Episode Plan: Angels on earth/ Media treatment of AJ Miller who is the true, literal second coming of Christ.

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Episode Plan: Angels on earth/ Media treatment of AJ Miller who is the true, literal second coming of Christ.

Postby acooke » Wed Nov 11, 2015 7:01 pm

Hey Guys
I feel southpark is the perfect vehicle for approaching a particular bizarre situation.

There is a man who lives in Australia who lives as the purest example of a Christian. His every act is perfect, Loving, and dedicated to teaching for free, all about achieving on a personal level, a profound relationship with god. He says this is how he, in his original physical life was transformed from a regular but pure person into the first 'Christ'

And I promise you, this is true. He is the one and only Jesus of Nazareth.

And this is the funny thing. In almost* every media interaction he has ever had. He has been treated very badly. (*ITV in the UK did just fine, but they asked what I consider the wrong questions)

This is a television news segment that screened nationally in Australia.

keep in mind as you watch the above video that every single thing they present as fact is either: a complete fabrication, taken out of context to the point of being a lie or filmed in such a way that Alan, (Jesus) is not given a chance to answer. Every scene is selected in a way designed to position the audience against this movement.

I invite you to examine the real teaching material of Alan John or 'AJ' Miller, on his own youtube channel for a comparison.

I think the wonderful team Behind southpark can dream up something interesting with this.
And if you desire I am willing to come to you, at your expense, to consult on this episode. I am a very funny man. And I understand the in's and out's of being a divine angel returned to earth in physical form very well. My true name is Methuselah.

I urge you to seek the reality of this situation as opposed to pursuing or falling for the popular, lowest common denominator approach of seeking to vilify what you do not want to understand.

You have my email. And I welcome sincere questions from the public via PM

I feel if the boys (and I hope there are girls involved in creative process) do a good job of this, you can consider the bar permanently raised.

And, so you know, my sword makes the sword of a thousand truths look like the hack tool of an infirm grandmother.
I love you guys.

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