Autism episode

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Autism episode

Postby SouthAl93 » Sun Oct 01, 2017 5:59 pm

Because of the recent rise of children with autism and rise of autism awareness in television like that autistic muppet they introduced in Sesame Street and that recent show called The Good Doctor which is about a young doctor with autism, there should be an episode of South Park where the 4th Grade kids get a new student who has autism. If they made that character a girl, they may either hook her up with either Kyle or Scott Malkinson. For Scott, there might be comedic potential in a boy with diabetes dating a girl with autism. For Kyle, I don't know for sure why she should end up with him but maybe it could be to how Kyle is the show's voice of reason. It also be because of how Cartman and Stan have girlfriends and that Kenny once had Tammy Warner, who I wouldn't mind seeing her dating Kenny again because she seems like a better girlfriend for him than Kelly, maybe Kyle should be getting a real girlfriend sometime soon I guess.
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Re: Autism episode

Postby JamesPolo » Sun Oct 01, 2017 9:04 pm

I don’t think there is a rise in autism but it’s more talked about.

It’s been mentioned to have the Sesame Street joke of the autistic girl. I’d like to see it, maybe making fun of Tweek would work. Tweek may have autism. The show has had a lot of new characters, maybe they should just work with the ones they have. I guess the crippled kids like Timmy, Nathan, and Jimmy would have autistic kids in their ranks, there may be room for one of those.
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Re: Autism episode

Postby Big-Will » Mon Oct 02, 2017 8:28 am

Autism has been mentioned before, as an effect of vaccines. At the beginning of "Ass Burgers," Kyle says "[Because] some people think vaccinations can give you autism or Asperger's!" The next thing you know, Stan comes down with a case of Asperger's Symdrome due to a vaccination. Cartman tries to convince the nurse he has it too, when he's actually sneaking hamburgers into school up his his ass - ass burgers. Meanwhile, Stan is taken to the Asperger's Research Center and the patients there tell him they know the truth behind Asperger's.

Asperger's is also known as High-Functioning Autism, so "Ass Burgers" is the closest ep the show has to autism, so far.
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Re: Autism episode

Postby mario88 » Mon Oct 02, 2017 11:53 am

there have been discussions about vaccines and autism in italy. you wouldn't believe it could happen in 2017, but it happened.

some parents refused to make their children have the mandatory vaccinations because they think it might lead to autism. and no, i'm not joking. a very few cases actually, probably one every 10 thousand children, but it stil makes for a pretty big number of people on a population of 60 million people.

anyways, most of them seem to have already folded. guess they finally surrendered to the functioning side of their brains.
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