PC Principle VS Eric Cartman (Mitch Conner trilogy)

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PC Principle VS Eric Cartman (Mitch Conner trilogy)

Postby G1Convoy » Sat Jan 27, 2018 10:06 pm

Part 1A New Revolution I thought of a while ago that Mitch Conner is the Real Evil behind everything that's Going On. I Think It would be Cool to do a Trilogy of the Story and the First Episode will Start with PC Principle VS Eric Cartman, here is why as PC Principle looking through the Records of every student in South Park Elementary He Notice Cartman's as the Most in his files of misbehave and Races Comments especially towards Kyle. He Brings Cartman in to talk to him about This Problem but before he dose Kyle and Eric Are in a fight because Kyle is fed up with Cartman's Remarks about him being Jewish. PC Principle Comes in try to Brake up the fight and talked to them one by one whats going on. While this Going on The Member Barris that affected Randy Went away and he Remembered what the f*ck is going on and has he dose more Research on how to get rid of them by finding the Source He found something vary Shocking back at the School PC Principle had a sit down with Cartman about his Behavior when sunddanly Mitch Conner comes out of know where and PC Principle Stood Up and Took out a type of Gun and Fired at Cartmans hand and Ends Part 1

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