I, Freja

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I, Freja

Postby MichaelTanzerCanada » Fri Oct 12, 2018 3:52 am

The episode begins with news reports saying that several men have reported Freja Ollegard(that fictional Danish breast cancer surviovor who won gold medals at the Olympics and killed herself from being trolled) for crushing their balls very violently. Later in the episode, it will be revealed that nearly all of the claims date back to before Freja was diagnosed with breast cancer. The news also reveal that Freja also really hates Native Hawaiians (the type that Butters and Kenny are who rely on reward cards and chichis and have their own traditions separate from the actual native Hawaiians) because she doesn't see them as "real" native Hawaiians from a tweet involving a Native Hawaiian who wanted to be a member of Freja's breast cancer awareness website. Her actions resulted in all data of her removed from the Olympic committee and is now disowned by everyone. Meanwhile, Stan and Wendy have to do a report on celebrity sexual harrashment and that night, Wendy is visited by the ghost of Freja Ollgard who tells her what she heard on the news about Freja is a lie and that all those men sexually harassed her. She has Wendy be her advocate because of how she beat up Cartman for mocking breast cancer in The Breast Cancer Show Ever and gives. Frejas gives Wendy some tasks that Freja claims will officially bring justice to women everyone. The first task was getting Mr. Mackey fired for getting Principal Victoria (who's a breast cancer survivor too) fired back in Season 19 with fake claims saying that he sexually harassed Principal Victoria which backfires after Wendy realizes that Mr. Mackey doesn't deserved this type of punishment and that's it's ruining his life. Freja then asks to send the president a law that makes mistreatment toward woman a serious hate crime and have the penalty be death to any man who committed such activity in the past, but this plan also backfires when the law didn't got passed. Then, Oscar Pistorius (that real-life Olympian who accidently killed his girlfriend) comes to Wendy's house and tells her that what's she is doing is wrong and proves that Freja really is a ball crushing, man-hating bitch who only cares about her own reputation, meaning that Freja lied to Wendy about being sexually harassed. He proves Wendy by having her feel his balls, made out of the same material his legs are made out of. Here, Oscar Pistorius was also a victim of Freja Ollegard's ball crushing rage and she's a fictionalized reason of accidently killing his girlfriend. After learning the truth about Freja Ollegard, Wendy heads back to Freja, she tells her that she's done with her workwhile Freja reveals that she hates men and finds them all soulless mainly for laughing at her last name, which means "beer garden". Freja gives Wendy one more task before she leaves her alone for good and tells him about SkankHunt42, who she learned about from the actual villain from Season 20 back in Hell. Freja orders Wendy to kill Kyle's dad Gerald, whom she believes is the most soulless man of them all simply because of his trolling. Freja also reveals that Gerald trolling didn't accually influenced her to kill herself but rather used of as a cover to get back at men without ruining her reputation like Tonya Harding. Wendy strongly refuses so Freja possesses her and goes off to kill him herself. Meanwhile, Stan comes across Satan, who is looking for Freja Ollegard because she escaped from Hell, and asks him about how evil is tweeting racist comments and sexual harassment. After Kyle calls Stan and tells him that Wendy is trying to kill Kyle's dad, Satan possesses Stan(like in Freemium Isn't Free) and heads off to stop Freja Ollegard. He confronts her just before she can kill Gerald and then we get a mini-epic fight (also like in Freemium Isn't Free) with Satan defeating Freja and taking her back to Hell. At the end, Stan and Wendy present their report at school.

As you can see this episodes satirizes the recent celebrity sexual harassment claims and racist tweets coming from James Gunn and Roseanne Barr. Also, Freja's personality in this episode is based off the evil queen from Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Ernesto de la Cruz from Coco. Speaking of Snow White, there's a reference I added of when Oscar says this about Freja, "She's mad! Psychotic! Not one to f*ck with!" parodying what the huntsman said about the queen in Snow White which was, "She's mad! Jealous of you! She'll stop at nothing!" There's also a sub plot in the episode where Butters and Kenny raise awareness for the recent vocanic eruptions that happened in Hawaii.
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