Cartman gets a friiend (who doesn't call him fat aye)

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Cartman gets a friiend (who doesn't call him fat aye)

Postby zacheesewheel » Tue Jun 20, 2017 1:23 pm

So I was thinking a new kid (Male or female) moves to South Park. The first person they meet in this town is Eric Cartman. They find him a bit upset, not feeling happy with the relationship he has with his girlfriend and other kids in school. The kid becomes friendly to him, not judging him for his appearance. Cartman becomes a bit happier and he presents the new kid to Kyle, Stan and Kenny. The new kid isn't very happy to see them because Cartman told them how his friends insulted him and how they broke his stuff. The boys think it's another thing Cartman plans, learning more about this kid and find out how to humiliate them. But is it this way?
In this time the new life's father goes to drink a beer and talks to other dads. But what They don't know is that the new kid's father is actually a terrorist, even is he doesn't seem that way. :timmy:

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