New episodes ideas for season 22

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New episodes ideas for season 22

Postby Deak2013 » Tue Dec 12, 2017 4:29 pm

Hi everyone. I'm Spanish fan of South Park. I watched each season 8-9 times and I have many ideas for the next season. First, I would like to watch the relationship between Eric Cartman and Heidi Turner fixed. Later, I want to the boys discover that Mr.Turner and Lyanne Cartman were f*cking. Eric and Heidi have a big fight about this, but finally their realize that they love each other and fixxed again. The finale season is a trilogy story about the past. How Mr.Turner get divorced of Lyanne Cartman because he fall in love for another woman. He feel sad for Mrs.Turner because she had lost her daughter in an accident when she was 2 years old. Then, Mr.Turner adopt his fruit of relationship with Lyanne Cartman. She is a girl. Her name is Heidi. After this, Lyanne decided to kept Eric. Personally, I think that is really cool. Eric Cartman and Heidi Turner are brother and sister. The authentic biologic father of Eric is his father in law. Season 23 start with Eric wanting to know how is his real father. He fights with Mitch Connor too, because he was lying about his father in the past.

Those are my ideas for the new episodes for season 22. I hope that enjoy it. Thanks. ^^
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Re: New episodes ideas for season 22

Postby SouthAl93 » Tue Dec 12, 2017 8:48 pm

Here are some episodes ideas for season 22 that sound better:
[*] Cartman and Heidi get back together
[*]Stan and Wendy start dating again
[*] A parody of the movie Get Out starring Token.
[*] Mr. Garrison stops acting like Donald Trump and gets someone else to take Trump's place.
South Park is way funnier than Family Guy.
Also Mr. Garrison and Donald Trump are two SEPARATE people with completely different career backgrounds.
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Re: New episodes ideas for season 22

Postby JamesPolo » Wed Dec 13, 2017 2:44 am

Israel The Welfare State That Caused A War
I still can’t get over how Israel gets the most free handout money from America than any other nation. The only reason for this is that they had the Holocaust. There are plenty of other nations, that we could help, that don’t trigger such negative responses. With Jerusalem now being recognized as the capital of Israel and for the US embassy to moved there, there is going to be some fighting over this. I think there is evidence that supporting the Jews will lead the US into another war. I’m all for helping a people but the Jews are not the most well behaved. I think North Korea and or Iran will be carrying out a nuclear attack, probably on the US, because if they hit Israel, the holy there, that the Muslims love, will be hurt. Still, I think in the next 15 years, the USA will be hit by a nuclear attack. This is all being shaped today and from the past, but we are not trying to stop this but are aiding in pissing off our enemies and allowing them to arm themselves with nukes and hate and they are gaining some serious allies like China and Russia. I think doing something like this where Iran gets nukes or the blueprints from North Korea and that the US is nuked over helping the Jews would make for an interesting episode.

The Charlie Chaplin / Adolf Hitler Connection
The big thing is that they both had the same mustache. I think that someone must have something on how these two big figures, one of comedy and the other of war, must have influenced each other to some degree. There must be no real public records of how they influenced each other but there must have been something. So, I think it would be funny to make some of it up or just use analysis to add it in. Like when Chaplin had a stroke it could have been over that he hating that people thought he was Hitler. Also, Jews must have attacked Chaplin and I’d bet his movies are illegal in Israel. It can be that Hitler got the idea of the mustache after watching a Chaplin movie even though he cut it that way as his gas mask didn’t fit overwise. It just feels like an interesting idea to see what someone could come up with over this. It oddly feels like a Family Guy joke somehow.

Being a Browns Fan And How It Feels
This feels like the perfect SNL sketch. It would be like one of the ones about the Bears but have new sayings and cast that are Browns fans. What is funny is that the Browns have had like a 30+ game losing streak. It must be like the worst losing streak in NFL history. This seems like the funniest thing ever. I really want to meet a Browns fan and hear about the life of being one. I mean how do you call yourself a fan of theirs when they lose all the time? I can see confessions and stress and troubles from the cast because of being a fan. It can be that when the Browns have a game that week, they can show the reoccurring Browns fans in the stands and they can interact with the team’s fans they are playing against that week. So, it would play out that the Brown fans lose at everything and it’s the fault of being a Browns fan. Maybe a joke would be people talk sh*t to the Browns fans who support the other team like what you can see at a game, but they end up feeling sorry for the Browns fans, as they have nothing to them anymore.

African Trophy’s and Meat
So recently Trump allowed African Trophy’s and the meat from African animals, to be legal to be brought to the US and to be sold or consumed. I can see how this would be a hunter’s wet dream. I think of Jimbo and Cartman liking this. Jimbo for the hunting and Cartman for the eating. You can add in the effect on Africa and their people and economies and of all of that on the people of America.

The Lottery
I recently read a short story called The Lottery, where a small town holds a yearly lottery where the winner is stoned to death. I think that it would be funny for South Park to do one. I think that it should be a deal with god that is struck. I think of how pretty much all of humanity hates flies of all kinds. They serve no purpose and life would be just fine and actually better, without them here on earth. So, the people of earth make a deal with god by having all the religious figures talk to god. So, god says he will kill off all flies if earth agrees to kill 1 billion people. So, there is a global lottery and one billion people are picked and they are all killed. So now there are no flies and the earth has one billion less people now. All humans of earth are happy, but it turns out that all the flies are now in Heaven and Hell and are ruining everything. So, now the rest of the episode can be god trying to get the humans to go back on the deal, so all flies are back on earth.
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Re: New episodes ideas for season 22

Postby JamesPolo » Sat Dec 23, 2017 6:58 am

Zimmerman VS Jay Z
There was the recent celebrity news of Zimmerman getting into a fight over a documentary, Jay Z is doing on the Trayvon Martin shooting. I think it would be funny for there to be a boxing match over this. I know Zimmerman has wanted to get in the ring in a boxing fight with people, mainly black celebrities. I can see this being announced anyways in the real world. Still, since this would never happen as a real fight as it would be called off, it would be fun for the character of Zimmerman to be resurrected, to fight a boxing match. Zimmerman is all about showing up black people at everything. He has a calling to reeducate blacks on how to behave correctly. So, it can show him pulling up the sagging pants on blacks and spanking them for using crack and the like. It is that Zimmerman is attacking black celebrities, who are the role models of blacks, who become criminals because of black celebrities. So, it is Zimmerman out to end blacks from acting like hoodlums as a fun plot. I guess Snoop Dog is wanting to be in the fight too. Watch him want to be like referee or something, I guess he would make a good ring side Elizabeth. I don’t know, Jay Z seems like of tough, but he is getting old. I don’t know who would win, it could go either way. I think both would train well. Zimmerman still finds a way to try and be relevant.

Tom Brady has these new products out like clothes and sports drinks. I think if South Park wants to joke on Brady again, it would be to have fun with this stuff, he has a website selling it all too. Also, he is all upset about this weird trainer he has. I’m not sure why but Brady needs to have this trainer with him all the time. Belichick has put an end to Brady having this trainer who has committed fraud and other offenses from being allowed around the team all the time. I really think there may be some sort of doping going on. Like what about if South Park came up with a bunch of weird voodoo and other stuff, that the trainer gives Brady? It can be Brady claims that his own TB12 are why he is so good, but it is really like letting scorpions sting him and weird rituals with chickens and eating frog testicles. I know they had the CLEAR once, that was this crazy undetectable steroid, I guess that would be funny to see in the episode too but a new one with its own weird side effects.

DOS Sex Cult
I have heard of this before I think. It is some sort of weird unknown sex cult that celebrities are a part of. I think it would be cool like have South Park bring in as much that is true about this group that we know and to make some of it up. I guess Nicki Clyne is now known to be a member. I would think that others are too, which there must be some speculation of that and it would be fun to see people just selected to be in it. I guess Randy would like this and Garrison. I can see that the town of South Park has issues with a sex cult there. The cult brands people so that can be a way people find out if someone is a member as they have the branding. I guess parents would get into trouble for cheating as one thing.
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Re: New episodes ideas for season 22

Postby JamesPolo » Thu Jan 18, 2018 2:44 am

DOOM For A Leftist White Girl
So, I am remembering the old DOOM games. I remember that there was a kind of a joke about the game, like there were many. One was that a normal gamer would not want to die in the game or take damage. But if a Leftist White Girl plays the game, it is that all of the characters are resembling colored people or some sort of minority. So, a Leftist White Girl would want the bad guys to hurt her character and kill it as that is what they want their vagina to be like, a beaten-up piece of meat, like the DOOM guys face. This could be a fun College Humor idea or one PewDiePie could use. So, the joke would show the difference between people playing the game.

Pedophile Episode
I have been thinking lately of Pedophile Island, which is a prison for sex offenders. I think that an episode that deals with this would be fun. I think of maybe Kenny being a pedophile and having to go to pedophile Island. I also want there to be the use of many sex toys and the many weird sex dolls there are. Like ones of just a women’s torso without any arms or legs or head but has giant breasts and a vagina and butthole to screw. I can picture Kenny running all around town with it and having sex with it in public and that he is arrested. The episode can also use these online groups called Vigilante Pedophile Hunters. The Hunters can catch and help arrest many people, including some from the town of South Park, like Kenny. It can be that Nathan, or another kid, first got Kenny addicted to child porn. It may use Kenny’s other family members too. Like maybe it should have Kenny’s dad go to jail instead of Kenny, as people think he is the pedophile. Also, there is Kenny’s sister Karen, which could end up the victim of child predators, one way or another. It can have Marcus be a Pedophile Hunter too.

Captain Normalcy
I came up with the perfect character for the Left. The character is called Captain Normalcy. This Superhero shames people for what is normal. So, like if someone wanted to sneak an extra snack, Captain Normalcy would appear and shame this person to death and berate him until they felt like they were a bad person. He would have a few different voices he would use to talk to people. One would be like a superhero’s voice but the other would be of a villain. He would use the hero voice when others are around and can hear him but if he is alone with someone he is accusing of being different than others than he speaks in a villainous voice or it creeps into one.

The Lost And Found
I remember at school that there was this lost and found room. It was near the cafeteria and had a rather big wooden box that the top would open. Inside there were many items that children had left behind. So, there would be all kinds of clothes from jackets, to shirts, to pants, and shoes. I think once and a while underwear and bra’s would end up in it but that was usually a joke to freak people out or turn a kid into some sort of deviant. There would be lunch boxes too and backpacks. Sometimes someone would leave behind a milk carton that was never opened and so the whole room had a horrible smell. So, I think that doing the schools lost and found would be fun. A plot around it would be that Kenny could get new clothes from it. I could see how some sort of living creature or civilization came from the room. What I remember was the room smelled, so it was the trick to get a kid to go into the room and then to hold the door, so they could not escape the room and smell. So that could happen. It was also a great place to hide drugs and stole stuff as no one would want to go in there. Which is somewhat redundant.
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Re: New episodes ideas for season 22

Postby Randy Marsh 2016 » Sun May 06, 2018 1:11 am


At one point, based on how America is right now, the boys are going to have to be pressured to not hang out with Cartman anymore because of the hate (and Heidi stuff). I'm not sure if this would work much however as it would end up being similar to "Skank Hunt". The boys did it before by ignoring him, but it could be interesting with a continuous plot line. Maybe Cartman could end up being inspired by Kanye West to speak his mind regardless to the point where everyone decides Cartman should be kept in check by Stan, Kyle, and Kenny anyway, thus being allowed to hang out with them again.

I think there's enough Kanye West material to play around with in Season 22. Kanye likes Trump in real life, so he'll most likely be a Garrison supporter in the show if he reappears. Also, someone on Reddit suggested Mr. Slave should be a Stormy Daniels stand in, which would be perfect.

As for the MeToo movement/Weinstein Effect, I think they'll do something with that in Season 22. In "Sons A Witches", they did the whole "people distiancing themselves from Harvey Weinstein" thing, but they didn't do MeToo or the Weinstein Effect.

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