Lets Play Science-Fiction (Episode)

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Lets Play Science-Fiction (Episode)

Postby Jesi » Sat Dec 10, 2016 9:48 pm

There was Fantasy themed episodes with "Stick of Truth" as game in this style.
There was Super-Heroes themed episodes with "The Fractured But Whole" as game in this style.
There could be enough material for third game after few episodes :)

We still lack SciFi and we have fans of both... Star Wars and Star Trek. Fans of those two are fighting for years and recently... we got few movies from both universes. Star Wars is most active and since Rogue1 is coming soon... this is perfect opportunity for kids to visit cinema and dream about becoming rebels. In South Park we have group of kids dedicated to Star Trek... with this kid dressed like Spok leading them. Few offensive words and they could easily start a war. Later... UFO could appear and try to anal-probe Cartman once again... maybe even all South Park citizens... maybe global invasion. Kids would unite against common foe and defeat invaders :wink:

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