A Rise for Hope and a Setting to a Deal

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A Rise for Hope and a Setting to a Deal

Postby JamesPolo » Tue Sep 12, 2017 10:52 pm

A Rise for Hope and a Setting to a Deal


Lone Wolf: The one-man army and assassin who’s as strong as a pack of soldiers. He is able to shapeshift into any other human being, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Ferrand Fournier: President of France, who is controversial over his plans for a trade deal with Russia. Many see it as a sellout to other European Nations and it puts the European Union in jeopardy.

Guardsman Pierre: In his thirties, he is a man that hates his job but loves a good drink.

Guardsman Yvette: In his twenties, he is on his first major detail but looks forward to being an officer of France which has been a dream of his since childhood.

News Reporter Renee: Reporter for FBN or French Broadcasting Network, she works for a hard Right news company but she is Left leaning and a pacifist.


4:50PM Paris, France. Location, the Hollande Museum of Fine Arts, in an upper story room overlooking the courtyard where the President of France is minutes away from giving a unity speech. The sun is preparing to set, so the skies are changing. Its summertime and the birds are out and flying among the shifting clouds.

Guardsman Pierre: I have got to have a smoke. I’ve been busy all day. Where’s the nearest bathroom?

Guardsman Yvette: Hehe, well I haven’t even had time to eat yet. Plus, my feet are killing me.

Pierre: Well, with the President giving a speech in the next ten minutes, I can understand all the busy work. Still you would think if they gave a damn, they’d have put more guards on!

Yvette: Yeah well, I’m still new at this, I never thought I would be given the duty to protect the President. This is an important job. I know I’m putting this on my resume.

Pierre: It’s no sweat, I’ve done this a thousand times. Now, I’m going for a smoke and a sh*t. You stay here and cover my ass. I’ll be back in five, I’ll grab you a coffee on my way.

Guardsman Pierre leaves the room and heads for the closest bathroom for a cigarette and some relief. Guardsman Yvette radios into his checkpoint to state his area is secure.

Yvette: This is Officer Yvette, I’ve got the left corridor secure on the fifth floor of the Hollande.


Radio: Okay there Yvette, the President is coming out in a few. Is Pierre with you?

Yvette: Uh yeah, he’s here. He just went to take another look around in a few of the other rooms.

Radio: What? He’s supposed to be with you, why didn’t you radio in for assistance? The president is coming out soon, we need everyone in place. Get it Yvette? Get that idiot Pierre back here rate now, he’s going to f*ck this mission up.

Yvette: I…

Guardsman Pierre enters the room

Pierre: I’m back! All is secure and here is your coffee.

Yvette: Oh, here is Pierre now, everything is fine, you can tell checkpoint, all clear.

Radio: …Great, we’ll be sending out the President now. Finally, something is going right.

Yvette: Damn, you could’ve gotten both of us into some trouble. That was some fast sh*t though.

Pierre: I know, I know, ha. Sorry about it.

Guardsman Pierre hands Yvette a cup of coffee.

Yvette: Thanks, I needed this. With all that’s gone wrong, at least the coffee machine works.

Yvette sips the coffee. Moments later he starts to grab for his throat.

Yvette: Aaarg, cough, cough, choke. What… What have you…? Done! Bang and Thud.

Yvette has fallen into a table banging his head and now lays sprawled out on the floor. Pierre smiles. Then Pierre’s skin starts to change shape and color. Pierre suddenly transforms into the Supervillain, The Lone Wolf.

Lone Wolf: This was too easy. I’ve been able to hide in this museum the last day and a half. These guards are weak and pathetic. How perfect this all is, and soon an Autocratic leader will be killed. A man, out to only fill his own pockets, will be put down. A man, who takes his people’s money and keeps it for himself. I’ll be a hero, a savior of Europe!

At that moment, music starts. It’s the French National Anthem. The President is seen making his way onto the stage. There are cheers and boos as guards keep the people back from the stage.

Lone Wolf: Ah, just in time, now the people of France will be relieved of this fool, Fournier. A deal with Russia over the people of Europe will be his last piece of business. Viva La France!

President Fournier makes it to the microphone and starts to deliver his speech. Lone Wolf retrieves his briefcase. He had hidden it the day before in that room. He takes out the parts to assemble a sniper rifle and starts to put the pieces together. After about a minute, the gun is ready.

Lone Wolf: This is for freedom from Russia and for a stronger Europe!

The sound of a clip sliding into the chamber is heard. Ssslliiip Click. Lone Wolf then transforms into the fallen Yvette. Now, Lone Wolf proceeds to the windowsill and opens the curtains. Fournier can now be heard clearer, louder. Lone Wolf puts Fournier into his crosshairs.

President Fournier: …And tomorrow will be a better time. With this trade deal with Russia, I have now sealed a brighter future for us all. Europe is failing and Russia is a rising power. A deal with Russia, will enrich our economy and will put bread on everyo...

The clouds in the sky all of a sudden sweep over the sun, as it’s preparing to set. The skies go slightly darker, for just a moment and then… BANG! A single shot rings out. Cutting Fournier mid-sentence.

News Reporter Renee: Oh my god, the President has been shot! The President has been shot!
Renee looks around as the President falls to the stage floor. Everyone starts to panic and run. Renee scans the scene and sees that a window of the museum has been shot out.

Renee: Look, look up there! That window, it has been shot out. The assassin, he must me in that room, there!

The Cameraman scans the building to the window with no glass on an upper floor. A man dressed as an officer stands there, with a rifle in his hands. Then he shouts something.

Yvette: VIVA LA FRANCE!!! It is heard echoing in the courtyard.

Renee: There, do you see him, he has killed our President. This is a darkest day for France.

In the upper story room on the fifth floor, the Lone Wolf smiles. He puts down his gun and moves over to Yvette on the floor. The Lone Wolf then drags over Yvette to the shot-out window and puts some papers into his breast pocket and the rifle in his hands. He then steps back. He transforms into Pierre. Then two loud bangs are heard. Bang! Bang! The Lone Wolf has puts two bullets into Yvette’s unconscious body

Lone Wolf: Hee hee hee, Ha ha ha ha ha, FOOLS.

Pierre: Checkpoint, I have him. I shot the assassin. It was Yvette, he is dead.

Radio: What! Are you sure! The President may be dead. What the hell were you doing?

Pierre: I’m sorry, Yvette jumped me and knocked me out but I was able to recover and return fire.

Radio: Stay there and make sure Yvette goes nowhere, we are sending several officers to you rate now.

Pierre: Roger that, I am sorry.

Pierre puts down the radio and falls into a seat.

To Be Continued…
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Re: A Rise for Hope and a Setting to a Deal

Postby JamesPolo » Thu Sep 21, 2017 2:44 am

After A Hunt, Back To The Den


Lone Wolf: The one-man army/assassin who’s as strong as a pack of soldiers. He is able to shapeshift into any other human being, like a wolf in sheep’s
clothing. He hunts to protect Europe from those he deems violators of Europe’s integrity.

Secret Service Officer Benoit: In his thirties, he protects the President of France daily and hates small talk. He also likes the ladies as much as he can get them.

Secret Service Officer Aimee: In her twenties, she helped in planning the security detail for tonight’s speech. She is also currently having an affair with Benoit, on the side.

Guardsman Bernard: In his forties, his wife and kids are his life, he does landscape paintings on the weekends, when not spending time with his family.

Guardsman Dagon: He’s in his forties. He is a big fan of European Road and Racing. He collects antique automobiles and shows them off at seasonal events.

Detective Claude: In his thirties, enjoys target practice as much as the next gun nut and loves to go hunting on the weekends. He also has quite the collection of taxidermy.


5:09PM Paris, France. Location, the Hollande Museum of Fine Arts. The Lone Wolf has just assassinated the French President. Lone Wolf sits, waiting for authorities to arrive while he wears the skin of Guardsman Pierre. The skies are ever darkening as the sun sets and the moon becomes more visible. The Lone Wolf sits smoking, he jerks a little, as he hears the sounds of several foot sets approaching.

Guardsman Pierre: Hey, in this room over here!

Now three officers enter the room, Pierre is sitting, smoking away with a dead body on the floor.

Secret Service Officer Benoit: What the f*ck?!?! Get up you idiot.

Secret Service Officer Aimee: I’ll check the body. This is Yvette, right?

Guardsman Bernard: I’ll stand guard out in the hallway, yell if you need me.

Pierre: I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Yeah that’s Yvette, I don’t know what happened. I left the room for a minute and when I came back, he jumped me. I’ve got a big knot on the back of my head.

Aimee: He’s been shot in the chest, he’s dead. I’ll check his pockets.

Benoit: You’ve pulled some sh*t in the past Pierre but nothing like this, your career is over, you may be seeing some jail time. The President is f*cking Dead!

Pierre: I don’t know, I don’t know what happened. Yvette seemed like a normal guy, I’d been with him all day. He hadn’t done anything crazy.

Benoit: Shut it. We’ve got to get you to a police station for questioning. This is one of the biggest fuckups France has ever seen.
Aimee pulls something from Yvette’s pockets.

Aimee: He’s got a copy of “The Communist Manifesto” in his pocket. Oh, there’s a suicide note. This is crazy. I thought Yvette was a happy guy. He loved Fournier, that’s why we gave him this job.

Benoit: Something doesn’t smell right!

Benoit: Okay Pierre, give me your gun. I’m taking you downtown. We’ve got to work out the way this thing went down.

Pierre: I understand, just let me take one last drag off my cig…

Pierre takes one long puff. He pauses then flicks the cigarette in Benoit’s face and draws his handgun. BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! Pierre shoots both officers twice, Benoit being shot in the forehead, leaving his skull and brains exposed. Aimee was shot execution style, right in the back of the head, both now lay in pools of their own blood. The Lone Wolf quickly changes into the fallen Benoit. Footsteps are heard as Bernard comes running into the room, his gun drawn. He points it at Benoit, shaking and confused by what he sees.

Bernard: Benoit? What the… there are two of y…

The Lone Wolf then shoots Bernard twice in the chest. Bernard then slams into the flood, a dead man.

Benoit: That was a close one. I’ve got to get out of here. Still, it’s like what they say, after a wolf gets a kill its back to the den. I need to get home.

It’s now 5:16PM, the Lone Wolf makes his exit out of the museum. Many officers are there and even more so with the sound of new gunfire. As Lone Wolf exists the building, guns are fixated on him, he exits with his hands up, shouting who he is.

Benoit: I’m officer Benoit, he’s still in there! Its Pierre, he’s up there shooting the place up! We’re going to need a Swat Team. He just killed officers Aimee and Bernard.

The other officers let Benoit through. He travels straight for the closest car he can steal. As Lone Wolf nears a perfect getaway vehicle, Detective Claude puts his hand on Lone Wolf’s shoulder.

Detective Claude: Where are you going? We need Intel on what’s going on in there.

Benoit: Let go of me! I have to make a call.

The Lone Wolf breaks free of Claude’s grip and with using both hands twists Claude’s arm back and to the side. A snap is heard. Claude’s arm has broken.

Claude: Aaaaahhhhhhhh!!! My arm! Wha… what are you doing?

The Lone Wolf then enters a police vehicle with keys in ignition. He starts the engine and puts the car into gear. Guardsman Dagon has seen what happened and jumps into his squad car. As the Lone Wolf makes his getaway, Dagon follows with sirens blaring. Now both cars are barreling down the busy streets of Paris, one after the other.

Guardsman Dagon: Dagon radios into dispatch. Ppptttttcccchhh… I am in pursuit of a car, license plate 958PDC0. It’s a police vehicle. One of our officers just assaulted Detective Claude at the Hollande museum. He may be in connection to the assassination of President Fournier. I’m going to need backup and send for a copter; this guy is going fast. Where on Boulevard Voltaire heading southeast.

The Lone Wolf is now traveling the streets of Paris going 91 MPH, Dagon, not far behind. The Lone Wolf realizes he needs to think fast and get rid of this tail. Lone Wolf swerves in and out of traffic, then he devises a plan. The Lone Wolf slows down and does a 180’, stopping the vehicle in the street. Dagon almost hits him. Both vehicles are now stopped, several cars have crashed into each other. The sound of an approaching helicopter can be heard.

Benoit: Sorry friend but you’re not killing me today!

The Lone Wolf then lays down scatter fire on Dagon’s police vehicle. Dagon reels and takes cover. This buys the Lone Wolf just enough time to escape into the nearby subways.

Benoit: Now to change into something more useful.

The Lone Wolf fires a warning shot into the air on the subway platform. This sends everyone running. The Lone Wolf spots a young man nearby, too afraid to move.

Benoit: What’s your name boy?

Young Man: It…it…its Peter, sir.

Benoit: Good to know!

Lone Wolf then grabs hold of the teen and belts him in the face, knocking him out after several blows. Lone Wolf is short on time, so acts quickly, he now transforms into the unconscious Peter. He then removes the teen’s pants and shirt and puts them on. His new disguise is now complete.

Peter: It’s done, they can’t catch me now, Ah, ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha!!!

It’s now 5:33PM, with only a few seconds to spare, the Lone Wolf makes his way to the police infested streets above and quickly blends in with the crowd. He has done it! The Lone Wolf now hails down a cab to take him home. Home, to his 16th Century Medieval Chateau in Centre, Eure-et-Loir, France. There he will yet again plot to kill those who stand against European Sovereignty.
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Re: A Rise for Hope and a Setting to a Deal

Postby nwt000 » Thu Sep 21, 2017 3:58 am

What does any of this have to do with South Park?
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Re: A Rise for Hope and a Setting to a Deal

Postby JamesPolo » Thu Sep 21, 2017 5:04 am

nwt000 wrote:
Thu Sep 21, 2017 3:58 am
What does any of this have to do with South Park?
I'm taking a Creative Writing class and this was a homework assignment. I didn't see how it would cause a problem. It'll probably be my last one.
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Re: A Rise for Hope and a Setting to a Deal

Postby Big-Will » Thu Sep 21, 2017 6:01 am

Since it's under "South Park," it should be South Park-related, but as we don't have a Fan Fic subforum under "Off Topic," it can stay until nall decides to make one there.
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Re: A Rise for Hope and a Setting to a Deal

Postby JamesPolo » Thu Oct 12, 2017 1:03 am

A Continent’s Declaration Of War On One Man

Lone Wolf: The one-man army/assassin, who’s stronger than a pack of soldiers. He is able to shapeshift into any other human being becoming like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He hunts to protect Europe from those he deems violators. His method, carrying out territorial killings throughout Europe, of any who gets in his way, whether his intended prey or not.

Royal Fleet: The protector of Great Britain and leader of the Superhero team the European Defenders. He commands his own battalion of soldiers supplied by Great Britain. He has superhuman senses which enable him to act as a human radar, allowing him to locate all ships at sea, all planes in the skies, and all tanks on lands. No shroud of war blinds him.

A phone rings somewhere no one knows

Lone Wolf: Hello, ah yes, Royal Fleet. I’ve been expecting you to call.

Royal Fleet: This is Royal Fleet you bastard, you’ve crossed every line the European Defenders have ever drawn. Where are you Lone Wolf?

Lone Wolf: You think I would tell you where I live or what my real name is? You think I’m insane!

Royal Fleet: The Defender of France, The Gallic Rooster, is calling for your head. He wants us to track you down and to kill you. He’s after you rate now. We know you were at the Hollande Museum the night French President Fournier was assassinated. We know…

Lone Wolf: …Was I? Alright, you’ve got me, I did the hit. I’ll admit it was a sloppy job but I pulled it off and got away.

Royal Fleet: Because of what you’re saying, we need to meet with you Lone Wolf.

Lone Wolf: So, you will just tell me your plans? I thought you were supposed to be smarter than this?

Royal Fleet: The European Defenders can’t allow someone like you to kill in the name of your preservation of Europe. We’ve deemed you a terrorist Lone Wolf. The European Defenders will be alerting all of Europe of your existence, you are now a wanted man.

Lone Wolf: You can’t call someone who’s a protector a terrorist.

Royal Fleet: You’re not going to survive this Lone Wolf, unless you surrender. Someone will reveal your identity.

Lone Wolf: Ah, don’t you even understand my name, I work alone. Others only serve to make someone weak. When you stand alone, you become stronger than those that cower in huddles.

Royal Fleet: If I catch you Lone Wolf, I will try to take you in alive. The Gallic Rooster, on the other hand, has made his point. He said for you killing the French President, that he’s going to rip you to pieces. You know he has superhuman stamina and strength. No one would dare start a fight with him. It’s well documented of how he gets when he’s in a fight, blood everywhere and all.

Lone Wolf: You think I’m afraid of The Gallic Rooster or any of your pitiful friends? I’ll give it to you, that you guys do a service for Europe but it’s not much. What I do, by eliminating those in the way of an autonomous Europe, is so much more of a public service. I’m cleansing Europe of those that endanger her security.

Royal Fleet: What? You can’t be serious. Fournier was a Socialist true but he was not a criminal, he didn’t deserve to die. My friends and I have dedicated our lives to keeping the peace and saving lives. All you are about are quick fixes by assassination. We’re going to get you Lone Wolf. You can’t hide, we have ways of finding people.

Lone Wolf: I’ve never been in danger my whole life, you pose no threat. You can’t locate me. Your powers are not that powerful, individual people are too great for you to map out, you’d lose your mind. You’ll just end up another victim of who I rip the throat out of. I’ve got thousands of identities and that many places to hide.

Royal Fleet: There are many people on earth with superhuman abilities, you should know that there are some that could find you rate now and kill you this minute.

Lone Wolf: I’ll take the risk, going on a killing spree of superhuman’s sounds fun but I think you’re bluffing. I already know my biggest fear should be a trap set.

Royal Fleet: You can expect it all Lone Wolf, we aren’t playing any games. This is a declaration of war by the European Defenders. You know we don’t lose. Where going to the public for help in finding you, where putting a bounty on your head. People will now know you’re out there.

Lone Wolf: You know, the public’s knowledge of my existence has been rather unknown. So, now you will tell all of Europe of my plans and my cause, so what? I still stand alone.

Royal Fleet: You wanted to join us Lone Wolf, you wanted to become a member of the European Defenders but you wouldn’t play by the rules. You showed us that you’re capable of terrible things, that’s why you couldn’t join. It doesn’t matter what you say you stand for Lone Wolf, we know you’re just a villain.

Lone Wolf: I’m growing tired of talking to you, Royal Fleet. If you end this call with me that I am your target, than I will start to pick you and your team off, one by one. No one declares war on me, I will be killing all of you. Ha hah ah ah ah ha ha.

Royal Fleet: You’re insane. I’m not backing down. We will be alerting the public of your acts.

Lone Wolf: Than go and do so. I was planning to kill someone soon, I was going to take a shot at Chancellor Mauer of Germany. She has been letting too many Muslim migrants into Europe but she can wait. Now, I will kill the European Defenders. What do you say of that?

Royal Fleet: I see I’m making things worse now but I had to pass our message. I’ll repeat what you’ve stated today Lone Wolf but your actions will change nothing. Where going to find you and stop you.

Lone Wolf: I’ll give you a hint, if The Gallic Rooster wanted this fight the most, then I’ll be killing him next. Then I’ll give you a call and we’ll see where we stand from there.

Royal Fleet: But Lone Wolf… Click, the phone goes dead
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