The Nedium Cult

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The Nedium Cult

Postby Daigu » Tue Apr 23, 2019 2:08 am

Thought this idea might work

After Ned's ordeal with Man Bear Pig...he has a religious experience
His voice box has the quality now to hypnotize women
He starts forming a cult following
The cult takes over the town
The kids have to save the town
Current relevance would be to relate it to whats happening with the Nexium cult
Background references would be Brainwashing 101
1...intensive Propaganda applied under stress or coercive persuasion designed to undermine morale and question behaviors and current conditioning
2...Making the subject available to accept new indoctrination with new beliefs that will produce a change in behavior.
I dont think Nexium can sue for doing a farce but ya will want to know about it
I heard they are suing everyone

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