South Park's Timelines

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South Park's Timelines

Postby GforGoomba » Fri Jun 29, 2018 7:40 am

One day, in the city of Fairplay, Colorado, lived 4 boys. Eric, Kyle, Stan and Kenny. This is the part where the timeline keeps going straight. Kenny dies as usual, Eric is a brat as usual and Stan and Kyle are just playing tetherball as usual. One day, the boys went to watch a foreign Canadian film called Terrance and Phillip: Asses of Fire. The boys picked up obscenities even to the point where Kenny died permanently when he lit his fart on fire and got a baked potato transplant. America and Canada broke into war. The boys, along with Gregory and Wendy, formed La Resistance to fight for the Canadians and free Terrance and Phillip. Just as they were freed, they were shot dead, summoning Satan, Sadaam and Kenny. Eric used his obscene powers to shock out their enemies and free Kenny. Kenny wished everything went back to normal. This is the part where the timeline splits. In one timeline, Kenny's wish did not come true, with the boys mourning the loss of Kenny, Terrance and Phillip. The boys got grounded for all eternity while Satan ruled Earth for all eternity, with Kenny forced to roll a rock up a hill to see it fall back. In another timeline, everything returns to normal, with Terrance and Phillip alive and Kenny sure to wake up the next day.

Fast forward to the end of Season 5 where Kenny permanently died again with some kind of disease. (I havent watched the episode, I am so sorry.) In one timeline, basically Season 6. South Park continues on without Kenny past Season 6. In the other timeline, the show skips Season 6 to Season 7.

Then, in the Season 6 timeline, Eric meets his future self. (here we go again.) In one timeline, Eric turns around for the better. He stops doind drugs, loses some weight and is CEO of his own time travel company. In the other timeline, he does drugs whenever he wants and becomes a fat mechanic.

If there are any timeline splits I am missing, please let me know!

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