Esperanto history

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Esperanto history

Postby sigis » Sun Dec 13, 2015 4:19 pm

I 'm not really sure if anything has ever been done with this, but for the people who don't know, Esperanto was an artificial language from the 19th century started as an international language by Zamenhoff, who wanted to bring peace where he lived, as he thought all the conflicts in the part of Russia where he lived happened due to people not understanding each other (Russian, Yiddish, Polish, German were all spoken)

Here are some possible ideas how to use this, there were several 'language-wars' due to details in the language, Esperanto and Ido speakers hateeach other, Ido sees itself as an improved version of Esperanto and the two language speakers have insulted each other in their language magazines due to themselves being thinking they're right:

- Kyle finds out about Esperanto and thinks it's fun, Stan says it's lame due to English already being an international language
- When Kyle tells his friends about it Cartman thinks it's interesting, but as he researches it he finds out that Zamenhoff was a jew (which is a fact) and he calls it a 'sh*tty international jew language'
- Kyle found some online communities using Esperanto and even an Esperanto community in South Park with a big green star on their building (the symbol of Esperanto)
- In the meantime Cartman does more research and finds out about Ido, he has an idea to become an Ido speaker, as it's an improved Esperanto by a non-jew and he first wants to get rid of Esperanto by spreading crap about Esperanto (more than there already is) inIdo communities, then of Ido itself (as it was still an improved version of a 'jew language' as he calls it). Another idea he has is making Esperantists look like pedophiles by calling the police and saying that he found a pedophile in the Southpark Esperanto group. Then he goes there and he lets one of the adults go to him by saying something in Esperanto to him, (he learned one phrase) after that the police comes, he pulls candy out of his pocket, puts it in the hand of the Esperantist and says that he's the pedophile. This enrages Kyle and he, as he knows that Cartman speaks Ido, starts a magazine against Cartman and his Ido group in Esperanto, in turn Cartman warns the town for Pedophile Esperantists and starts a magazine against Kyle and his Esperanto group. In school, Butters greets Cartman in Esperanto and he is mad at butters and tells him what Esperanto is, then he 'converts' Butters to Ido.
- In the Esperanto community they start fighting over Esperanto being a 'sexist' language, words standardly are designed for males (this is an issue for real)
- Cartman starts asking hackers (from white suprematist movements) to DDOS-attack all Esperanto websites (they hate jews so they do it for free)
- Kyle goes to Cartman angry and fights with him, insulting him in Esperanto
- He goes away angry and says that he'll fight Ido
- Cartman finds disgusting erotic writings in Esperanto (there exist heavily erotic writings, as few people understsnd it it was attractive to write them in Esperanto) and uses them to show the town that Esperantists are disgusting and pedophiles
- All Ido sites are hacked by hackers from Esperanto communities worldwide hired by Kyle and replaced with Esperanto websites
- A war happens between Esperanto and Ido speakers killing each other
- The esperanto and ido building in Southpark are destructed in the war
- The friends stand together waiting for the school bus and Stan says: "It was all a sh*tty lame idea in the first place."
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Re: Esperanto history

Postby JamesPup » Wed Dec 16, 2015 10:51 pm

This idea to me in general has potential. :D
What seems to be the officer problem?

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