Murphy law agency

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Murphy law agency

Postby jackulz » Thu Apr 20, 2017 2:25 pm

I don't have a script just a general chapter idea...

basically the chapter start with Randy getting f*cked by a bunch of murphy's laws,

like he wants to watch an important game of football on tv.

so he goes to the kitchen to get his nachos,
but somebody ate them!
and he gets mad and gets stuck with vegetable or some other sh*t...

and when he turn on the tv it doesnt work.
and he trying to fix it like crazy,
and only succeed at the end of the game and gets even more mad...

at the same time Cartman has a perfect day!

when he gets mad because a simple reason,
the remote control doesn't work from the bathroom

or he can't fart through a new pair of underwear..
something like that...

then Cartman and Randy hears(separately) about the Murphy Agency,

which is a secret agency designed to keep everybody
under the laws of Murphy(some background story about the man).

then they both decide to destroy this organization...

now every step of the way Randy gets f*cked by murphy's laws
and Cartman,

but they both dosen't know it...

like Cartman gets a burrito from a food stand and goes to the bus stop,

next Randy comes to get a burrito but Cartman got the last one.

then Cartman goes on the bus throws the rest of his burrito on the floor...

Randy comes running after the bus but slips on Catman's burrito..

and when Cartman gets to the agency building he need to crap,

so he ran to the bathroom slams the door behind him causing a sign

on the door to flip over and say "Out of order".

than Randy get to the front of the building sees another food stand

and thinks he's lucky to get a hot dog..

but after few seconds he need to go to the bathroom fast
because the food was spoiled...

running inside he sees the sign and ends up
taking a crap in one of the trash can inside the building...

in all that time when randy try to get there,

you see nerds of the agency on computers and on the field

trying to keep Randy from getting there, using murphy's laws.

but they don't notice Cartman who in the end destroys the agency

and after that the world is out of balance and weird stuff happens
the end

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