New Episode Ft. Kid Rock

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New Episode Ft. Kid Rock

Postby Guviergames » Wed Mar 21, 2018 4:16 pm

Kid originally moves to south park to be a part of sodosopa and when he finds out its no longer there, he ends up staying at kenny's house,
as it's all that remains of sodosopa district. Kid routinely gets into fights with Kenny's Dad and Kenny's Mom hates him.
The mayor insists that every kid must go to school and they force kid rock to attend stan's class.
kid gets in trouble and mr mackey starts reading off some of the lyrics to him "Now Kid, some of the values
that you sing about are baaaad, I see here you wrote a verse that reads..I put faith in LUUUUST and in God I TRUUUUUST?"
Meanwhile Fred Durst and Generation X are eating out at a restaurant ONLY eating chocolate starfish and hot dog flavored water.
They see an episode of access hollywood that shows how succesful and educated kid rock is becoming and they lead generation X to
riot in the town of south park. Generation X quickly overwhelms Kid Rock and he quickly realizes that the only person who can save him is Trix the Rabbit. During the immediate search for for Trix, Kid rock loses his faith in Stan to keep things together, puts his faith in lust and starts to trick on the streets of South Park (Maybe Randy Marsh follows..)? He is immediately expelled from school, and Fred and his Generation are permitted to stay in South Park so long as Fred durst promises to never release such a f*cking retarded album title ever again.
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Re: New Episode Ft. Kid Rock

Postby Joseph08 » Fri Jan 25, 2019 11:44 am

seems interesting...would like to know more

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