CartMan is a Sikh

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CartMan is a Sikh

Postby maxsysji » Sat May 14, 2016 3:41 pm

With Donald Trump coming up as a strong candidate, American Sikhs are trying to protest him in his political campaign rallies. Sikhs have really long hair so we make a man bun and put on a turban. This makes most people think they are Muslims. Younger Sikhs are usually forced through peer pressure and parents guilt bombing the kids all the time that trimming beard or cutting hair is very very bad. Some hipster wanna be sikhs would push the bun down and would make it look like a man bun to make sure white people are ok with them and think they are just hippies.

It would be hilarious to see the fat Sikh who looks exactly like cartman backpacking through America with his manbun and an American accent that he has tried to learn for several months by watching TV series. His name is Singh. At first Singh has a thick Indian accent (realistic Indian accent please, not Simpson's Apu sh*tty accent). He never gets laid staying in hostels because he is fat but all his Sikh friends who has never seen the world would call him and be like "yo! are u getting laid?'' (in Indian Accent) to which Singh replies: "yes man all the time, I just f*cked this Aussie chick man!".

Being both fat and mean, Singh and Cartman have a lot in common. Luckily, fate has brought them together. Cartman works as a political campaign strategist for Donald Trump. He gives Trump great ideas and he is Trump's favorite strategist. Trump had a few professionals from Harvard but Cartman's ideas would always win Trump's heart. After Cartman suggested the total ban of muslims, all of the nerds were yelling at Trump and telling him that "this is madness!" Trump ended up firing all of them and told Erick that this is going to make America great again. Montage of Trump and Erick on an American Eagle together doing all things American.

Soon enough, several Sikhs start to show up. Some would get punched by Trump's hardcore white supporters. Bright colorful turbans would fly with the Sikh's long hair would untwist infront of everyone. Singh saw this on CNN and said "enough is enough, I can't go on pretending to be someone else and let this happen anymore! I'm going to meet trump!". Him and a few Mexicans he met at the hostel in California has agreed to join him. They are all stoned from paying the white hipster kid from Tacoma to buy weed for them.

This is some what my life and I think it would be a hilarious episode. If you like it let's continue the story.

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