Small town cross outrage

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Small town cross outrage

Postby biggoose » Thu Oct 11, 2018 7:33 pm

Hey there! New to here, and specifically joined to suggest an episode idea.

So basically, I'm from a very small town in PA and since like, 1955 there has been a giant, steel framed, star/cross located on a cliff overlooking the whole town. Its lit up every year around easter and Christmas. Recently, an outside group wrote a letter to the local government demanding that it be taken down on the grounds that it is a religious symbol on public property and is not compliant with the separation of church and state.

Well... the town is going NUTS. Petitions, facebook rants, calls to arms, general outrage, you name it. Losing their minds. ... p_activity

That is a link to the facebook group. Its not dissimilar to the outrage over removing Confederate statues, but arguably way more embarrassingly lame lol. I think there could be some real gold buried here for an episode if its well executed

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