Cartman finally gets revenge on PC principle.

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Cartman finally gets revenge on PC principle.

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new episode idea. Cartman get revenge on PC principle. Cartman calls all the needy charities, including planned parenthood, and the like, throughout the country and tell them about the generous PC frat house fund raising. Cartman also tells his friend Jimmy balmer to enlist the Denver red light district to line up at the frat house for pledging, although cartman devishly tricks the women of the night under false pretences to show up there with the promise of free condoms, while cartman cuts the fingers off surgical gloves and issues those. The woman demand money, jimmy balmer prints a new issue of the school news paper all the uproar the PC frat house is unbsalancing the town, and gets its charter in South Park revoked, and PC principle has to move out because of that.
PC Principle has his fratunity try many fund raising events, like car washing, bake sales, walk for life, blood donating, and finally resorts to using the Denver prostitutes to perform compensation in an all nighter at the Frat. The Woman of South Park have enough after reading the south park school news. The blood donated in found to contain everything imaginable, and PC principle has to take the blame, and the Frat House and fraternity is closed, and PC moves away to new college. Cartman wins.

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