ideas for PC Principal in a new season + resurrection of dead people

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ideas for PC Principal in a new season + resurrection of dead people

Postby sigis » Tue Jan 05, 2016 6:55 pm

Although I didn't like him at first, here are some ideas which could turn him into a pretty interesting character in a new eason:

- Cartman reveals that his change was a farce and he's still politically incorrect and will fight PC principal with his own means, a club which gives power
- Groups start to rise up which are anti-PC, Cartman initiates it and an interesting conflict starts to happen as, instead of violence, the anti PC are using legal ways to spread their views (at first), Cartman does this underground as he's afraid of pc principal. He still likes Kyle and he co-operates with him in this. Kyle normally is against Political incorrectness, but as pc prin goes too far, he joins Cartman.
- The PC club starts to track down anti-PC clubs and beat them up
- The anti-PCs start to buy air time and use TV commercials to spread their views (in a ridiculous way), ad companies and the anti-PCs start to work together.
- The PCs don't know what to do as they don't want advertising
- Some mystery is revealed, PC principal has a brother, he's anti-PC while looking middle-eastern and the reason why PC principal is heavily politically correct is revealed, his hate for his brother
- The anti-PCs start to bring out rumours that PC Principal used to be part of the Ku Klux Klan and that he was liked a lot due to his blond hair and white skin, PC gets angry by the media spreading this and he instructs some of his members to beat up the staff of the media responsible for this, CNN
- Randy starts to join the anti-PC because they start offering money for membership instead of paying for it. Randy becomes a valuable source for them and can give them information about the PC club.
- PC principal finds out about this and gives instructions to abduct Randy.
- Kyle starts to hesitate about his joining of the anti PCs, at first they supported light anti pc like in satire, but they are becoming more violent
- Cartman gets a call in his anti-PC club (which is a secret society to not by revealed and destroyed by the PCs), it's the brother of PC principal. He reveals to Cartman that PC used to be member of right extremist groups in the past and that he became PC after his brother became mightier in these groups and he started to fight his brother by getting him arrested. His brother then moved away to Canada
- The anti-PCs got too much power and the PCs are recovering in different ways. They buy all the air time of television with the huge donations which they got from political correct movements. They remove all anti-PC commercials and air an overly-political correct program, several news items aren't even shown anymore because they don't want criminality by ethnically different minorities to be shown.
- The PC club starts to buy empty buildings in Southpark and create a huge PC movement in Southpark.
- PC starts to infiltrate the secret service and police. The anti-PCs are doing the same with the military.
- Randy is released by the PCs, but he's brainwashed and is working together with PC to fight the anti-PC.
- As Randy is a danger now, Cartman abolishes the current organization, creates a new secret hide-out and he disguises the members with mustaches. Randy doesn't recognize them anymore.
- The military becomes so anti-PC that they destroy a big building of PC principal with a tank.
- Mr Garrison gets involved and he gives political support to the anti PCs
- The Republicans and Tea party join mr Garisson and the anti-PC and PC principal looks for political support of Marxists
(Here it gets more absurd)
- The Marxists only want to work together if PC principal can help with their ultimate goal, waking up Karl Marx from death to see what the Marxists accomplished and to become a new world leader
- PC principal starts to look for the holy grail and contacts the writers of The holy blood and the holy grail which inspired Dan Brown. He goes to the south of France as it would be there.
- Some of his PCs join the Marxists, but they aren't accepted as Karl Marx hasn't revived yet.
- The anti PCs destroy France with a big bomb because they hate French people. PC principal only sees water when his plain arrives as the whole land is bombed away
- PC principal goes to J.K. Rowling to ask if the resurrection stone from Harry Potter really exists, she says that she was inspired by a real stone which can resurrect people from death by covering it with the poop of the person which you want to revive, it can be found in Wales according to the myth and is guarded by two incomprehensible Welsh-speaking Welshmen which can only give you instructions how to get to the stone in Welsh.
- PC principal goes to Wales and finds a secret passage in Aberwystwyth, when he goes down one Welshman says "Pwy ydy'r?" (pronounced as "poo-i idir") which means "who's there" in Welsh, PC Principal doesn't understand it but thinks that they say poo and says "Oh you're talking about poop, I guess ypu're one of the guardians".
- After not being able to communicate with them he asks a Welshman to go down and help him translate.
- They say that they're the two guardians of the two guardians of the Welsh resurrection stone. He's let in after paying 50 bucks. After that the translator says that he needs to pay 100 bucks and be politically correct to get in. He's let in. After that he has the stone, he asks the translator to say what the Welsh text says, he says "This magical stone, originating from an old Welsh dragon, is the key to revive diseased Welshmen". PC principal doesn't know what to do, but the translator says that he could revive Lucy Thomas, as she knows where the resurrection stone for Germans is. The translator says that he got some poop as a souvenir from the Lucy Thomas museum. PC resurrects her. She tells PC principal to go to Germany, he has to go to Teutonic woods and he’ll need to solve a pipuzzle there to get to it. PC goes to Germany with his Welsh translator and they find a Welshman in Germany which can bring them to the teutonic woods. They go in with an old lamp, (non-electric) as it’s very dark. He sees a German text: “Wer kann sehen wo ich bin ist der Herrscher des steines, ohne Augen so ist es deines.” (This means: who can see where I am is the ruler of the stone, without eyes so it is yours. ) PC drops the lamp, now it’s dark and the spirit appears, it’s the unborn sonf Eva Braun, he grants him the stone, bu first asks if he’s political incorrect. The translator murmurs in Welsh. PC says that Welshmen are incomprehensible tohim. He’s granted the stone. Suddenly Cartman appears and he says that he let the anti PCs destroy France to let PC Principal go after the resurrection stone for him. Cartman and PC fight over the stone, but Cartman gets it. He resurrect Hitler to lead his anti-PC movement,but when he’s revived it goes unexpected, Hitler says that Cartman has brown hair, but PC principal is the perfect Arian. PC tries to beat him up but he’s a zombie. Hitler joins Crtman afte this. The translator says that there’s one stone left in Israel to revive jewish people. In Israel the door where it is says “Hakhayam ha-melekh” (this means: life of the king) he says it in English and it opens. He revives Karl Marx.
PC is lead by Karl Marx, anti-PC by Hitler
Marx tries to kill all capitalists and bankers, Hitler all muslims and ethnic minorities
One big war
Zombie Hitler and zombie Marx beat each other up
They are killed by Jesus with crosses
PC and anti-PC destroy each others buildings
PC principal has a press conference and says he’ll leave South Park, while being replaced
They ask by whom
He opens an Anti Defamation League building in South Park
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Re: ideas for PC Principal in a new season + resurrection of dead people

Postby JVM » Wed Jan 06, 2016 5:39 am

Major question:
- What about the ads? They're still out there and it's clearly an ongoing war as of S19E10.
- Some mystery is revealed, PC principal has a brother, he's anti-PC while looking middle-eastern and the reason why PC principal is heavily politically correct is revealed, his hate for his brother
Tell me more about this.
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Re: ideas for PC Principal in a new season + resurrection of dead people

Postby JamesPup » Wed Jan 06, 2016 6:02 am

I had a crazy space alien plot idea of what was happening but it never played out with the whole PC and Capitalism/Communism Bull sh*t. Still this could all play into a trilogy I guess with what you have. Although Hitler did have brown hair and blue eyes and also Hitler's remains are unrecoverable and so the joke of bringing him back to life which I admit I have done too is nothing but a joke as there are no remains left to revive.
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Re: ideas for PC Principal in a new season + resurrection of dead people

Postby Nicovic » Wed Jan 06, 2016 1:27 pm

I don't think so, I am pretty sure that few last episodes of season 20 in 2016 will be about promoting sequel of the game.
What if there will be more ads like Leslie in South Park? What if ads will completely take over the town this time, and PC Principal, with Coon and Friends will fight them? We have to also to note this that Butters will be probably evil character in the game? Why? Will something happen in 20th season that will make Butters revenge on it?
I don't think that Randy Marsh will be anti-PC for now. But I pretty guess that he will still stay at PC group, but they will somehow change a bit.
I don't think so about dead people. It just would be too messed up. We have to also notice that Mr.Garrison is going to be on election, what will happen then?
I am pretty sure that future season will still focus on PC thing. So probably Zombie or Nazi stuffs won't be there for sure.
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Re: ideas for PC Principal in a new season + resurrection of dead people

Postby BennettTV » Wed Feb 10, 2016 4:06 am

I'm already working on a South Park X episode on resurrections. It's called "Mrs. ChoksonWix" and is coming soon.
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