FanFic: "Thanos' Toy Review"

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FanFic: "Thanos' Toy Review"

Postby trym0803 » Sun Aug 11, 2019 10:23 pm

This will be a work in progress, I will edit as I have time but here is one of my Fanfic ideas:

I think that they should do an Avengers episode. Where, All the kids are obsessed with those kids on Youtube that play with toys and get sponsered and the company sponsering them sends them all the toys and sends them to all the amusment parks ect. and especially Cartman he wants to be one of those kids and do nothing but play with the latest toys and get filmed having fun and getting rich doing this. So, the kids try to have their parents film them playing with their toys and toys they can afford, but not Kenny because he's poor. Then they see that Ryan (Ryan's Toy Review) is coming to South Park Walmart and launch a new toy series at South Park. It turns out that Ryan is Thanos (The South Park Thanos) and he has his toy guantlet, but it is missing the final stone, and it turns out he has discovered it is in South Park. The kids are all obsessed that Ryan is coming and they are all supporting his arrival and one of the kids, probably Kenny finds out his evil plot, to erase half the world for whatever reason, more toys for him or to remove poor people that can't buy his toys. Kenny tries to convince the others, but they won't listen because he's poor. Then Mysterion tries to get Coon and friends on his side, but can only convince Mint Berry Crunch and a couple of others. Butter's wants to help Ryan, but not his little side kick since he is thinking rationally about what it could really do killing half the people of the world. He might be one of those killed by Ryan Thanos. It happens just like the Avengers and snap. Our beloved south park family is gone. Except Kenny because he always comes back from being dead. (or) Kenny is like Dr. Strange telling MInt Berry Crunch to just give him the stone, and Kenny is disolved with the rest. (But not his Mom, since he is always reborn through his Mom). And while he is disolving he says to Mint Berry Crunch "Mint, there was no other way." (haha). But After he is reborn through his Mom the second episode starts and Kenny can form his plan to get Ryan Thanos to bring back the people that were taken. Ryan has two little sister's and they would be the Kimora and Nebula from Endgame, and they could have their faces painted like Kimora and Nebula but like fair painted, and they are bitter that Ryan gets all the attention and all the toys ect and that is why they betraye him.

It should go something like this:

Cartman is watching one of those youtube shows where the little kids are playing with expensive toys and visiting California's most amazing theme park and staying in the parks themed hotel suite. Stan, Kyle and Kenny ring the door bell. Cartman pulls up his phone to see who is at the door, and see's them.
"What do you buttholes want?" Kyle replies: "Just let us in Fat ass." "Fine." Says Cartman, and unlocks the door with his smart home app. They enter his house. They sit and watch the show with him. "Dude this is cool, they are at "Kinects Land", and he gets to play with all the toys he wants." Says Stan. Then a Ryan Episode comes on and he is at his house and they have the biggest bouncy house in the world in his backyard and he is playing inside it and his Dad is acting like he does :) and his little sister's are being pushed aside while Ryan is taking the spot light and bouncing around with all these avengers toys and people in dinosaur costumes all praising Ryan.
Then Kenny says, "We should do this and post us playing with toys on youtube." "Yeah totally that would be awesome." says Stan. Then Cartman says, "You guys then the people that sponser these kids will notice us and give us all new toys and send us to all the theme parks. You guys run home and grab some toys come back and we will record ourselves, but not you Kenny because you're to poor you don't have any toys." Then Kenny replies with something, but you can't understand.

Then the kids are rummaging through their old toys and bring like old Chimpokoman, Alabama man, and pieces of their old Lord of the Rings costumes, and Kenny returns with nothing. Then they have Kenny record them with Cartman's phone, and they start to narrate themselves playing with the toys.

Then Ryan is at his house and his Dad comes up to him and says, "Ryan your plan is almost complete. You just need one more stone and then you can rid the universe of half the population and that would mean more toys for you, and the majority of poor people so they can afford to buy more of your toy products." Then he hands Ryan the Thanos gauntlet. Ryan puts it on and the background starts to fade and they are in Imagination Land and the place is on fire. Ryan says, "Now that I have the imagination stone there is just one stone left." He turns to his sisters, and says it's just as we always wanted. All the toys for ourselves." Then his Mom says, "Ryan there is a rumor that there was spotted something that resembles the last stone in a small Colorado town called, South Park. In some sort of Cave. It was flooded a while back and some of the waters washed away loose sediment and rocks; and people have mentioned something sparkley in a cavern, but they say it is probably old fake pirate treasure."

Then Kyle walks into his house and it is evening and his little brother Ike is watching Ryan's Toy Review, and then a commercial comes on: "Hey KIds do want to meet Ryan in person? Ryan is coming to South Park Walmart to meet and greet his fans and launch his new toy series. So, come and meet the kid who plays with the toys you wish you had and buy the toys of the kid that plays with the toys you want that are the kid that you wish you were." Then Ike says something in Canadian. Then Kyle says, "Look Ike Ryan is coming to South Park. Do want to meet him?" Then Ike says something in Canadian again and starts playing with one of his Ryan toys. Then Mrs. Brovloski comes in and says, "Oh Ike shmoopsi your father and I would love to take you. Kyle, Ike watches Ryan toy review all the time would you like to go see Ryan in person too?" Kyle replies, "Yea, but I think I will go with Stan, Kenny and Cartman." "Well, let me know if you change your mind?" Mrs. Brovloski says.

Then the kids are at school, hanging in the computer lab playing "Conscientious Objector" online, and Kyle tells the others that Ryan is coming to the South Park Walmart this weekend and they should go get some tips on posting their videos online. "Totally, we should, and find out who we need to talk to to get sponsered and get new toys to play with." Says Cartman. "Yeah." Says Kenny. Then a rainbow portal from the sky crashes the ceiling down and a person falls from it into the computer lab smashing up the computer table and several computers. "Oh ou." The man moans in pain. "He's coming! He's he's coming!" Says the man as he gets up from the wreckage. It's the imagination land mayor. "Who's coming?" Says Kyle. "Thanos, Thanos is coming."
"Thanos, like in the Avengers?" Says Kyle. "No, this is real, he's a kid that has a Thanos gauntlet, and he is collecting all the stones to rid the world of people that can't afford expensive toys." Says ILM. "So, he is getting rid of poor people?" Asks Cartman. "Why would we care if all the poor people were disolved from the world?" Cartman asks. "You know what Eric F**k you!" Kennys says. Kenny asks the Imagination Land Mayor, "Who is this kid and why does he want to kill poor people?" "Not just poor people, people he feels are not spending enough on the toy market. People that are poor but not all poor people. Poor people are poor because maybe their income does not support how much they can spend on toys for their kids. It's basic math, a lot of poor people are terrible at math and that's how they got that way, but if you remove the percentage of them that causes their necessities for food and shelter to drop to the poverty line, then the remaining will thrive in a joyful utopia where parents can afford expensive toys for their kids all based on their income." Says the ILM. "Who is he?" asks Kenny. "Yea, who is this kid?" asks Stan. "When we met he told me to call him Thanos when he took the Imagination Stone and destroyed Imagination Land. That's how I have referred to him since." "But wait if he destroyed Imagination Land how come I can still imagine things?" Asks Stan. "With the imagination stone our imaginations are still active, and the power of the stone keeps our imaginations alive. It was some old mans imagination that thought it up and this old man is now dead, but since it was thought up it exists." Says ILM.

Then the kids leave the computer lab with the Imagination Land Mayor. Then Mr. Mackey walks into the computer lab. "What the F**k!!! Who the f**k did this!!! Mmmkay."

Coon and friends call and emergency meeting in Cartman's basement. "Friends, I called you here because we are facing a threat that could wipe out half of the population in the universe." Says Coon. "Like in the Avengers?" Asks Token. "Yes, like the the Avengers." Says Coon. "Wait, why the sam hell are we here? I think you have been watching to much 'Infinity War.'" says Craig. "No, it's true Imagination Land Mayor, tell them." Says the Human Kite (Kyle). Then the ILM comes out from some boxes set up as a back drop in the basement (coon and friends surveillance center). "It's true what they tell you. A kid that destroyed Imagination Land and refers to himself as Thanos has a gauntlet that is capable of removing half the population in the universe. Mainly the poor half that can't afford expensive toys." Says ILM. "I don't want to die guys." Says Craig. "What are we going to do?" asks Mint Berry Crunch. "YYYY-Y-YYY-Yea he's rrr-right we are just kids in costumes pp-pretending to be super heros we need the real Avengers to stop this kid. Shouldn't we ttt-tell the pp-police or something?" Says Jimmy. "I know we're all scared, but we're all South Park has. No adult would believe us if we told them this story. They would think we watch to much 'Infinity War.'" Says Mysterion. "Right, no one would believe kids dressed up in crappy costumes that Thanos is real. But he is and he only needs one more stone and then he can snap his fingers." Says ILM. "So, what do we need to do?" asks Token. "We need to keep on the alert. If anyone sees this kid they must notify everyone here immediately, and we need to take his gauntlet from him so he cannot use it." Says ILM. "So, how will we know it's him when we see him?" asks the Human KIte. "The kid is about your age, and has black hair, he is asian, and he will have the gauntlet on him." Says ILM. "TT-TTT-timmy and I w-ww-w-will keep and eye on C-c-City Wok." Says Jimmy. "Good and the rest of us will keep our eyes open while we are out around town. If anyone see's anything suspicious and anyone fitting that description send a mass coon and friends text." Says Toolshed (Stan).

Watching from a hidden cam at the Coon and Friends Lair. Hidden in their own Evil Lair. Professor Chaos and General Disarray discuss what they have seen. "Did you hear that General Disarray? Some kid has powers like Thanos, and has a gauntlet with power stones. Maybe we could help him to rid the world of those that have shund us." Says Professor Chaos. "I heard what they said Professor Chaos. This kid wants to remove poor people from the world, people that can't afford expensive toys for their kids. My Grandma recieves assistance from the Government, and my parents make decent amount of money, but we struggle sometimes. What if people in my family are turned to dust like in Infinity War. What if I am?" Says General Disarray. "General Disarray, we could pretend we are helping this kid and then steal his gauntlet and turn the people that have shund us to dust. Mmmwwa hahahah mwa ha ha ha!!!" Says Professor Chaos. (General Disarray stands watching Professor Chaos with concern about the guantlet and it's power.)

Friday: The kids are at school and talking about their latest video they posted of themselves playing with some toys. "I was the one filming them." Says Kenny. "Yea, it's totally sweet we already have like 50 views and three likes on our video, soon we will be noticed by the people that sponser kids and give them tons of toys." Says, Cartman. "So you guys want to be like Ryan and those other kids that play with toys all the time and make a lot of money." Says Token. "Yea dude that would be cool dude. Imagine having all the Avengers weapons toys like his Dad has. That would be so cool." Says Stan.
Then an announcement on the Intercom: "Attention students your counselor would like to say a few words." Says PA Principle. "Hello students...Mmkay. Students I want to talk about the schools computer lab. Whomever went into the computer lab and smashed the table and computers needs to come forward immediately... Mmkay. We don't walk into your f**king house and smash your damn computer and leave...mkay. The school doesn't pay a lot of money for you little ungrateful bastards to walk in smash the hell out of the place and expect everything will be fine... Mmkay. The students responsible need to be held accountable and punished for what they've done. We're not made of f**king money here. Our public school is on a tight budget and public funding is done through your parents. Most of your parents are dropping below the povertly line. We had to raise funding through bake sales headed up by volunteers from the parents of children in this school. Mainly Sheila Brovloski whom has two children going to school here. Ike Brovloski who is in Kindergarten, and Kyle Brovloski who is in 4th grade...Mmkay. Do know how much money you can raise from gross jewish desserts; like gefilte fish, cholent, kishke and ptcha. What is Ptcha? ...well it's calf’s foot jelly that’s right, it’s meat jello. You would think something called Shuba would taste delicious right, but it's made of chopped eggs, beets and herring fish. I mean what the F**k is that? So, now you understand how poor this mother f**king school is. So, those students responsible need to come forward so we're not forced to sell and buy sh*t like this...Mmkay."

"Dude, did you hear what he said the school is poor. Maybe if that Thanos kid snaps his fingers the school would disappear too!" Exclaims Cartman. "It's not cool to turn the school to ash just because you hate it so much." Says Kyle.

Then the teacher tells everyone to settle down. We have a short informative video from our nations president. She plays the video on a t.v. ...
Hello my fellow Americans. I want to share with you a great concern among our nations ability to provide for our children and our nations ability to support ourselves in these present times. Since I have been president I have heard every criticism possible about building a wall to secure our boarders. Here is an everyday worker he makes on average $11 to $15 an hour. The nations poverty line is $11.83. The rest struggle to make ends meet and we as a nation provide assistance where we can. Here is in illegal immigrant protesting the wall. He is making $10.50 an hour that is putting him under the poverty line. He came to this country to make more money but he is relying on us to help to make ends meet. Back when I was a kid my Mom stayed home and my dad worked a simple job in the community and he owned our house and I was able to have the latest toys that hit the market. As your president it conserns me especially when I think of when I was an elementary school teacher and funds that were raised were done by disgusting jewish desserts made by one of our students mother that would volunteer for bake sales. Lets keep crap like stuffed miltz out of our bake sales and lets reduce the amount of people relying on the government for assistance. Lets build this wall and make the poverty line go back to $6 an hour. Thank you.

At work at the Amazon warehouse Stephen Stotch is supervising his work crew and a energtic young kid about 17 years old comes up to him with a warm coffee. "Here he is the best intern Amazon has ever seen." Says Mr. Stotch. "Here you go Mr. Stotch your morning coffee just the way you like it. I didn't go to 'Tweeks Coffee Shop' and buy that diarrea as you call it. This was freshly made here buy me. Oh, and thank you again for this internship Mr. Stotch." says the young man. "Your welcome Peter." Says Mr. Stotch. Mr. Stotch sips the coffee. "Mmmm, you sure can make a good cup of coffee Peter. It sure is nice having you around." Says Mr. Stotch. His phone rings and he picks it up and its Linda. "Hello," says Mr. Stotch. "Hi dear how are you today?" Says Linda. "I'm great, just enjoying a good cup of coffee from the best intern we ever had here." Says Mr. Stotch.

Jimmy and Timmy walk to City Wok and go inside being extra observant. "Hhhh-hh here we are Ttt-t-Timmy lets go inside." Says Jimmy. "Timmy." Says Timmy. "Wercome tur sh*tty Wok, can I take ur order preese." Says, Mr. Lu Kim. "Yyyy-yes, I would like some noodles, city angus beef, and medium drink." Says Jimmy. "Pho Bo?" Says Mr. Lu Kim. "Nnn-nno, it's for me, and TT-T-Timmy is just my fff-riend." Says Jimmy. "Sh*tty anus beef, and meedum drink. $5.00." Says Mr. Lu Kim. "Tt-Timmy ww will have noodles city chicken and medium drink." says Jimmy. " Sh*ty Chicken and meedum drink. $10.00 preese." says Mr. Lu Kim. "H-HH-Here you go." Says Jimmy. Jimmy pays Mr. Lu Kim. "Here ur order. Oh it rook rike I'm outta Dr. Soda." I better gor in da back and get more. Enjory ur mear." Says Mr. Lu Kim. "T-TT-Thank you." Says, Jimmy. Mr. Lu Kim goes in the back room to attach a new Soda syrup box to the soda machine. "L-L-LL-Lets sit over h-h-here Timmy." Says Jimmy. "Timmy!" says Timmy. While they are walking to there table two Asian boys walk into City Wok. One has a Thanos Guantlet, and the other is carrying a scepter spear. "Timmy ll-l-l-look!. It's h-h-h-him. QQ-q-q-Quick text everyone T-T-Timmy." Says Jimmy. They drop their food and go over to the entrance where the two asian boys are. "C-C-C-City Wok is c-c-c-closed t-t-today." Says Jimmy. "Timmy!" says Timmy. "What are you talking about kid? They look open to us." Says the kid with the Thanos gauntlet. "G-G-Give us the g-g-glove Th**th**thb*thbt**Thanos." Says Jimmy. "You in the wheelchair, does this kid speak for you?" says the kid with the Thanos gauntlet. "Timmy!" says Timmy. "G-G-Gettem Timmy!" says Jimmy. Timmy drives his wheelchair towards the kid with the Thanos Gauntlet and the kid with the scepter spear sticks it out infront of the two and it cuts Timmy's left upper arm. Jimmy swings one of his crutches and knocks the kid down and then charges the kid with the gauntlet. They start punching each other. Meanwhile Timmy is dragging the kid with the scepter spear around smashing up the chairs and tables, and then knocking over the buffet island. Then Jimmy pulls the gauntlet off the kids hand and wacks him across the head and he falls down. Then Jimmy notices that it is not missing any stones, and it is plastic. "W-w-wait T-T-Timmy. This is not the k-k-kid. L-L-Look." Say Jimmy. Jimmy holds up the gauntlet. "Timmy." Says Timmy. "W-w-we b-b-better get out of here. L-l-look Timmy you're b-b-bleeding." says Jimmy. Jimmy grabs a streamer decoration with red stars on it and wraps Jimmy's arm up with the with the blank white side showing all along Timmy's arm but at the top it has one red star showing. "T-T-There you go. Now lets move." They hurry out the door.
Mr. Lu Kim returns from the back room. "Oh my Gaurd, oh no, rook at my sh*tty restraunt! Oh no, my sh*tty irand! Oh my sh*tty foord is arrover da prace! Oh, my sh*tty customers! Rut happen here!" The two boys are both lying on the floor semi-conscious. "I-It wwas two ccripls that attacked us." Says the kid with the scythe spear. Mr. Lu Kim runs to his phone and calls the police. "Herro porrece my restaurant was vandurized by crippers!" says Mr. Lu Kim.

Saturday morning, a private jet arrives and Ryan and his family are on it. They exit the plane and get into a limousine that is full of ball pit balls in the passanger compartment, and Ryan's Dad is playing around in the balls having tons of fun, while everyone else is sitting and relaxing during the drive. Ryan looks at his gauntlet and starts to play with it's powers by turning some of his entourage into slinkys and broken up blocks (like in infinity war) and laughing at how funny they look. "Ryan we will check into our hotel room, then go the Walmart to meet your fans, and then we will go to the Cave of Winds to find the final stone." Says his mother. Meanwhile the Dad is still having a blast playing in the ball pit. "Okay with me." Says Ryan. They continue driving to the the Campton Inn Suites. They arrive, and exit the limo and the Dad gets out and runs over to the bag carrying cart and starts to use it to ride on into the lobby. The Mom is recording Ryan walking into the lobby. The Mom checks them in, and they go to their suite, and Ryan is let down that it is just a basic hotel. "Don't worry Ryan, once you get the final stone we can turn this hotel into a giant pirate ship with a water fall water slide that falls from the very top of the hotel, and sleep in smaller pirate ship beds. Just like I always wanted, I mean like you always wanted." Says his Dad. "Yea, Ryan we need to get ready for the Walmart visit." Says his Mom.

The boys are at the Walmart. There is a lot of kids lined up for an autograph. There is a table and chairs placed for Ryan and his family. There is a small stage set up in the main aisle next to the toys. There are Ryan toy displays set up all around the toy section. Then a Walmart employee walks up to the stage and to the microphone. "Hello, customers and Ryan Toy Review fans. How are you all today?" says the Walmart employee. "I am please to welcome the boy that gets to play with toys while you all get to watch, and who's toy line are him in different outfits; So, you get to play with him all the time... Ryan!" Says the Walmart employee.
Ryan and his family walk onto the stage. He has on a red Ryan toy review shirt, blue shorts and he is wearing the Thanos gauntlet. His Mom is wearing a Maleficent costume with the magic staff, his Dad is dressed like Clorvus Glaive (the dark elf of the children of Thanos) with fake pointy ears and a toy scepter scythe. His Sisters have had their faces painted like Gamora and Nebula. Everyone is cheering as they are walking onto the stage.
"Ryan you're here to introduce your new toy series is that correct?" Says the WM employee. "Yep, I have a new series of toys. You can play with me as a plumber, me as a accountant, me as a doctor, me as a twitch vlogger, and me as a grocery store bagger, and I have a new slime blaster called 'the heavy load mega slime sprayer.'" says Ryan. "Wow, Ryan that is exciting. You can never get enough playing with yourself, and shooting a heavy load from your slimer. Does anyone want to play with Ryan's heavy load sprayer?" Says the WM employee. "He also has a new series of mystery slime, but be careful slime gets everywhere. So, kids if you accidentally get slime on your clothes or on the carpet make sure you clean it before you're caught." says Ryans Mom. "That's good advice." says WM employee. The crowd cheers and chants 'Ryan, Ryan, Ryan'. "Oh there's my Mom and Ike."Says Kyle. Shelia and Ike are standing in the autograph line. Ike has on a Dr. Strange cape. "Oh Kyle we're over here!" Says Shelia as she waves to him. "Guys lets get in line with Ike and my Mom so we don't have to go to the back of he line." Says Kyle. "So, where's Imagination Land Mayor?" asks Stan. "He's been staying in my basement." Says Cartman. "Does he have any leads on where this Thanos kid is at?" asks Stan. "No, he says he needs to stay close to Coon and Friends headquarters in case anyone spots him so he can put out a mass alert."
-Meanwhile, Professor Choas is watching his hidden Cam of Coon and Friends headquarters, while Mrs. Cartman is getting bent over the washing machine by ILM.
"Hey there's Dougie." Says Kenny. "Hi guys!" Says Dougie. "Hey Dude." Say Kyle. "This is great we get to meet Ryan in person. I am going to have him sign my giant Ryan egg." Says Dougie. "Cool." Says Stan. "We are going to make a business contact through him Dougie so if you would please excuse us." Says Cartman. "Don't be a d*ck Cartman." Says Kyle "Yea, that isn't cool. You can stand in line with us if you want." Says Stan. "Kyle watch your mouth!" Says Shelia. "Sorry." Says Kyle. "Ha ha you got in trouble." Say Cartman.
The Walmart Employee throws out free ryan squishys to the crowd. "Here's a free gift from Ryan!" says WM employee. The people that get them are holding them by their crotch and squeezing the body so the head gets big rapidly so it looks like they're jerking it. The fapping noise is sounding amoung the crowd, and the people are making funny noises while squeezing them.
The boys get up to Emma and Kate at the autograph table. "Hi we're fans of the show. You're his little sisters. I have a little brother his name is Ike he loves Ryan's show." Says Kyle. They just look at Kyle and Kate turns to Emma and whispers something in her ear. "Um, can you sign our Ryan's Toy Review picture?" Asks Kyle. "Sure." they say. They both sign their names and give back the picture looking at Kyle. As they move down the line of getting the autographs Kyle says to Stan: "That was weird how those two girls were looking at me and the other whispered something in her ear." "I guess dude. It was probably nothing." Says, Stan.
"Where's your middle stone on your glove?" Asks Dougie. The boys look over and Ryan is sitting there across from Dougie. "It fell off on the way over here." Says Ryan. "Oh, will you sign my egg" Asks Dougie. "Sure," says Ryan. Then Ryan signs it and hands it back to Dougie. "Thank you." Says Dougie. Then he holds it up to show the others, and then he whispers to Kyle: "This is the Thanos kid." Kenny drops his picture and turns around and runs pushing his way through the crowd.
The kids turn around and see Cartman talking to Ryan. "So, how does someone get to play with toys all day and get sponsered by a company that sends him to all the fun parks around?" says Cartman. "My Mom just recorded me buying a toy and playing with it and she posted it online and just kept doing it and a lot of kids viewed my videos and my Dad works in audio video as well thats how we were able to make quality recordings." says Ryan. "My friends and I make videos and we're wondering if you would be interested in sponsering our videos as well." says Cartman. "I am not sure how all this stuff works but if you give a url I can look at it and post what I think." says Ryan. "Then we will be in contact?" asks Cartman. "Maybe, ... if your're still around later." says Ryan. "I'll be around. I will wait for your post and messege you from there once I see. Just look on Youtube 'young boys with toys, get dirty.' or you can just put that in your search engine and the site should bring it up." says Cartman. And then he moves from the line and pulls up his phone with the youtube video with 60 views and 4 likes and 2 dislikes. And some posts about the fat kid taking up all the camera space and how the camera man must be a Parkinson's victim and one shout out to Alabama man.
Then Stan and Kyle get their pictures signed. "Ryan you're the luckiest kid on the planet." says Kyle. "Yea dude. You get to play with toys all the time and your parents take you to all theme parks and play with you all the time." says Stan. "Yea its great." says Ryan. "We enjoy your videos so please forgive us." says Kyle. "Us?" questions Ryan. Dougie smashes a large Ryan egg over Ryans head. Ryan roles over to the end of the table. He gets up and runs down an aisle. Met by Jimmy with some Captain America infinity war arm shields on his crutches. "G-G-Give us t-the g-g-g-glove." says Jimmy. Ryan runs at Jimmy and pushes him over. Jimmy falls easy because he's crippled. Then Clyde catches Ryan as he passes Jimmy and they lock hands and are pushing against each other. "Don't let him close his fist." yells Stan. Then Kyle grabs Ryan's Thanos gauntlet. Ryan is putting up some retard strength resistance. Then Duggie jumps on Ryans back and puts a head massager (the ones that are a handle with wires and bulbs at the end that vibrate.) on Ryans head and turns it on. Ryan starts making relaxing exstacy sounds: "Oohhhhhhhh aaahhhhh ooohhhhh aahhh ooohh." as Duggie moves the massager around on his head. "Hurry. He's strong." says Duggie. "It's almost off." Exclaims Kyle.
Out of no where they hear: "No!" Shouts Cartman as he charges and knocks them all over. Freeing Ryan from the euphoric head massage. Ryan uses the gauntlet to open a portal and walks through it. Disappearing from the Walmart.
"Cartman, what the hell!? Exclaims Stan. "Cartman. Millions of people will die now thanks to you, but you don't care. All you care about is getting to play with all the toys and going to every adventure park." Says Kyle.
- Mysterion runs downstairs to Coon and friends headquarters. Mrs Cartman and Imagination Land Mayor hear him coming and stop railing. Mrs Cartman grabs a basket of finished laundry and hurrys upstairs. ILM meets Mysterion at the bottom of the stairs.
"We need to hurry. Send the mass text and alert the others. Thanos is Ryan and his next stop is going to be at the Cave of Winds. We all need to stop him there." Says Mysterion. ILM sends the text. All the Coon and friends receive the text. Professor Chaos hears this too while he is watching through his spy cam. They have Mrs. Cartman drive and pick up the kids along the way. But not Cartman Stan and Kyle since Kyle texted that his Mom can drive them.
- Meanwhile the Walmart employees are hurrying Ryan's family out to their limo and apologizing for what happened in there. "We will find Ryan and we have Walmart security looking for him right now." Says the Walmart employee. They get in the limo with their entourage and Ryan's Mom says "Driver take us to the Cave of Winds fast." The driver speeds out of the Walmart parking lot.
- Ryans portal opened inside the cave but not near the last stone. While he walks around looking for a tour guide or the stone his family and entourage arrive and buy tickets for a tour. While they begin the tour Mrs. Cartman arrives with Mysterion, Imagination Land Mayor, Timmy, Craig, Token, Scott Malkinson, and Tweek. They get out of the car and hurry into the Cave of Winds without buying tickets. The lady behind the ticket booth starts to get upset and Mrs. Cartman rushes to the ticket counter to pay for them.
-Meanwhile Ryan's Mom asks the tour guide to take them to the cavern that had the old pirate treasure. "That's at the end of the tour ma'am we will eventually get there but until then enjoy all these beautiful natural stalagtites." Says the tour guide. Then it shows some of the cave of winds penis shaped rock formations.
Meanwhile the kids take a shortcut to the cavern that has the final stone. "How did you know this short cut and which cavern had the stone?" Asked Scott Malkinson. "Cartman. Kyle, Stan and I got stranded in the cavern when it caved in on us and we stayed in that same cavern before it flooded and we had to escape." Said Mysterion. "What's the plan to stop Ryan?" Asks Scott Malkinson. "Yea, how are we going to stop someone with Thanos powers. Ahh! I can't do this." Says Tweek. "Tweek honey, don't worry I will be near you the whole time you'll be okay." Says Craig. "Yea don't worry Tweek it'll be fine. Half of the worlds population is depending on us whether they know it or not. When we get the stone unlodged from the cavern you will be in charge of keeping it safe and hidden while the rest of us fight off Ryan and his goons." Says Mysterion. "Ahhh!" Says Tweek. "There." Says Mysterion. As he points to a spot in the far corner. A yellow twinkling reflects light from the stone. "Tweek and Craig climb up there and dig out the stone. And rest of us lets stand guard and make sure no one gets through to the Stone." Says Mysterion. "Tweek stand close guard while I am up here and don't wanda off." says Craig as he climbs up and starts to dig out the stone.

-Meanwhile, Kyle is looking around for his mom around the aisles then looks over at Cartman. "So that's it. We lost." Says Kyle. "Thanks a lot Cartman." Says Stan. Cartman just continues watching his phone to see if Ryan posts a reply. And a fat lady on a motor wheelchair with a yellow Walmart vest rolls past them calling out Ryan's name, trying to find him. They help Jimmy up from the ground. "Come on dude were going to the Cave of Winds." Says Kyle. "The the the ccc Cave of Winds?" Says Jimmy. " Yeah dude that's where Ryan is and the last stone."says Stan. Then Emma and Kate appear from end of the aisle. "C-c-can we h-h-help you?" Says Jimmy. "We want to stop Ryan." Says Kate. "Cool. We need all the help we can get." Says Stan. "Yea my Mom will drive us to where he is and we will stop him then." Says Kyle. Emma whispers into Kate's ear. "Okay we will go with you." Says Kate. Kyle's Mom walks up. "Kyle oh my goodness can you believe this commotion? I turn to help Ike with his cape and someone attacked Ryan. We better get out of here." Says Shelia. "Ok Mom. Can you take us to The Cave of Winds?" Asks Kyle.

-Ryan's Mom and the entire entourage, consisting of Ryan's Dad, 20 guys in inflatable dinosaur costumes, and the lady with big honkers, enter the cavern that the kids are waiting in. The tour guide is still talking about the natural rock formations: "Here we are in the Cave of Winds the deepest part of the caverns we can take you. You'll notice that the stalagtites are now turning black. We could try to go deeper but for safety reasons we don't go as deep as the black stalagtites. Once you see black stalagtites you're in the wrong neighborhood and should turn back. Also, this is the cavern that once housed our Smugglers Den pirate treasure, but when the cave was flooded a local fat kid swallowed the treasure thinking it was real and ended up blowing out his sphincter when he crapped it out in the parking lot."
-"Stay where you are." Says Mysterion. "Hey where's your tour guide?" asks the tour guide. "Where's the stone?" asks Ryan's Mom. The dinosaurs form a lined barrier in front of Ryan's Mom and Dad. "You kids can join the rest of us to finish the tour." Says the tour guide. "Imagination Land Forever!" Cries Imagination Land Mayor. Then the Dinosaurs run at the kids. The kids and ILM begin battle with the dinosaurs. The guys in the dinosaur costumes can't fight well since the suit restricts their arms to the tiny little t-rex arms. The kids are able to beat on the dinosaurs, and ILM is punching the dinosaur guys knocking the crap out of the guys in the suits. "Hey everybody lets calm down and not rough house around the stalagtites, and the deep crevise's that are all around this cavern." says the tour guide. Then ILM picks up one of the dinosaur guys and throws him into a deep dark crevise. "Okay I am going to have to call this in if you people can't stop this." Says the tour guide. He calls on his walki taki to the front office/desk and the lady say, "Copy, we will send some more tour guides to help you break them up."
Meanwhile, Craig is trying to dig out the stone that is really stuck in the rock. A group of 5 tour guides are rushing to the cavern and Ryan sees them and hears them say they need to hurry to the old smugglers den cavern to stop a fight. Ryan follows them but at a small distance to not get spotted.

-Mrs. Brovlosky is driving the kids to the cave of winds. "Why are we going to the cave of winds again Kyle?" Asks Shelia. "Because that's where Emma and Kate's family is. They got split up during the commotion and they were all going there after the Walmart appearance. So, we will just drive them there to meet up with their family." Says Kyle. "Okay then. That's my Kyle always wanting to help others. Girls, I'm so sorry for what happened in there. Not everyone is as nice as my little Kyle. I really hope they catch those crazy people that attacked Ryan." Says Shelia. "Thank you." Says Kate.

The tour guides arrive at the smugglers den cavern and Ryan sees where Tweek and Craig are. He rushes over there and as soon as he arrives Craig pulls the rock free and it falls. Tweek catches it. "Give it to me." Says Ryan. "Ahhh!!" says Tweek. Craig jumps down and grabs it from Tweek and stands in front of Tweek. Ryan uses his gauntlet and evaporates Craig, and takes the Rock and puts it in his gauntlet. Ryan then snaps his fingers and >*SNAP*< people start turning to ash around them, and through out South Park. Token turns to ash, and while Mrs. Brovloski is driving Ike starts to disinegrate, and says, "Kyyylleeee." "Ike!!! Ike!!! what is going on!" says Mrs. Brovloski. "Oh no he done it!" Says Kyle.

At the Amazon warehouse, the young intern starts to stumble over to Mr. Stotch and collapses in his arms. Mr. Stotch kneels down holding him. "I don't feel so good Mr. Stotch." Says Peter. And then he starts to turn to ash. "Peter No." Says Mr. Stotch. Then Linda calls Mr. Stotch, "Honey what is going on?" Says Linda. "I'm going to space... out for awhile." Says Stephen Stotch. "I hate you." Says, a Sobbing Linda.

People all around South Park and the world turn to ash.

And the episode ends...

(Part two)

A text goes out from Imagination Land Mayors phone that he did not send until after he was turning and he realized he forgot to send it with all the commotion.

They are at Cartman's Basement ripping on Cartman for helping Ryan, while Cartman is watching his Youtube account to see if Ryan messages him.

Then Stan says to Kyle: "I wonder who the text was for?" while they are looking at Imagination Land Mayors Universe 8 Phone. Then Mint Berry Crunch shows up behind them and says: "Where's Imagination Land Mayor?" Mint has a haircut that looks like Vers in end game. Mint was at his Grandma's and that is why he could not be there for the first episode, and his Mom gave him a haircut while they were there.

Kate and Emma tell the others that Ryan talked about his plan and that he would move somewhere after he completed his plan. They said he would go to Orlando and move from youtube videos and do Ryans' Toy review for a tv network.

Basically the next episode will follow like end game, but I don't have time really to write it. Maybe later.

I like feed back good or bad. Your opinion is welcome to me. Please leave a comment if you read this far. Mmkay buddy.

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