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Postby Etcetra » Sun Mar 24, 2019 9:37 pm

At first no one seems alarmed when one or two former members of Congress disappear, but it continues day after day despite growing added security measures. Then current members of Congress disappear without a trace.

The boys are able to discover that the representatives have all been taken by automated stealth drones owned by a company run by a secretive billionaire industrialist. The boys are; however, a little too late in their discovery as they are also snatched before they can reveal to the world what is going on.

The boys awake to find themselves locked inside the U.S. Capital with all the former and current members of Congress. The building is surrounded and occupied by armed drones and U.S. security forces are unable to get near the building under fear the former and current members of Congress will be harmed. The world's communications networks have been hacked to provide a live feed of the goings on inside the Capital building, including a feed of all the illegal secrets the wealthy industrialist has uncovered about the Congressmen over the years.

The rich industrialist appears on a large screen inside building and tells Congress that they have 72 hours to enact legislation that will actually fix the country. Flying drones bring in a large gold plated wood chipper and a buffet only stocked with water and salsa chips. In one hour groups of former members of Congress will be fed into the wood chipper every 15 minutes until satisfactory legislation is passed. If all the formers members are chipped then current members will start to be chipped.

The only thing anyone is allowed to eat are the salsa chips and water; however, no one can eat any salsa chips unless they are dipped into meat which is made from the bodies of any Congressman fed into the wood chipper. The punishment for eating a plain salsa chip or drinking water without a salsa chip is the chipper.

The boys are allowed to observe the proceeding live as the wealthy industrialist respects them for being the only ones smart enough to figure out what was going on. The boys are able to gain some trust from the industrialist who reveals his past. The real leader of his global empire is the wood chipper. Years ago he was just an average Joe working at a dead end job and while watching the 1996 film Fargo the film's wood chipper spoke to him. It told him to go to a certain scrap yard and rescue a old wood chipper about to be crushed. It told him that if he refurbished the wood chipper it would speak to him and make him wealthy. Once it was refurbished he was to steal a corpse, so that no innocent person would be harmed, and feed it into the chipper.

The chipper initially reveals technology to him that allows him to build advanced drones. As it speaks he writes down what it says into a series of notebooks that essentially serve as his holy books. Advanced prototypes of these drones that the industrialist keeps for himself then observe and kidnap evil people from around the globe to feed into the chipper for more ideas. Some of the people are truly evil while others are questionable such as people who did not rewind their VHS tapes at the former Blockbuster, etc...

The boys have a tough time figuring if members of Congress or the wealthy industrialist are more crazy and more deserving of the chipper. Some members of Congress tell the boys that the only reason that this is happening is that Congress was just about to pass legislation that would harm the wealthy industrialist global empire - its not because Congress is full of evil people. On the other hand members of Congress are perfectly willing to delay legislation just so they can have some salsa chips and dip.
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Re: Let-the-chips-fall-where-they-may

Postby JamesPolo » Mon Mar 25, 2019 2:07 am

fun read
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