Episode ideas [Uganda knuckles, Elon Musk]

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Episode ideas [Uganda knuckles, Elon Musk]

Postby KMartin » Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:46 pm

Hi all!

I've came up with a few ideas, based on memes that took place in 2018.
First one comes from the known Uganda knuckles. Based on "The F Word" episode, a couple of kids (including Butters) would get addicted to VR Chat and Uganda knuckles. They'd spit, knuckle all the time, thinking that they're cool, so Kyle, Cartman, Stan and Kenny'd find that annoying.

Second one comes from Elon Musk's Tesla car that he sent it into the universe. Our famous four fellows would get interested and do everything so they can lay their hands on this car.

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