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Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby Big-Will » Sat Dec 31, 2016 7:20 am

This will now go by season instead of by year, since the season ends before the year does. So... start submitting your ideas now!
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby JamesPolo » Sun Jan 01, 2017 3:08 am

The Dream World
This idea is kind of like imagination land. I think of like that Little Monsters kid’s movie from the 80’s some too or like the movie Paperhouse a little. I want the world of dreams to be explored. I think of how something happens and a kid is in and out of deep sleeps and hallucinations. I like the idea of old kid games that kids have done for a long time like when on bed or couch the ground is lava or water with sharks and how if a kid touches it they are hurt. I remember when a kid needs some alone time to play by themselves. There are certain games they play. When like Paperhouse joke on how it has Mel Gibson in love with you and chasing you with his penis hanging out when you speak Aussie and are naked. It can have the kid go into a new world at times with lots of obstacles that they must overcome. It could have lots of other dream and alone time fictions moments. There could be a new illness brought on from Garrison being the president called Post-Trump-atic Stress Disorder and people got this from too much Trump. It causes first one kid from South Park to suffer this with comas and living in a dream world but later other people end up in it and it spreads to all other the world to even Garrison is there. There can be Trump like monsters there that cause trouble and are all different but Trump like. This is a prediction of a Trump overload that people will even more complain they have had too much Trump. How it ends it can have Garrison defeat the baddies in the world with everyone else. Freeing people from this illness. It can have Garrison promise to stop being a media hog and other stuff he is doing at the time. Promising to change grants him powers and armor and a sword. They can all be talking personified items of old renowned Republicans like Reagan. Can add in Putin as arch bad guy of this world too and other socialists and dictators that are polluting Garrison to create this dream world people are falling into.

The History of Sex in Space
This would be a fun 30 second class video or something that could be on the show. I would be like a fun Garrison video for the students. It would show Russian monkeys masturbating in space and man and women and then people having sex with other people and animals and ants. This can work with how the space race is heating up rate now with China, USA, and Russia competing.

The Liberal Archie Bunker Cartman
This can have a new kid that is the lefts Cartman. So, he is as dirty, fat, gay, and mean as Cartman can be but puts down the right. It fits in well with PC Principal. He can have three main friends too where the Kyle Jew one is a right wing one who wants to kill Palestinians. Kenny would be rich and Stan would be… a gay trans kid with a boyfriend. So this would be like the reverse I remember know there was the evil Cartman so this is too much like that so avoid that this is like that.

Human Farming
There are body part transplants surgeries that are growing. So, I think of how Cartman would need major life saving surgery. The thing is he gets the body parts of a Jew. That makes him 6% Jewish and so now Hitler would have sent him to the gas chambers. It would also cover other new body modifications like microchips in skin and brain scans that put in the PC. It would be about the advancement of surgery.

Drones Races
I saw these new types of races where pilots control drones through an obstacle course. I can see this little-known sport to have a popular phase with a rise and fall and so this can have that as I don’t think it will stick around a lot but it could. So, have Stan and some other characters be aspiring drone pilots. I think of the guitar hero jokes but that was done. The jokes would be based off the competition of people with Stan I guess. I think a Stan episode would be fun. There could be fighting over a girl and the US seeking a contract with Stan to fight terrorists with a military drone. Stan can go commando and be like a Navy SEAL as he now works for the US government. The end of it is… I don’t know, just make something up.

The Monitor Men or Statistic Police
This would be on a weird belief I have of repeat events with humans. So it would have the US government monitoring people in secret to record previous indifferent activity that is not normal in their daily life. This is done to then compare when these unique actions happen to human atrocities and natural events. This is to see if there are patterns of behavior like so when Cartman goes and watches Miley Cyrus’s music video Wrecking Ball that Kanye West ends up in trouble in the news. So, this can joke on how the US government is using its time to predict celebrity activity to better cover it for profit and save lives. So, certain people that are so in their environment and own world are monitored to predict things.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby Tarper » Sun Jan 01, 2017 10:36 pm

First of an on going story arch. My daughter Ada inspired me with all the hardships she has gone through and with the support of my wife I wrote this which started off as a form of therapy and has become much much more. Written with Final Draft 9.




BUTTERS STOTCH walks down the sidewalk on his way to school.
He sees no one but girls leaving for school as he walks. They
all ignore him.

Hi girls. Going to be a great day.

He stops in front of a recently sold house. He watches as
cranes and construction equipment build an enormous
greenhouse in the backyard.


ALEX NAKAMURA, a Japanese American with skater clothing,
black skull cap and dark brown hair with light pink
highlights walks outside. Alex waves at Butters.

Hi, names Butters. Is this your

My parents and I just moved into
town. My name is Alex Nakamura.

Another Mexican family? Neato! Do
you know David and his family



Nakamura is Japanese. My
Grandfather is from Tokyo.

Oh, we got some of those too! How
old are you?

I'm ten.

I'll be ten in two days, you'll be
in my class! That's great! I think
your really going to like it here.

RIKU NAKAMURA walks outside, he is an elderly Japanese man
with a strict demeanor. Alex is alarmed and is very worried
about Butters being there.

Honorable grandson Alex, I have
finished unpacking and sorting your
room. I expect it to be as I left
it on my return.

Thank you grandfather.

Grandson who is this?

Grandfather, this is Butters. He'll
be in my class.

It's good to meet you both.

Riku is not impressed

(in Japanese)
Keep your senses around these
inbreeding mountain round eyes.

Well I better get going or I'll be
late for school. It was good
meeting you, I'll let the other
guys know so you don't have to make
such a big first impression.

Butters starts walking OS.

No, no that's OK, really.

Butters stops.

Their a real swell bunch of guys.
You'll fit right in.

Alex looks up at his grandfather who looks down at Alex.

I'm sure I will.

Well all right then. I'll see you
in class. (to himself) Finally
another boy in the neighborhood.

Butter's walks OS, leaving Alex mortified.


sit at their desk.

It's a greenhouse. My dad said it's
the biggest one in the county.

They've been working on it for
three days now.

Dude you could hear the
construction all the way from my

Yeah I barely slept.

Totally interrupted my 2:00am sh*t.

When Alex gets here we should ask
him to see inside.

That actually sounds pretty sweet.

I'm in.

A fruity greenhouse tour, how

Mrs. Nelson walks into the class room with ALEX NAKAMURA
right behind her.
Alex is wearing a punk rock style shirt, skirt, skull cap
with pink and black converse shoes and her pink highlighted
hair in pigtails.

All right, before we begin class I
want to introduce a new student of
ours. Please welcome from Michigan,
Alex Nakamura. Please tell the
class a little about yourself,

The four boys look toward Butters who's shocked.

Butter's I'm confused. You've said,
"he" and "him" like a hundred times
since yesterday.

She was a he I swear.

Stan, Butters, quiet please.

My family and I moved here from
Mackinaw City. My dad is opening an
outdoor shop and my mom is running
an Asian-American organic bar/cafe
inside the store. My father is
Japanese and my mom, isn't.

Well we welcome you to our school
Alex. You can take the empty desk
next to Butters.

Nervous, Alex sits next to Butters who is clearly distraught.

Alex, what are you doing?

Getting ready for class.

Why are you dressed like a girl?

Because I am a girl.

Yesterday your grandpa called you
grandson, twice! So what's the

JIMMY VALMER whispers to Butters.

Huh? She's a dixie chick?

No you retard. She's transgender.

She's a chick with a dick?!

The entire class is quickly quiet.

What in the hell is wrong with you?

Alex leaves the classroom with tears in her eyes.

Butters report to PC Principals
office immediately!


Butters sits across from PC PRINCIPAL'S desk. PC Principal is

You have got to be f*cking kidding
me! You of all people should have
some compassion toward the LGBT.
I've read your report Stotch and it
says you're a proud bi-curious male
individual who considers Caitlyn
Jenner a hero. But all I see is a
transphobic lying pig! And that
really pisses me off! I thought you
kids have learned social tolerance!

PC Principal flips his desk over making Butters panic.

54% of all transkids commit suicide
because of ignorant bigots such as
Enjoy the thought of killing kids
who just want to be on the outside
what they feel on the inside bro?!

No sir.

There's a beautiful little girl out
there hurting because of you bro
and you're going to fix it bro!

How am I suppose to do that?

I think the three of us can come up
with something.

The three of us?

(to intercom)
Send in Mr. Stotch.

Oh no.

Butters father STEPHEN STOTCH walks into the office.

Butters your principal called me
saying you've commented a hate
crime?! Well you are grounded for a
month Mr!

I feel anything involving a child's
life is well beyond grounding Mr.

What's beyond grounding?

Butters unchecked privilege and
closed-mindedness of transkids
needs to be dealt immediately.
The problem is your son has no idea
what transkids go through on a day
by day bases, so in order to
subside his disgusting,
chauvinistic thoughts I'm proposing
this. Butters lives as a true
transkid in and out of school for a
week. He'll go under a different
name and pronouns, wear the
clothing of and follow all the
conducts of the opposite sex. If he
accomplishes this in a weeks time
Butters will address the entire
school about the bravery of these
children and the need of support
for transkids everywhere.

The entire school?

That right.

But I've already had to pretend to
be Margarine to infiltrate the

You think these kids are
pretending?! Well you're in for a
real eye opener Stotch! (to Stephen
Stotch) He either does this or
finds himself another school! Your
choice bro.

No son of mine is going to be an
intolerant bastard. He'll do it.

Good to hear. I'll get the memo's
sent out immediately. I expect to
see Margarine front and center in
the AM.


Butters room is dark, the only thing seen past Butters
himself is the black silhouettes of Stephen and Linda in the
background. Stephen turns on the light switch revealing
Butters room has been vastly decorated in little girl
accessories that are not age appropriate for Butters.

Rise and shine, Margarine.

My room? How did you? When did you?

Melatonin. Looks great doesn't it?
Now get up, it's time to get ready
for your first day of school.

I've already laid out your clothes
honey and threw all those old
clothes of yours away. Now hurry up
so mommy can do your hair.

Stephen and Linda leave. Butters looks at the end of his bed
to see a very ugly dress that looks like it was designed with
a kindergartner in mind. A light flashes from the outside a
the sound of a fire being lit is heard. Butters peers outside
and sees Stephen and Linda burning all of Butters boy stuff.
His Professor Chaos costume stands out as it burns away.


Linda puts make up on Butters and puts a barrette in his


Butters sits at the table, Stephen pours him a bowl of stupid
spoiled whore puffs.

Hurry up and eat your breakfast,
dear. And don't forget I'm putting
your birthday invitations in your
bag. I expect all of them to be
handed out or you're grounded miss.

Stephen puts a handful of pink invitations in Butters bag.

But my birthday's tomorrow. I've
already handed out my invitations.

Now Margarine these all clearly
have your name on them. So do as
your father says.
I'll be making phone calls later to
make sure you did.

Look at the time. Better get on
your way for your first day of
school Margarine or you'll be
late... and grounded.


Butters walks until he sees Alex at her locker. Kids walking
by have bizarre faces when they notice Butters getup.

Nice dress, dude.

My parents picked it out.

I hope so.

Alex, I just wanted to say I'm
sorry. I just got confused. I mean
your the first transkid I've met.

So you decided to out me and
embarrass me in front of the entire
class and your sorry about it?

Yes, and in order to show my
sincerity I'm inviting you to my
birthday party tomorrow.

Butters reaches into his bag and hands Alex an invitation.

I'm not going to your damn party!
My family and I moved here to get
away from people like you!

Alex slams her locker shut and storms away.

People like me?

Butters walks OS. Eric, Kyle, Stan and Kenny walk onto the

What the hell?

So Butters is a girl now?

When wasn't he?


PC Principal stands next to Mrs. Nelson. Butters sits at his

Class up front please. PC Principal
has an announcement.

Yesterday was a day I'll never
forget. As a whole I'm proud of you
all as a class. But one individual
attempted to destroy all that we
hold PC. Well that individual has
been dealt with and is no longer a

PC Principal hands Alex a school sports pamphlet.

Class your new student Alex
Nakamura played soccer for her old
school and helped take them to the
state championship game. Alex I
extend an invitation and would like
if you considered joining our girls
soccer team. Speak with Coach
Garrett after school if you're

I would love too.

Loving the enthusiasm young lady.
Look forward to watching you kick
ass in the name of our school.
(addressing class)
But we have another new student to
introduce as well. I'm told some of
you may already know her but please
welcome back, Margarine.
Margarine stand up and tell us a
little about yourself.

Butters stands up and walks to the front of the class. He
stares at his classmates who quietly stare back.

My name is Margarine, I'm nine
years old but my birthday's
tomorrow. And... I love hamsters.

I think we all can relate to that.
Welcome to South Park elementary.

All the students are bewildered but welcome Margarine with
hand claps as Butters takes his seat. Alex doesn't clap but
stares at Butters as he sits down humiliated.


The 4th grade boys all huddle in a circle.

My fellows bra's, PC Principal has
now displayed a power we never knew
existed. He's killed Butters and
replaced him with Margarine.

Two transkids in two days. Anyone
one of us could be next.

So what do we do?

Craig you're gay, you've got to
have some insight on this.

Just because I'm gay doesn't mean I
want to be a chick dude.


There's only one thing we can do.
We must avoid the transkids at all

Wouldn't that be bigotry? If we
single out Butters we could
inadvertently make us a target to
become transkids ourselves.

Except Butters has always been an
outcast so really nothing changes.


It was his own privilege that
destroyed him.

I think we're all in agreement
then. Butters is dead, died
terribly in a car wreck. He's very
missed. All agree?


Butters walks onto the scene he is ashamed at his appearance.

Hey guys I have some new
invitations you'll need to get into
my party tomorrow.

Butters passes out his pink invitations. The boys examine
them and remain quiet.

Margarine, why would a bunch of
guys go to a girls birthday party?

It's still me, Butters, I'm one of

Butters is dead.

He'll be missed.

The boys drop Butters invitations and walk away.

Not really.

Come on fellas! Don't do this!

The boys leave Butters alone and crying, his invitations
blowing away as a rain storm comes in. Alex is walking in the
distance when one of the invitations hit her. She picks it up
and sees Butters crying by himself as it begins to rain.


Butters sits in his living room, his dress and make-up ruined
from the weather. There is nothing that would indicate it was
Butters birthday. Stephen and Linda walk into the room.

Hey mom, hey day, what happened to
the cake and decorations?

Someone made a big mistake and
ordered all boy party supplies so
we had to take them all back.

Doesn't look like anyone is coming
anyway so your mom and I are going
out to eat. Theirs some Ravioli in
the fridge if you need Margarine.

Your going out to eat?

Just to Applebees. Oops almost
forgot, here's your birthday cards
from Aunt Nellie and your Uncle

Linda hands Butters the two cards and leaves.

And just so you don't think we
forgot. Here's a birthday card for
our little girl.

Stephen hands Butters a card and leaves the house. Butters
opens the cards from his Aunt and Uncle, two fifty dollar
bills fall out. He opens the card from his mom and dad and
gets excited about a one hundred dollar bill inside.

(reading card)
To our little girl, Margarine, here
is your interest back from your
yearly allowance. Love, Mom and

Butters is depressed again after reading the card. Butters
turns on the TV when their is a knock at the door. Butters
answers it. Alex is at the door holding the invitation she
picked up from the playground.


Hi, want to come in?

Are you sure your other guests
won't mind?

I'm pretty sure they won't care.

Alex walks inside and feels saddened for Butters that the
house is empty.

None of your friends showed up?

What friends? Now that I'm
Margarine none of the guys want
anything to do with me.

Didn't you invite any of the girls?

Wouldn't do me any good. They just
see me as Butters.

I know how you feel.

It hits Butters that Alex has gone through the same thing.

Was it like this for you?

Yes, especially at first.

How did you change it?

I had to move here, remember?

Until I ruined it for you?

Alex sees and relates to the hopelessness Butters is feeling.

The problem with the girls is your

Well geez, I haven't had much
experience with this. I'm trying my

Come on, I'll get you started.

On what?

Being a girl.

You'd help me?

I can't on good conscious let you
look like, that.


Alex leads Margarine into the girls fashion store.

Wow, I've never been in here

The first step of a true transition
is the clothes.


From a boy to a girl.

A montage shows Alex helping Butters pick out fashionable
outfits including, new pants, skirts, shirts, underwear,
pushup bras and shoes.

Do I really need a bra?

All girls wear bras Margarine. It's
still missing something though?

Alex looks around and picks a pair of stylish glasses from a
rack and puts them on Butters.


But I don't need glasses.

They're for fashion, it gives you
that hot nerd look.

I don't know. I'm not feeling so
hot right now.

You will after our next stop.


The next step for a true transition
is hair.

I don't have much to work with.

Nothing a perfect set of hair
extensions won't fix.


The hair dresser shows Butters different extensions and
styles. Butters picks a blonde set and the stylist gets to


Butters whole new look is revealed as the two of them hold
bags of clothes. Butters blonde hair extensions give him a
stylish mid-length hair cut.

What now?

The final stage of your transition.
A public confidence booster.


Butters is very nervous when the two of them walk inside and
sit at the bar counter.

Alex, I don't know about this. I
used to kind of date a girl that
works here.

No, Butters dated a girl who works
here, not Margarine. You just need
to work on your voice, soften it up
a little.

(Not much of a change)
Like this?


The raisins bartender stands across from them in her skimpy

Hey girls! Can I get you a couple
of drinks and menus?

Yes please.

(to Jillian)
Just menus for now.

Jillian hands them menus.

Just let me know when your ready.

(to Alex)
But I'm thirsty.

Your a girl now Margarine. You
don't buy your own drinks.

I don't?

No. Look, here comes a guy now.
Just play it cool.

Alex gets up and walks a short distance away and watches.
Clyde Donovan unknowingly walks up to Butters and flirts

Hey, good looking.

Um, hello.

(whispering from
Confidence, guys like a girl with a
little sass.

I mean, hey... cutie?

You must be new. Mind if I buy you
a drink?

I'd love one.

(to Jillian)
A root beer for the lady.

You got it sweetie!

(to butters)
So what's your name?

Butters begins to say Margarine but Alex signals not to.

(whispering from
Make something up!

Lindsey. My names Lindsey.

Well Lindsey, my friends and I come
here often. I hope to see you
around more. Enjoy the drink baby.

CLYDE DONOVAN walks away.

(yelling OS)
Hell yeah! She's a keeper!

Butters is flattered. Alex walks back and sits next to him.

How do you feel now?

As weird as that was I'm feeling...
Pretty damn hot!

Lexus, the head Raisins girl has been watching Alex and
Butters and walks up to the two of them.

Hi I'm Lexus and can I just say
wow! You two got it going on!


Love your looks girls. The
punk/skater babe and the sexy nerdy
girl are so in right now!

You don't remember me?

No, sorry sweetie haven't seen you

I must be mistaken.

Not a problem. We here at Raisins
are always looking for girls with
your talents. How would you both
like to make a little extra cash?

How would we do that?

You just join our little family
here at Raisins and the money

Do you really think I could?

Hell yes! You got the look that
keeps guys coming back and guys
leave tips and tips equal money.
Come in tomorrow if either of you
are interested OK?

(trying to mimic)
Sounds amazing.

Lexus walks away. Butters is shocked and excited.

That was her!



So what? You're bi-curious

The two of them get a chuckle out of the situation. A random
boy walks up to Alex.

Hey baby you must be new. Mind if I
buy you a drink?


The two of them carry Butters new clothes and stop at Alex's

Geez Alex, I sure did have a great
time. Can't wait to do it again.
Did you have fun?

Surprisingly, yes, I had a really
good time hanging out with you

Well have a good night. And thanks

You could come in and we could play
playstation or spend the night or


It's still your birthday, it'll be

That would be swell! I'll text my


Stephen and Linda are in the kitchen. Stephen gets a text.

It's Margarine. She'd like to know
if she can spend the night at her
new friend Alex's house?

Isn't Alex the little transkid girl
that Margarine outed?

I believe so.

Isn't that a little odd?

It lets us get the night to
ourselves. Maybe make the son we
never had?

Oh Stephen. I'll get the leathers


The Nakamura house is filled with exotic architecture and
furniture from Japan. Alex's dad TAKASHI NAKAMURA, a middle
aged Japanese/American man in nice athletic apparel and her
mom MAE NAKAMURA, a middle aged brunette American woman
wearing a modern casual outfit sit on the couch watching TV.

There's my girl! Didn't know your
friend was coming over. Lindsey

Yes sir.

We're easy going here, call me

Did you girls have a good time?

We hit up Raisins for some food and
did a little shopping for Lindsey's
birthday. Mind if we play the
playstation in the greenhouse?

Of course. And Alex texted us that
it's your birthday Lindsey so I
hope you had a great day.

Yes, Happy Birthday Lindsey. Stop
by the shop for a free gift card
when you can.

Thank you both.

Anything for a friend of Alex's.

Butters gets a text.

My dad says it's OK if I stay the
night if it's all right with your

Mom, dad, can Lindsey spend the

As long as it's fine with her
parents it's fine with us.

Thanks mom, thanks dad. (To
Butters) Come on, the Greenhouse is
through the back sliders.


The greenhouse is an amazing example of an indoor garden. It
is filled from top to bottom with exotic plants and
vegetables from all of Asia. The ground is paved with
Japanese sand and stone. A beautiful waterfall flows to a
creek that goes into a hot tub near a lounge and recreation
area equipped with a huge entertainment system.

Neato... is all of this real?

Yeah. My mom and dad know every
plant in here. Can't use the hot
tub though unless we ask.

Guess I better get myself a bathing

You can always borrow one of mine.

Then what are we waiting for?!

Lets go get our suits.

Butters and Alex are in the hot tub playing playstation and
drinking mountain dew.

Thank you Alex. For everything. You
actually made this the greatest
birthday I've had since, well ever.

Your friends never did anything for

Mostly just hang me by my underwear
give me Indian rubs and stuff.
They're kind of assh*les really.

Why be friends with such f*ck

Your not the first one to say that.
I don't know, they're all I've
known. It's always been the guys
and me. Now they say I'm dead to
them. I can't help but think I've
actually been dead to them for a
long time now.

Butters becomes depressed again.

You and I are a lot alike. When I
first told my parents that I was a
girl it was a relief. It felt good
to finally be free after years of
hiding. It felt right to wear the
clothes I wanted and let my hair
grow out. I could finally be...
Alex. My mom and dad didn't tell
anyone, it was me who wanted others
to know. I thought I could inspire

What happened?

My friends and the teacher's
started bullying me. I tried to
tough it out as long as I could.
Then one day two boys and two girls
jumped me in the bathroom. They
beat me up so bad I woke up in the
My grandfather had flown all the
way from Tokyo as soon as he heard
I as hurt. He asked me what
happened. I couldn't tell him the
truth. After what happened I was

Alex begins to cry.

I lied to him. Said they attacked
me because I was different. He held
me close and said his grandson
honored him and always will.

He sure sounds like a swell fella
who loves you. I bet he'd

I wanted to tell him the truth
before we left for Colorado. That's
when I found out he'd been
diagnosed with heart disease. I
feel like if I told him, I'd lose
him in every way I can.

Remorseful, Butters puts an arm around Alex and
affectionately rubs her back.

They had no right to hurt you like
they did... And neither did I. I'm

Alex rubs the tears out of her eyes and smiles.

Apology excepted.



(from distant background)


PC Principal hears a knock at his door.

Come in.

Butters walks in.

Margarine, come in and have a seat.

Margarine sits.

Good to see you're adjusting
Stotch. How can I be of assistance?

Sir, I need a few things changed.

Like what?

First, I want to say that you were
right. Alex is an amazing girl and
I was wrong to do what I did.

I'm very glad to hear that. Do
understand though you will still
need to continue out your

That's one of the things I want

No, one day isn't going to cut it.

Just hear me out. I no longer would
like it to be called a punishment.
It's an experience. Also, I would
like to be transferred to one of
the other fourth grade classes so I
can focus on my experience.

Bringing a tear to my eye Stotch.
Those are very respectful requests
that I will honor. Anything else?

One more thing. I don't want my
name to be Margarine or Butters
Stotch. Alex showed me that I
should be who makes me happy.
Butters was never happy.

If that's how you truly feel I have
no problem with that. Under my roof
everyone has the right to be/and
express who they are.

Then for the record, my name is
Lindsey Carter. Butters Leopold
Stotch has died.


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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby Randy Marsh 2016 » Sun Jan 01, 2017 10:47 pm

What if a really weird/quiet/ominous sounding song becomes very popular everywhere, dominates the Billboard charts, wins multiple awards, but weird thing is that this song doesn't sound like anything that is or would be popular, but it becomes the most popular song in history. I'm not sure where I could go with this. I had a weird dream where I heard a soft/quiet/weird sounding song and I started thinking "What if that song suddenly became very popular". Maybe one character hears the song in his dream weeks before it's released and he tries to find out why it's so popular, then he finds out it brainwashes people into doing stupid things, and it pretty much combines the influence of every type of popular song and it's going to end the world as we know it
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby Tarper » Mon Jan 02, 2017 4:09 am

I have three more continuations of my first script Transitional Butters. These are just the story beats. They go in order:

1)Transitional Butters

2)Make it Rain'sins

3)PC Love

4)Climbing the Summit

I'm not done with the arch, two more complete scripts should cover it.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby Tarper » Mon Jan 02, 2017 4:10 am

Make it Rain’sins – Story Beats

1. South Park Elementary listens to the morning announcements. Butters/Margarine Stotch has died. Both killed in a terrible car crash while on a date. Some of the students are saddened but for the most part nobody really cares.
2. The scene stops after the morning announcements are wrapping up on Lindsey Carter, “Butters,” who’s sitting in the alternative 4th grade class. She’s welcomed as the school’s newest student.
3. Alex and Lindsey show up for their first day of work at Raisins. Lexus shows them the ropes of the job. Alex doesn’t take it very seriously, but Lindsey gets way into character and is a natural flirt.
4. Clyde Donovan comes into Raisins and sees Lindsey working. Clyde hits on Lindsey and sits in her section so he can check her out.
5. In the school cafeteria Lindsey sits with Alex. Wendy and some of the other girls join them. The girls welcome Lindsey to the school and affectionately except Alex as one of the girls because of Lindsey’s PC.
6. Clyde talks to the guys as he watches Lindsey from their table. Clyde is enthralled with her.
7. The girls point out to Lindsey that Clyde has a huge crush on her. Lindsey likes this as she secretly schemes.
8. Kyle, Stan, Cartman and Kenny come into Raisins and sit. Lindsey switches tables with Porsche so she can wait on the four boys. The four don’t recognize Lindsey and think she’s fun. Lindsey makes sure Clyde sees this.
9. Clyde begins to resent the four boys as he becomes jealous.
10. Alex decides it’s best to work behind the bar with Jillian, who’s actually not as dumb as she seems.
11. Lindsey is getting a lot of attention from the boys. She flirts especially hard with Kyle. All but Kenny leave Lindsey a nice tip with Kyle leaving the most.
12. Clyde sees how much Kyle left and purposely gives Lindsey more money then him. Just as Clyde thinks he’s sealed the deal with Lindsey, Kyle comes back and asks if Lindsey would like to hangout at school tomorrow. Lindsey flirtatiously agrees while at the same time giving Kyle the run around. Clyde becomes pissed at Kyle and gets escorted out by the bouncers.
13. Lexus praises Lindsey for her amazing first days of work. Jillian is quickly beginning to annoy the hell out of Alex as Alex begins to realize that Jillian might not be dumb but she’s even more aggravating because she’s a two faced gossipy bitch.
14. Clyde confronts Kyle in the school hallway and sets a claim to Lindsey. The two argue back and forth until Lindsey stops it.
15. On the playground Clyde wants to talk to Lindsey in private. Clyde tells her that he thinks she’s hot and would love to hangout with her more. Lindsey assures Clyde that he is more then just a typical customer and kisses him. Lindsey tells Clyde to keep it quiet so she doesn’t get in trouble at work and he agrees before she runs off.
16. Kyle is getting ready to get on the school bus when he sees Lindsey walking home with Alex. Kyle tells the guys he’ll see them later and decides to walk with the girls.
17. Alex jokes about how the boys are fighting over Lindsey when Kyle starts walking with them. Kyle asks if he can talk to Lindsey for a sec.
18. A school bus drives by and Clyde sees Kyle talking to Lindsey which makes him furious.
19. Kyle expresses his feeling for Lindsey. He finds her fascinating. It’s like she’s one of the guys, as if he’s known her all along. Kyle tells Lindsey that he thinks she’s more then just a really good looking girl; he thinks she’s smart and sweet too and would like to get to know her on a personal level. Lindsey plays her cards and tells Kyle that she’s felt the same way since he walked into Raisins. Kyle becomes overly excited and Lindsey feeds into it giving Kyle his first actual kiss. Alex is just as shocked as Kyle. Kyle says it was amazing. Lindsey tells Kyle they must keep their romance quiet for now so she doesn’t get into trouble at work. Kyle agrees.
20. The three of them get to Alex’s house, Lindsey tells Kyle she’s living with Alex for awhile. Kyle would love to come inside but the girls say then need to get ready for work and say goodbye. Kyle says he’ll see Lindsey there and joyfully runs home.
21. Lindsey and Alex chill before leaving for work in Alex’s room. Alex asks Lindsey why she kissed Kyle and is concerned that Lindsey is moving too fast. Lindsey tells her that it’s all a farce; Lindsey is taking revenge against those who killed Butters and demoralize transkids. Alex is concerned for her friend.
22. Raisin’s is super busy and Lindsey and Alex are making a killing in tips.
23. Clyde walks in with a few friends and looks for Lindsey. He sees her waiting on a table. He also sees Kyle who’s looking at Lindsey while talking with Stan, Cartman and Kenny.
24. Clyde takes a seat and continues to watch.
25. Lindsey brings the four main boys some more drinks and Cartman another order of wings. Kyle puts his arm around Lindsey’s waist. Lindsey very gently removes his hand.
26. Clyde sees this and becomes enraged. He charges Kyle and begins fighting him. The bouncers jump Clyde and beat the ever loving sh*t out of him before tossing him out of Raisins and banning him.
27. Clyde coughs up blood before pissing his pants and sh*tting himself as he lays face down in a snow bank. Most of Raisins including all of our main characters watch this from the background.
28. The day is over and Alex and Lindsey get ready for bed. Alex can’t believe what happened and the two girl’s gossip.
29. Alex goes to the bathroom. Lindsey takes out a piece of paper with a list of names on it. The list reads in order, Clyde, Kyle, Stan, Cartman, Jimmy. Lindsey smiles as she crosses out Clyde’s name. The scene focuses on Kyle’s name being next.
30. End credits.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby Tarper » Mon Jan 02, 2017 4:12 am

PC Love – Story Beats

Summery-Lindsey continues her list of revenge taking her new relationship with Kyle further then she expected as the two grow strong feelings toward each other. Alex decides to change it up at Raisins with a new attitude and inviting new customers after she learns the Goth Kids favorite hangout has closed. Stephen and Linda Stotch learn that Lindsey wants to remain a girl permanently. The Stotch’s can’t handle the thought of losing their son to something so PC that they can’t control it and attempt to force and bribe Lindsey back into Butters. Lindsey with PC Principal’s help is put into the custody of the Nakamura’s till the Stotch’s can prove to be supportive and tolerant.

1. The Goth kids go to their favorite coffee shop to discover it’s been burned down. The building is still smoldering and a coming soon Panara bread sign is next to the ashes.
2. On the playground the Goth kids bitch about the loss of their coffee and hangout spot. Alex overhears this and invites them to Raisins. At first the Goth kids will have none of it but then realize it’s the ultimate way for them to stick it to the conformists.
3. Lindsey and Kyle hangout together around their friends on the playground. Clyde is extremely bruised all to hell and is sitting by himself in the background. The other boys are openly jealous of Kyle but Kyle tells them that he’s ready to take it to the next level. His friends warn him that it seems kind of early, but Kyle knows Lindsey is the one he wants to be his girlfriend. Kyle asks the guys when, where and how he should propose to her.
4. The girls all gossip about how cute Lindsey and Kyle are together. Wendy thinks Kyle’s going to propose that Lindsey becomes his girlfriend. Lindsey acts bashful of the thought.
5. PC Principal watches the kids. He calls Stephen Stotch on his phone and congratulates him on his daughter’s successful transition. Stephen is confused; he thought this was only a week long punishment so Butters would understand the hardships that transkids go through. PC Principal informs Stephen that Lindsey has indeed found her true calling and decided that this is who she really wants to be and if nurtured will grow into an exceptional young woman Stephen can be proud of. Stephen is against this and doesn’t want to lose his son. PC Principal thought Stephen was on the level and threatens to bash his f*cking face in if he sabotages his daughter’s happiness because he’s too afraid to except the truth that Lindsey was forced to live a tortuous life of self-deceit.
6. After PC Principal ends the call. Stephen Stotch panics and calls his wife Linda to inform her of the problem. At first it was different and fun for them but now with the thought of raising a transkid becoming a reality they both freak out and decide to call in an emergency PTA Meeting.
7. At the PTA meeting Linda and Stephen tell a story where PC Principal tricked them into letting their son pretend to be a girl so that the school seems more PC then it truly is. They demand that PC Principal is removed from his position or they will pull their son out of school and sue the system. PC Principal verbally attacks the Stotch’s about calling their daughter, son. He preaches about how the town has changed for the greater good giving light and hope to its people and how Stephen and Linda remain a dark stain. The Stotch’s argue they are not bigots but if truly given the chance their son would not want this. Lindsey walks onto the stage and confronts her parents in front of the entire PTA. She asks her parents to except her for who she is. Lindsey tells them she was trapped and never happy as their son and she loves and misses them but only if they can love her as their daughter. Many of the townspeople cry. Stephen and Linda won’t accept Lindsey as a person. The townsfolk turn on them. The Stotch’s decide to take the matter to court so they will get their son back.
8. The Stotch’s loose the case. Lindsey is put into the Nakamura’s care until Stephen and Linda have showed a drastic change in tolerance. The judge also orders that both Stephen and Linda are sterilized so that they can truly appreciate the importance of their daughter and her well-being.
9. The Goth Kids walk into Raisins and f*ck with the entire staff. They see Alex behind the bar and sit near her. The Goth kids don’t feel there is anyplace in Raisins that represents their inner dark struggles. Alex dims the lights above them and they are instantly more comfortable. Lindsey has a short shift and lets Alex know she’s going on a date with Kyle. Alex thinks it’s mean that Lindsey is taking this relationship so far just to destroy him. Lindsey doesn’t agree she wants him truly humiliated.
10. Kyle and Lindsey go to an Art festival and peer at the different paintings and drawings. Lindsey discovers Kyle shares much of the same taste in art as her because being Jewish he’s been persecuted against himself, and has a great deal of internal pain that Lindsey didn’t know existed.
11. Stephen and Linda are at the art festival and both visibly sore after being sterilized. Lindsey separates from Kyle to use the bathroom. The Stotch’s see Lindsey and begin to talk to her. Stephen try’s to tell her that if she just comes back as their son all will be forgiven and she’ll only be grounded for a little while. Linda states that Lindsey won’t be able to do boy scouts anymore; she won’t be able to go to church or anything they loved to do as a family. Lindsey won’t have it and demands they apologize. Lindsey says their son Butters is dead and they need to move on and stop trying to force her into being him. The crowds of people around them take notice of the conversation. Lindsey leaves, leaving the two embarrassed.
12. Lindsey returns to Kyle and they enjoy the rest of the festival, trying different food and music. An Asian girl from school draws an incredible picture of the two lovingly caressing. Kyle tells Lindsey that she’s everything he could ever ask for; she’s smart, fun and the most beautiful girl in school. She understands him in ways no one else has. Kyle asks Lindsey if she’ll do him the honor of being his girlfriend. Lindsey sees that he means it and that Kyle really loves her. Any hate Lindsey has toward him vanishes as she almost tells him the truth but instead interrupts herself by holding Kyle’s hand and kissing him with the sunset in the background.
13. Kyle and Lindsey sit at the Raisins Bar near the Goth Kids and Alex. The Goth Kids have decorated their little area to reflect their inner turmoil. Lindsey shows Alex that Kyle and her are still holding hands and are now committed. Michael, leader of the Goth’s, tells Kyle that this progressive step in Park County relationships is a dark transitional twist in the community and he approves of this. Kyle is confused but just takes the complement. Jillian hates what the Goth Kids have done to the small section of the bar. Alex with the help of the Goth Kids tells her to f*ck off and puts her in her place, but Jillian is clearly not over this.
14. Kyle walks into his house and goes to the diner table. His parents are talking about the last PTA meeting. Kyle tells them that he has a girlfriend and how great she is. His parents are thrilled for him. Gerald and Sheila continue talking about the PTA meeting but this time more carefully now that Kyle is home, the two do not like what the Stotch’s have done to their child. Kyle remembers Butters and becomes curious what his parents are talking about.
15. End credits
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby Tarper » Mon Jan 02, 2017 4:13 am

Climbing the summit– Story Beats

Summery-Kyle and Lindsey are in a committed and happy relationship. Stephen and Linda learn a powerful lesson about tolerance when they realize how much they miss their own child. Randy and Sharon go into Takashi’s athletic store; Randy makes a fool of himself trying to climb the rock wall because he’s out of shape and has a fear of falling. Committed to “win” both Sharon and his pride back, Randy, Jimbo and Stuart all commit to getting into Athletic shape and conquering the wall as a team, to get a 10% off total purchase card. Only problem is Stan and the 4th grade class will be opposing them.

1. It’s the grand opening of Nakamura’s Active Activities. The impressive store is filled with people who look at the fun indoor/outdoor sports setting. There is an Asian-American nutrition bar/café that Mae Nakamura runs; the second story is a full gym with everything from gymnastics to weight lifting. But the highlight of the store is an amazing four story high climbing wall that is sculpted from a cliff and runs the length of the store itself. Randy and Sharon walk inside and get excited as they look at all the high-tech equipment and clothing. Randy talks to Takashi about the great shape he was in, in his youth. Takashi tells Randy that there is never a wrong time to get back into action. Randy argues that he is still in great condition. Takashi humors him with confidence builders. Randy resents Takashi’s comments when Sharon says Randy is not in shape and hasn’t been in the last ten years. Takashi helps another customer; Randy eye’s the climbing wall and poster informing of the upcoming team wall climbing competition. Randy decides to conquer the wall. Sharon doesn’t think this is a good idea. Randy doesn’t listen and gears up to climb.
2. Once on the wall Randy confidently climbs higher and higher until he realizes how tired he is and his hand slips. Randy’s fear of falling hits him full force, he remembers being a small child and his parents telling him he can’t sleep on the top bunk because he could fall and how Randy defiantly climbed to the top bunk only to have to be saved by his brother Jimbo when he nearly rolled over the edge. The floor seemed hundreds of feet down as Jimbo pulled him back onto the bed and had to comfort him. Back in the present, Randy freezes up and begins to panic and scream for Jimbo. Jimbo is in the store and stands next to Sharon confused. Takashi quickly climbs up the wall to save Randy who has actually only been able to climb about eight feet. Randy lunges onto Takashi and begins to panic and cry as he screams for his wife. Takashi tells Randy to calm down and climbs down the wall while holding Randy. Sharon is mortified as everyone in the store stares.
3. On the way back home, Sharon is sick of Randy always letting other peoples accomplishments get the best of him. She also tells Randy how stupid of an idea that was to begin with. Randy is not physically active enough to go on a bike ride let alone climb a four story rock wall. Randy asks to be dropped off.
4. Randy sits at the bar. Feeling pretty down on himself. He orders a pitcher of beer. He can’t figure out how and why he started to become such and out of shape suburbanite. Randy orders a basket of potato skins to go with his beer. Jimbo comes into the bar and sits next to him. Jimbo orders a beer and a burger. Jimbo asks Randy what happened back at the store. Randy tells him that time happened. He reminds Jimbo of when they where in top shape, Randy was a track star and Jimbo was fresh out of boot camp. Stuart McCormick overhears the conversation and joins them. Stuart reminisces when he helped take the South Park boxing team to the state finals. Having enough of living in the past Randy declares that they get back in shape no matter what it takes. Jimbo thinks it’s pointless and they should just except that they aren’t the men that they once where. Randy gives a, “what is dead may never die speech.” Now pumped up, Jimbo and Stuart agree with Randy they just don’t know where to start and what to do. Randy tells them they are going to win the upcoming wall climbing competition. The three eat their food and drink their beers, toasting to getting it all back.
5. Linda and Stephen are at home. The house is quiet. The bare spots from family pictures show clearly on the walls. Butters old room is empty. The Stotch’s have taken all things, boys and girls, out. Linda puts a glass where it shouldn’t go and the two argue. The fight gets intense until they start blaming each other for what happened to their son. It is Stephen who finally realizes the two of them are in the wrong and always have been. They both decided it was better to have a dead son then a daughter they can’t ground. Disgusted with himself, Stephen declares that they should always love their child and be strong for them when they need their parents. Linda at first can’t understand but quickly learns and agrees. She begins to hate herself. The two of them vow to make it better and get their daughter back.
6. Lindsey, Kyle and the gang hangout at Starks Pond. They discus the upcoming wall climbing competition. They agree to who they’ll have in their groups. Cartman is not picked by anyone but Heidi so Alex volunteers to be his next partner. Not entirely comfortable with a transkid being his partner, Cartman accepts anyway.
7. The Nakamura’s throw a party to welcome their new neighbors. The townspeople love their home and impressive greenhouse. Randy eyes all the pictures of Takashi’s athletic achievements with resentment. Sharon loves hearing the stories that Mae tells her about all their adventures.
8. Alex and Lindsey show the other kids the greenhouse. They all end up playing in the pool and having a party of their own. Alex is even considered cool by the boys.
9. Ending the tour in the Basement Randy try’s to lift the weight bar that Takashi uses and can’t even make it budge.
10. Leaving the party Randy and Sharon are drunk. Randy grows tired of how envious Sharon is about Mae and Takashi and all they’ve accomplished.
11. Randy, Jimbo and Stuart form a regiment at the Nakamura Gym. Randy eyes the wall and uses it as motivation to conquer. The more active seniors around them are outperforming Jimbo and Randy. Stuart actually transitions easily into the environment.
12. At the bar Randy and Jimbo are spent, Randy orders them a round of beers. Stuart surprises himself and declines the offer. Randy is still content on their cause. Stuart seems to have an epiphany.
13. The three men continue to workout and push themselves harder. They watch climbing movies and read books while practicing climbing knots. As they do all of this, they continue to meet at the bar after every workout. Stuart slowly separates himself more and more from the two getting himself in better shape. Stuart even helps a few people on their boxing techniques and exercises which Takashi takes notice of.
14. It’s the day of the competition. The fourth graders team up and get ready. Randy and Jimbo arrive, they see Stuart wearing a Active Activates uniform. He is stocking new merchandise. Randy wants to know what’s up. Stuart tells him that Takashi offered him a good job. Randy comes to the conclusion that Takashi has seen them working out and thinks they are way ahead of the competition so he took Stuart away thinking they wouldn’t stand a chance now. Jimbo thinks Randy is over thinking, but Randy won’t hear any of it. Randy and Jimbo dramatically gear up for the climb while the fourth grade casually put on their equipment and get shown climbing basics.
15. Randy psych’s himself up before hooking onto the rope.
16. All the teams are hooked up. Takashi reminds everyone of the rules.
17. The event begins. Randy and Jimbo start out with great teamwork but the fourth graders are still ahead, all but Cartman who is still struggling with the beginning part of the climb. Alex and Heidi help keep him motivated. As time passes many teams give up and rappel down. Only four teams remain, they are Kyle, Lindsey and Stan. Alex, Heidi and Cartman and Kenny, Craig and Tweek. The last team to remain is Randy and Jimbo who are tide with Kyle, Lindsey and Stan as both teams near the summit.
18. Takashi turns on the weather for the wall causing a thunder storm effect.
19. The storm is too much for Kenny’s team who are forced to turn back and rappel down after Tweek falls from the Cliffside. Craig tells the other teams that they need to turn back while they can. Cartman tells Alex and Heidi that he can’t go on, the storm is too much. Heidi can’t go on either. Alex takes control of the situation and decides it’s best to rappel down for the safety of the team. Now it’s just Kyle, Lindsey and Stan versus Randy and Jimbo. Randy and Jimbo are behind but not by much. Jimbo gets caught on a ledge and is slowing down despite Randy’s encouragements. Randy, looking up at the summit decides he must cut Jimbo’s line. Jimbo try’s to tell Randy not too but Randy yell that he’s sorry, but don’t worry because he doesn’t need Jimbo to protect him anymore. Randy dramatically cuts the rope and acts like Jimbo just fell to his death. Randy, tears in his eyes, begins to climb again. Randy is haunted by his childhood memories of falling but he finds inner strength and beats Kyle’s team to the summit and claims his 10% off total purchase card. Randy celebrates as if he climbed Everest.
20. Takashi is yelling to him but Randy can’t make out what he’s saying.
21. Randy tells him to suck it then starts to rappel down. Unfortunately for Randy he had cut the rope when he cut Jimbo loose so instead of rappelling down in victory he falls four stories to the foam floor below.
22. Randy is taken away via ambulance. All the kids have trophies in hand. Lindsey kisses Kyle and tells him how much fun she had. Kyle had a great time but has to leave since the Marsh’s are his ride and they need to get to the hospital for Randy. Before Kyle leaves with Stan and Sharon he invites her to his house for Diner which Lindsey accepts. Stephen and Linda appear and tell Lindsey that they watched her climb and are very proud of her. They know they messed up and don’t expect to make everything just magically right. But they also want Lindsey to know that they miss her and will do whatever they have to so that their daughter will want to come home. Lindsey needs proof but loves them as well. The three hug and Lindsey gives them her trophy to bring home.
23. It’s late at night and Stuart walks through his front door; he holds two bags that looks like six packs of beer are inside them. He looks around at the mess throughout the house. Stuart opens up a photo album and looks at all the terrible photos of his family. He finds one photo of his family where they are very happy. Stuart smiles and puts the picture in an empty frame on the wall before walking into the kitchen. He opens up the bags revealing that they are filled with groceries. He places the food in the fridge. Stuart then begins to clean up the house.
24. End Credits.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby Big-Will » Mon Jan 02, 2017 4:16 am

So, are you gonna post your stuff in this thread or in the thread you created? You can't do both.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby Tarper » Mon Jan 02, 2017 5:22 am

Sorry about that, first time poster. I'd rather keep it on the topic I started and get it off here.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby JamesPolo » Wed Jan 04, 2017 6:03 am

Deadpool 2 Film
So I had a great idea for the next Deadpool movie. It is that if it has Cable there will be time travel. So I think it would be funny for Deadpool to have to be on an important mission with a time travel device. He is supposed to travel to a certain time but decides to take a detour. He travels to Nazi Germany in the year 1939. He meets Hydra Bob’s great grandfather and other Nazis and parties with them drinking a lot and meets Hitler at a beer hall while he is giving a speech and there can be some fun exchanges of words between Deadpool and Hitler.

Thee Honour
This is an episode that focuses on catching all the celebrities naked. It is the honor to be filmed or photographed nude as it is a symbol of being famous and wealthy. This has the noble paparazzi out for nudes. The can be a fun game to it that the kids and or adults get into also.

Guys and Their Jersey
There was the sarcastaball episode with football jersey’s. Still why not focus on the boys getting them for the first time. It can be that the kids for real get into football and don’t just think it is boring. It can have first picking a team event and then also learning the rules. Than getting gear like a jersey. There can be fun knightliness to it and also funniness that having one is like being a girl on her wedding night. There can be the big moments like dealing with other fans of the same team and of fans that you are up against in the current game.

First 'he' and 'she' became 'ze'. Now 'Mr and Mrs' is BANNED: Oxford University tells colleges to 'remove gender-specific titles'
The title above is true and is sad but funny. I can see PC Principal doing this at the school. I don’t know when the whole PC thing will be done again but this could be it and then have PCP die as people are sick of episodes about PC.

Nerd Fear
Why people really go to see the Star Wars movies is nerds are now the rich and are our bosses as the 80’s predicted. So now we must fear the nerds. It is their ultimate revenge to force us to see their movies where they win and make us look foolish. I am thinking with this if a season continuum that Nerds would be a focus. It’s how the smart are in control too much and the people have become aware of this. A side plot can be kids that are from wealthy parents that are failures with education. They call others peasants and throw money around and burn it. They can go against the nerds and fund the plot to retake the country and put the uneducated into power.

Exercise Workout Idea
This is just an idea I had for a new product. It is a program downloaded onto your TV or PC or it could be a small device that hooks up into one of the A/V inputs. It has you allowed to customize your own workout and exercises with new daily updated video and new audios of the workouts you want to do. There are new A/V available and after a set waiting period too if you want or you can have the same A/V or a random one. It has an avatar of you of your height and weight and calorie intake and exercises. This is used to create an accurate You Avatar with your uploaded face. It can use Wi-Fi to update and run. This could work on the show as a character develops my product and sells it and becomes rich.

Why Ronda Rousey Lost
Ronda Rousey has been up to having dirty sex with The Rock and that is why she lost. The sex has her being dominated. At first, she knew she was like a UFC girl, one that is tough and mean that tries to f*ck every guy she meets. But with The Rock it was different. She was not on top and this broke her. So this is why she now loses now as she is a receiver of a pounding and not a giver. This can be related to why Tyson loses now as he had some dirty prostitute sex where a girl rode him like a Twinkie getting rode by a cowgirl. It is that The Rock has this summer cabin full of sex toys and a dildo machine that vibrates. He is into roleplaying and making all the girls he cheats with wear men’s clothes in a homosexual role playing game he likes.

iiiIIIIIIIITTTTTTtttttsssssSSS Retarded Jeopardy
I like the show Jeopardy but I want to feel better about being so terrible at it. Have it that the crippled kids all get to be on a Crippled Kid’s Jeopardy show. It can have other retarded kids from around the country be on it too. It could have all been a joke of Cartman’s as him and Jimmy with the boys and Heidi were watching Jeopardy. It was that Jimmy said he knew the answers but his handicap got in the way and Cartman said he wasn’t that smart and he should be on a special cripple jeopardy to prove he is good. So it started out as a Cartman joke but now Jimmy gets rich for winning all the time.

How to Trump Them All
Trump realizes he can kill over 10,000 people at around a 1 million dollars’ payout if he does it and makes it look like an accident. It is based on he has 10 billion/1 million to pay for each death. You could edit it up to have less money and so more kills. This can be because people impeach him.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby JamesPolo » Wed Jan 11, 2017 1:01 am

WWIII Trading Card Game
This idea has the kids create their own card game and this is an idea of a card game I would like to create.
This game has the top 10 countries based on economy and current military. So, USA, Russia, China, Germany, England, Italy, North Korea, Japan, India and some others. It is that a deck has 60 cards and each deck has to have 6 attack cards where it states you attack after the card is played. One will be a in 0 turns and the others will be attack in 1 turn and so or 2 or 3 or 4 or attack in 5 turns. So, it is played down when a player is ready to attack and the opponent can’t see it but knows an attack is coming. They now must prepare their defense. So, a player plays gold/money, food, wood/metal/fuel cards and others that stay on the playmat until you discard them or it may be to just tap them until your next turn. But with discarding or tapping it allows you to play ex a troop card or tank card. So this buys and builds up weapons and troops to attack and to use to defend. It is that the playmat has the bottom to put resource/money cards and defense cards go to the top of your mat and above that attacking cards go at the tip of the opponents defense cards. offense cards are kept above the resources and below the defenses.

The deck and discard pile is at the bottom right and the bottom left could have a purpose too like to store nuclear bombs and the like that would have a special way of using them. To win you must kill all the others defenses and colonize them with the right amount to troops or they can surrender. If you have your defenses all beaten, then any of the opponent’s attacking cards left will be used to colonize you. Once a certain number of troop cards is in your country you lose.

It would have new cards that come out every season also that would reflect the current atmosphere of that country and there would be theme decks with country name and year on them. Some cards are only for defense but all offense cards can be used in defense. If you want to switch where a card is for example put a offensive card in defense than that card is moved there right away but is tapped and cant’ be used in defense until your next turn and it goes the same with defense to offense.

Fights between attacker and defense are done with cards that can deal a certain amount of damage for every dice roll. So, say you have a battalion of tanks in one card that could do 50 damage times the number you roll on a dice. And a army troop card would do like 10 damage times the number you roll on your dice.

The attacker first reveals the attack card and puts it face down and when the turn comes up they reveal the attack card and now attack by selecting which offensive cards they will move to the attacker spot in front of the opponents defenses. Next they go through each of their attack cards at a time. They will pick what defense the one card will attack and roll the dice to see damage. All damage is recorded onto that card by putting counters on it. So, say a attacker card did 100 damage to a defense card with 70 defense points, that would mean it is now defeated and put into the discard pile. Defense cards get to roll a dice also and deal damage the same as attacker cards but can only do half damage if the card can be used in offense and defense but if it is a defense only card it deals the full damage.

A 10-sided dice would be used. Each country would have their own cards that have political leaders of art on them and art of their own guns and weapons and vehicles on the cards and names they like. Some cards would be the same one’s other people have that can be used in any deck but some cards are country specific.

To cancel an attack, you must lose a turn but get to keep the offensive cards in the offensive section or put them into the defensive section but they are now tapped. If you have cards attacking in the middle of the playmat you can retreat them to either the offensive section or tapped into the defensive section during your turn. If a card is tapped it can’t be used.

The cards kept to the left ex nukes. So a nuke would kill a certain amount of cards or deal x amount of damage or with the roll of a dice. A nuke can kill defense only and other special cards would only kill offensive or attacker cards in those sections. Also some special cards in the left section would make a player discard resource cards.

Each turn a player starts it with collecting the top card from their deck but if you have an attack card down before you draw a card you can put that attack card in the discard pile. Then you can only move around offensive and defensive cards. You are not allowed to play any cards from your hand during this turn if you discarded the attack card played.

There are cards that allow you to draw more cards and resource cards and offensive and defensive cards. There are special attack weapon cards. And others ex tool cards with extra attack or defense. Religion cards to cause natural disasters and increase stats. Cards that untap your tapped cards.

There will be sniper/assassin card that only kills a General card. The General card would increase all card stats when in play. There could be a spy card that makes the opponent reveal a played attack card.

A deck may look like this

6 attack cards with being 1 card attack 0 turns, 1 card attacks wait 1 turn, 1 card attacks wait 2 turn, 1 card attacks wait 3 turn, 1 card attacks wait 4 turn, 1 card attacks wait 5 turn.

8 draw cards being 3 draw 3’s, 3 draw 2’s, 2 discard hand and draw 5 cards.

15 resource cards being 3 fuel cards, 5 raw materials cards, 4 money cards, 3 food/water cards,
Money cards can substitute for any of the other resource cards that turn. A deck can only have 4 money cards.

5 defense weapon cards being
1 anti-air defense system card does 80 damage times dice number to fighter jets only with 300 defense points with playing cost of 1 fuel card and 2 raw material card
1 machine gun nests card does 50 damage time dice number to troop cards only with 200 defense points with playing cost of 1 food/water and 1 raw material cards
1 long range anti-tank missile launchers card does 125 damage times dice number to tanks only with 500 defense points with playing cost of 2 fuel cards and 3 raw material cards
1 anti-navy fleet card ex submarines card that deals 100 damage times dice number to ships only with 400 defense points with playing cost of 1 fuel cards and 3 raw material cards
1 national guard card that deals 50 damage time dice number to any attacker card with 500 defense points with playing cost of 1 food/water and 1 raw material

Offensive cards
5 troops cards with 200,000 troops a card and deal 20 damage times dice number with 200 defense
Points with playing cost of 1 food/water and 1 raw material

5 tank cards with 200 tanks a card and deal 50 damage times dice number with 500 defense points with playing cost of 2 fuel cards and 3 raw material cards

5 fighter jets cards 200 fighter jets card and deal 30 damage times dice number 300 defense points with playing cost of 1 fuel card and 2 raw material card

5 attack ship cards 200 attack ships a card and deal 40 damage times dice number 400 defense points with playing cost of 1 fuel cards and 3 raw material cards

1 sniper/assassin that plays from hand and kills opponents general in play, both cards are then placed in the discard pile. with playing cost of 1 food/water

1 spy this card plays from hand and makes opponent reveal his attack card in play or a special weapon card and that attack card is now kept up right. After playing spy card place it in the discard pile. with playing cost of zero

1 general card is kept in the offensive section and when in play it raises all stats of the player’s cards being attack by 10 and defense by 100. This card has 10 defense points but its own stats are not raised by this card. with playing cost of 1 fuel and 1 food/water and 1 raw material

All special weapon cards are played face down until used and kept at the left of the playmat.
1 special weapon attack section card does 25 damage times dice number to all cards in this section with playing cost of 1 money

1 special weapon defense section card does 25 damage times dice number to all cards in this section with playing cost of 1 money

1 special weapon offense section card does 25 damage times dice number to all cards in this section with playing cost of 1 money

1 special weapon resource section card has opponent select and discard 3 resource cards in play with playing cost of 1 money

1 card to untap your cards in a section with playing cost of 1 money

1 tool card to increase stats of one card by 20 attack and 100 defense with playing cost of 1 money

1 religion card that lets you search through your deck for one card and then put it into your hand and shuffle your deck after. with playing cost of zero

I know the deck adds up to 64 cards but this is just a prototype of what a deck would look like.

To win you have to have 500,000 troops in the attack section of the opponents playmat with there being no cards in the defense section on your own turn.

A game would start with each player flipping their dice until one player has a higher number. Than each play shuffling their deck and then draws 7 cards. During each players turn they draw one card to start the turn.

Also if a player has cards in the attack section if the opponents defense section is empty than the player can attack from the attack section onto the opponents cards in the offense section but the opponent can’t attack from the offense section into the attack section.

If a player runs out of draw cards than they have to continue the game until the game is won by 500,000 troops in the opponent’s attack section or by surrendering the game. Or if a player has no draw cards left and no offensive cards left than they forfeit the game once the opponent puts one offensive card in their attack section. If both players have no draw cards left they both reveal their hands to make sure each player has no attack cards left. If one of them has an attack card that player is forced to play it and then both players shuffle their hand into their discard pile and that is used as their new deck to draw cards from. If no attack card is there than both players shuffle their hand into their discard pile and reuse the discard pile as their new deck to start drawing cards from again.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby andreas215 » Fri Jan 13, 2017 1:50 pm

Mr Garrison (as president) goes to City Wok and asks the owner of the City Wok (the Chinese guy) to build a wall between USA and Mexico. What happens next is up to Trey and Matt :)
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby JamesPolo » Tue Jan 17, 2017 6:00 am

Star Wars Amusement Park in LA
I know Trey is going to check this place out and get some sort of idea or use it as a setting one day. I have been thinking of how Mateen and Santiago who are Muslim terrorists both seem to have had a love for Star Wars. There is also all the jive of how the Jedi are Muslims. So I think having a Muslim terror attack at this Star Wars park would be cool and may make the idea seem lame if a TV show does it so it doesn’t happen in real life which I fear. So joke on how Jedi’s and other characters are Muslim and the Star Wars create Islamic terrorists. David can be Latino and be like Santiago and convert to Islam because of Star Wars mind control. He can be see changing into a Muslim terrorist and plans to do an attack at the LA park. He wants to kill I guess certain characters as kids and adults are dressed as such. There can be CGI and could use at least a nod to the holograms. Carrie Fisher could be in it and Billie would be nice and Reynolds. I think having it like lots of living and dead real actors be in this at the park would be cool. It will have David be killed in a lightsaber battle. He could have turned other kids from school and online and so there is a giant epic battle at the park of light v dark.

Now Its f*cking Chav’s
I have heard of chavs before but always forget as it is never used in the US much. This can have the fad of being a chav be highlighted with the kids and adults acting like one. It will just be a passing fad so no harm. It can have Stan and Kenny hangout exclusively and with other background kids to create the new pack of chav’s. I know the kids have done dress and act like a chav but this would overdo it and use the word chav for the kids to describe themselves. It will have the rest of the town hate the chav kids and try to get rid of them.

The Cow Dahlia
I keep wanting a story like this where someone gets a Glasgow smile. What about a woman is found like that in town the same as Short was found? It can lead to theories and investigations. There could be a background character in season 21 that is part of the continuum and it would show her in town and trying to make money and failing. So there would be some foreshadowing as she would have scenes where she does like Short did. The murderer would have to be a new suspect in the way he looks and behaviors. I think it would be funny to see a character from town be found to be a murderer and put in prison. The character could be used a little in the future of scenes at the police station. A fun scene would be that cow manure is used in the murder and the women is stuffed full of it and spews out all open orifices. The murderer could be that farmer dude I guess. He needs a butt kicking.

The Custom of the Crab Cakes
I have gotten this idea and have no idea if it is true but I think it is and is a lore. The idea is TV show executives feed cast members crab cakes to try and buy one more successful season out of it. This happens usually when a show has already made it to number one in some effect. Crab cakes are preferred as the next day when the consumer takes a sh*t the crab cake cakes their butthole and cheeks. This is impossible to clean up well and not get sh*t on your hands. It creates a new born effect that freshens up the cast members and makes them seem new. This renews the show with people watching the first episode and the actors being all poopy like with a butt full of sh*t and it all over their hands on their minds when filmed. It as an odd sex appeal to that people never admit and there is one with people being all baby like and young, it’s a youthinator.

Golden Showers
This could use a joke of bringing up Gerald’s golden showers and this can be done over conversation of Trump. It may be that there is a tape of this and so reenacting the tape scene would be so funny if we all ever see it. I think this would be a great time to see Gerald have another golden shower but like how Trump got his. There is so much weird stuff with this story like MI6 and McCain passing it off and the whole republican oppositional force that is behind this. This whole story would be funny to learn about and how it all went down.

The Smelliest Fart You Ever Did Smell in the Whole Wide World
This episode has Carman and he have eaten certain foods and he has a fart in school library that altered the lives of everyone in the library that day. There would be flashbacks of main boys and narration as with them that day and the before and after effect that worst fart had on them and their lives.

Les Schwab
I had to go here like last week for a flat tire. I kept thinking of lesbian Jews and how the whole place would be full of them. I think a scene of that would make people happy.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby SouthAl93 » Tue Jan 17, 2017 9:01 pm

Remember when Family Guy spoofed Star Wars with their comedic reenactment specials of the original trilogy? You should do that for season 21 in South Park but with South Park style humor and including the prequel trilogy and the recent sequel trilogy. After all, this year does mark the 40th anniversary of Star Wars so this season should be a good time to do it. You can work on the Episode 8 spoof after that film comes out in December and wait until 2019 to do Episode 9. Here are the cast ideas of which South Park character should play which Star Wars character.
Eric Cartman as Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader and Kylo Ren
Stan Marsh as Han Solo
Kyle Broflovski as Luke Skywalker
Kenny McCormick as R2-D2
Butters Stotch as C-3PO
Wendy Testaburger as Princess Leia
Heidi Turner as Padme
Jimmy Valmer as Obi-Wan Kenobi
Timmy Burch as Chewbacca
Scott Malkinson as Lando Calrissian
Ike Broflovski as BB-8
David Rodriguez as Finn
Karen McCormick as Rey
Randy Marsh as Qui-Gon Jinn
Token Black as Mace Windu
Tweek and Craig as the two Trade Federation aliens from The Phantom Menace
Clyde Donovan as Poe Dameron
Mr. Hankey as Yoda
Saddam Hussein as Emperor Palpatine
Bebe Stevens as Captain Phasma
Nathan as Darth Maul
Leslie Meyers as Count Dooku
Scott the dick as General Grievous
Scott Tenorman as Supreme Leader Snoke
Kyle's parents as Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru
Cartman's mom as Anakn's mom
Lu Kim/Dr. Janus as Watto
PC Principal as Jabba the Hut
Pip as Jar Jar Binks
Trent Boyett as Boba Fett
Towelie as Maz Kanata
South Park is way funnier than Family Guy.
Also Mr. Garrison and Donald Trump are two SEPARATE people with completely different career backgrounds.

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