America #ImNotWithHerQueefingOnAmerica Vote Racist Garrison or Crazy Sanders just not Queefy Clinton. Voting for Hillary is just a big giant sloppy wet dirty stinky queef in your face. I watch too much South Park! I think they should do queef jokes this season. Also Hillary Clinton queefs in Obama's face and Former President and Husband Bill Clinton. It feels like everyone has to bow down to her and queefs in everyone's face. Also when the Bernie Sanders supporters threw $1 Bills at her car they need to make Hillary Clinton a Political Stripper and she dances on a pole on the roof of the car while they throw $1 Bills. Also Trey & Matt should have Hillary's Ass Cheeks Talk Left Cheek has a Brain that is a Wimpy PC SJW Liberal Pu$$y but Hillary Vagina just like Oprah's Minge. While the Right Cheek is an other Brain that is a Ignorant Religious Phobic Conservative A$$hole bit it's Hillary's A$$hole just like Oprah's A$$hole. Vagina is name Lefty and A$$hole is named Righty. I can keep going! For a Queefy America!
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby Silamen » Sun Jun 05, 2016 10:58 am

Hillbilly Hunting Trip
An episode on these guys: ... -monsters/
Making fun of them?
Could be a returning for Scuzzlebutt? These people go hunting for the Scuzzlebutt in South Park and it brings hippies too the town wanting the hunters too not hunt the fragile Scuzzlebutt, then Cartman could tame the Scuzzlebutt to kill the hippies, or something like that.
There could be things like Jimbo and Ned or Cartman and the boys showing the hunters pictures with just random blurs and the hunters going all crazy over it (like they do in the show)
The boys could see the tv show on tv, or an ad on the Internet, and so they either photoshop and image to give to the hunters or they stage one (like how Cartman dressed up as Scuzzlebutt in the original episode) To get onto tv?
My family and I just thought these guys would be hilarious in a South Park episode, eh.

(Also, by the way, you can easily find full episodes on YouTube)
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Mon Jun 06, 2016 11:15 pm

The Jew Says You A Terrorist!
So I read about this software made in Israel that can tell through facial recognition if someone is a terrorist or pedophile and things like that based off a database of facial features. The whole idea seems to be very bigoted and like it would have people killing and imprisoning babies and people who only have a look that the Jews say makes people criminals. It is kind of funny that Jews who try to say they don’t think someone should be judged by their appearance because of the Holocaust is now doing just that. So this can show how right wing Jews are and fascist of Israel and land hungry. I like the idea too of the software being used to determine if someone is a terrorist on Muslims to show the world why they should buy it and use it as the judge of all things criminal. Also it would be discovered that all of the faces in the system and that is used to say if someone is a criminal or good guy is based on people who were either good or bad to Jews. So Hitler is the worst and then the faces of all Jews from history are in the system as good. Even Jesus is in the system as bad and a rioter. It would have that maybe countries use this software but everyone non-Jewish is arrested and imprisoned because the software knows they are bad guys for not being Jewish. It would take Kyle to show that what is happening is wrong and people shouldn’t be judged by their faces. It can be that only big eared and nosed people are all that is not in prison too. Kyle could dress up in a Nazi outfit and KKK outfit to show he can be dressed that way and not be touched. This would play on white shaming. This could be only in white nations too. There is also how Neo Nazis see Taylor Swift as a Nazi and so she is one of the first people to be put into prison. It can have a funny oops that has Swift admit she really is a secret Nazi too but is covered up rate away. So it can have Kyle rescuing her and other people that get stereotyped as a Nazi by the media and people who Kyle helps to save white nations from the Jewish takeover. It would show Netanyahu of Israel planning to conquer our whole world and for Jewish expansion just like Hitler had done. It can be that Kyle missed his friends and the way things were and even Cartman. So after Kyle rescues everyone there can be instances that show that most of the people are anti-Semitic too and now more than ever which when Kyle lets people free they start to judge him and make him judge himself if he really should be freeing these guys.

Strutted Farts
So Whoopi Goldberg is going to be doing a TV show on Oxygen about transgenders that are models. So Whoopi is weird like she smokes lots of pot and regardless of her health issues she does it. Also she has got to have some kind of sexual issue as she never dates anyone and so is she gay or trans herself then? There is Whoopi’s farts too and the new trans shows name is Strut and so why not have Whoopi just farting all around the whole time as a reoccurring joke. It would have Whoopi followed around and we all get to learn of her weird sexual identity issues and desires. There can be a big reason why she is keeping her sex life a secret. It can be that she is really horny sex fetish for her own farts. Having some sort of trans issue would be cool too. I think seeing Whoopi act like an Angry Bird or something like this would be funny. There is that girl one that is like queefing on all the male pigs and it is almost like a rape scene, real weird for kids to see that.

The Asian Hitler
I think of how one of the Asian girls could get focused on and can start with her life and her in art class. She can be getting put down for her art and told her dreams will not be fulfilled. So this girl would be made to feel like Hitler and so she becomes like Hitler as her dreams of art are ruined by the Jewish art teacher. It can have that this Asian girl realizes from Craig and Tweek that her art is powerful. So she creates art like the black guy in washing machine. She does fun racist pictures like that about all races other than Asian to get back at them. This causes people to become and have to live these stereotypes. This would be her big weapon as now she can make people live and act however she wants. So now she sights her eyes on conquering America for Asia.

Pot O’ Meth
What if how to make all precious metals is found out on how to create them. This leads to lots of chances in who is rich and poor in our world. The thing is that we need things that we see as worth. So what happens is that Meth the drug is what becomes the new gold. It would have how now everyone cooks meth in coffee machines to make money and everyone is addicted to it. It can be that first people figured out how to make gold and silver in their coffee makers. It was that this lead to no worth of these materials. Then the people that were so hungry for meth who are our addicts begged and fought for meth as no coffee makers were making the drug but only gold and now useless sh*t. People saw how making and selling meth to these addicts would get them mega bucks whereas making gold was worthless now and a waste. So everyone started to make meth for money. It is now that people tried their own stuff and so everyone got addicted to meth. America is then consumed with a ultra mega meth epidemic unlike in recorded history.

Trump Wins
So the new Independence Day movie is making sure to say who they want to be the next president and it is like their choice of having a female be the president in the movie will make people vote for Hillary. Still I want that to be shown but then people are like wait f*ck these directors and script writers as this movie f*cking sucks cock and balls. So what was seen as the best liberal trick to con Americans into voting Hillary and accepting defeat by her is thwarted. Now it would show Trump doing something else after he wins to be president and that is creating his own castle where the white house is and this castle would have its own T Table instead of a round table and it is make of gold. So the castle will be all Trumped out. Now it will show some of Trump being like a king and making friendly with other nations kings and acting cool. The thing is that we were all wrong as aliens come and start to invade earth as they saw the new Independence Day II movie and loved it and wanting a female president. So now Trump is having to fight aliens and defend the US from aliens. Most of the other kings turn on Trump in battle and from the get go. It can play homage to the original ID movie. It can have Trump taking to the battle field himself to kill some aliens. Also the US has a new type of gun that has been around for a while but is not really in use. It is the rail gun and so this electromagnetic gun can be how we beat the aliens. It can be that we sodomize the aliens with the rail gun and blow their heads off from within their assh*les. The aliens were almost unbeatable otherwise as they had very strong bodies but big asses which Cartman made a note of impressment of. I like the idea of the Aliens to like ass and so their ships and the way they look could have such a strong and fat ass shape to it and over all they have such a big fat f*cking ass. It can play on how Cartman earlier had said how his ass can defeat anyone but the rail gun could kick his ass after seeing it tested out. It can foreshadow a connection to Cartman and these aliens as to Cartman's parents too. Trump can have a wizard being Cartman and Jimmy as fortune teller too. All the kids can help with this one with the stick of truth playing in Trumps White House Castle.

Psycho South Park
There is this real time voyeur that Spielberg is going to create a movie about who spied on everyone naked at his motel. So have one of these weird people in South Park or maybe the Marsh family is vacationing somewhere and so stay at a motel.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Tue Jun 14, 2016 4:00 am

I feel real lazy rate now so I’ll just post some real short links and descriptions of plot ideas, sorry’s!!!!!!

U.S. Navy bans booze in Japan ... index.html
Could work with Asian girls and future Japan ties with the US and fighting with China

Female Me
Cartman has a female clone of himself or a dreamed up character like cupid me that he has sex with and lots of other stuff like prostitution and her just being a whore and sleeping with everyone Cartman knows. Cartman feels dirty that a part of him would be like that.

Google bans plug-in that picks out Jews

I’ve seen two people with this app thing that has them play a camera feed of one or two peoples faces and it adds in dog ears on the people and if they stick out their tongue it gives them a dog tongue. What is this and can we see this and something sick like it?

Fart Free
A new drug from FDA has farts not smell anymore and Cartman takes it and his life is forever changed. Now he is the best student, is a creative genius and helps our world with humanitarian aid. It would show how in a clip it was all the smell of his farts and poop that made him act bad and be stupid like just from people’s reactions and the uncontrollable fun it is to play on people with your farts. But Cartman goes crazy over missing his smells and the hell he raised with them. He now must go back to the way he was.

Should Canada's national anthem lyrics be gender-neutral?

Norway teaches migrants about Western women

China plans massive sea lab 10,000 feet underwater ... li=BBnbfcL
Am I the only one who thinks China is losing it???

Now It’s Only In The Ass
It becomes illegal for people in the US to have vaginal sex so now only in the butt hole as to not offend gays and pre op trans peoples. This all promoted by PC peoples and the liberal media and this fetish with LGBT.

Anger and confusion at baby fetish store: Residents protest at shop selling diapers, soothers and cribs for ADULTS
Read more: ... z4B81wbZEA
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Today's teen troubles: Sex, drugs and texting on the go ... index.html

Refined Foods Clown
It would be that America loves being morbidly obese so much that to make people see it their way more they create a fat ass clown to get people to eat like an American and be fat to death.

'The situation is serious': Justin Bieber's 'team fears the star may be headed for a breakdown' following Cleveland hotel fight
Read more: ... z4B9CmJuni
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
How funny it is to see Justin Bieber about to die!!!!!!!!!!

Forced Media Gay
It becomes apparent to all that every time many Americans hangs out with friends or family or coworkers they feel forced to be a gay character from a TV show or movie or other media item. It is that everything now has a LGTB character in it and there is a limited amount of main characters in each piece of work so people are being forced to be gay if they want to play along with everyone else. It plays on how people are always acting out what they saw on TV and fictitious TV characters are our role models and so now it is that much of the US population is living gay.

So kid plays the game and meets boy and girl kissing on opposite teams and so is killed when trying to get girl on other team. Then Sikh kid is seen who is on diff team our kid shoots him in the head and says it’s for being a Muslim. But the Sikh kid says he is Sikh and not Muslim. It is that this happens all the time so our kid loses for being racist. Then our kid catches opposite team kid smaller than him and calls him gay but then that kid says he is really transgender and takes off his wig. But then kid twice our kids size appears behind him and says he is gay and then sodomizes our kid with his paint gun and shoots him with paint going everywhere over walls and across the map where he slides in puddles like a squid.

Right Wing Media
Cartman realizes to create Right Wing media and his own TV and internet channel that has show’s to promote White Nationalism. It would show that WN is peace and not what liberals and humanitarian paints as racism and death. It would show that liberals are the bad guys and give whites something to show them that they can be white. It will point out how liberals have made whites out to be the bad guys with their media. It works and now people on the right are the good guys and the left are the bad guy.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby moemme » Tue Jun 14, 2016 2:47 pm

Ass and Ball smelling tactics

In the European soccer cup, the German national soccer coach "Joachim Löw" has been caught sniffing his balls and ass... on the pitch, during the game ! He didn't seem to be aware of the hundreds of camera's present. Or did he ? Meanwhile in South Park, Randy is coaching the local South Park soccer team and team keeps losing. He watches German coach Löw on TV and after another loss he tries it the next match on the field without anyone watching and suddenly starts seeing patterns and comes up with a strategy to make his team win for the first time.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby Donny_Ramsoondar » Sat Jun 18, 2016 3:50 am

I'm thinking of an episode with Timmy rapping with Desiigner about a Panda and Preppers in a post human abandoned South park. The idea needs more development though.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Mon Jun 20, 2016 11:13 pm

The Gay ABC’s
So it becomes that every letter of the alphabet is now included in the LGBT reference to non-heterosexual sexual orientations. And so kids are now taught the LGBT alphabet with G being Gay and L being lesbian and so the whole alphabet would be covered like this. We could use a LGBTQ season continuity plus presidential elections.

The Brave New FagAmerica
How it’s about fag CNN with fag reporters telling the story about fags at a fag nightclub where a fag killed all the fags there for being fags. It becomes endless FAGGGGGGGG!

Hands-On With The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild ... -wild.aspx
I think it is all of the world that loves Zelda games. This new one looks real sweet and so seeing the kids playing it and could have it that people cosplay as Link and Zelda. That would be real nice.

Clement Freud - child abuser: Former Liberal MP molested girls as young as 10 TV documentary reveals after two victims tell of their pain ... z4BcN9l5hY
So this is funny as it shows that the Freud psychologist family name and lineage are child rapists. It can show the family history and with WWII. It will show that Sigmund raped children over wanting to kill whites off and get revenge and shame white young girls for what others did. It will show how Freud’s own psychology shows that his family has the child rapist genes and so are worse than Hitler.

Stop The Rape
The new PC thing is to prevent rape. So PCP cuts off both his arms and legs to show the way a real man should live. This is to lead by example to show all the men out there that women should be in charge and what better way than making sure all men are helpless. PCP is now still acting like he is all tough and all but is now a baby that needs changing from middle aged fat black women. PCP sees he needs his limbs back to make himself an authority figure over others again as people now just pass him by and treat him like a baby like breast feeding him like by Kenny and diaper changes and burping’s. PCP now seems a robot military exoskeleton body to help him get back to enforcing PC culture on others.

'No one should be bullied for their sexuality': Prince William speaks out over gay bashing as he becomes first royal to be Attitude magazine cover star ... z4Bgal5uis
This can show that the British royal family has sold out the crown and the British people as now they are like pop culture celebrities. They now engage in Aristocrats sex and LGBTQ relationships and orgies and are PC and want multiculturalism. It is now tasked by MI6 to take out the royal family for the disgrace they have become. But there is a secret LBTQ spy agency that is all about protecting LGBTQ people and their rights. So they rescue the royal family and now much protect them as they have a show down with MI6. Could be Garrison and Jenner are part of this secret LGBTQ spy network out to save and protect these peoples.

The EIGHT types of nipple revealed - so which do you have? ... z4Bgcc1T19

FDA slams Whole Foods for 'filthy' kitchen conditions: Inspectors found pipes dripping on food, bacteria on the walls, and employees packing meals WITHOUT washing their hands ... z4BhL1x8uj
If whole foods are done again than showing how filthy whole foods is would be nice. It like overpriced poison from what I read.

One in ten Germans want a new FUHRER and a third believe their country ‘is dangerously overpopulated by foreigners’, new study finds ... z4BhNNDb7m

Why German mistrust made Hitler's Mein Kampf a bestseller again

The last two articles talk of Germany and so want about Cartman or him following a new political leader like a Hitler in Germany. There could be some Trump jokes and comparisons too. It seems Germany wants a new Hitler and so South Park can give them one. It would be nice to see Cartman running around Germany helping a Nazi like political party. It can have impacts of what is happening in Germany to affect the whole of earth thus bringing in the other boys and their town. There could be a giant trial too in a court about Nazis and past and present and future of Germany with a right wing leader over crime and new Hitler has done.

Is YOUR picture on the FBI's facial recognition database? Audit of controversial database finds it has over 400 MILLION pictures including driving license and visa applicant images ... z4BltP99Bj
Can work with Israel facial recognition software they created. Could be a total recall type episode also. The boys trying to show that the government is too powerful and is becoming absolute and not out for the peoples best interest.

'You shave the Adam’s apple and inject fat into the buttocks': Sex op surgeon reveals the painstaking but fascinating way a man can be sculpted into a woman ... z4BnXRUtva
So this is some sick stuff that could work with transsexualism in an episode this season like with the British royal like one is become transgender.

How about how Roche moutonnée comes up and then later that day a scalping coincidence happens against a young girl. It makes me sick. This could tie into a geography conspiracy and how there is a secret group of Geographers that are causing people to be hurt for their own interests that go against the rest of us. Randy is caught in the middle of it. There would have to be other weird things that relate to geography and cause or correlate with bad things that happen.

Killer robots are 'quickly moving toward reality' and humanity only has a YEAR to ban them, expert warns ... z4BsqdrhKi
So it happens and killer robots are created so this would be like terminator and the matric. It can be that there is a new electronic class at school and the boys build a robot but it becomes too powerful. This leads to a world takeover and the human race fighting for its life.

Kanye West's video game Only One gets an official trailer ... spartanntp

The elephant in the ring: Mitt Romney surprises crowds by dressing up as Nacho Libre for charity wrestling match ... z4Bsx7dd8h
This can just be used for a second to show what former republican presidential nominees are up to now. Adding to Garrison’s credibility.

Finding Dory
This movie from Pixar has a transgender character in Finding Dory which is a stingray that turns into a female sting-ronda. Also show how sick Ellen DeGeneres is. I feel there is a conspiracy of how the US low on Jews these days to f*ck white women to impurity and now have their own acts to pressure whites into becoming transsexual. Like crocodile hunter’s little girl and how Ellen DeGeneres wants her to be transsexual because this new Dorey movie stingray character. If Crocodiles hunter’s daughter does end up transgender than Ellen needs to be brutally killed on the show. Or just show all of this and what this sick filthy sex freak Ellen is up to and how she wants to just mutilate all children’s genitals.

James Bond Toilet
So this would have Bond on the toilet. This is like a Robot Chicken. So Bond would be farting and pooping with periods of strong to weak to constipation of the flow coming out his ass of sh*t. He can say character names from the Bond series like Q and Blofeld and money pennie and octopussy as he goes. It can be he had eaten at an all you can eat buffet. He is able to distinguish what he ate from the way it comes out his ass and by smell and other. He names each piece of sh*t that comes out a character’s name possible from the Bond series that would relate to the character. Like the octopus he ate eh would go on about the Bond character and how things went with her.

Kids go to a comic con. I was just at one so it sounds nice to me. There would be lots of guest celebrities there and weird people dressed up and all. Randy can get real drunk. Could be that there is a terrorist attack but not by a Muslim which is what everyone thinks is happening but is really done by an idiot that is mentally ill that believes himself to be a super villain.

Venezuelans Ransack Stores as Hunger Stalks Crumbling Nation ... spartanntp
This is some nice Bernie Sanders fuel to why he is an idiot and why we should not be socialist.

Greek sh*t
So America becomes a direct democracy so people now vote on all issues instead of using representatives. But there are not enough voting booths and so because of transgenders there are now tons of unisex bathrooms throughout America. So voting booths are put in these bathrooms and so now people are sitting and thinking and sh*tting and voting. It can be in all bathroom too. What a brave and smelly America.

Cartman realizes that his dreams will be dashed for he is not a Jew or LGBTQ and a person with something weird about them that marginalizes him to become a celebrity or get that sweet high paying job. So he craves out his own brain with butters helps and puts it into another person’s head and this person could have died natural dead or Cartman could have kidnapped someone and then removed their brain and put it into his old body too. So it would go either two ways or a mix. So it can have Cartman now do very well and become famous for he has the body of a Jew or something or it can show that the other person that has Cartman’s body becomes famous and celebrity even with Cartman’s body showing that its someone’s talent and not their appearance but with Cartman doing good it shows that it is their body and not talent at all.

The Big show WWE wrestler and how his sh*t doesn’t flush down the toilet and so episode focuses on people who suffer this like real big people or fags that now have a giant anal track from too much anal sex.

Why do baby butts need baby wipes after a sh*t but the rest of us get dry toilet paper? This is discussed in full.

Future vision of the white race being no more and biracial people now rule all of earth but they need white actors in shows still for some reason or when doing an old American show like an old western type show they need whites but there are none. So it would have the biracial’s where a suit with sensors that would guide an animated white person on the tv and so all media would be done this way because whites are need for TV for some reason but there are none left as whites had extincted themselves to death.

That there is a necessity that we need criminals and that a percentage of the population must be criminal at all times in all society’s. What happens is thought that we kill off all of the worlds criminals thinking we have gotten rid of them and as it will now be peace without them. What happens is that people who were good become turned into the worlds next criminals. It could be you or a loved ones or friends. So it shows that criminals are needed. It can be that the humans just kept killing everyone who was a criminal until the human race becomes extinct. It can have a fun transformation sequence too from good citizen to criminal.

Israel is planning to build a $5billion ARTIFICIAL ISLAND with a port and an airport off the coast of Gaza to reconnect Palestinians with the rest of the world ... z4C9vUipVC
This is weird but is a fun Jew plot of what is really going on or that the Jews have decided to give up possible because they realized that their hole of Israel will become too hot to live in in the future from global warming.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Mon Jun 27, 2016 3:23 am

New Fascism
If blacks can turn the word n*gger into brotherly love between themselves from a word used to refer to a dirty slave. Than the word fascism can be recreated to mean a peaceful white nation from war aggressive dictatorship. The episode would show this as Europe makes their transformation.

Michael Jackson underage sex collection: The photos of naked teenage boys and 'all-male erotica depicting men and children' detailed in newly released police report from 2003 search of Neverland Ranch ... z4CDEp2pnj

Michael Jackson's secret underage sex closet: Inside the raid that 'uncovered King of Pop's extensive collection of photos featuring naked teenage boys' ... z4CGU2ANyF

Michael Jackson's twisted pornography collection is revealed: The images of bondage and bizarre erotica that were found in raid that uncovered secret underage sex closet in his Neverland Mansion ... z4CKDgJVYJ

Investigators were convinced Michael Jackson molested his own nephews and believe he silenced them with threats and gifts, sources say ... z4Cel6GdXt

All of these sick Michael Jackson links show how sick he was and so having all of this in an episode would work out. So Jacko is in heaven. Maybe showing this stuff in the news about MJ would work and create feelings of sickness of hate of Michael. So there is MJ’s kids who would be all out to defend their dead dad. It would focus on the kids. It can show how the kids are just as sick as daddy was and so there can be all kinds of sick freaky ass sh*t to have them fetishes about. It can be like called “Return to Neverland ranch” as the kids live there and the place is full is sick sh*t. MJ’s kids invite young children there and rape them.

Members of 111-year-old German naturist club have been banned from skinny dipping in lake in case they offend residents of new refugee centre ... z4CG3gFCFU

So now nudists of Germany are being picked on by the sick migrants. They can’t be naked or it will offend the vile coloreds and also they would probably rape everyone. Can it have Cartman wanting to be a nudist and upset that he can’t hang out naked in Germany anymore? Could be that Cartman being naked is worse than 1000 migrants raping a young pool boy.

Idaho town torn by alleged rape, fear of refugees ... cmp=hplnws

So this can also work with the migrant issue. It is that even handicapped are raped by migrants. So this could be Nathan’s next ass f*cking. What about South Park full of migrants? Kind of already done yet the migrant issue may be HUGE with Trump in and also if Europe rises up and kicks them totally up the arse.

EXCLUSIVE: Grand opening! Inside Tom Cruise's new $50 million 'Scientology CNN' TV and Hollywood movie studio that rivals Paramount Pictures and promises to reach 'every person on Earth' ... z4CGPzA5a1

Is this reals!!! How is it that this will not be done? CNN is gay as f*ck now. When can we watch scientology TV and news? Who will be the reporters? Can this have all the scientology people back? Can this be in South Park where the headquarters is located? What results will there be like more scientologist out there? Will all news be about how aliens did everything and all truther like? Can focus on the targets of the scientologist hate and blame for all crime and all wrong in the world.

We may NEVER know if we are living in a computer simulation, warns Bill Nye ... z4CGWmbbQI

Can we see Bill Nye the homosexual Guy tell us this and other crazy ass sh*t as he will be the leading scientist for the new scientology CNN channel?
Outrage over candidate's 'Make America White Again' sign ... li=BBnb7Kz

Trump can use this as he says crazy stuff and being extreme or add it in with Garrison. Could be how Garrison wants to show America a true democracy like its creators of Athens and so it’s make America Gay again. Maybe show some weird made up gay American history.

What this will cause with racism, nationalism, role model for the rest of Europe, economies, and trade. How whites want to return to Europe and help out to make it cooler. Can show secret wars with allies and fighting words between European nations and of course the US and Russia. This could work with Canada too somehow I guess. What about if the US has a civil war and all states are made their own country?

Killer Drone
So there are those big drones that people can ride now that are like 5 by 5 feet people can make. So take one like that and add on some AR-15’s with a giant clip that will not jam. Have a car battery that can make this thing go for like an hour. It can attack a crowded outside event. It starts, the attack of the killer drones linked to terrorism. Kind of like the drone episode but I am cereal about how there will be killer drone soon killing peoples people in more modern nations. Like Trump using drone to kill border crossers.

The History Of Fag
Stonewall Inn is now a national monument and so could get episode. Garrison chilling there with Jenner a nice touch while in New York. Could show how every state now has a gay national monument and so causes some problems. Seeing Garrison and Jenner take some people to the rooms for some sex tickles.

NASA engineer designs the world's biggest functioning Nerf gun, which can shoot 'darts' made from toilet plungers and pool noodles at 40mph ... z4CXIo0MJ4

Can there be a scene where Cartman or another kid uses one of these to kick some kid ass? Like shooting kids in the balls seems right or straight up another kid’s ass.
Ban on transgender troops to be lifted July 1 ... li=BBnb7Kz

I have mentioned this idea before about transgender troops. So if there is ever a future military scene South Park can be the first to show true and legal transsexual troops in the military. This could also show it as negative that trans people are now allowed to have such important jobs. Like Garrison can have trans secret service presidential protection only. Or they can be like Jenner and ripped and totally kick some ass. Maybe kick some autistic assburgers dudes butt like what almost happened to Trump. Could be Stan had a assburger issue and wanting to kill Garrison.

'Can somebody sue me already?' Kanye West courts lawsuits after releasing 'misogynistic' music video featuring wax models of naked Taylor Swift, Donald Trump and Bill Cosby ... z4ChgIDRg1

So either Garrison or Trump deal with this yet Kanye wanting sex with everyone is fun. Can have West get Aids from Charlie Sheen sex too? He has that video game coming out too of black angels. So West needs sex with all celebrates and it can be because he is broke so he pimps out himself for sex to everyone in America. I guess he takes it and gives it as the John requests. Can show that West was cheating on Kim K and so he loses her and so now pimps self out for money as he owes a billion dollars to the Jewish mafia. The Jews being vile sex worms advise Kayne to sell himself for money as they did with Miley Cyrus who was able to pay them off what she owed. How about how following James Bond on twitter gets prostitutes to follow you there! Can be that people do this and they get tons of whores like Kanye West. Also there is the Stairway to Heaven song and the trial that just got done. It can be that Kanye then makes his own version of the stairway to heaven for his black angel video game.

Inside the 'Temple of Rats' overrun by 20,000 vermin which are invited to dine with people and are WORSHIPPED by visitors ... z4CjqZBh1v

A rat temple is just nasty right? Can there be someone that would live here from South Park? Can it be where the Whole Foods lands and so now they have tons of rats? Could be they use the rats as fighters. Can be that whole foods are low on money and so they breed and use these rats as meat to sell globally to make some money calling it some other meat.

Crown Royal “Apple” liquor and how commercials and drinking it makes people have uncontrollable farts that are ragers. Can play on how the English make this special to make people fart a lot. It can be made from the Royal Families decapitated heads too but there are many clones of them that are daily beheaded to make the alcohol. It would be that their blood line has the worst farts on earth for some reason like inbreeding.

Little white girls fund. So people join a new group like NAMBL but for girls. They all give money to help lil white girls in all ways. Will people be able to put up with these people?

The Secret Amendment
So there is a secret amendment that was put in that is why colors and blacks are killed and discriminated all the time but and also of women. It would remain a mystery of what the amendment is of but it would show mainly minorities of America are the ones after it to expose things yet no one is totally sure what it reads. It can be that the boys want to know why someone died who was a minority or something like that and breadcrumbs are littered for the boys to follow as people tell them they are different for some reason which is because they are white yet that is racist. Still the boys want to find out what is going on.

Trump Music
So saw when the Orlando Shooting happened that Trump made a statement and was sniffing a lot. Could have been that he had a cold or could be the fun Republican gay joke to act like it is "Take On Me" and sniff at fags. That song is so sausage rolls for me. So seeing Trump doing things like this where he does weird almost unknown jokes about things would be it.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby captjhan » Fri Jul 01, 2016 8:54 pm

Make another season long story arc like last years, except make it follow their super hero lives. And Give Butters Actual Super Powers so Professor Chaos can wreak havoc on the world. An entire season dedicated to the conquest of Earth by Professor Chaos!
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Sun Jul 03, 2016 12:21 am

captjhan wrote:Make another season long story arc like last years, except make it follow their super hero lives. And Give Butters Actual Super Powers so Professor Chaos can wreak havoc on the world. An entire season dedicated to the conquest of Earth by Professor Chaos!
I love this idea. What about like 6 episodes where 2 characters back stories are told and then the last 4 episodes of the season can be an epic battle royale.

The fractured but whole has 12 characters on its cover so those can be the ones that get back stories.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Mon Jul 04, 2016 2:33 am

Colorado man in a grand ol’ fight over order to remove American flag ... cmp=hplnws

This story is a lot like the way America is headed as people are hating against anything American like its flag or national anthem and clothes representative of America. So it can have a character that is put down at school or all around for being patriotic. It could be Randy or a kid. I can see how PCP would do this and hate on the flag as it puts down migrants. Could be a Garrison move to try and restore the flag and patriotism to America and could work with a 4th of July episode.

US Navy is developing 'supersonic submarines' that could cut through the ocean at the speed of sound using a bubble

Read more: ... z4CvSFz6Ly
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This is a story of a cool new idea of a submarine. This can work with China wanting to build an underwater sea base. So what about if the idea is raised to create like a sealab type of place. The subs would work as transports. It could be like a Bond villain type thing and a place where all people on earth are allowed to live in peace but there can be a dark secret. Maybe the person behind it is planning on killing all of the earths living creatures above the sea to prevent them from destroying his idea child sea base. It would be to have the action but also it would need lots of funny humor and poop jokes to make this a comedy. Like where all the poop from the sea base goes. Also some funny deaths on the base while it is always upheld how safe it is there.

Gateway to ancient Greek god's compound uncovered? ... tcmp=hpbt4

So I had an idea like this before where Greek gods came alive. So why not try this as there is now this place in Israel that could be the key to releasing all of the gods onto earth once more.

Two transgender candidates named Misty prevail in the mountains of Colorado and Utah – and one will challenge a prominent conservative Tea Party Republican senator

Read more: ... z4Cz4tK7zM
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So seeing the Colorado Misty becoming something on the show would be fun. I can see how working with Garrison would work. She can be like Jenner and be all f*cked up in the face like taxidermy. It can be that South Park gets one too or that mayor turns LGBTQ if she isn’t already. It can deal with the political chances that LGBTQ people have now that they are taking over in everything. All cool and powerful jobs are now done by the LGBTQ peoples. It could have new classes and training for people to be understanding of these gays. But it confuses people of the acceptance classes and so some people who were normal are now singled out to be LGBTQ. So they now have to go to special classes and face sex changes and the like. Like Ike is found out to really be a girl in a boy’s body. It could have that Jesus comes out transgender too and now it is not the Jews fault that Jesus was killed but because he was trans and killed by anti-LGBTQ peoples.

Nerd Female Masturbation
A girl a school grabs a straw and brings it to the bathroom. She the bends it and inserts it into her vagina and goes all up up down down left right left right then some mashing to be like A B and then that is it that contra code has been down. She closes her eyes and shakes as all that fun stuff comes out.

I am Malala, and I am rich: Pakistani schoolgirl who was shot in the head by the Taliban because she wanted to go to school has made millions from her memoirs

Read more: ... z4Cz66oDf5
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So Malala is now rich and so I bet there is some misappropriations of funds too that would be interesting. So why not show off Malala as she lives this sick rich life as all the people she is supposed to help are poor and uneducated. It can show her uncaring of the girls she is supposed to love. She can act prude and clean yet behind the scenes she is a giant sex slut and party girl who is on drugs all the time. She can secretly be running a drug organization.
'Happy Heterosexual Pride day': Online fury as homophobic celebration becomes top trend on Twitter days after Gay Pride

Read more: ... z4D0g2ag88
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This can be a weapon for people to retain and regain their sexuality from the evils of our media bombarding them with LGBTQ thoughts and people and ideas. A stand must be taken to prevent the death of the American people.

SO I need to add this somewhere and so what about in the next Deadpool movie that Deadpool and or Cable is in a trap or prison type situation. So this would work just to squeeze in “The Queen Of Hearts” song by Newton to be like the opening song from the first movie.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘I trusted you to create art and what you f***ing did was vandalize!' Mark Zuckerberg’s hostile emails…Sheryl Sandberg’s 'only good news' room… Dress codes (no booty shorts) for women. Life at Facebook exposed!

Read more: ... z4D6948mH8
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Facebook is still growing and Zuckerberg is still in the news once a month for some crazy thing or another. So I guess the Z man is crazy about strictness like a Nazi KGB loony. Seeing him acting like all of the histories dictators and murderer’s world leaders would work. There can be weird Jewish type rituals that people are force to do or Zuckerberg goes ape sh*t. There can be torture chambers and a prison. He can have slaves and work camps. He can build walls everywhere as you are now lawfully un-allowed to look at him. He can have a weird sex fetish for his wife and also his daughter too. It’s that he does sick sex stuff and is afraid of people seeing him doing it. He can f*ck animals too. I think a little Milk Chan would be cool and his daughter is milk he sends around but she bullies everyone and kills people at the Facebook HQ.

Human Pipe
So what if there can be something that has someone turn a human body into pipe after they died to smoke out of too the song white rabbit? Sounds kind of cool. It can be to inhale out the head and lit the person’s ass and smoke out of. Seems like a great scene.

Black Man f*cking White Girl
It’s like all the f*cking time that every time a see a bi-racial couple that is it some black dude f*cking a white chick. Why is this sh*t? I mean I hate if to begin with but it’s like black men are now trained to attack our women sexually. The media is all about this white woman with a black man. So it can be that people look around and that is all there is. It is that every damn white girl in America is now with a black guy. So it pisses the white guys off as they don’t want to be with smelly black girls. This is how the new civil war begins.

Black Junky Can Jump
So this will focus on how damn coloreds are too good at athletics. It will show that in all sports blacks are being told and trained to be better at sports and invade them all to the point that you can’t watch a sport without seeing a black and that you are now forced to cheer for a black just to be normal and watch sports.

The Africa Gag
So how about like all products made in Africa gets you to gag like because of too much sun or something. Maybe it’s the dirt or the blackies filthy skin yet likes like everything is more and more being created there and other filthy places on earth that people hate. It can be that there is hidden poison that makes people sick if with Africa. It can be that people are all so sick and it’s because it’s all from Africa.

Just Drug’em USA
So in America if someone is sick or has a mental or physical illness it is to give then a drug that is usually not normal to be in someone’s body. These drugs are poison and instead of it fixing the first issue which I guess it might or half asses but what it always does is gives you a new problem and so these drugs are poison. They are causing a new problem as the cycle grows to poison you more and more drugs until it kills you. It can be that one of the kids is put on a drug to fix something small but then is on hundreds of drugs and can’t do anything anymore. It can deal with sex issues too and obesity and hair loss and depression and the like. It can show the history of prescription drugs in the US and the things behind it and what is really going on.

The True Story Of A Rapper
A rapper is really a piece of sh*t with gold around its neck. It can be that it is revealed that all of the rappers out there are not blacks but are really just pieces of sh*t from our asses. It can have if Mr. Hankey puts a gold neckless on he is now a rapper.

Pussy Food
This one deals with how the best wingman is having a little boy with you. It can show how the grownups realize maybe Jimbo if he takes around Stan that all the girls get all wet and want it from Stan but because they can’t and cant’ even admit it that Jimbo gets to do all the f*cking. It can show girls all horny and with looks, sitting positions, and facial expressions. It is all a trick on purpose to get girls in the mood by bringing by a young boy.

Florida gets slimed: State declares an emergency over tide of 'guacamole' algae

Read more: ... z4D7nEIVnq
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Damn this happens like every year in the US now and I think I have said this before. So what about South Park having some sort of invasion of nature. Not sure if anything would work with snow and the cold. It could be that all of the US with water is ruined by rotten algae. Can be how things would go and how people have to eat and drink rotten meat water.

Obese Fat Guy
So this guy realizes he has nothing to live for and so now risks his life at all times in every instance there is to save people’s lives because he has nothing to live for. It can be that at first people hate him and put him done but then over time they all learn to love him. It can be that over time he loses weight and becomes very attractive and gains a reason to live. And now he gets it all and still saves the day… and that person is you, You Fat Filthy American Slime!

BFJ As Kyle
The title says it all and then some as Kyle tries to rape a young white girl. Could be that Kyle grows for some reason and so now we have a “Big f*cking Jew” ON Our Hands.

'Even babies can be racist': Elite New York school tells white children they should be ashamed of their privilege and segregates pupils by race

Read more: ... z4DGLczGmY
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This school is the future of America and so there is a problem. It can have how PCP does this also as there are many sickos and sick peoples like at this school. It’s just more people trying to destroy the white race and so we need to do something about it.

'Sacred' tree growing women-shaped fruit baffles social media after being discovered in Thailand... but is it all as it seems?

Read more: ... z4DHp0zdqK
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Dude no way! Asian people are putting weird naked women fruit in trees. So this is weird. It can be that one of these trees makes it to South Park and so now all the kids are masturbating to this one dudes tree. It can be that betrayal garden guy. They can taste like female ejaculation and have drugs in it that get people to be super horny and hard for sex. All people that want sex now come to this dude’s tree and so he sells the fruit and tons of money.

Spider-Man X Squirrel-Girl
So this is a shout out to Marvel or South Park to copy. So I really love the new Spider-Man done by Mr. Holland and so I would love to see Squirrel Girl be in the new movies now too. She and Spider-Man could date and be all sexy and I guess have sex as Peter Parker never gets any and that is not cool.

The History Of Why You Have AIDS
This can be that the whole world’s population now has Aids as no one did enough and Americas filthy ways spread and so everyone got into having too much crazy and wild sex to the point that we all got AIDS. So it will be a history lesson to students as to why the suck monkey balls and how literally it was that horrible sex freaks actually sucked a monkey’s balls and spread AIDS worldwide. From the first time a man f*cked an ape to the first time a women got f*cked by a monkey, South Park brings it to you as you rot with AIDS, you sick f*ck you.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Sun Jul 10, 2016 1:36 am

Abbottabad Dancing Queen with lyrics

You can dance
You can jihad
While causing the terror of your life
Ooh, see that Osama
As seen in Abbottabad
Dig in the dancing mujahedeen
Friday night while the moon is low
Looking for some Al-Qaida
Where they shoot their AK-47’s
Growing some hashish
You come to look for Al-Qaida’s king
Anybody could be that guy
Their all dressed as women and f*cking high
With them with a bit of Allah music
Everything is fine
The CIA is in the mood for a dance
And when we get the chance
You are the dancing mujahedeen
Very soon dead
Al-Qaida’s former leader
Dancing mujahedeen
Feel the beat from the Navy SEAL’s, oh yeah
You can dance
You can jihad
Having the time of your life
Ooh, see that girl
Really Bin Laden
Dig in the dancing mujahedeen
You're a teaser, you blow them up
Leave 'em burning and then you're gone
Looking out for Islam
Anyone new recruit will do
You're in the mood for a dance
And when the SEAL’s get the chance
You are the dancing mujahedeen
Old and Senile
Al-Qaida’s leader
Dancing mujahedeen
Feel the beat from the Navy SEAL’s, oh yeah
You can dance
You can jihad
Having the time of your life
Ooh, see that girl
Really Bin Laden
Dig in the dancing mujahedeen
Dig in the dancing mujahedeen
*Video ends with Osama shot in the head by SEAL’s surrounded by porno of males f*cking goats!
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Mon Jul 11, 2016 4:05 am

Premature evacuation: Sex festival is forced to shut down early because too many people arrived to try out virtual reality porn

Read more: ... z4Da0R1siV
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So should there be revenge one of these days on Japan for the whole Tweek X Craig? The answer is yes. So showing off Japan’s sex appetite would work. Japan’s history of sex and really sick things like child porn and all sorts of source of the creation of sexual positions and odd cartoon sex drawing styles. And virtual reality robots and dolls would be just some of what to cover. It can show how Japan is tiring out the worlds people sexually and how people don’t even love or want another person of the flesh. There could be a silly hidden reasoning behind it all or it can just be that if ended up this way for whatever reason.

Georgia's high court rules in favor of Ku Klux Klan in 'Adopt-A-Highway' case ... cmp=hplnws

This is a great one in having the KKK in it. It can show them rebounding and rising up from the ashes. It can be that the KKK are now all I guess pussy. So it can focus on how the Left are the bad guys who are littering all over the place and the right being the KKK are not bad at all. It will start where people let their past judgements and allow stereotyping to get in the way of the truth which is that the KKK are cool and peaceful in today’s world. It will show how because the KKK are now the nature lovers that all people even hippies are littering and polluting as the KKK pick up after all people. This may be a new trend that will show that the KKK are really good guys so it seems to make them that way too and not just end with it all being a trick. It can have like how the KKK don’t kill but BLM do and blacks are the ones causing a big portion of the US’s murders and crimes. Like blacks are 10% of the US population yet they are the ones carrying out like 40% of the US;s murders and crimes. Still the KKK don’t want to player hate but make the environment better and promote white nationalism.

Naked and Afraid XL
So some adults or kids like this. This is a TV show and so seeing some of the South Park characters like this on an island might work. Just repeatedly joking about characters and their smelly butts in each other’s faces and all the stuff that comes out of a butt seems right. It can be that a nicely placed fart helps start a fire. It can go against the truth of how human sh*t and farts are useless. It can be that people create a town made of sh*t.

Al Pacino fat now
So Pacino is the Big Fat Al. I know he was in the hologram episode of a second yet I would like to see him more in an episode. I don’t know what he is like or what he is doing lately.
Dozens of reports of assaults, rapes at Swedish festivals ... li=BBnb7Kz

This can be used as more fuel to show that migrants are raping white women. These migrants go in gangs raping even preteen girls. It can joke on how if nothing is done that the future will be that all whites just get raped daily or even hourly by Muslims.

4th f*ck Up
The episode starts with Stan and Cartman hanging out and like they have had some weeks in doing that together. It is the weekend of the 4th of July and so Stan and Cartman have bought some fireworks to setoff. It is that Miss Cartman and the Marshes paid out nice and so the two kids had a hefty load of fire power. So Cartman is hanging with Stan but Stan is not listening to him. This pisses off Cartman as he anyways has gotten sick of hanging with Stan. So while Stan is out of the kitchen at Stan’s house Cartman takes the mega extra-large popcorn sized fountain firework and lights it up in the kitchen. So all hell breaks loose as Cartman is amazed at the carnage he witnesses and Stan freaks out at what Cartman has done to his home. The two break out into a fight as the fountain keeps up its work. There are many large bangs with smoke and fire everywhere. It can end with Stan getting the best of Cartman in the fight and the police and fire department coming. So this now can deal with court and fines and also with the future relationship between Stan and Cartman.

Lionel Messi handed jail term in Spain for tax fraud

So joking on Soccer and the Olympics could work but special Olympics have been done. So Messi is the most beloved one rate now yet he just quit. There are commercials of all the soccer stars sometimes and so why not joke on this that like all of the current soccer stars are all in the episode and are working together to save the day. There would need to be a bad guy then and so it could work with the Olympics league or Soccer one. Brazil is dirty as is and the Simpsons got in trouble for it so seeing South Park even for several seconds out do the Simpsons by showing it really the horror it is and then some is a pleasant after thought. There have been some weird continuation soccer commercials over the years like people playing against robot selves of themselves and switching bodies and so that can all be used and better yet a new and crazier idea for it all. It’s like all old Sci-Fi ideas are used for the way soccer really is with their commercials and so take an ultimate but most important a funny one to do. Could be aliens or the Ad’s or monsters and Dracula. There could be a secret Nazi underground group in Brazil that escaped there after WWII and it can have them behind the soccer. How Zika is to kill off the native South Americans to leave the lands for the Nazis in inhabit. There could be a giant underground bunker under Brazil or all of South America too.

Chelsea Manning, 28, rushed to the hospital after 'trying to hang herself inside a cell at maximum security prison'

Read more: ... z4DeBDDM2z
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So what about Manning? Is it a dead issue? It can follow a whole episode dealing with hacking and Anonymous. It can be that all the worlds known and wanted or imprisoned hackers are all gathered up to do a giant hack to save our world. It can joke on how Manning is pimping herself out to guards every day.

Bro/Sis Love
This can show how Kenny and his sister are too close during the episode. It can have how the boys don’t get why Kenny doesn’t want to play anymore. So they go to see what is happening and find that Kenny and his sister are best friends. It will be of the boys jealous and wanting to break up the brother and sister friendship. It has to have the sister say “He made me” as the reoccurring saying by her. It that every brother and sister have had their times of fighting but also they sometimes have times where being with each other is more fun than anything else and so this episode can highlight that and how jealous everyone else gets including your best friends.

Transgender woman models a bra and suspenders to 'redefine sexy' for a new lingerie campaign - alongside an amputee and a recovering anorexic

Read more: ... z4Dh79idD9
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So it is true that people are trying to get us to think Trans people are sexy and that retarded children are cute and that deformed people are cool. So this will show that this is going on. PC is behind it. It can be that people are all saying how they love this stuff but at first they didn’t but then saw it was main stream. So how is it becoming main stream? It is that Jews are pushing this stuff and people on the left. So why is it that people that shouldn’t be people are becoming our role models? It can show our people are cutting off limbs to be like that amputee model or people are bashing their skulls in to now be mutilated or retarded like that down syndrome model. Or worst of all people are getting sex changes to be trans all so they can fit in and be what the US sees on as cool.

Bill O'Reilly shares photos of Barack Obama in traditional Muslim dress he claims are from half-brother Malik's wedding saying they prove his 'deep emotional ties to Islam'

Read more: ... z4DjRqVsNS
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So there are these pictures of Obama and so there must be other ones too but shaking hands with Gaddafi. This can work with the whole BLM thing that is so hot. There can be an episode that tells of how this is the new violent black civil rights movement. The anti-police would be addressed like how they have hostage police and do sick homosexual rapes and murders of them. How the blacks are secretly closeted over loving police to strip search them and love being dominated by police too. It can be that blacks are secret fags for the police. That it is all closeted behaviors and that they really want to get it. There can be the uncovering on both sides being the police and the blacks that show they both own porno and the like of police and blacks having sex. That this whole thing is just a trick to build up their sexual juices and to fool the world of their secret sexual desires.

Daniel Radcliffe tackles his most shocking role to date as he transforms from FBI agent into Nazi-saluting white supremacist in first trailer for Imperium

Read more: ... z4DjZd375v
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So it has happened yet again. The left being the blacks and mainly the Jews and sell out whites are creating anti-white propaganda to kill off the white race. Each and every movie that deals with so called white supremacist is not made by those people. Is this fair behavior at all? So it can be that Cartman realizes this and so creates his own movie that shows that the right are the heroes and good guys. It is that the left has all the filth and criminals among them mainly the blacks. This Radcliffe movie is not accurate of the way white nationalist are. So Cartman has to fix that.

Germany rape law: 'No means No' law passed

This is just too funny and is like what Cartman said to his mother but with Bill Cosby at the end. It can show how Germany and the world come together to make sure there are no more Bill Cosby rapist.

Pokémon Go: armed robbers use game to lure players into trap ... li=BBnbfcL

Pokémon Go
So I wrote an idea about this already. So what is new are all the issues that are going wrong. I don’t know if anyone said criminals would hide where all the good Pokémon are and rob you but that is happening. Still seeing another Japan trick to get us to kill our president for looking like MewTwo and attack our nuke missile sites would be nice.

Goodwill, how all your toys end up to them for free and then all the poor get all the toys for like nothing. So it can show Kenny’s family with all of Cartman’s old toys and so Cartman is pissed off. He can steal them all back but his mom gives them away again. It can have some sort of weird reasoning behind Goodwill. Like if anyone has ever gotten anything from there it is never played with and is like worse than trash in your home. It is like everything you buy there either for yourself or another person is cured to never be used or played with ever. It is like people buying junk to see it unused and then thrown out. It can have Cartman realize that all the Goodwill stuff just gets treated like sh*t and thrown out like trash anyways and so it is like Cartman is not the last person to do away with his own stuff.

Robots and drones used to get kill shots on criminals by police.
So with that Black Panthers BLM punk lefty Johnson dead from a robot this can be the trigger of a scary future. One where robots are now the way to kill someone and later do all jobs. It can be like the Matrix but that everyone is super fat and lazy and does nothing but sit on a toilet and use Virtual Reality. It can be that blacks and other people couldn’t figure out how to be angry at a robot that kills and so the pressure was taken off the police for killing blacks because now robots are used to kill them. So it led to all people not knowing why to act up and by naughty because it was all really just the blacks wanting to act like they were rubbing their filthy dirty n*gger asses in the faces of a white guy because they remind them of their former slave masters. So using robots to police and kill makes it so no one kills or commits crime and also it leads to people seeing how they can just do all work. So it is a future of peace and of fat people with no reason left to live.

Snapchat sued by 14-year-old over sexually explicit content ... li=BBnb4R7

So Snapchat is dirty I guess. I think dirty internet things have been done a lot yet these apps are used heavily to traffic and sell child porn which can be addressed. It can be that kids from school are nude online and so they are bullied and preyed on now as anyone can see them naked anytime as once something is online it never comes down.

police and quotas arrests and tickets and sh*t
So what about how the police are out to bother people just because they need to make their quotas or they can lose their jobs? It can show how we shouldn’t do this and that if there isn’t a need for as much police in one area than that must be a good thing. It can be a solution is come up with that has these cops do something else and they can still make the same type of money. It can be that now it is planned in advance that this will happen and so in order to become a cop a cop must be cross trained for other jobs just in case that they are not needed and also they rotate who the police are if there is not a need for them.

EXCLUSIVE: Facebook refuses to remove sickening cartoon of police officer having his throat slit from Black Panther page Dallas cop killer Micah Xavier Johnson ranted on just days before massacre

Read more: ... z4DvQLXcy3
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This is not fair that blacks can have filthy anti-police murder pictures.

Listen to Nixon while you pee! Watergate Hotel reopens after nine years and a $125million facelift and includes sound system pumping out ex-president's speeches in the bathrooms

Read more: ... z4Dy478HmK
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So with the Watergate Hotel reopening it is interesting. This could be a great way to recreate things and like that people don’t think that it can be broken into again like an Oceans 11 movie. I am guessing this would be a Hillary wet dream as she would think it would hurt Trump yet people have been hacking Hillary and I think Trump too. Still this has potential. Going to the bathroom with Nixon giving a speech may be just right with Garrison to do at this place. Could make for a nice scene and place to have a rally or some bull.

So what about eating Curry???
Curry food is equally the worse time ever as people blow their nose around you and spit. Curry is the worst food and it just makes you feel depressed. I ate some recently and it made me real sad. Is it people think you are a Muslim terrorist or something? Maybe it was me making myself sad? It is rate now the cured food.

Noah's Ark opens at Kentucky theme park ... index.html

So this place is only open to like Christians and so it is kind of funny. It says the dino’s were alive when humans were like 6,000 years ago. It is a weird new way to teaching people that goes against most of today’s science and not psychology. Seeing this ark in action sounds cool.

The Holy John
People pray to Elton John after they take a sh*t and so they kneel at the toilet before a flush but after a sh*t and pray like people do at the foot of the bed to Jesus. There can be audio of Elton John’s music and of prayer words that are like it too. It can be all part of a new religious group that worships Elton John.

Sniffing Love
So a character develops a love for the smell of other people’s sh*t and farts. So it starts out as a joke but later the character finds themselves hiding out in heavily trafficked bathrooms just to breath in the intoxicating aroma of anothers sh*t.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Sun Jul 17, 2016 5:15 am

'Crown Prince of Terror' returns: Bin Laden's son, Hamza, calls for terrorist attacks against the West to avenge his father's death

Read more: ... z4E4ienZ40
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So Hamza is so young and can’t even shave. Jesus it kind of makes me sad that we will have to kill him. I bet we know where he is rate now and can just blow him the f*ck up. So is it Ham that likes AQ as the new name or whatever it is? It seems so childish like it’s just shortened to be easy to write. So I guess Hammy baby could use a fun ride in a show! Could use the original Usama from hell taking up the butt by Satan to egg his son on to a life of terror. It could show many villainous dictators and evil terrorists agree and take it up the butt too.

What Creates Life???
How about an episode about what caused life on earth and how no one else seems to know rate now? What if there is something in like water or soil or the chemicals or elements that when fixed just right or maybe like how only certain elements and things can be created with a meteorite crash or in space and so that is how life is created? Let’s just make it up to be poop creates life. So it was that there was this giant fat ass like Cartman that had a major bowel movement that created an explosion that created the big bang. Then it was worms in this fat Cartman creatures sh*t that became all life out there.

Whad Are U Gay?
So it would joke on a woman that is from New England that talks like all the different accents there and keeps adding in when talking to people “Whad Are U Gay?”. My cousin did a really funny impression of this and created the character for the most part but I’d like to see it done on this show. The women can be really fat too and kind of short but domineering. Can work with a vacationing abusive family who is in South Park of something like that.

“The Soul Catcher” a JamesPup Anime (It’s the new white to make the anime for the Japs!)
So it starts out with a boy at home who is an atheist and he is greeting his uncle who is a priest who had been traveling the world teaching religion. The boy loves his uncle but never liked religion. The uncle has a funny watch (or the watch could be a necklace or other personal wearing) too that the boy remembers the uncle always has. But then as the uncle tells of his adventures a really bad man approaches and kills the uncle and this bad man has all this demon aura around himself. The bad guy had hunted the uncle down. With what the bad man says and then leaves and with what the uncle is able to say with his dying words to the boy, changes the boy’s life and religious beliefs forever. It is revealed that the uncle is a religious Soul Catcher and the watch is how to catch them from the bodies of the world’s worst people being murderers and rapists. It is that the uncle had been traveling the world purifying lands of the evilest souls. So it is now that the boy must wear the watch and now go on an amazing adventure to save all lands from the monsters of humanity that lay await. And also to avenge his uncle’s life by capturing the soul of the man who murdered his uncle. It would be that the demon souls steal the soul and become the hosts of the body they steal. It is inoperable to fix and so when the watch is used to sends the soul of the demon to hell and the tormented soul of the body that had been stolen to heaven as there is no way to save the body that had been stole. The boy would have wacky moments like with pretending to know this religion he had so adamantly stated he disbelieved in. He would need lots of time to learn the ropes. He could after a few episodes meet some friends on his way. Being a young girl and an older man or women who are also part of this religion and are out to cleanse the lands. It could be like that the boy would have a crush on the younger girl and then the older man or women could be like a role model and parent type. It can be a little like Pokémon but really not. It can have a hierarchy with the priests and the demons. This should be able to go a couple of seasons easy. It would have that in the second season there could be a boss in it that would be unlike the first season which focuses on the boy and then group entering new cities to help out. In the second season it can have the higher ups of the demons to have gotten full word of what is happening and the boy and his group are hurting their takeover. So it would be that the demons send the possessed bodies with demons also after the kids which there could have been a little of this in the first season but just to watch outcomes. It would be that the viewer sees what the villains are up to once and a while.

U.S. gay gun group's membership surges after Orlando killings ... spartanntp

Would South Park have guns again? So it is that gays now pack pink guns everywhere in South Park. It is not that rednecks have guns but gays. People are fearful of trigger happy fags. It can have the gays be the crazy gun nuts and bullies. It would be that PC Principal sees that the gays are not minorities anymore as they are so aggressive.

Migrant camp in George Clooney's Italian hideaway: Lake Como becomes home to hundreds of people after nearby border crossing into Switzerland was closed

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So the song “what a wonderful world” would work. It is that Clooney is allowing Muslims to live with him! How sick! He is so fake because if he let any type of female around them they would rape and then stone and behead her for telling after several hours of a brutal rape. The song would work to show the horrors of the after math of what has happened to all of Europe with all the filthy Muslims being there. It would show all of Europe destroyed and all national landmarks burning and all men dead and beheaded and all women pregnant and being raped.

The D.B. Cooper case has baffled the FBI for 45 years. Now it may never be solved. ... li=BBnb7Kz

So the DB cooper case has been closed and so can South Park use this as a plot and have fun with who the real hijacker was? I guess it would have to be a senior citizen from the town. Could we see Grandpa Marsh in this? Maybe upon learning it made it so that Stan and Randy felt they had it too in their blood to rob and hijack stuff. So now the two are out following like their past ancestor did.

Japanese Emperor Akihito considering abdication, broadcaster says ... index.html

So I guess the Jap’s eldest son will take over but you could just play on it all and have some crazy become the new emperor. I guess the idea of new laws and war would work. There could be imperial Japan jokes too. I guess an Asian Girl could work. I don’t think the town has anyone else that is Asian anymore for the City Wok guy is white.

Laptops recovered from ISIS jihadists are filled 'up to 80%' with PORN, reveals former US intelligence director

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Man I had heard these ISIS pricks were porno fiends yet this just says better than I could. So like I have said “Why not show ISIS creating their porn”? It can be that ISIS becomes the new pornhub of our world. It is now that all porn is make by Muslim terrorists. It is that we don’t want to fund terror but we are so in need for porno that we have to watch and pay for it. It is that ISIS gets so rich that now they are able to buy all the land they need and create the perfect caliphate. It starts with ISIS buying all the ownership of every porn company on earth with all of their money. The rest is history. This is the story of how the world became Muslim… by peoples need for porn.

'What is the T doing to that P?': Donald Trump and Mike Pence release 'suggestive' campaign logo causing internet to erupt with mocking memes and comments

Read more: ... z4EWRwTTjT
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This is a little dirty no? So how about seeing the J from Jenner all sexy with the G from Garrison. I also swear I said this very joke before Trump and Pence had this new logo created. It can have how Hillary after her VP pick has a dirty logo too. It can work with the idea of sexual imagery with campaign logos and slogans.

'Wear a headscarf or be raped': Sick messages threatening sex attacks on women are posted in Swedish town with stickers demanding democracy is replaced with Islam

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Happy Time
So have you ever wanted a beverage and you didn’t mind spending a little extra? So I find maybe once a year at best that it works to buy Fiji bottled water and it makes you so happy as it is the most expensive water on the market. So this can have a small place I think in an episode. Like the way to instantly make someone happy like in a hostage negotiation or tirade. It’s like biggest bestest thing ever. Like being best man at a wedding and then being given the bride for yourself.

f*ck You America
What about if there is a time in American history where its own people are upset with their own nation or could be the new snub to America by other nations. So Garrison gets the bright idea to start the phrase “Let Just f*ck America” it could be after he loses election or as way of telling people to love America again because America is such bully. Or something like all of this. But what it leads to is Garrison creating a blow up sex doll that is literally in the shapes of the United States of America. So people truly now can f*ck the US.

sh*tty Tan
So it’s like when a kid you can get a tan and it goes away after a month of something. But it’s like once you are like in High School tans never go away. A tan will be with you for like 10 years. So what about a character like that from a sunny local? Or it could deal with the shows characters getting sh*tty tans that will not go away. There can be all the stages like angry and depressed and then acceptance.

Trans Wars
So what about how characters are like gender swapped all the time? It’s like a new weird thing people like. It’s like there were these chicks that thought they were male characters but they liked getting f*ck by dudes and so they were not gay but lived like they are a male character on the inside but the outside were female. So this is what created where male characters are turned female. Joke on this. It can have like Luke and how Rey is like female him, which is gay. It’s like Luke got no sex but Rey is a slut, what up with that? Marvel is all the time finding a way to take males and then have a female one of them. Could be a great big Disney joke.

Nice Pounding
So what about how people realize that there is an easy way to get some sweet and nasty sex and it doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like. You could be a guy or a girl and still you get a nice f*cking. And this sex answer is going and working at migrant camps in Europe. And so the people that want some of this wet sex are now the ones who go and work at these camps. The whole migrant crisis becomes a sex crisis. Now it is that both Muslims and Westerners are migrating to Europe to stay at these camps just to have lots of dirty sexy fun.

Walmart Junk
So I bought a towel at Walmart a couple of months ago and it is horrible. It leaves little black fibers all over your body. Just go to Walmart and buy their cheapest black towels and after a shower it will leave tons of black fibers all over your body. After the towels first wash it works fine but really it is so stupid that it is like that.

New Chef
So the idea of a new school chef is coming up again. I don’t mind the idea but maybe people have been burned out with there being the whole setup scene of the kids sharing what going on in their lives that is interesting or confusing with a school cafeteria worker. It can be revived yet maybe it is now a washed up deal. So I think just for the next season there can be a new chef type of character and one that can be different and refreshing. So it can be that the elementary school is having construction to remodel the school. It can have a few construction workers who can be repeat characters that whole season. There can be this one that is the stand out new chef. He can be big strong and kind of gay I guess and white. He like the others a blue collar types. What can happen is the kids talk to this guy and they guy is all about dirty jokes and stories and stuff. Like all he says are the fun old jokes, stories, and songs kids used to tell each other. It would be that he is all about getting all the kids laid and all the girls at the school to be sluts. He can even be a heroin addict and is always buy hookers after this shift. I think this could work with mainly the guy hearing the kids stories of what is going on and then adding in his input. He would always have a dirty joke or something to add also. He can even in one episode help out some and run around with the kid as they try to save the day.

What could possibly go wrong? Man takes ten tries to build a flying chair - and wants to teach people how to make their own

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I want drones again but of people riding them all around.

How being a bi-racial really makes you a super-man parasite villain. It is that people realize they are parasite from Super-Man for being of different regional backgrounds.

The Slav Show
This show would follow around a Slav that is like their meme pictures where they wear black Adidas and do their squats. I am sure there are lots of stereotypes around about Slavs. It can be that the kids visit Eastern Europe and run into these people or that one or more come to South Park.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Sun Jul 24, 2016 5:31 am

Michael Jackson wanted to marry 11-year-old Harry Potter actress Emma Watson, claims doctor jailed for causing singer's death in explosive tell-all

Read more: ... z4EeNVBAGb
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What a horror story Emma Watson’s life seems like now seeing how she was to marry and get f*cked or wait I said that wrong, she was to f*ck Michael Jackson. How was this guy able to do all of this and get away with it? I think that the Doc did the right thing with killing Michael Jackson. So what would work is making fun of Emma Watson for hiding some sicko’s advances. I bet she had sex with this freak. Her family and everyone that knew are criminals. So retelling the story seems interesting.

Jap Bot
All the people who wish for $15 minimum wages get their wish. Yet most jobs are then replaced by Japanese robots and all the prices for all products in America drop greatly. But also do the wages for jobs as now even manager jobs are not needed as robots need no manager or just robot managers. People turn into Luddites and fight the bots to the death. Then all socialists in the US are killed with Bernie Sanders head on a pike and hurled to Russia from whence it came.

Shriners Hospitals for Children
So I keep seeing these commercials on TV and I feel like I am one now. I want a place like this. It could be like the crack baby basketball one. It can have the kids helping out at a Shriners. Showcasing a bunch of cripples again seems nice. I guess Jimmy and Timmy and maybe Nathan and Mimsy would work. It can be that they are to help the kids there or can be there for aid of some kind. Maybe it could be that Jimmy and Timmy are to have surgery to fix their walking handicaps by an experimental procedure. I know people like the way the cripples are but cripple fans would like to see them healthy I would think. So maybe they could be okay for a while and then revert back for some reason as the surgery didn’t work and the drugs they took causes them to change into monsters or something and be reinjured after being turned back but are back to being crippled. It can have Nathan out to stop the kids from being cured as there is no cure for him and he will miss them from being crippled.

The Fox News Racist Trick
Fox News is now having whites support Blacks and having blacks on to support the police. This is some funny wrong sh*t. It is not representative of the real public but is to fool people for some reason. They are faking this so badly and setting it up it is to vomit to. It is funny though. I’ve seen them do it a few times lately. The last time was with this black female judge they had on that kept supporting the cops and a white women came on who said she was part on BLM. Now it is Geraldo Rivera verse one of their black hosts with Geraldo trying to support the blacks at times and having the black guy support the police. This is so funny the trick of this but oh well. Fox sure is faking interviews for a surprising effect.

So as a Pokémon joke it is like Pokémon are slaves and the EX are being a former slave or in the trading card game it is a better more powerful card. Just a little joke or could be nice meme.

Chuck Norris V. Bruce Lee
Its that Chuck Norris had whacked off so much the night before the big historic fight between Norris and Lee. It is that Norris had a major waft of cock cum smell that he was able to use it to defeat Bruce Lee. It was the Lee made it illegal to beat off at his ninja camp but Norris had a room alone that night and so beat off nicely and discovered the way to beat Lee with cum. So now after an opponent found out how Chuck Norris beat Bruce Lee with a waft of cum starts whacking off so heavily and constant without showers and so that there is a cum wafting cloud growing all over earth with semen clouds forming and smell and cum rain will soon consume all cities and that of humanities flesh like an egg being penetrated by semen, The End. It could also be that the man challenged Norris who is a decedent of Lee and it is revealed that Norris had Lee killed. So the decedent after learning how to win in karate goes to a sperm bank and has his whole body covered in cum and then Asian masseuses rub the cum into all and every crevasse of his body. The waft is intense and people faint and rot at mere smell of it. And then the fight begins. Norris can be beaten but with some more fun jokes. It can be that Norris too had whacked off and had his waft on and actual didn’t want to do it but whips out his dick and ejaculates all over the decedent. It would end with Norris cock and balls being destroyed followed but his body turning to dust.

Ben Carson and Lucifer
She's one-degree of separation from a devil-lover! Ben Carson warns voters against Hillary because her 'hero' Saul Alinsky 'acknowledges Lucifer'

Read more: ... z4EvC7LEnj
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So does anyone want to see Satan working with the democrats and that Carson was right? This can work with Garrison v. Hillary or whatever is going to happen. Also add in Melania’s stolen speech which Jenner would do I guess. It can have to how the Republicans are like Mortal Kombat for a scene and Melania is like Mileena and Trump can be Goru. Also there is how Trump keeps using Queen music which I love and other peoples. It can show how all these artists of music are really racist but want to hide in the closet with it.

Leslie Jones and the celebs we bully off Twitter ... index.html

So this is weird as who would like Jones? She is kind of like the jokes thrown at her but I don’t think she is too bad at acting and everything. The new Ghostbusters movie does kind of suck I guess but whatever as remakes are all the time. Jones must have been joking as now she is back to twitter. Jones is too big and domineering for me though. She is kind of always doing the same acting too. It is like she watched lots of kids cartoons or something like one of those black idiots that loves Lonney Tunes. I guess she likes the attention and is getting popular so why not rag on her? She has TV commercials and all. I guess it can show how overweight and extra-large black women are now being like her everywhere and are taking over the US. She can be like a minority that the democrats protect rate before all the angry mobs attack them for being so useless and obnoxious. It can get to where people can’t stand it and there is something needed to be done about all of it. Like at every turn there is a Leslie Jones bothering you and acting like her. It’s that they out Cartman Cartman by eating everyone’s food and drinking everyone’s drinks. They are the ultimate freeloaders.

Could 3D printing trigger World War 3? Expert warns technology could allow rogue states to manufacture nuclear weapons

Read more: ... z4EvGz3AOP
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So no one does the 3D printer yet it is a nice weapon people don’t think to use. It sounds weird that people could get the nuclear material to build a nuke. It could be places like Germany and Iran that have nuclear power plants that can now use printers to build their nukes. This can go with WWIII.

Graham - the unforgettable face of Australian road safety

So Graham can be a created new human. What if Obama’s last executive order is to right a wrong as his family is killed by Biden who was pissed in a car crash but his son’s name being used for Obama’s dog. But still Obama will not admit he wanted to make fun of the Biden family. So anyways it is that Obama wants his family back but also wants to make sure they are safe from the real only threat he can now muster as everything else is a JV team. So he has a family of Graham types of people created. Now Obama’s family can’t die as nothing can stop them as long as it is not a car which now they can overcome. Or it can be that Biden sees how useful it is to make people like this and so has himself and his family turned into this Graham.

iPhone bullsh*t
So rate now I got like an iPhone 5 or 6 and I know full well there is no reason that it cannot run the apps I want it to. The real problem is that Apple will not update the new iOS to the older phones. This is a trick Apple is doing to get people to spend more money to buy the newer phones for no reason when they could just update the iOS for the older phones. It is like how PC’s were garbage every few years for the fact a video game would not play and would crash the PC for the video and graphics cards were sh*t by then. But with these iPhones it is that the phone itself is fine but it is that the iOS will not update as they have abandoned it to get people to spend on a newer phone for no reason. Dude if my iPhone had the new iOS it would handle the apps just fine and not crash or anything. So really this is all total bullsh*t. It should be that if the product is obsolete then it is not updated but the older iPhones are fine and can run all the apps out there fine so there is no reason to stop creating updates for them. This topic and others related needs to be shoved in some Apple executives face and then up their assh*le.

Race Wars Card game or White Nationalism card game
So it happens that people want to know collect and create a deck of white dictators and that of other races too. So it would have it that a person could create their own deck of just a country or region like say Germany or Italy or Egypt or Persia. SO it would deal with past peoples and ones of today too. It would catch on and now everyone is carrying their custom race decks. Everyone fights each other all the time that it starts to create a racial divide in the US and all over the Earth.

My Dick In You
Garrison has custom dildos created to have every one f*ck themselves with. This can also be that the death penalty is made legal in all states and that because Garrison is a busy guy it is that dildos hooked up to those f*cking machines will now replace each states death penalty and will literally f*ck you to death!!!

South Park app video game
Where in every one-mile radius all of the characters ever on South Park are on the phone like with the Pokémon go game. It can have interactors that people can have with the characters. Like chat and dance and say and act out from the TV show.

Somewhat Cool PC Principal FU
So it has PCP have a girlfriend he is to marry and it is a big plot but Cartman has had enough of his sh*t. It can be that PCP totally went all over Cartman and unleashed on him and said now that he is to be married that nothing can stop and or stand in his way. So Cartman has his girlfriend killed in a car crash decapitation and then later Cartman and Kenny create mung from dead girlfriend and former future bride from the morgue to feed to PCP as a sorry meal people make grieving families.

Will US soldiers soon be riding jet powered HOVERBOARDS into battle? Military firm buys company behind record breaking gadget

Read more: ... z4FI9XB1E2
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So I want to add to this of the hover drone craze that is taking over. This one above is real cool. I really want to see people killed by a dude on one with a gun.

Fox News
How all of them are on prescription drugs for depression and the like and how they are all drunk 24-7. They are so sad and drink their woes away. It can show that people see how genocidal the democrats are with race mixing and how no other races in the US but minorities should procreate and the like. Or how only new immigrants should procreate. But once the people go to the republicans they see that they are all on drugs and drunk and sad all the time. It is that they don’t really give a sh*t and just want to be dicks and don’t really want to stop the change the liberals are after. It is then seen that there is need for some people to help out with the sh*t that is happening. Where there is a nation that hates the people that have fought and died and sweated and broken bones for. This nation is the USA that hates its own people and wants only the new filth that is so stupid and savage. Then after it is tamed it is that they are to be genocide to death and now it is to take in new filth. It would be discovered that there is a secret scripture from the Framers that says as to why this happens.

Smelly Migrant Trick
Migrants use old trick of smelling like sh*t to get people to not be around them and then they go after people to talk to them to get them to talk which only makes them listen and obey just to make sure this person retreats at some point.
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