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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby Alex Shir » Mon Oct 09, 2017 6:46 pm

Sorry for my bad English, guys. It's not my native language.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby JamesPolo » Thu Oct 12, 2017 10:15 pm

Cartman & Jimbo’s New Gun
I thought of how if a gun is used in a mass shooting that it sells out within days. I think that it would be characters like Cartman and Jimbo that would work. I think of how a plan would be formed. It is to create a new gun and accessories that are totally new. In doing so they kind of suck and are gay and stupid looking. So, maybe add in Garrison. So, what they do next is have a homeless guy they give LSD too and have him kill dozens of people at a location like a soft target. This was all part of a plan that they know if someone kills people with a certain gun that it sells out. So, now these guns and accessories that the characters created that are dumb and overpriced all sell out. Now that are all rich. This could lead to a conflict of the homeless person ratting out the people that gave him the gun. Now they have to take care of him from on the inside. In the meantime, they have all spent the millions that they had gotten. So, now they have to drug up another homeless person and arm him with another new gun that they have to make that is but this gun is super lame as well. It works that the guys make lots of money. Now with this money they use it to fight the first homeless person in jail from saying it was them that gave him drugs and told him to kill people. It can be that the second homeless person is now talking too. The guys agree to meet with both of them and so they give them drugs. They kill each other and lots of people in the prison with guns and crazy strength the drugs gave them.

Boy Scouts Allow Girls
This topic has been talked about. So, now it is that a girl can join the boy scouts. I think it’s fun for the parents to get upset about. Like, I remember being 9 years old and up and boys would talk about wishing the girls slept in our tent or cabin. The talks centered around boobs and vaginas and cock sucking. I think of how someone would stop being so sarcastic and just say well, all of you that want girls and boys to be scouts together, are just deviant sexual beings. Why not start a new program for the kids of pedophiles, that want their children to experiment at a young age sexually? So, people say okay. So, now there is this weird program for kid’s preteen and tween to fool around naked and do nasty stuff. I also think of how say boys would join the girl scouts. Like Heidi had to go away for girl scouts and Cartman was going through a period of neediness and couldn’t be without her. So, Cartman joins the girl scouts to be with her. It would deal with how the girls didn’t like him there but got used to him. Plus, they could find out after the girl scouts met the boy scouts, what the new rule is really about. It can be that the boy scouts tell how their, new recruit Cassy, flashes them all the time. So, that is when the girls realize they aren’t being good scouts. So, Heidi agrees to allow Cartman to show the girls his penis, which some of them had never seen one before. There can be some fun penis size jokes there too.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby SouthAl93 » Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:17 am

What this season could REALLY need is an episode about Wendy Testaburger and have Stan in it too.
South Park is way funnier than Family Guy.
Also Mr. Garrison and Donald Trump are two SEPARATE people with completely different career backgrounds.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby JamesPolo » Sun Oct 22, 2017 2:19 am

South Park Kids In Denver
I went to this Art Museum in down town Sacramento. It was for extra credit for an art class. So, I’m walking down the street and there was this like 30-year-old chubby white women. I watched her go into an alley and pull down her pants and take a piss and a sh*t. I’ve seen this type of thing before but gross. She looked like a prostitute and drug addict. It just makes me think of all the city comedy out there. I know Randy had a shirt of him pooping on New York but people really do that in the streets. I believe that Denver would work for the kids to be having an episode in a city. I don’t think South Park has really done the kids in a big city. I’m sure there are lots of jokes that would fit. I think of the cool things being easy prostitutes, drugs, alcohol, and black market anything. Bad things are crime, gangs, and pollution, filth and really stupid people. I think the kids going to a Football game there may be a way to get them in Denver. That can include their parents or just their fathers. So the plot would be the kids and dad’s go to a Broncos football game but the city has a bunch of obstacles. It would have to be avoided to just get into showcasing things. Like in all scenes having like the top 100 crazy sh*t that happens in a city to have that in the background sounds funny. It can show the characters going there to first shop and then eat and drink some booze and then go to the game and then go back home. Still lots of the dirty stuff that happens can be background eye candy and some would have to play into the characters getting involved. I guess one or two characters would need some objectives like getting a signature or buying a good or something.

King Crab
I think that the Crab People should get another episode. I’d like to see their Royal Family be the focus. The Fractured But Whole game started this. I think it would be okay to have King Crab alive and well. So now there can be the King, Queen, Princess, Prince, and many other Royal titles of crab people. I think this could involve the Royal Canadian family. Maybe the Crab Peoples Prince Crab is to marry a Canadian Princess? It can be that no one in Canada can see anything wrong with the appearance of the Crab People as the Canadians themselves are all boxy. This can lead to fears of the Crab People gaining too much power in Canada and with their military and economy. It can be that the wedding is just to help the Crab People gain more power to aid them in conquest. I was thinking there would be a Jester Crab too who could provide comedy at times and foreshadowing and hindsight. King of like Towelie was and Jimmy was in the Stick of Truth or that barb who sang about Craig’s moms bush.

Marcus Preston
Marcus was a new character to me on the show. I guess he may have been just a background character before. Now he is vocal and I want to see him lose. He seems to win at everything he tries for some reason. Like he has this fallacy about him that if he uses big words or talks all fancy that he is right all the time and deserves to win. He has childhood loves and beliefs still but is old and educated in speech. It would be great to see the kids have to battle him in some way. I guess it could be that after many trials the kids find a subject that Marcus is passionate about that is a controversial one. Like in Hummels and Heroin, it’s not a fight where Marcus wants to stop drug abuse and overdoses. Most normal people don’t want people to die. But put Marcus into a situation where he sides with something up for grabs, say the death penalty or sanctuary cities or abortion. That would make it so that he would take a side where it’s possible to persuade people and himself that his stance is wrong.

Out Of Europe
There was just these teeth found that predate all other human like fossils. So this is like the oldest human remains and it was found in Europe. This may rewrite history. People of the Left like to shame whites that all of humanity came out of Africa. I know not all of the world believes this, Orientals can disagree. But now there is something that makes Europe seem cool and like somehow humans started there. I know that like 10 million years ago Europe was supposed to be all ice covered. Still I think there would be some sort of theory now to go along with this tooth that can be used to show that humanity started in Europe. I think that White Nationalists would love this theory and many people of the Right that want to bolster themselves. I think it would make a good plot.

The Right Spread
I had this thought of myself. How there are these classes in college where the filth of the Left calls their domain. Like creative writing classes or really any art class. I would say anything to do with music would work as well. It’s really that everything we call the Media is being overrun by the Left. I had this idea of how the Right would have the inspiration of spreading it out of within their ranks. This would have people of the Right to start to take college classes and to what the Leftist calls invade their safe space. Its that the Leftist thinks that all that deals with the media is their dwelling. So it is now up to the Right Winger to place themselves forever in their mists. Now people of the Right are creating their own books, songs, TV shows and movies and anything else. Now Tradition is coming back to people as they see that they don’t have to make sure girls whore out their coochies and for men to either push them in or love them getting rolled on. Its that religion and the several major disciples that people through history have cared about is coming back to the America. Things like Love of Nation, Family, Partner, Children, Job, Religion, and Money are all back on the table of what people love. People start to care less of crime and drugs and gangs. It that other nations take notice and fear a new resurgence of American Imperialism is on its way. Anyway, covering some of this sh*t would be cool.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby JamesPolo » Thu Nov 16, 2017 1:44 am

Hitler, The Perfect Wing Man
I was thinking of how Whites don’t want babies anymore. So, what if all the Right Wingers kept complaining that there will be no more whites left soon. So, Trump went to the UN and does a speech about it. The people there have a vote. So even though whites are a pain in the ass and caused some big wars. They decide that it is okay to keep the white race around. But now people don’t know how to get white people to have sex and make babies. So, one guy says that Hitler really liked whit people, that Hitler probably liked whites more than anyone in human history. Hell, he even had his own baby making programs. So that is when it is settled that Hitler’s DNA would be used to create clones of him. Sadly, Russia admits they destroyed all of Hitler’s DNA. So, they instead have a Satan worshipping in the UN building which summons Hitler from hell to Earth. Once here, he is killed by the Israelis which kind of pisses people off but they have his body, so that can be used to create the clones. Now it is announced that all whites will get one free Hitler to be their new best friend. The thing is that Hitler was like a total prude, so people couldn’t have sex with Hitler. This made him perfect for being your buddy to go and help you get laid, as he liked other to have sex but only whites and not him. So now all the whites are making to many babies and the Israelis are killing all the Hitler’s they can. People start to get pissed off at this as the Hitler’s are expensive to replace and people like having them, their cool. Like Hitler always wants to do everything for everyone like their homework and job and basically everything. So, this causes antisemitism to rise considerably. Now the world is facing the extinction of the Jews as people now kill them for killing Hitler’s. It can be that it almost leads to no Jews on earth, but it is that some of the Hitler’s got together and learned of the sh*t that the original Hitler did and, so they realize that it was some bad sh*t. So, the Hitler’s announce that they don’t want to kill the Jews. This leads to people not wanting the Hitler’s as Jews truly do f*cking suck. So people throw away the Hitler’s which leads to the Jews to killing the last of them, The End.

American Movie Channel
There are these people that love to watch the same movies all the time. The problem is that they are so f*cking dumbed out of their minds that they don’t understand reality anymore. Like there are the same old ass movies on AMC a couple of times a year. But when it’s on they must obsess over that fact that they saw it and try and play it with other people. It goes with any type of idiot that spends over 6 hours a day watching TV. These people don’t understand that you don’t have to do something because you either look like a TV character or people someone put what’s happening into motion in the a TV plays out. Its where people use TV shows as an authority over others in some kind of weird fallacy. I’m just sick of people like this with their delusions and dissociative disorders. I think having a joke on some of the TV obsessed in our society would be great. But nothings worse than people wanting to play movies with you that are like 100 years old.

The Pool
I was thinking of how Nathan would start a sports pool at school of illegal betting on sports. I guess Mimsy and the other handicapped kids would be in on it to run it and bet. Classi may show up too as he forgives Nathan and knows how rich and powerful he now. I think the pool could grow rather big and so lots of members of town would be betting of all walks of life. It can be that most of the town is unlucky but for some reason Jimmy is always winning. So now Nathan is out to fix games in many different ways or by trying to kill Jimmy, so he will lose. Like Nathan could break a QB’s leg or pay players to do bad. I guess Pete Rose can help Nathan out too and be in the episode as Nathan needs some big help to get rid of this Jimmy’s lucky streak. Nathan can open a little like bar type place too, where he takes bets as, he was doing so well financially. He can even go after betters for not paying up by doing dumbs stuff and hurting people. He would have trouble running the pool too because he is retarded.

Ike’s Flash Cards
I was thinking of how when a kid is learning in preschool or elementary school, they have flash cards. So, I was thinking that it would be fun for Ike to start to use them, but he gets way too smart. I guess since flash cards wouldn’t really create a problem like this all alone, so something else needs to be the root cause of Ike getting so bright. But since he is so bright, he now acts better than everyone else and he becomes rich in the stock market and he moves out which leaves his family crushed. Now Kyle’s family want the old Ike back.
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