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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Sun Jul 31, 2016 3:55 am

Missing and exploited children
So let’s have some of the kids be kidnapped and abused in many fun ways. It can feature that John Wash dude all still horny about his son Adam. It can have the retired old fruits of the FBI that go on TV to help with cases. I think it would be fun to see both boys and girls kidnapped and see them be prostitutes and the interactions between the kids with what they go through. The parent’s reactions all throughout will be priceless also.

A 20,000 tons sea of rubbish and the 'rat people' who call it home: Scavengers live in mountains of rotting garbage and sift through metal, plastic, needles and CORPSES... to earn £1.50 a day

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There are lots of third world counties where poor people live that go through trash their short lives. So this can be used to show off the Olympics in Brazil and how f*cked Up it is there. Maybe the kids for some reason can be at the Olympics for either a guest or maybe a kid or someone made into it. The rat people can need help and be saved by Kenny who has lived a life just as they have. Kenny can lead them to rebel and conquer the whole of the Olympics. Or it can have that the rat people are skilled and so they now have to compete in a new Olympics to see who lives and who dies as Kenny is their leader. It can have Kenny become the new King of Brazil and is known as King of the Rat People.

Could parasite found in CAT FECES fight ovarian cancer? Scientists identify specific protein which trains the body to kill tumors

Read more: ... z4FTU5rZeB
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It happens and so a crazy scientist tries to test parasites in cat sh*t to see what the f*ck happens with it and cancer. He finds that it prevents and kills cancer. Now all women own many cats and rub and bathe and cat sh*t. It is now the new norm for a hot woman to have cat sh*t all over herself and with sex. It gets s to where people just eat the sh*t too. It can be that a test tube had been switched or knocked over. So it was really not cat sh*t the whole time. So it can show how many women are now dying from exposure form poop. It is that doctors recommend more poop. So it is that many of our women are now dying or dead from being covered in or eating poop.

Sia and her obsession with dogs and helping them.
It is revealed Sia has a bestiality sex fetish with dogs and does so like all the time. And that she likes to hide her face as a homage to the way women act with hiding their faces in bestiality videos and kinky dark sexual activities. It can show her at ranches in Australia having sex with kangaroos and the like also.

Lori Mae Hernandez
I don’t know why but I really like this little tween girl. I watch a little of the Americas got talent and Lori is so cute and funny. She does plot ideas that South Park used last season. I think that it would be funny to see a character like her on the show. I can see her a little like Lisa Berger but she is as I see it attractive but I don’t care. It would be funny to see Lisa paly out like Lori does then. It can be revealed that Lisa is half Mexican and half Jewish. So David and Kyle both bot have a crush on her as she is the center of the episodes and hearts of all in the episode as she goes about telling comedy jokes and impersonations.

Michelle’s Wish of You
So Obama’s wife likes the song Brave by Sara Bareilles and it is like she cut a nasty fart before she went on the stage at the Democratic National Convention. She came out to Brave with a fart and then wanted to see people be brave to walk into her fart area that was all Chernobyl. It was totally like she was whiffing her fart and loving it. I hear she is a fart machine. She is like being around the changing of a diaper. What a woman this woman is! Show the divide as it happened of Michelle Obama going from the fat but to be smelled to having that sniff to letting loose at an alarming rate and more. It can be that she is left by her whole family as she wouldn’t keep cheating on her family for her farts.

Would you drink beer made from URINE? Scientists create 'sewer to brewer' machine that turns pee into a drinkable beverage

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It can be that people all over the earth realize they can now have beer made from the pee. It can be that recipes or maybe curtains peoples pee beer is a certain type like IPA and Pilsner and the like. So now all some people do eat and drink certain foods and things just to make pee to be turned into beer for all of the town of South Park to drink.

BREAKING NEWS: Ronald Reagan's attempted assassin to be released from mental hospital 35 years after the shooting

Read more: ... z4FchbENCF
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So John Hinckley Jr will be out of prison soon. So it can have how he is after the next US president in an assassination. It has to paint him like a Slav with the Adidas jumpsuits and doing squats all the time. He is really not as crazy as we think but is all about causing a WWIII like with WWI with the assassination of the Austrian Prince. So Johns recruits this time to kill the new US president is Randy Quaid and also both former late nite hosts being Lettermen and Leno seeing how they are all now crazy as f*ck and with leftist breads and obsessed with socialism.

How Hillary Clinton is an incompetent with technology. It would show her secret struggle like that of Officer Barbrady with reading. So it will show how Hillary doesn’t know anything about an iPhone or PC. She spends a full day to figure out how to turn on a PC and the next day to open an internet browser. It will show this as she strives to be our president. It is her secret testimony as to why she is not guilty of the emails as because she is so stupid with the internet.

Web postmaster general and how it is really fake but in show it will be real person.
So what about who the hell it is when you mail out an email but it is never sent because the email is an invalid one and it says that the postmaster general can’t send it. This seems real lame but I don’t think anyone things to use this. It can be that people fall into receiving complaints from this guy.

Lindsey Lohan pregnant and so show can be about her being whore mom and worse than Miss Cartman and how her baby is crazy and abused. Lohan would still be out getting super wasted and suing people over fake thinking people stole her identity.

Why are half the white girls on TV red headed? I want to say it is about racist stuff or Japanese fetishes but I am really just lost. Aren’t there not that many red heads out there? Why are they so popular with people then? I know I like red head girls but not this much. Is it that every guy and gal really likes or wants to be a red head? Can there be reasoning explained behind the red head fetish!

CNN Grill, I don’t know but is this place the gay hub of earth or what?

Trump having Russia and Putin help his campaign and hack people and kill and beat people up.
So it is really a thing somehow that Russia is hacking the US and Trump a presidential candidate is cool with it. So I guess just playing off that Trump is part of the mafias and that he had known Putin and Russia corrupt peoples and so deals were made. Also the time it is said Trump and Putin first met would be shown to joke on how it was all a trick, they had met before or it could work that this meeting was a big meet that led to the hacking. Garrison could be Trump and work now with Russia instead if Trump is not used.

Governor: 4 Zika cases likely came from Florida mosquitoes ... itoes.html

So Zika is again posing a real threat to the US. It is that now mosquitoes in the US can spread the disease. I think that this is a big issue. It may lead to areas of the US not being able to be lived in because of the disease and also all of central and south America could not be lived in when pregnant and so their people will leave their countries for the US for like 2 years and expect us to pay for them in full as they do jack sh*t.

Farting Law and so T&P in trouble and Cartman and all the people of Earth who do fart and love the smell.

Teacher Wet Dreams
The smart kids reveal that they learned and now reveal the best way to get an ‘A’ grade is to fantasize sexually and romantically about their teacher regardless of gender or age or anything. It helps with not feeling distracted and helps you want to do the work and study.

People fed up with whole LGBT obsession from the future come here to the present of South Park to tell people how much they hate fags. It is that the future is ruined by LGBTQ peoples. It can have a Cable marvel type of character to come back to change the past to save the future by getting rid to the LGBT movement. It is that LGBT people take over because of the PC and so no one is able to procreate. People are unable to work if they are not LGBT and are not allowed food. It is that PCP and Cable will have a battle too.

Da Muddy Mung
‘The Sound and The Fury’ kids sneak into their grandma’s funeral and after everyone left each of them get a mouthful of mung and their former slave is the one to jump on Da Muddies belly and finalizes the deal by f*cking the rest of her insides out her assh*le into Benjie’s mouth.

The New Evil Jew Character Kid
The stereotypes come alive with evil the new kid The Evil Jew who does and is all the wrong people think of the Jews. He is all about killing Palestinians and raping white women. He is only after money and wants to steal and poison the lands of other peoples.

The Merkel whore history Book
So this would just show of the past crimes against Germans by their chancellor Merkel. Like how she has been working for the Russians since childhood. How she lost her virginity to Russians and is still making sure to get a nice screw every week. How she is listening to Putin and allow all the Migrants into Europe to hurt the native people there. I know there is more and so that too would be featured. Like stolen merchandise and selling out parts of Europe to help Russia. Or at times to help Germany but then they give all the money to Russia through exclusive Russia trade deals.

Old Kids
Old couples with no kids and how they watch kid’s TV shows like Saturday morning kid new episodes. How they think they are the cool ones and bully all others being kids. The kids get into trouble too and not the old people when they confront each other over enjoying and wanting to act and play out the shows they both love. It is that it is revealed what is happening, that if adults watch and act out the kid’s TV shows that they now have all the power and kids are now sad and compliant. So now all adults watch kid TV shows. It is that the kids now have to pick up the slack and watch the adult TV shows and so now they find themselves at work and making all the money but giving of themselves completely to their parents. The kids realize things will not get better and so it ends with everyone trying to one up the other by acting like the bigger baby. So ti is that people are sh*tting themselves and grabbing any women’s breast near them to suckle. It can be that people realize what has happened and so things return too normal. It could be over no food and water and anything.

Get to know Satan after school! Activists who fight against religion in classrooms are petitioning to set up after school club that is an antidote to Christianity programs

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What if a new school opens up in South Park that is a school of the Devil. It can have the Vampire kids and Goth kids and even Emo kids go there. It could be that for some reason this school does so much better than the other one that all kids now have to attend it. The school will teach how to hurt others in all ways. And so by physical force or manipulation or Satan’s favorite is when you sell your soul to the devil and then the devil carries out atrocities against humanity. There can be some dark magic too. Past demonic characters could be reused also.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby Timmah12 » Sun Jul 31, 2016 1:44 pm

Eric Cartman- Ace Attorney
Cartman becomes a lawyer and stands in a celebrity case against Gerald Broflovski. Cartman represents Johnny Depp.

Lovey Dovey Kissy Wissy
Red asks Butters out and when he declines, she plots to kill him. Meanwhile, Timmy gets a girlfriend.

A Kind of Magic
Stan's grandpa reads the boys a story about a boy wizard.

I Solemnly Swear
When the school introduces a swear jar, Cartman's search for the origin of his potty mouth leads him to the conclusion that they are in a TV show.

Cartman opens a charity known as One Direction, unknown of the band of the same name. Stan suffers the horrors of public transport when his grandma goes into hospital.

Weight Loss 4000
Cartman tries to lose weight when he is ridiculed by the new gym teacher.

The Curse of Jehovah
Randy, Jesus and Timmy must save South Park when it is invaded by Jehovah's Witnesses.

South Park + 20
See the boys in 20 years. Cartman is a drug dealer, Wendy is pregnant and technology is taking over.

Please comment on your opinions. More ideas are coming up soon.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Mon Aug 08, 2016 3:31 am

Himmler diaries show daily Nazi horrors ... spartanntp

Himmler’s newly found diaries could tell some fun and interesting stories. It could have Cartman getting a copy of them and reading them to the class. It would then have several stories Cartman reads be seen in animation and all the kids from class and the town are in them as characters. The stories can play on old stories and some adaptations based on the new diary finding. There would be a need of some good jokes and odd behaviors. It can have Kyle keep interrupting every time Cartman has Himmler killed a Jew who was being acted by Kyle.

Black Lives Matter Releases Policy Agenda ... smsnnews11

BLM is now asking to get rid of all police organizations and they think they deserve all this free money for the slave thing and that they from now on should get extra privileged treatment. I don’t see how they can get away with this but with the way things are going it may be a reality. They are basically after separatism like with what the New Black Panthers are after. It is scary that they will succeed but everyone will just player hate on whites. Blacks think now that they should be able to control all laws where they claim is their land, whatever that is? Why would blacks get all this ghetto land when no one else can rate now. It was the Native Americans that will get it last. It like what I’ve been saying that blacks think they should get everything and that everyone else should just wipe their asses and piggyback them through life. So why not just show off the Black Lives Matter group and all the other ones like it. It is like all blacks will end up Muslim too which is scary. Having something that gets blacks to realize that they are wrong for wanting so much and also a message received to whites that BLM and all other groups like it are evil.

Donald Trump signs first-ever presidential anti-porn pledge ... orn-pledge

Wow, we all may be in big trouble. Thinking back to the going west for internet one with Randy, I can see how no porno will hurt all of them men of South Park and then there can be some jokes of women upset or maybe it really is only a few women that look at porn. So would Garrison be the one on board with this? I would think with is odd sexualities he would like nudes. I’d agree that there is some seriously sick and illegal porn online that is so easy to find. I think that this episode could dwell on orgasms too. Like with time length. Like a chick can have one and then walk around and say hi to everyone while having all those great feelings. I guess Clinton has to support porn because Bill would have left her years ago if he couldn’t get it every morning, lunch and dinner.

David Duke
So what if Duke has a secret and it is that he wants to become a trans women. He is rate now wanting to become the new senator for white nationalists. It can be that he sees how good Jenner is received and realizes he should just embrace who he is on the inside and share it with everyone on the outside. Duke’s new name can be Daisy Duke. The episode can have a Dukes of Hazzard appeal and scenes in needed. It can have all the fun reactions from whites and white supremacists and also that of coloreds and Jews. It can have a fun scene with Garrison and Jenner meeting Duke and how they are all LGBTQ. Daisy can look like Jenner now and Duke already has some makeup like pictures that he puts out and so play on those and such.

Patient set to undergo the world's first human head transplant says 'Dr Frankenstein' will reveal details of the operation next month

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Okay I have mentioned this before and I like idea. I don’t think this will work but if it does it will be revolutionary for people. Soon they will take out someone’s brain and put it into a new body. So I guess it would be who gets a head transplant. Also you could joke on head trans-ginger-plants where a boy’s head is put on a girl’s body. It could be a cure not only for those like Timmy who would now be able walk around but also for boy’s who want to have a girl’s body but also most specially it would help gingers by cutting off their ugly heads and letting people then have their heads put on their bodies in the attempt to become normal.

US sent plane with $400 million in cash to Iran ... index.html

Obama has the US pimping itself out to Tehran. 400 million is so much money. I guess just joking on how if someone is bad and naughty that Obama just gives them millions of money for free with a hug and pat on the bum with the ending of saying “Be good”. Obama is festering negative behavior in horrible nations and terrorists. It can show how our own people get no money and are allowed to become homeless but terrorists are giving all the money in the world.

What if a new guy is in town and he is Hitler!
No one will know that it is Hitler for some reason. He can be used after the first episode just as a background character that can make an appearance in every future episode.

Girl, 6, who is losing her sight creates a 'visual bucket list' to fill her head with memories before she goes blind

Read more: ... z4GKDdSyIc
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So what about one of the girls is going blind and it can be Red. She will be completely blind soon also. So she creates a blind bucket list which the top thing is to see all of the boy’s in school’s penises. It can be Bebe that adds it in to see their butt holes too. So now all the kids have to deal with if they can live with showing a girl their naked body.

A sh*t-ssionary is a missionary
There can be a new kind of missionary out to teach people but it is about sh*t and the powers of poop. There can be many good stuff poop has to offer that has to be taught or will be forgotten. The sh*t-ssionary’s can work for the Religion of Poop. Mr. Hankey can be part of the religion also. So one of this missionaries come to South Park. It can be Kyle that falls in love with this way of new faith.

PICTURED: Sasha Obama mans the cash register at her unglamorous summer job working at a seafood shack

Read more: ... z4GOIlDrnZ
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So there is still time to poke fun with the Obama daughters who are growing up and getting loose. What if the Obama daughters get part-time jobs in South Park for the summer? That sounds fun but still we are coming off SoDoSoPa. It can joke on how the daughters close the stores they work at and so they have very dirty sex with guys in the afterhours.

Queefs Without Frontiers
It would have back the queef sisters as they are fighting with each other and so T & P are at the center of the conflict. They feel they are now no man’s land as both sisters use and abuse the two and turn them against each other. It is that the sisters are fighting and trying to split up T & P by making them pick sides. It can all be over some sort of high school sex dealy where one slept with the others man and the other had just found out. So it can have a couple of newer revelations throughout the episode that has more in depth sexual exploits revealed. It can be that the two have been queefing on each other’s man for quite some time.

Dennis Rodman could be charged over California 'hit and run' and driving the wrong way on a freeway in his SUV after night at karaoke gay bar

Read more: ... z4GUCyulQf
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So I think this may happen. It is that Rodman I think did the hit and run on purpose but what it was about or maybe it was an accident. But it was all to run to North Korea. So here would be a funny chance to joke on a sexual freak like Rodman and also North Korea.

'Attention-seeking' mother arrested after she 'starved her 13-year-old son, lied that he had a terminal illness, subjected him to unnecessary surgeries and even bought his casket'

Read more: ... z4Ggfev3gG
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I think of Miss Cartman myself. What if people at first think Cartman is getting his medicine but later think things are going too far. It can be that Miss Cartman is faking and telling Cartman he is sick when he isn’t for some reason. It can be to meet some sexy guy she saw on TV that is hot that is shown on the TV to just sleep with all the mothers of the sick boy’s at the kid’s hospital. It can be the boy’s that get suspicious and investigate thinks and uncover that Miss Cartman is lying.

George R.R. Martin has another TV show in the works ... spartanntp

There is this already written story called Wild Cards. I think that this storyline could work with reintroducing George RR Martin someday. The Wild Card story sounds cool. I can see how things may be tuckered out with super heroes after this season but having Martin back seems nice. He can tell on a life with no penis and of the new TV show he will be having.

Pokémon Go to not allow sex offenders to play in NY. This idea can work around that Garrison love Pokémon o but it is revealed that he is a sex offender and so now he can’t play and worst of all in the best place Central Park. Garrison has no choice but to Go after people to be allowed to play again. I also have read of how there is a new software company that is creating Pokémon killer programs or something. So this can be played on that has like Team Rocket as a virus or some sort of monsters or something that kill Pokémon. It can be that everyone is horrified as people watch all the Pokémon be killed daily as the respawn.

New Blood Pressure and Pulse Test
There is the creation of the dick pulse check where all a male need’s to do is get an erection and then a person puts their hands on the male’s penis and gets a firm grip and counts the nice throbbing.

‘Up In Smoke’ Baby
In the movie there is the smelly butt baby in intro and so what really happened to that baby? I think something on that little shitter is steamy.

New White Supremacist Movement
A new group now pays coloreds and Jews to have sex with them. It is the way to gain the upper hand over them by f*cking them in the ass. So things that used to be a cross burning now is a giant gay party.

Shower Farts
You ever get a nice fart in the shower or water in general? It has a nice fart tart but also a refreshing aqua hot steam scent and taste. So there can be a new book or encyclopedia of all the different farts before how to make all of them are lost forever. It could have something to do with farts being made illegal. It can be like the French Encyclopedia book of the 1700’s that was supposed to be revolutionary and the people that wrote it that sought change and reform.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby nwt000 » Mon Aug 08, 2016 12:59 pm

So many bad ideas involving Red in this thread that it's starting to make me sick to my stomach.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Mon Aug 08, 2016 6:18 pm

nwt000 wrote:So many bad ideas involving Red in this thread that it's starting to make me sick to my stomach.
Sorry nwt000, I'll try and not use Red than. For the last one she could have just been faking to be going blind just to see cock. It would have had that revealed early on or just at the end. I think your right if what you didn't like was that Red would be blind for the rest of the shows running.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Mon Aug 08, 2016 6:28 pm

Timmah12 wrote:Eric Cartman- Ace Attorney
Cartman becomes a lawyer and stands in a celebrity case against Gerald Broflovski. Cartman represents Johnny Depp.

Lovey Dovey Kissy Wissy
Red asks Butters out and when he declines, she plots to kill him. Meanwhile, Timmy gets a girlfriend.

A Kind of Magic
Stan's grandpa reads the boys a story about a boy wizard.

I Solemnly Swear
When the school introduces a swear jar, Cartman's search for the origin of his potty mouth leads him to the conclusion that they are in a TV show.

Cartman opens a charity known as One Direction, unknown of the band of the same name. Stan suffers the horrors of public transport when his grandma goes into hospital.

Weight Loss 4000
Cartman tries to lose weight when he is ridiculed by the new gym teacher.

The Curse of Jehovah
Randy, Jesus and Timmy must save South Park when it is invaded by Jehovah's Witnesses.

South Park + 20
See the boys in 20 years. Cartman is a drug dealer, Wendy is pregnant and technology is taking over.

Please comment on your opinions. More ideas are coming up soon.
I really like your ideas but if you want my opinion I would like to read some more on each episode idea. You could just add in like a couple more sentences that would be great. I know I'm no better though. Either way I hope you come up with some new ideas soon and continue to add here as it can get lonely.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Mon Aug 15, 2016 3:31 am

Olympic Cupping
I don’t know butt people smelling their won farts and what the Olympian’s are doing with cups pressed tight and air sucked out could work. Like farts put into cups pressed onto skin or a person’s nose. It can be that people in town now do cupping. Some can be confused or it can be that the secret deals with farts.

Butt Babies
Where gay men grow babies in their butts and have to use a colonoscopy bag to poop in or they could face an anal miscarriage. It can be a new fad that is shown as success on TV. Garrison can have a butt baby after people judge him for not having any kids if he were to win the presidency. It can be one of Jenner’s fished out balls from a garbage dumpster and the eggs from some celeb Garrison loves.

'He was an hour late to shoot scenes': Fast 8 crew 'side with 'ultimate professional' The Rock amid feud with 'arrogant' Vin Diesel'

Read more: ... z4H2bEccmj
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Why not focus on douche Diesel who is now only cool for doing Groot voices. I can play on how both the rock and Diesel are not really white yet both act and think they are. It can show the behind the scenes of both their daily life. The act of pretending to be white and not knowing it or hiding the fact they do know but can’t face the truth they aren’t. It could use reality again to help they realize their true fate. It can be how there is hype of the filth of Fast and Furious that is race mixed and multiculturalism. It can have David and Kyle love the series and not shut the f*ck up about it. It drives all the real white kids crazy as they all know the Rock is not f*cking white and it is easy to tell real fast that Diesel is not white either and is just cursed with white skin but has natural desires that differ than that of normal whites to the effect of Latinos. It can have how David and Kyle are broken by Diesel and Rock fighting and now they must patch things up so FF continues to push for race mixing and make non-whites feel like the fit in a world with criminal activity.

Woman tells police she was RAPED by a Pokemon Go character after she felt an ‘assault’... and the virtual reality game detected the creature in her bedroom

Read more: ... z4H2dsrs8s
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So this is great to add to the Pokémon Go sh*t. People being raped by Pokémon is funny. It can be something that started in Russia and now it is spreading as people turn on their app with phone and the Pokémon are f*cking them as they see it on screen. It can be that the Pokémon learn or something causes them to be seen without a phone. But why would Pokémon be so horny? Muslims being f*cked by Pokémon is great and that ISIS declares peace until all Pokémon are jihaded to death or converted. It can have now converted Pokémon to radical Muslim ways for us to fight and that they are now all over the earth and so we all must fight to the last to kill the ISIS Pokémon to stop the conversion and rapes and murders. There can be a secret behind Niantic or whatever the company is called like they are really radical Muslim.

WWE Plans to 'Integrate LGBT Characters' Into Programming ... ng-n627411

How it is a cash cow that is having LGBTQ characters in the WWE. It builds off guilty feelings to eat jalapenos. South Park can reenter the WWE butt this time with LGBTQ. Like homo finisher moves like where a guy is face slammed doggy style and then ass checks are spread and the pin is done by the attacker’s penis on the other dude’s assh*le whole restraining their body like arms behind them in a rape attack pin. It would make you be the tittie chick on a ship’s front. There can be taunts that gender f*ck people. It can be that WWE is cool but then it is all LGBTQ and one or some of the kids hate it. It can have how a belt holder or challenger is in love with who they will fight to have the belt and be all about love and sex just talked about.

Kid going back to school commercials like old navy one about stank mom sex. It reminds me of Slow King who is either male or female and tells everyone who to sleep with. It can focus on Old Navy even though I like it. Could be about Nazis or the navy. Not sure if many navy jokes are any good. South Park has had no one in the military yet. Could be Jew conspiracy with how Jews use Old Navy to race mix everyone and control their behaviors.

Now the Rio diving pool SHUTS after 'fart-smelling' water goes green as Tom Daley tweets 'I hope that means we haven't been diving in anything too bad!'

Read more: ... z4HAkltwQt
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So this pool was like too much bleach that neutralized sh*t. Still it turns people’s hair green like the joker and was smelly. What about having Olympians turned into Jokers by Brazil on purpose to use them to conquer all nations after the Olympians returned home. For those that didn’t dip into the pool it would only require sex to turn them and so they pimped themselves out to other Olympians. Or it can just have people turned and now killing people in Brazil. Mark Hamill can help with the voice work. Michael Phelps and how he is the best at swimming can be added. Could it be he is an Everquest lizardman creature? Or something better and more funny? It could be drugs and he sold his soul to join the dark side. I guess he loves beer and his son boomer who specializes in sh*tting himself. Ryan Lochte got robbed and so adding in a Russian mafia but would be nice and how Phelps is with the Russian mafia and Trump. Also how LGBTQ people are all over the Olympics area.

How Iran’s and North Korea’s Olympic weight lifters win gold and so must have secret drug from Russia but what is drug and does it turn people into something else? It can be a secret Socialist turning drug that makes people the new axis of Evil members. They grow real strong and fast, better than the normal human or super human. This could work with coon and friends but the Olympics will be old I guess.

'Guccifer 2.0' Releases Documents From DCCC Hack ... ck-n629631

This can be how a Russian Jew is again attacking the US and now its presidential system. It will show how one Jew who is the one who killed Jesus is still alive after being granted immortality by Satan and how now he hacks to hurt Christians. He lives in Russia as they hate all religion. He is now sought after by Jesus who wants to heal things after he learned that his murderer was alive and all by the hands of the devil. It is that this Jew is with Satan and must force the hand of things in the USA’s elections as Russia has made a deal with Trump to conquer the world and fill each other’s pockets and to create WWIII which Putin is sure he is ready for and the USA is not.

'This is one of the best beers': Inside North Korea's first drinking festival where visitors are serenaded by patriotic songs alongside their lagers

Read more: ... z4HJxh1Qeu
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This is why I want to go to North Korea as they are showing some cool to themselves. Though the party seems small and the stage weak it has BBQ and grilling’s and nice Korean beer. I really wish I could visit North Korea.

Jew food
So why is it that Jew Food is only for Jews? So whites create new foods like Jews they only eat and no one else. It would work with separatism type of episode. If BLM is after separatism than what about making an episode that can show it as a failure I guess. It will show how American life continues after all races are segregated and not allowed communication. It can be Obama’s final executive order that overrides the next president.

The Jew Game
Beat the Jew at their own game by striving and thriving in the media and anything else that the Jews do. So when the Jew is rich, the white seeks and becomes richer but when the Jew is poor, we do it too and when the Jew rapes we rape too. It is that Cartman is finally upset with the Jews and Kyle and so he makes sure to have whites equalize the playing fields as all of everything in the media and elsewhere is done by a Jew. Cartman creates his own movement to counter the Jews progress in western civilization whereas the allow and cause the native Africans and Middle Easterners to fail at everything.

PCP has an awakening where he trips and has interventions by others to show him that he is wrong about PC. It is that PCP realizes that all the things PC is wrong and that white nationalism is the new way. He now only sees which was the leading up to moment that whites are being beaten down and are slaves to the coloreds and Jews. He sees how todays whites are the true victims of all crimes. The reckoning beings.

Gas station homosexuals
So u ever go to pump gas but there is none so u try all three types of gas but still no gas and no one has a sign up and it makes u want to punch sh*t? I say this needs a scene as like Randy deals with a pesky homosexual gas station attendant f*cker.

Starbucks Real Sugar Freaks
How kids and people use Starbucks to buy sugar and not real coffee. Joke on the barista wanters but they really just seek out getting sugar and not coffee. Like fags that say buy Starbucks stock but only are sugar high fags. Real coffee drinkers are stunned and shocks and now are turning against the sugar freaks as they then try to eliminate all coffee sold at Starbucks all together in place will be all sugar drinks.

Pampered little assh*le
So Cartman becomes obsessed with keeping his assh*le clean as he now uses beauty products and puffs with aloe tissues to wipe his ass hole and pretty up his checks. It is all due to a female model actress that does a tell all about having the best ass which after some cohesion from Kyle and the other boys Cartman who had been acting like something is up does his tell all of how he loves his ass and thinks that it is he who has the bestest and hottest ass out there. It can be that Cartman did too use the same techniques as this model to have a hot ass but that he had a secret Far Eastern trick no one else knows. It can be that Cartman shares his ass with others and on Twitter and all see and realize that Cartman truly has power of his ass as it is the best of them all. The female model than goes after Cartman to find his secret ass treatment and to ruin the beauty of his ass.

How natural gas is bad but we have all these animals that we eat or get dairy from. Yet they are farting and pooping up a storm that hurts our environment. So it is that tubes are shoved up their butts to collect all that wasted gas to be now used as energy and heating and the like. It would deal with this transition and its outcome that of course unfortunately would be a negative one with cow fart power.

Sing movie with race mixing rabbits that act like steer queers and troll movie with queefy “We did it” like they just had sex joke. It is just still weird for me to be turned on by Pixar and think that I would allow children to watch what I just masturbated to or f*cked my wife to. This can be a Kyle’s dad dealy.

Pussy Smoke
How when a girl rubs her pussy or is f*cked it creates friction and so that creates smoke thus pussy smoke. It would have it that now there is just too much smoke everywhere and so it is ruining the environment. People have to ban all girls and women from any type of self-pleasure as the fate of earth is dependent on it. It can be Shelly that is the cherry topping when after the new law is passed smoke is seen from her room and she can say she couldn’t help it dad.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby Randy Marsh 2016 » Wed Aug 17, 2016 4:44 pm

"Cartman and Butters' Bigoted Adventure"

Big Gay Al and Mr. Slave adopt a son, who goes to South Park Elementary and becomes friends with Stan, Kyle and Kenny, but Cartman thinks that this kid will turn him gay, so he and Butters (who is dragged into it) decide to find out why gay people want to be gay (he thinks being gay is a choice, when it really isn't). Meanwhile, Randy is accused for saying something homophobic and is forced to feel guilty even when he knows he didn't say anything wrong, which leads to him being unable to say anything dirty (when he tries to say something dirty, something completely different and not dirty comes out of his mouth, kinda like in the assumption song, except he can't control it). The kids' name is Little Al (Mr. Slave wanted to name him Little Slave, but he got confronted by someone who said that by naming him "Little Slave", he would be promoting child labor for some reason).

"Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night"

Butters is mad that he can't go to a party that pretty much everyone else is invited to, so he (as professor chaos) stages a purge in South Park as revenge, plunging the town into crime filled madness for 12 hours. Butters thinks that people would only do stuff like sh*t on people's doorsteps and TP/egg houses, but he really doesn't realize what he has done. Most people however, aren't murdering people, but instead are doing many of the things that Butters thought would happen instead, and also, people start getting into groups: Mr. Garrison, Jimbo, Ned, Cartman, Trent Boyett (who is let out of the detention center, where Mr. Mackey works part time now, only for the 12 hours) and That redneck who said "they took our jobs!" are in the Pro-Purge group. A second group has: Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Clyde, Craig, Kevin and Little Al, their group is the group who could end the purge, and they try their best to do so. A third group, the Handi Capables has: Jimmy, Timmy and the other disabled students who put panda masks on (you can probably guess their theme song) and try to end the purge by winning it (however, they wanted to end the purge, but Nathan took charge of the group, promising/lying about peace). A fourth group has: Randy, Gerald, Stephen, Stuart, Mr. Tucker and Token's dad. They call themselves "Group 6" because they have six members, but many people outside of the group think their name is a play on words... Their group is more of a survival group, who don't want to get in on the action (unless drunk). And a fifth group has: Wendy, Red, Bebe and the other girls, who are trying to do the same thing as the second group, and getting into constant feuds with them until Stan and Wendy decide to merge the two groups.

"Rumor Has It"

Cartman starts a rumor about a man hiding in the small forest behind the school, but no one believes him. That is until the next day, when Kenny is reported missing and was last seen near the forest, which makes the students think that Cartman is telling the truth. All schools in the area are on lock down, the police are searching everywhere for this man, and the news anchor says "instead of reminding you about the abduction every 30 minutes, anything your watching will be interrupted by a very loud amber alert that sounds like a national emergency". Cartman, who is the only one knows about this man, is told to help Harrison Yates find him before he blows up the school in 45 minutes (which is what Cartman said) and Kyle is the only one who knows it's all fake.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby zzyzx 2 » Thu Aug 18, 2016 1:08 am

I would like to see:

A. Aliens in the episode as part of the plot.

B. Aliens in the episode "hidden" for us to find, having NOTHING to do with the plot

C. Any combination of "A" and/or "B" above :)
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby codenameLeMole » Mon Aug 22, 2016 2:02 am

You may want to do an internet search for the self-proclaimed "republican/comedian/patriot" steven crowder. This guy is begging and pleading to be mocked. His hypocrisy is astounding and his mentality seems pretty scary. I'm pretty sure he qualifies as a public figure, which would make him fair game.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Mon Aug 22, 2016 2:41 am

The Child Porn Crisis
This episode will cover how child porn has evolved and is now consumed by everyone even couples are now the ones to look at child porn. It will be that there are crackdowns in South Park and all over the country and then all over earth. As it seems to be turning out it is that everyone is downloading and looking at child porn. It is that all presidents will be giving an announcement or at the UN and then they are arrested for child porn. So this can be a silly screw up where a kid or someone dumb included just about everything in the child porn locator software our nation has. It could be a child like Cartman or Butters used a special PC to play a game or something and changed the info. So it is that really no one is a pedo but some sickos. Still the real sickos are the leaders of all as everyone is being perused for having child pron. It is that there are speeches and prison breaks and wars with government as it is that the real child predators are leading and protecting their livelihood. So everyone else is confused but just kill themselves or accept that they must be pedophiles. It can be revealed at the end that no one really was a child porn person but like these basement dwellers of their mom’s house who can be extremely stereotypes like with hand lotion and disheveled appearance and overweight. It can show the normal non-pedos and then the real ones as a joke on how they all are the same. So it can be that after the white house is conquered and the secret is revealed to be that the software was wrong that everyone says they were not a child predator but then some still are and so they are kill rate away. It can be added in how people who look at porn all the time have erectile dysfunction and can now only cum to porno. It can be a way to detect a spy or if someone is a child predator if they get an erection or if a chicks coochie gets all wet.

World of Whorecraft
I found this weird porno online of Warcraft. I guess some people like this. The whole thing seems funny. Not sure if WoW will return but this seems like something to add in.

Preteen huntress receives death threats after posting pictures with the many exotic animals she's killed

Read more: ... z4HRSyycFd
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This girl huntress is so cool and sexy for killing exotic animals and eating them in fashion. I’d like a girl type episode with this. A girl can have a dad that is a big hunter or it could be a new character that is related to Jimbo. Or it could be a real hunting episode that has Jimbo take Shelly out to hunt and she is the best. She can enter a tournament of hunting or shooting and keep winning them too. There can be backlash when this character hunts like in Africa and other places killing certain species that are endangered or a waste as they are so large. This can use the song "Chiquitita" by ABBA as it is about a daughter and so it can be that the grownup taking the girl hunting can sing this song or the song can be used or something like it to represent their love.

Trash family
So I knew family of mother and two sons that were trash people that went through all people’s trash but respectfully as to see if valuables were in it. Like a freak that watches TV shows that have people bring in items to see the worth and people who go antiquing all the time but most importantly all out to make money off other people’s garbage. Seeing Kenny’s family like this would be funny as they make tons of money off trash.

Outrage as controversial New Mexico restaurant now sells 'black olives matter' shirts and hats

Read more: ... z4HVrH2pHT
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If BLM is done, then it can have places like this restaurant that are having fun with a play on words. It is that people are attacked if they want to support the idea of all lives matter or want to just have a joke. It can be that many blacks all over the US invade South Park and burn the town down over a shooting and making fun the BLM!

Florida college student, 19, 'stabbed married couple to death before biting the flesh off the husband's face while GROWLING in random attack'

Read more: ... z4HWb8P9Ul
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Wow I know I have some problems but this guy takes things all the way. This guy killed a elderly couple and ate their flesh. That is weird and he has these YouTube videos also. So I guess people still like cannibalism right? A character on the show can start acting crazy. It can start out small and then be weird acts and online posts and videos. The episode can focus on the mentally ill of America and what can happen with one when the right things are not done to prevent bad things. So I guess the crazy kids kills and eats people.

ISIS jihadis-in-training know so little about Islam they are being given 'The Koran for Dummies'

Read more: ... z4HWcPAkII
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If there is a need for more ISIS, hearing what I thought was happening being that only people who want to hurt others are now joining ISIS. So joke on how they don’t know the Koran or anything about Islam. ISIS are just murderers and rapist. It can be like how the PC frat boys were only doing it for pussy and so ISIS only does it because they are murderous and want to rape young girls.

Pokémon Gumshoos
So this new Pokémon is a Trump looking Pokémon and so it can be in the Pokémon Go episode if there is one as that will be a way to have him back.

Abigail Breslin has slammed 'body shaming' by Gold's Gym campaign that criticizes pear-shaped women. I think that this would be a fun topic again and would have Breslin in it too who has had some possible history with breast surgery or so people say. I really like Breslin and so would like her one even if to make fun of her. So Gold’s Gym can be a center as there can be a gym in town or around.

The Jap that’s dick hit the bar in the Olympics
So this guy can be all upset and people telling him what happened. So he gets a bright idea to cut off his penis and legs after losing gold to penis and legs hitting the bar in a vault jump. And so now he competes with blade runner type legs or it could be the former South Africa’s haunted legs that are possessed the dead girlfriend’s soul. Also he has a bouncy penis that helps him be catapulted over the bar with extra bounce from the new penis with shocks and everything.

22 push-up challenge
So this is done by everyone but all fail. Maybe how not many can do it as Americans are so out of shape.

Marvel’s Runaways on Hulu
So if there is a super heroes Coon and Friends this announcement can be used as the Runaways is sweet and so there could be a very own South Park special three episodes based on this. I think I have said this before but why not once more?

Lil Poopy - the 13-year-old rapper who became famous aged 9 for his raunchy videos about money and hoes - lands Sony-Epic record deal

Read more: ... z4HiHdgHZ1
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EWWWWWWWWW. Lil Poopy is so smelly. Why do people like a little boy that is sexualizing women that raps? So this can be fun fodder to have South Park characters’ love to be like Poopy and names like sh*t too or gross stuff. It can have the whole rap game. Like the kids deal crack and other drugs and sleep with hookers and get into gun fights. It can be a tough life. It can be that the kids meet the real rappers and they are all pussies. It can have the Gay Fish too if needed. Lil Poopy could really be gay and loves pooing himself but people thought that is what makes a rapper because he is such a bitch.

Every Star Wars fan's dream come true: Disney patent reveals visitors to theme parks may be able to battle with 'real' lightsabers

Read more: ... z4HjqvCh8t
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So will there be the possibility of having a Star Wars theme park in an episode? It has caught on again with all the new movies coming out. The last elections had some Star Wars and so that can play in. The park can be used as a battlefield and place for a character to have other characters compete and make their way through to get to the boss character. It can have things be real to add to the fun like real lightsabers. It can deal with instead of the presidential nominees having a scam it is Cartman who started it up. He would have to have some sort of item to get people to go to this theme park. It looks like Hillary will win but she seems to have real bad health with weird seizures all the time. It can be over Hillary’s health or her kidnapped for beating Trump as Cartman is a Trump man or Garrison Man. If Trump wins it can be over kidnapping Trump for the wall and deportation of some of his family and his people by David who hates Trump and with Kyle too. It can be that David states he feels whites should have to slave all over for the Latino and so Kyle ends up betraying him and killing him in s lightsaber battle while Cartman and Trump are both dressed as Star Wars women cheering for Kyle like girls.

VERY unflattering naked statues of Donald Trump pop up across the US - but they're banned in NYC because 'no erections are allowed in city parks... no matter how small'

Read more: ... z4HkijDbWW
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This statue is so funny; I think having one in the town of South Park would be nice. It could turn out that they are really totems to an alien ship and peoples that are Donald Trump like. It can be that Trump is angry about the statues but it is revealed by Kyle that they are part of an alien plot to take over the US and its elections. Trump is allowing them to pop up everywhere which is what tipped off Kyle. Now the people the Trumpeans are very close to global conquest. They can hail from the planet Trumpopolis. The statues can be communication beacons and mind control devices. They can also have weapons in them or could be used to open a portal to allow the Trumpeans to enter the earth realm to carry out their attack. It can all be riding on if Trump wins the presidency as if he wins the aliens can conquer earth without an invasion but if Trump loses they will have to invade.

Zendaya’s ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Role Revealed (Exclusive) ... ar-BBvN9A1

It is like our Trey Parker is for reals now Peter Parker and his wife-girlfriend is Mary Jane Watson. No bad as I want some Squirrel Girl. So just joke on the race lifting that is going on!!!!!!!!!!!

Pedophile Hero
There are little girls that are ugly and so a man says he f*cked her to make her feel attractive. This becomes a new fad to make ugly kids happy again. But it is that the sex offender gets arrested and goes to prison but they really didn’t have sex with the kid. The person is raped and killed in prison for what they did. This can be a joke on how no one knows who the real rapists are anymore. It can work with a Freudian Slip where someone saw a girl being bullied that no one liked her and so he said he had f*cked her and added some dirty exaggerations to it. It can be later learned of what this person did or it could be a normal character that is to stick around and so they can’t die.

Japanese Politics
SO the Jap left is being the ones pounding our minds to love red head girls and be furry’s and want to see LGBTQ relationships. But it is the Jap right that loves Nazis and want to conquer China and all of the Far East. So this can add to the confusion over Japanese and who makes people gay as it is added that it is the Japanese left and not their right. Could show a Japanese political war and longings of both sides being accomplished.

Farmer Lesbo
I read on the radio that the federal government is holding summits to change the perception of a farmer to that of lesbians and not white rich males. So these lesbos get free money too. I think this could work but the show doesn’t have many lesbians. I don’t think South Park is good farming land though too. Still just to add in.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Mon Aug 29, 2016 12:55 am

Don't try this at home! Couples risk their lives to be VACUUM-PACKED in plastic bags for bizarre photos that are all the rage in Tokyo

Read more: ... z4I4ZCMF79
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I’ve seen people posting pictures of themselves vacuumed sealed in plastic and it is odd. I guess the Asian girls and the city wok guy will like this. It’s like grocery store meat. I think someone should die from this with no air or the idea of that happening needs to be joked on. I know anti-meat eaters do this too. So it could be a protest practice by characters of eating meat. Maybe a vegetarian episode.
Germans told to stock up for a disaster ... li=BBnb7Kz
So I guess with Russia putting like I think it is 40,000 troops on the border with Europe there could be an invasion soon. Scary times that Putin and Russia will do land grabs. I think WWIII would need an episode and this could be another act to progress towards it. Seeing Cartman want to protect Europe and defeat Russia would be nice and also have some anti-Russian Cartman speeches and sayings to Rus it up.

Ramen noodles 'are most valuable US prison commodity', study suggests

So I’ve been to prison and this is kind of true. I think doing prison or kids jail Juvi would be cool. I know they like to eat junk food you can buy from the money one has in their box and the list they are given to buy things from. Some sex jokes for ramen is needed. It can be someone selling themselves but ramen is better than their assh*le.

The 'creeping black slime' taking over historic building around the world: Researchers reveal monuments from Washington to Angkor Wat now hit by impossible to remove biofilm

Read more: ... z4IG09QXSj
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What about there is something behind this black slime takeover of our historic art and buildings and statues. It can have a crazy people or hidden species that does this. The idea works with Ghostbusters too. It can be that someone doesn’t like these historic items and so is having them blackened. The black can eat away them. Or it can be BLM that want to change history and by showing that everything and one has been black that has ever done anything. Like how Jesus was black and god is. It can joke on the Black Panthers and the marvel character too and a stone base in Africa is where the blacks pray and create and are making sure everything is painted black and like the song that can be in the episode. It can be that blacks know how lazy they are and so now that the white man has their hand up their ass to work it is that they want to look productive so they can be lazy as sh*t again and so have made a black goo to rewrite history so everything is black to look like blacks have done it all so people will let them be like a black lazy as sh*t.

Sickening hack attack on Leslie Jones: Hacker steals nude photos of SNL star and posts them on her website with racist memes and copies of her driving license

Read more: ... z4IJ1QjSPO
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So I don’t if Jones manufactured her trouble here or if she will be killing herself but I have seen her naked now. So I guess a fun nude Leslie Jones joke would be funny and all the trouble she is getting. It has proven to have some popularity behind it. Seeing how there is still some time who knows what will happen to Jones as she keeps running into trouble. It’s like Safe Space II. This can be added to celebrity nudes though hers are kind of wrong. I think covering the whole affair could work but let’s see what happens with Jones as she may end up with too much of a low to joke on or forgotten news.

AM PM gas Commercials starring Toomgis
So this guy is such a useless person as it seems. It is like he would like sex but could be even useless with that. Seeing something him but what. The show has never joked on the gas station and so why not with an idiot like this who works there? Maybe it can be like Mimsy and his dad owns a gas station that now he gets to work at sometimes and so Nathan get to hang out there too. The episode can focus on the gas station as a highlight. Not sure how that is funny or cool? I guess gas equals fire is one. It can have free food and thief’s and beer and cigs. There can be fun sex pills that just kill you, pipes for whatever, maybe a fortuneteller machine like Zoltron. There can be a car wash and sexy crippled kids washing cars. I guess anything funny you can think of about gas stations goes here.

Dr. Jew and Mr. Stan
Stan’s dad bought Jewish food by accident and so Stan thought why not the f*ck and try it as Kyle eats it all the time. After eating the food, it turned him into a Jew and gave him Jew powers unknown to most. Cartman tries to help Stan remember what has been happening with him as he has memory loss when turning into a Jew. Stan can cause crimes to white businesses while a Jew. Stan keeps eating the food even though he knows he feels sh*tty because he is now addicted to the Jewish food. So now he is bugging his dad to buy it. Kyle at first avoids Stan but later it is revealed he just knew by a look that Stan had eaten Jewish food and was turning into a Jew. Later it is revealed there is a curse for eating Jewish food and what happens. It can be that Cartman has powers too from eating ancient European regional foods also. There can be a battle of Kyle and Cartman V Stan with food powers. It can be that Kyle knows Stan is not Jewish and so can’t control the powers that come with eating Jewish food. Cartman also wants to help Stan so they team up and set aside their difference after fighting to a draw. Kenny can eat American refined foods and get sick or choke and die too.

Catholic Church Investigates Claims Priests Use Grindr ... li=BBnbfcL

Wow so now Priest are so gay they use apps to have anal sex! Seeing that can work. This can use the whole story and history behind Grindr and the reason it is around and what it causes. I hate how it makes fun of the food grinders that is a New England term. I wonder what things are like there with the food now and if it is a sad and dark age for such a great sandwich. Who is the creator of Grindr and is he really gay?

The 6th Scent
So there is a 6th scent that you have. So have you ever had a fart just too good and too smelly you thought it should stick around forever? So there is a curse that happens to a fart that if its creator wishes the fart will find no relief. So there is a fart heaven and hell and somethings a fart just drifts around and in our noses forever and can’t dissipate. The boys find special sh*t headset or there can be a chant or online guide to communicating with the farts that find no peace. This allows them to see a fart and talk to it and so there are ones that need help to get to where they won’t bother anyone anymore as they smell like sh*t. It can be that people just smell a mystery fart and no one says they laid. So Kyle checks online and finds a secret group that believe fats live among us immortally and are the unknown smelling farts people inhale. There can be a queef one too. So the kids after realizing this is real seek to give relief to all earth dealing fart stuck to pollute out noses as they hate the smelly sh*t. Mr. Hankey is people don’t mind could help out too. There can be Cartman and later other people when people can see a fart see their old fart that they had wished to say around forever and see and say I miss you and I loved your scent and how amazing you the fart was. There can be a rectal anus portal created that take farts to fart heaven or the fart realm where all farts are to end up.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Mon Sep 05, 2016 8:59 pm

Switched At Birth
What about if two of the boys discover that they were switched at birth. I think the main 4 have different birthdays and so this can be for two characters that don’t have birthdays recognized yet. It can show how it was the parenting that turned each kid into who they are as when the kids switch it has it that they turn into the other kid. How the switch happened could be a power outage that night or a drunk nurse or bitchy nurse that was angry that someone was hitting on her. The could be used with one of the main kids and then another kid too. Jokes could be on adapting to new life with real family and love vs hate of new life. There can be the new bond between the two families making them a bigger newer family. Also the confusion of the kid’s identity and that of the families. The kid’s deciding who they really are and what families that would like to live with or on and off.

Anthony Weiner deletes Twitter after he is caught sexting AGAIN while long-suffering wife Huma campaigns with Hillary: Former pol 'sent semi-nude pic while his son, five, was in bed with him'

Read more: ... z4IjK1WVnZ
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Well, Weiner did it and has lost his ability to get a job in politics which is the only job field we know of he can work in. Also he has lost his wife and kids. I think that he is doing more than he is caught doing and that he is really a child predator. I think we are going to see a homeless Weiner or that he will be in prison for child porn or something. I guess he could just be brought in or brought up with sexting or inappropriate relationships with women jokes. He is supposed to be a married guy but he is always cheating. It would be funny to see a child or someone use a phone and sext with Weiner and be surprised to get his dick pics of him with his penis in a stuffed animals cut out crotch.

Defiant 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick faces mounting anger as he insists he will continue to SIT for the national anthem at NFL games in protest at 'the oppression of black people'

Read more: ... z4IjKvEEIh
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Wow, Kaepernick is such an assh*le. We need to make the NFL like the NBA that all players have to stand and pay respect to our flag and national anthem. This is a clear case of separatism supported by BLM and the New Black Panthers. The police and people in the military and law enforcement are thinking of protesting and so I am with them. So Kaepernick will work with BLM and all that. This can be a fun plot device with Garrison and Clinton. The whole issue is about patriotism and how people want to destroy our country from within. There can be a whole episode dealing with the death of America from within and how people just don’t want to love their country and fellow Americans anymore. Show off how a person is not allowed to have patriotic clothes in certain places like at school and how our flag is dying. It could use help from the spirits of our founding fathers also to tell of their dislikening of things today and how what they fought for is not this. This could show the temporary dividing up of the US into new countries to show where America is headed with its hate of itself. Could be a Marvel Civil War tie in.

The fuse is lit! Thousands of 'dreamers and doers' descend on the Nevada desert for Burning Man

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I don’t really know much about Burning Man but it seems interesting and so could use something.

'Seventeen f******* years and it's all over!': The moment Hope Solo flipped out just after she was fired from the US Soccer Team

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Hope Solo is acting like a butthole probably because everyone has now seen her butthole. She seems right for if there is a Star Wars tie in and that she would be all about soccer but most importantly to be about her butthole.

Reports of Creepy Clowns in Woods Spooking Residents of Greenville, S.C. ... -c-n640876

The Rebirth of the Clowns
The clowns are back. Can there be that clowns are really built off an almost undiscovered species! It can be that the creatures the clowns live in the woods and that humans got the idea to dress up and act like them from sightings and interactions with clowns. The clowns could have been hunted to extinction and so now hide more than ever. There can be something that is happening that can be a tie in with the presidential race that is driving out the clowns from their hiding. I remember Kyle’s dad was a clown once and so that can be reused. It can be that clowns love to entertain and love kids. There can be weird sex stuff too like that early humans mated with the clowns like that of Neanderthals and homo erectus. It can be that some people have more clown in them than others and so they have traits that make them be a clown or turn into one or something. This can draw Gerald to the clowns as there is a calling of all peoples with clown DNA to return to clown holy praying sites for a clown religious moment. It can all be because Trump is a clown and no one knows it. Trump has orange hair and jus what about the way he looks? He is 100% clown DNA. It can be that Kyle is a clown too with his red hair. It can be that a clown may become the next president and so all the clowns of earth are meeting and reuniting and are all the people that are to vote for Trump as they are all clowns like Trump is a clown running for the US presidency. There is to be a war or reckoning as the clowns will reclaim control of earth like they once had before recorded history as it is said in the holy clown verses. The clowns have a love for children and are sexual sickos. There can be some jokes relating Trump's history with money and his father and everything to clowns also to show the evidence was always there but no one wanted to look. This can joke on how people are seeing clowns ringing door bells and tricking kids into the woods and out at night all scary.

Russian Rockets
It’s found out that Russia has been hacking the US’s NASA programs to cause many failures that costed billions against the US and is what has led to the US needing Russia to get into space. This can be added to the utter failure our country and Obama have had with letting other nations ride the US and hack and steal and undermine the US and their allies.

The Wave
This is an interesting book and movie and so it can be used to create an episode that would show how easy it is for a dictator to take control of the US. It can be Trump’s secret message that he is really faking it to show that a dictatorship can rise in the US because people like Mika Brzezinski and others said that it could never happen again.

Wizard of sh*t
So I was thinking of a funny scene where in the Wizard of OZ there is that munchkin that hanged himself as he was angry. And so it can show him hanging himself and then pooping on Dorothy and her friends as they walk under the dead munchkin.

Cartoons Wars
So this would be like with imagination land but would deal with cartoons characters from the world of fiction. It would have them upset at people for masturbating to them all the time. It can be that they always hear peoples wishes of them and help with the creation of new shows with them. But what is happening is that all the wishes they hear now are about sex and eating poopy. So al cartoons come to our world to either go to war and talk us all down from having sex with ourselves and thinking of cartoons.

This can be a new religion. It was created out of fate. It is that Factology is built on the principles of fact and prove theory. No other information is considered important or believable. It would have it caught on in the US. It can be used to fight other religions like Scientology that is science sounding but is not built around it at all.

Trump’s Childhood
So I hear how Trump was sent to go to school at a military school as a child. You can only imagine all the gay homosexual sex that must have gone on as it was an all-boys school. So this can be about Garrison or Trump being like this. Seeing Trump give and take it as a boy seems stinky. This can be all part of a promotional video for their campaign that shows off Trump from a baby to present. I know Trump has had an interesting life with lots of dirty and illegal actions and so the documentary can focus on them all and show it all off for the viewer’s amusement. It can talk about the first time Trump had sex which was taking it up his butt and then it can show many different people from his school giving him anal. Later when Trump is older he is f*cking young boys up their butts. Than after Trump leaves to school all smelly of poop he has true sex with a female who is a grandma type hooker.

Homeless Shopping Carts
The biggest question in history will be answered which is, why do homeless love shopping carts. There can be the creation of a new carriage special for them to use and live out of as people got sick of them stealing their carts and leaving them all over town. It can be that people are so jealous of the new carts that everyone now wants to live out of one. The episode can deal with the mental illness and why there is a longing to be homeless and take a shopping carriage all around which is extra work and why to dig through trash and collect it all for no reason and no way to profit from said trash.

Scooped Out Teeth
Butters finds out he is really native all along because he has scooped out teeth. It can deal with how before Butters was bullied for being a white yellow hair boy. But now he is a minority and so he is top dog and gets to bully everyone else for they have too much privilege. It is that now Butters is PCP’s bro and Butters is used to enforce white shaming and help minorities at school and all over town.

Wi-Fi Drones
So Zuckerberg is creating a drone that is solar powered and has Wi-Fi for people to use. The problem is that getting people to use someone else’s Wi-Fi is a way to hack someone. So this whole drone could be a way to hack people as it can trick people sign in record key strokes. This can be used to add to the Zuckerberg file of his weird things he is about.

AIDs Concentration Camp
It can be that people with aids are locked up and put into a camp to get rid of the disease. The plan will take 100 years and so Sheen and other celebrities and all with AIDS are sent to this camp. It can be Trumps new plan to fix things that bother him. It can be that at first the people thought it would be hell there and people would be killed. But it is that they have to best life ever and don’t have to work and get free drugs and sex and anything they want all the time. Once this knowledge gets out it is that everyone wants in and so people all over try to get aids but they can’t find it anymore. So people are now sleeping with monkeys again to get the disease. People invade hospitals and eat and stab themselves with medical waste to get the disease.

Collaborating Crime Fighters
People can work together with police public info to solve unsolved crimes like serial killers and murders. It all started with a child who wanted to help solve crimes. So now there is a website where people can share new info and put out their theories of who did it and where the missing person is. It can be that the kids are now crime fighters. It can be that they go all around interviewing people and digging up clues.

Thoughts Of It Up The Butt
There can be a new revenge joke that is to tell someone that when they stub their toe that that's me in their assh*le. This can be something Cartman says and it works so well that it catches on all over the US. Now everyone is thinking of someone f*cking them up their ass when the stub their toe.

Human Privilege
It becomes law that chimpanzees are now equal of humans by leftist pushers. So now there is human shaming where humans are too privileged and so they must sleep with monkeys to make them feel like our equal.
What seems to be the officer problem?
Randy Marsh 2016
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby Randy Marsh 2016 » Sat Sep 17, 2016 5:09 pm


Mr. Mackey: "Alright students, over the summer we have made some improvements to the school, mkay? these are the best improvements we have ever made to the school, such as making the lockers bigger so you can fit more stuff in there, making sure the food doesn't taste like diarrhea... but we didn't stop there, we have also decided to get rid of all the stalls in the boys' washrooms"


CRAIG: "Are you insane?!"

Mr. Mackey: "Now, you might ask why we are doing this, but I have one word for you, and its "courage". We are doing this because we have finally realized that when you're in public and have to take a sh*t, you shouldn't be scared to do it in public, you need to let people know what you're doing. People don't want to be left wondering what you're doing, they want to see what you're doing and every detail of it. We hope you are all as proud as we are"

[In the boys washroom]

CARTMAN: "Hey, Kyle look at my sh*t"

KYLE: "Aww, come on, that's just gross!"

CARTMAN: "Come on, Kyle, I worked up the courage to take a sh*t in public, now look at it"

KYLE: "No! I don't give a sh*t about what other people are doing in here! And I don't want to! So just..."

CARTMAN: "Kyle, Kyle, please. They took the stalls out for a reason. They want people to pay attention to your sh*t, even if those people don't give a sh*t, alright? So just deal with it, and look at my sh*t"
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Sun Sep 18, 2016 3:32 am

Milk Carton Code
So when I was a kid on the bottom of a milk carton some of them had codes of colors in a bar code pattern. So I remember kids at the time would think those were the coolest ones and boys and some girls would all try to make sure to look underneath the milk cartons to get the ones with the codes. So as I remember it was like that the code was really a key code to an underground base or it could be used to summon a space ship with aliens to take a kid away. There were many fun things people came up with to relate to this. So this can be used with Mint Berry Crunch or the super heroes as they are able to get to a base or something from the school’s cafeteria. Or there could be the introduction to a character that has not gotten any screen time but is a familiar face to super fans and that character can be caught using the code and that can be that start to the episode. It could use how the janitors or lunch ladies are the bad guys that are after the secret base and how to find and enter it.

Embassy opens up in town
So I don’t know who but what if a more or less hated nation opens up an embassy in South Park? I guess it would work with nations we hate like Iran or it could work to have Mexico have one that has illegal immigrant jokes. I like how a Russia one opens up and there can be KGB and killings and fights the stem from its opening. There can be a scene where one of the kids expresses hate of Russia for some reason that scares Russia and so they open an embassy in South park to keep an eye on this kid and the people of this town. They can act easily spooked and guarded. Locals can have mixed feelings as some are negatively affected and others haven’t been a victim yet. Could bring in all current news of Russia to relate and maybe a Russia taking over South Park and claiming it part of Russia like they did with Crimea.

Thesouthparkers reality tv show
So I really like to watch Boogies videos and look the pictures of Trey and his family. So what if they created a reality TV show from them? I know they must not want to be spied on but it seems cool and I would like the watch it. I can already picture the way it would go and I think it would be amazing. It just having only a few hour long episodes a year would be enough to me.

Gay sh*t
The definition of ‘gay sh*t’ is a poop that came out a gay man’s ass that is covered in semen glaze from the colon walls. This joke or the visual would work for me with Mr. Slave or another gay character. The episode could focus on peoples over use of the expression ‘gay sh*t’ to describe a disliking of something.

So banks have not been done with this show much or at all. So joking on banks and how long lines and sh*tty service is all you get where they try to over sell you options. It can show people not getting the loans they want and being tricked into mortgages and deals that they can’t afford or something happens. It can be that the bank is sabotaging people to get them to fail to pay on time so the bank makes out with more money. There can be a kid whose parent works at the bank. Or a new bank can open up or just use the old one if there is one.

Scaring Kids
So I had this fun thought where Cartman would steal a dissected human brain from a classroom and that he hides it in the school slide. So kids would slide into it and freak them out. There can be an episode where Cartman is acting like he is the best at scaring kids and so this can be around Halloween. But the other kids or at least one other stands up to Cartman and so there are now challenges to see who can scare the most people in town. This has the potential have Cartman do some real sick and funny thinks with dead bodies or killing real people or setting up a real horror house where people are really getting killed and seeing real dead people. Cartman could trick high school drug users into working there and gives them flakka and they just start killing and eating people and craving off their own face and all sorts of nice stuff and maybe some fun with teens having sex and customer watch them and then they are murdered.

The Future of PC
PCP gets a visitor from the future that is there to tell him how the future right wing extremists are PC as a warning. It can be that as history has shown us that the left always wins over time. Also what is a belief of the extreme left today will be the extreme rights belief in 100 years’ time. PCP must come to terms with how he is to be a right wing extremist. And the most shocking is what the new left that has taken the place of PC is. I don’t know but it can be like bestiality or something. Where all species are the same and must have sex all the time and not eat each other but it’s okay for humans to give themselves to everything else to be eaten as humans are too dominant. It could use PCP going to the future to stop what is happening and to restore PC as the lefts true and all mighty view.

WWE Revenge
What about if Cartman gets Butters to flip off the WWE tour bus that is full of wrestlers in it. This gets them to start chasing the kids bus all over town as they flex and foam in the mouth and try and grab kids out of the bus to rip them apart as is what they are shouting at the kid’s bus.

Belichick’s boobies
I have a scene I came up with if South Park wants to do the Patriots again. So it has the Patriots QB as of rate now Garroppolo breastfeeding off Belichick to show he is as strong as Brady or to get what Brady had been getting. Bono may need to pop in to have some too. Cartman can be all about Brady but he is not playing and so is about Garroppolo but where is all this power coming form the Patriots QB’s? and so that is where man milk is the source of the power.

The Study Abroad
So this is about studying abroad and how Cartman signs up as he learns he will get to visit Germany. It is all a way of getting rid of him for a while by everyone at South Park elementary school. But what Cartman didn’t know was that he switched places with a German Jew. So Cartman has to spend two weeks in a Jewish household in Germany with a big Jewish family that has living relatives that survived the Holocaust. The Jewish boy that switched with Cartman is now in his house and all alone with his mom. He can become best friends with Kyle and all the kids free load at Cartman’s house while he is away.

Radio Kid
I always when I get a sore throat with congestion I get and real sweet radio personality voice. So I see that a kid gets sick with a sore throat and now has the best and hottest radio voice in the world. He can be discovered but the only problem is that he has to keep his cold or he loses his voice and no one will like him anymore.

New Super Mario Video Game Idea
So Mario will have new powers that are light and dark spirits powers that he can gain from beaten bad guys and also from item boxes and the like as usual. It can be that this will explore the religion of the Mario video game and so there are spirits. The spirits Mario gathers can let him sue powers for a limited time.

Another Mario game idea is one the uses the zodiac and how there are 12 species that represent months or years. So each one would be used as a bosses in the game and would have its own levels and base. The thing is that there are 13 playable characters and so after you pick one the narration begins where the other 12 are all kidnapped by each zodiac character. So now it is up to you to save all 12 of them.

Cartman v the board of education
So this is a joke on the Plessy case. It shows how Cartman presents in some way that white kids now in todays world like colored dolls and pictures of colored people over that of white ones. It shows that there is no white racism left in white people and that instead it is only colored people that are racist. Cartman expects there to be something big from whites but they are happy but all the coloreds are happy and shout how stupid the whites and how they won’t be around much longer. It can be that the colored kids hated the white dolls and pictures the most and this will help show who is the real problem in the USA>.

Endangered Species
So to curb and help out endanger species potato chips and foods of artificial flavoring are created that taste just like the dying species. Funds go to help the animals live longer also.

Chelsea Manning
Manning is of now to have a sex change and soon. This can work with her trying to escape and have sex with people in the prison. She can really love selling herself to guards. This can be like the venture bros or 007 type of adventure. The Anonymous hacking group can be trying to break out Manning. Snowden can pop up too. Also added in can be Putin and Assange.

Right Wing PCP
Now picture if PCP starts eating member berries and that he becomes a right wing extremist KKK leader or fascist or something. I think this may be a great way to get rid of the character at the very best is a great way to show him as his opposite and in a way he will not allow which if not death is just what everyone wants.
What seems to be the officer problem?

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