Going back in time to testicular cancer.

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Going back in time to testicular cancer.

Postby Demijayfox » Sat Jan 26, 2019 6:38 am

Season 14 episode 3.

Mr. Marsh is busy trying to find ways to give himself testicular cancer while educating viewers that all it's most common eating habits will also lead to cancer.

I like educating episodes like this

So we step back in time and we relook at that episode for what really had caused the most cancer in men.... Cellphones. (Because where do most of us guys keep our phones? Pretty close to our junk!)

Dr George Carlo, a scientist hired by Tom Wheeler (yes the same one who resigned from office when trump got in) hired a scientist, George Carlo Dr., And ended up blackballing him for his research because it didn't support Tom Wheeler claim to the world that cellphones are safe. In Fact George Carlos results were slammed publicly and he was thrown into all sorts of harrassment.

An episode enlightening the world while pandering to our love for crude humor is more beneficial to future viewers of the episode. If produced!

But I don't know the creators agendas, if any, so I just ask you all consider it!
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