Story Suggestion: Time skip

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Story Suggestion: Time skip

Postby Zenty » Sun Aug 04, 2019 3:32 pm

As we all know the kids have been stuck in elementary school for a few decades now and I think it’s time for a time skip, mostly because I’m getting tired of the “they are only 10” argument in regard to certain topics such as relationships and especially Creek. So why not use a bit of South Park magic and have the characters become 14/15, and it can be done seamlessly without really changing anything major about South Park as we know it. As for how to incorporate such a thing into the series, I have a basic idea that could be changed or expanded upon:

It will all start off when Mr. Garrison steps down as president and wants to return as a teacher, but considering his previous conflict with PC principal and that he has lost all power he held as president he’s not allowed back no matter how much he begs. In the end, he ends up making a deal with PC principal, in return for being allowed back as a teacher Mr. Garrison will become a sponsor of the school, which is within the means of Mr. Garrison after years of avoiding paying taxes and stealing taxpayers money for himself as president. With the funds from Mr. Garrison, South Park Elementary gets renovated/expanded to include a middle school and possibly high school division. All of this could be the focus of a singular episode.

Following this comes the time skip; once the renovation/expansion of the school is done the term is about to end and summer vacation starts. Once the summer vacation is over the kids go back to school expecting to start 6th grade but find out that they are actually about to start 8th/9th grade. Without them knowing 4~ years have supposedly passed by in the blink of an eye but to them, it feels like it was just yesterday that they were in 5th grade. (cue meta jokes about the flow of time in south park and how they spent decades in elementary school). Even though years have supposedly passed by nothing has really changed and the characters all look the same. Regardless of if they are 10 or 14, they are still viewed as kids in the eyes of the adults, while the kids themselves don’t really feel as if anything has changed about themselves (since we never really notice such changes while we grow). The previous 6th graders are still viewed as ‘older kids’ in their minds and even though the younger kids like Ike are now the same age as Kyle and the others previously were, they are still viewed as young kids and not taken seriously. Particularly in the case of Ike, he will always be the younger baby brother of the Broflovski family regardless of his age.

As you can see, the character can be older and still have the exact same designs as they currently have without causing a problem, not that South Park is all that picky about everything being logical in the first place. There could even be a plotline about kids looking like kids until the day they turn 18 followed by them instantly becoming an adult (with an adult design) in the span of a day. With the characters being slightly older more doors open regarding what can be explored in terms of relationships, responsibility, becoming an adult, internships, part-time jobs and much more.

What do you guys think? Would a seamless time skip in order to turn the kids into teens be something you guys find interesting or as needed progression for South Park as a whole? Do you think my approach would work in the spirit of South Park or how would you go about introducing a time skip without really changing anything fundamental about the show?
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Re: Story Suggestion: Time skip

Postby trym0803 » Mon Aug 12, 2019 1:52 am

Would this be a single episode? And then they go back to the normal age with Mr. Garrison back as a teacher?

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