Part 3 to my fanfic

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Part 3 to my fanfic

Postby Its_me_kenny_mc » Tue Dec 01, 2015 12:43 am

The Run Part 3: The Duckalypse

[Cartman's garage]

[The boys are wearing kick ass outfits]

Cartman: Ready guys?

The boys: Yeah.

Butters: Oh Uhhh Yes.

[Cartman gets out map of South Park]

Cartman: Okay Stan, Kyle and Kenny take the west side of South Park...

Kenny: (got it)

Cartman: Me, Butters and Jimmy will take the east side at 12 pm we will meet at the top of City Hall. Aight?

The boys: Aight.

Cartman: Ready, set, LETS MURDER SOME DUCKS!

[Boys split up]

[Stan, Kyle and Kenny]

Stan: Dude hide behind Peterson's old house.

[Kyle and Kenny move]

Kyle: Sweet no ducks here!

[Kenny starts up his chainsaw]

Stan: You guys I see a few.

Ducks: Quack, quack qua-quack squack!

[Ducks wander]

Kyle: Let's go.

[The 3 boys go out sneaky and start chopping off ducks heads]

Kyle and Stan: Sweet!

Kyle: We totally got this!

Stan: Kick ass!

[A duck comes out of now where and Stan pushes Kenny towards the duck by accident and the duck bites Kenny killing him]

[Stan kills the duck]

Stan: Oh my god!

Kyle: They killed Kenny...

Stan: You-you bastards!

Kyle: Bastards! You hear me? You Bastards!

[Stan and Kyle mourn Kenny]

Stan: He's only 9!

Kyle: How could those bastards take him away!

Stan: Let's go check out Starks Pond.

[Cartman and the rest]

Cartman: f*ck YOU DUCKS!

[Cartman starts decapitating ducks]

Butters: Woah Cartman.

Jimmy: That's half the town.

Butters: Wonder how Kyle, Kenny and Stan are doing.

Cartman: We can only hope that they're doing fine.

[Cartman starts playing with the duck heads]

[Stan and Kyle]

Kyle: Dude!

Stan: What the f*ck?

Kyle: look!

[Stan sees a duck version of James]

James: Guys!

Stan: Ah...dammit.

Kyle: Just ignore him.

James: What's QUACK up?

[Stan kills James]

James: Ah-

Kyle: Nice.

Stan: There's probably a few ducks by the bar... Then we'll be done.

Kyle: Hey Stan?

Stan: Yeah?

Kyle: What if you have y'know another dream?

Stan: I don't know...lets just clean up this mess first.

Kyle: Yeah...sure.

[The bar]

Stan: Okay these people are drunk...and there ducks...just kill 'em.

[The boys enter the bar]

Skeeter: We don't take kindly to non-ducks 'round here.

Bartender: You QWACK kids midgets?

Stuart: Tell Kenny to QUACK get home before supper!

Jimbo: I don't QUACK sell guns to minors!

Kyle: Yeah this'll be easy.

[5 minutes later]

[The boys leave the bar covered in blood]

Kyle: That was worse than when your sister had her period.

Stan: Don't remind me...

Kyle: How do girls have their period anyways?

Stan: I don't know...they bleed from the assh*le or something.

Kyle: assh*le?

Stan: Yeah.

Kyle: How come we don't bleed from our assh*les.

Stan: Let's go ask the guys in City Hall.

[City Hall]

Kyle: Hey guys?

[Stan knocks on door]

Cartman: Stan? Kyle?

Kyle: Yeah.

[Cartman opens door]

Cartman: Get in quick!

Kyle: What's wrong we killed all the ducks?

Cartman: There is still one more duck a giant duck.

Stan: Oh that was in my dream.

Kyle: Why the f*ck are you two dreaming about ducks?

[Stan and Cartman look at Kyle]

Stan: That's not the point Kyle. How are we supposed to kill the ducks Cartman?

Cartman: Okay we just need to- wheres Kenny?

Stan: Oh Uhhh...

[Kyle rubs the back of his head]

Stan: He took his life for us.

Kyle: Yeah.

Cartman: How heroic.

Stan: Sure:

Cartman: Okay Butters and Jimmy are waiting at the top of the community center. When we go there we will sacrifice Butters to the duck.

Kyle: How will that help?

Cartman: Just come on!

[Cartman starts to walk away]

Cartman: You guys!

Kyle: You don't see anything wrong with that plan?

Cartman: No.

Stan: No.

Kyle: Ugh...fine...

[Boys walk to the school]

Jimmy: Guys! Up h-here!

Butters: Fellers top of the school!

Stan: How do we get up?

Butters: The ladder!

Kyle: Where.

Jimmy: B-behind the sc-sc-scoo-sc-shcoo-schooo-schoo-sc-sc-schooo-sc-school.

[Boys find it and get up to the top]

Jimmy: Oh that was quick.

[Cartman whispers]

Cartman: unlike you...

Jimmy: What?

Cartman: Oh umm....a cough.

Butters: The giant duck is here!

[A giant duck appears]

Stan: Ew!

Kyle: It has a mustache!


[The duck is Randy Marsh]


Cartman: Throw Butters at him!

[Butters goes to the edge of the school]

Butters: Im uh...I'm ready!

[Jimmy pushes Butters off]

Butters: Ahhhhhhhhh-


[The Duck bites Butters]

Kyle: Oh no!

[The Ducks bite turns Butters into a giant duck]

Butters: Quack Guys!

Cartman: Finish him Butters!

[duck Butters takes a swing at duck Randy]

Randy: Oof!

[Randy falls]

Cartman: Bite him Butters!

Butters: QUACK!

[Butters bites Randy and Randy Dies]

Stan: DAD!

Butters: Well know I'm a giant duck! What do I do?

[Cartman bites giant duck Butters]

[Duck Butters turns into regular Butters]

Butters: Yay! I'm back!

Kyle: This doesn't make sense!

Stan: Kyle?

Kyle: This whole thing doesn't make any sense!

Jimmy: Ch-chill out br-bro.

Kyle: Why would ducks take over the world.

Stan: Our dreams, dude.

Kyle: f*ck YOU! This whole thing doesn't make sense!

[Kyle wakes up]

Kyle: Oh my god! That was all a dream!

[A knock hits the door]

[Kyle opens the door]

Kyle: Really?

[Duck president quacks]

[Kyle slams door]

Kyle: Guess I just have to wake up again.

[Kenny wakes up]

Kenny: Damn dude that was pretty f*cked up!

[Kenny blows up]

[Cartman wakes up]

Cartman: Oh dammit! Kyle and Kenny getting into my dreams!

[Liane walks in]

Liane: Here hon have some beetles.

[Cartman eats some beetles]

Cartman: Mmmm...beetles are my favorite.

[Stan wakes up]

Stan: Dammit.

[Stan takes a drink of whiskey]

[The end]

I'm half way done with my next fanfic!

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