"Your beard shows your manliness" episode

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"Your beard shows your manliness" episode

Postby Gagnondorf » Mon Nov 06, 2017 8:53 am

An episode about men who grow a beard to get more confidence and "look" more manliness. I saw few populars groups on facebook and forums about growing facial hair and the people in those sites really think that growing a big beard is what define you as a man, who you are, and how mature you are. They recommend dozen of products like girls recommend make-ups and eye-liners. They promote movements like the "movember" but not the charity itself, just the fact that you need to have a beard. A majority of them seem very scare to shave it because they say they would have a 'baby face', those who had shaved it said they lost respect of mates and girlfriend after doing it. Am I the only one who find that ironic? In my mind, if you are doing something to hide your lack of confidence or to 'look' more manliness, its because you are kind of a loser. I can imagine all the kids of South Park growing a beard, or faking it, to get the girls and to act dominant to others kids like monkeys.

The creators of South Park just need to go on those groups on Facebook and forums to understand how stupid this 'philosophy' is.

English is not my first language and you know it since the first sentence of this thread, my apologies for your eyes.

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