Special Forces

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Special Forces

Postby VladDinhailer » Mon Sep 02, 2019 1:36 am

2nd episode: As Mysterion watches baby chicks incerted into the Matrix with feeding tubes, then beheaded. Mysterion pukes, he is spotted, and makes a Mission Impossible escape flipping off the workers of the KFC area 51 as he gets away. Now the workers radio ahead to the Col. who is being tortured by Eric... Flash back... (like from "Platoon") of a thin Eric with his first experience of KFC... As a youngster growing up eating at KFC (since kindergarten) three to five times a week (he balloons up nicely as the years pass) which leads the Col's award and Eric's plan... Back to the Now, the headless chickens and their march are ever closer and surrounding Erics house. A pissed off Eric who does not care anymore because the list is exactly first one of each of the ten spice group listed alphabetically A - J. As Eric breaks down and tells the Col his plan to produce the KFC in his house... Mysterion busts in on Eric and the Col after failing to find Stan and Kyle infiltrating back where he explains why the Col's recipe is so tasty. "The heads Fat ass, the heads, that is the key ingredient of the fryer grease!" Eric "son of a Bitch! It all make seance, that is why the gravy tastes so good, the biscuits, the mac n cheese, fries, Oh My GOD that grease is in everything, dammit everything!!!". Col: what about the slaw? Eric "the slaw??? Who the hell eats that?" The Col, contemplating Erics plan, says "I cant tell people the truth about the heads it will ruin KFC". But I may have an idea that can help us both out... Meanwhile the town is being overrun by the Matrix headless chickens, the Col steps up at a podium in town square and grants immunity to the chickens and promises to give their heads back. Stan and Kyle finally come back to South park with no proof of headless chickens. The camera pans in on Eric's pocket A golden ticket which reads: The barer of this ticket will eat at any KFC free any time for the rest of their life.... Credits start ... flash in on all the chickens at KFC Area 51 being loaded into Black Tractor Trailers with "33 on the door" Troops dressed like the SS transport them back to Area 33 (McDonalds McNugget processing plant). The chickens are being told of delousing before they can have their heads reatached... forward to the two Matrix Headless chickens holding each-others wings being forced pushed into the shredder. McDonald's has a massive sale on McNuggets ... FIN
Hi Im Vlad and this is my idea for a episode! PS I do have more :)

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