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Tiny House Guild

Postby Etcetra » Thu Nov 08, 2018 8:29 pm

In this episode the tiny house phenomenon spreads like a cult. The handful of citizens that do not join in at first only see a few verbal jabs but are eventually forced to flee to the woods out fear for their lives. These outcasts form a ragtag rebel group whose goal is to overthrow the cult.

Town folk are convinced to move into ever increasingly smaller accommodations including smaller homes, regular trailer homes, apartments, actual tiny homes with only a couple hundred square feet of floor space, and then tents. As the town folk are increasingly pushed into smaller accommodations it becomes more difficult to hold in their suppressed anger from the increased inconvenience and lack of personal space. As cult members they continue to obey for the most part as they simply must not being trying hard enough yet to achieve true happiness. Disobedient cult members also seem to disappear which is explained by the cult leaders as simply reassignment.

But all is not as it seems as the next "move" are individual boxes that look an awfully lot like caskets but with clever house amenities such as micro windows with shutters, welcome mats, and door bells that fool at least the cult members. As members of the rebel group infiltrate the cult and observe their actions from afar they uncover that the cult is run by the secret merging of a funeral goods guild and a guild of former scientists connected with the cancelled Superconducting Super Collider that was being built in Waxahachie, Texas.

By the time members of the rebel group are able to act several cult members have transitioned to living in the most advanced small house adobes which look a lot like funeral urns except of coarse to the brainwashed cult members. The goal of the scientist guild is simply to study the origins of the universe and to secure funding for a new super collider. The funeral goods guild on the other hand wants to use the super collider to create a small contained blackhole as it repress the ultimate cemetery as it will never fill up with bodies and there is little overhead costs. When this is exposed by the rebel group members of the scientist guild join the rebels and help to overthrow the cult leaders and free the town's people.

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