Who Leaked It episode

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Who Leaked It episode

Postby Shaharalyn » Mon Dec 17, 2018 9:16 am

Considering this is a Hot Topic on Youtube right now and I got links so you can watch it for yourself.

Have the boys buy the leaked game since they have an Xbox (which was the version that was leaked) and when Mickey finds out he really gets pissed at them and goes after the jerk who sold them the copy.

So it would probably start off with Cartman looking to get more followers posting his pics thinking he's cool and all and he gets a private message with a link attached to it. He clicks on it and watches the video saying it's "F****n sweet!". After he sends a text to Kyle, Kenny, and Stan telling them to come over. Basically, he shows them the video and tries to get them to pitch in some money to buy it, which of course they do. They agree to all be there when it comes and they can all play it together, but of course, we're talking about Cartman so we know how impatient he always is, he watches the mailbox waiting for the game to come while insulting the mail carrier for not getting the package fast enough to him. He texts the rest but by the time they get there he's already playing it. As usual, Kyle calls him a fatass for playing it without waiting. They sit and watch as he plays it

Elsewhere as the Disney studios, a few of Mickey Mouse's execs come in to deliver the news about the game being leaked and goes on a small rampage. (okay we all know it's a big rampage)
Micky flies to Japan to confront the company who ships them and runs into the Sony president and Bill Gates. A couple of insults thrown here and there between the three then they gang up on the person in charge of shipping by kicking his ass. (You guys figure that out. I'm just doing the plot/premise).

One of Mickey's execs calls him and sends him the text of the list of buyers. He sees a familiar name on it. He squints his eyes in a lower voice and say's "That fat little f****r! He immediately a ship (or whatever's faster) to get to South Park to confront Cartman.

Mickey lands his ship right on the street and gets out. A man in a car yells at him to move it and Mickey says "Shut the f**k up or I'll shove that steering wheel up your ass you'll need to take a sh*t to turn it, haha!" (Something like that. I'm not a comedian) Mickey kicks in the door and the boys are shocked to see him. He's fuming mad and walks over to Cartman and backhands him like a true pimp. He smacks him while asking who sold him the game. Kyle and the others bring up the post and show it to Mickey. Mickey calls Bill Gates and the Sony President, giving them the address and telling them to meet him there.

Mickey arrives and sees both waiting with street gear and brass knuckle (maybe a lead pipe, a bandana is involved somehow, Bill Gates putting vaseline on his lips, idk) All three walk inside, you hear a bunch of screaming and the last thing you hear is Mickey saying maniacally "Let me show you how to really use a key blade, haha!" Pretty sure people can use their imagination.

End credits

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