Simple fabric Kenny episode.

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Simple fabric Kenny episode.

Postby InFamousCzr » Wed Sep 21, 2016 1:29 am

Starts with Kenny's sister crying, Kenny telling her loving words that only a loving brother would before heading to school. It's an episode where Kenny wins the lottery of 100 million, meanwhile Cartmen gets absolutely furious, because instead of being greedy for himself. Kenny uses he's new found wealth by sharing and giving it away except for cartmen. To charities, and friends, catching worldwide media attention appearing in shows. Causing cartman to lower himself for money kissing Kenny's ass. While appearing in his last show, Kenny gives the rest of his money to an animal charity. The show having a surprise for Kenny, an exotic animal showing, from the animal charity to who he gave the last of its wealth to, to show their thanks. Making their last animal an exotic gorilla named "harambe" (sense he's pretty popular now)
To which it goes mad, grabs Kenny, killing him in his rampage. Cartman more upset then ever thinking he lowered himself and have nothing to show for it. While Kenny family watched in horror (TV), (following day) his little sister crying hears the doorbell, it's ups delivering a last special sentimental present to his loving sister. To which brings happiness to her.

What y'all think?
Little something I'd be curious to see kenny the poorest to the richest kid, but as we know he's not materialistic and protects and does good by his sister willing to do anything for her.
I'd like to see him rich just so I can see how cartman would react. Lol

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