Mitch Conner The Ture Enamy of South Park

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Mitch Conner The Ture Enamy of South Park

Postby G1Convoy » Fri Jan 19, 2018 1:51 am

Hay Guys after I Played I thought about Mitch Conner from the Game I thought to my self next season or maybe Season 23 have him to be a focused that a Bounty Hunter from Canada is after Mitch Conner for 40 Years for Making Turning the Canadians the Way they Look. Of course Cartman agreed to help him to find the Real Mitch Conner that been Channeling Eric but Kyle dose not believe this and is also doing his own investigation with the Guys and of course Terrains and Philip (Mitch also turned them to old Farts). While Randy recovered from the Member Barry's affects he continue his work on them and all the Road turns to Mitch Conner who happens to be the one person in South Park that no one ever knew and of course everyone ecpects the PC Principle to be him Since no one knows is real name but it will be turned out to Principle Oldest Victoria's Son on witch she hired to replaced her in Secret. It actually the Person who is Mitch Conner all this Time the one person in South Park that is been there from the vary first time we see him is Keven Dr Maphitstos assented

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