The Boys And the Great Monkey Rescue

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The Boys And the Great Monkey Rescue

Postby Hannafechik98 » Mon May 08, 2017 1:56 am

Part 1
This is the story of when four boys named Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny found a mother monkey and her baby, and a comepletely insane girl.

It all started when the boys were getting off at the bus stop.

"What do you guys wanna do?", Stan asked.
"I have no idea, but let's do something before we lose our ****ing minds.", Cartman rolled his eyes. Kyle and Stan groaned.

"Well, I may have an idea.", Kenny said smiling slightly but almost deviously.

"What's that dude?" Cartman asked, excitement creeping into his voice. Kenny turned to Kyle, leaning in close to whisper something into the red head's ear. "Kenny what the h***?", Kyle said pretending to be shocked. Cartman stepped in between the blond and ginger.

"It's something perverted isn't it man?", Cartman asked, and evil look coming onto his face. "Perverted? Heck no!",Kenny answered abruptly. "Well then, would you mind doing the honors Kyle?" Kenny asked. The ginger quickly nodded, but was worried about what the whole idea was. Knowing Kenny, it could turn into something extremely obscene.

The four boys walked up to Kenny's house, and went inside. "Alright. What's this all about man?", Stan asked suspiciously. Kenny stood there for a moment before answering the raven-haired boy's obvious question. "Alright, what we're gonna need is just a piece of rubber to fill with air." Kenny replied.

"You mean a balloon?", Stan asked.

"Close.", Kenny said as a perverted look came onto his face. He turned to Kyle.

Kyle turned absolutely pale. "Oh you mean uhh.....", the ginger said gulping.

"Exactly what I mean dude.", Kenny nodded.

"Heh heh, sweet.", Cartman snickered. "Shut up Cartman!", Kyle snapped, gritting his teeth. Kenny went through a drawer and fished out a small square packet no bigger than a sticky note and handed it to Kyle. "Keep this within your jacket, and take it out on the signal.", Kenny instructed the ginger.

"Dude, what exactly do you want me to do with this?", Kyle asked suprised.

"I'm not telling you, but don't worry, we'll be doing nothing perverted with it.", Kenny assured the other three. The four boys headed out the door of the worn down house and started down the sidewalk. Kyle, all the while, nervous about what Kenny actually had in mind for the "balloon". "Dude I think Kyle's gonna faint.", Stan said looking at his rather distressed friend. Cartman giggled, promting Stan to punch his arm in annoyance. The four of them made it to the park, and sat near on a park bench. Well, at hat moment poor Kyle felt like he was going to pass out.

"Oh God, why are you doing this to me Kenny?", Kyle whimpered as sweat began to form all over his shaky body. Stan, concerned walked up to Kyle who suddenly collapsed to his hands and knees. Stan placed his fingers to Kyle's chest, to feel his heart beating rather abnormally.

"Your pulse is rapid Kyle.", Stan shook his head, turned, and gave Kenny a disturbed look.

Kyle after a few minutes was able to calm down and collect himself. "Okay, I'm good dude, just had a small panic attack.", Kyle panted wiping the sweat from himself. Kyle took the uninflated "balloon" from his coat pocket and stared at it blankly for a while. What in the world did Kenny give this him for? Kyle just sighed and shook his head.

"Oh cr**, here comes Craig.", Cartman pointed out to Craig Tucker and his gang coming their way. Craig with Tweek, Clyde, Jimmy, Token, Jason, and a few other fourth grade boys in tow, walked up to the four sitting awkwardly together on the bench, and stopped just a foot away.

"What do you want Craig?", Stan asked rather darkly. "Just came by to ask if you wanted to help us deal with some duct tape punishment.", Craig grinned holding up a large roll of duct tape and stripping off the end. Now Craig was not only imfamous for flipping people off, he also kept a roll of duct tape with him just for restraining the belittled against their will.

Kyle, having had enough jumped off the bench and removed the small packaged balloon from his pocket. Craig and the other boys watched in shock. "Don't make me blow this up!", Kyle warned. Kenny face palmed.

Craig sighed and crossed his arms, "Alright dude get on with it.", he commanded. Kyle with a determined look removed the balloon from its packaging ,unfolded it, stretched it, and blew it up.

"Right, I'm afraid this is Kenny's doing.", Kyle sighed tying up the end of the balloon. "Kenny, you idiot!", Cartman laughed uncontrollably, Stan and Kenny glared at him. "This balloon ball on the other hand is not really a ball at all.", Kyle rolled his eyes. Kyle undid his jacket and rubbed the balloon up against his shirt covered chest and belly. His peers just watched with no expressions. "Maybe this will come in for better use, maybe even sarcastaball.", Kyle said, and he placed the balloon under his jacket and zipped it up. "Alright we'll see you.", Craig said and lead his gang off.

On the way, home from the park, the four boys ran into Butters. "Fellas! You're not gonna a believe this! But I found this old house and I could have sworn I saw some monkeys inside!", the little blond said excitedly. "Yeah right, how would monkeys just suddenly appear in an old house?", Stan crossed his arms dubiously. "I'm not kidding guys! A mama and a baby!", Butters cried out. "He must be telling the truth, we better check it out.", Cartman sighed. The Kyle, Stan, and Kenny nodded in agreement, and proceeded to follow Butters to where the monkeys were.
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Re: The Boys And the Great Monkey Rescue

Postby Hannafechik98 » Thu May 11, 2017 1:41 am

Part 2

The boys arrived at the house and were not so expecting of what they saw. The house was very old weathered and the wood appeared to be rotting. Either or not it was being renovated was not a question anyone could possibly answer.

"Just look inside that window.", Butters pointed up to shattered window with a bunch of crates stacked below it. The other boys climbed up the crates and struggled to look through at the same time. They were almost in shock by what they saw.

"Oh my god! You're right Butters!" Stan cried out. "But what are they doing locked up in a cage like that?", he wondered. "I haven't a clue, but thy look to be in pretty bad shape.", Butters explained.

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